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Businesses and Proprietors

Ca. 1835 -1850
Adams Co, MS

Indexed by Proprietor Surname

Debow's Review, Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial Progress and Resources, Volume 5, Issue 4.  Publisher J. D. B. DeBow, New Orleans, LA, April 1848.
William Johnson's Natchez;  Edited by William Ransom Hogan and Edwin Adams Davis;  Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge and London, 1951, 1979.
Individual Submissions
APPLEWHITE, Dr. J. R. Botanic Drug Store Took over business from Dr. Jones in 1844
BAKER, Grafton Attorney -
BARLOW, Noah Barlow & [John J.] Taylor Merchandising Firm -
BATTERSON Boot & Shoe Manufactory -
BEASCON, Lorenzo A. Natchez Free Trader Editor
BELL, Elijah Mansion House hotel Corner or Franklin & Wall 
Damaged by fire Jan 2, 1836.
BON, S. M. Merchandising Located on Man St.   Sold ready-made clothing and Havana Cigars. 
BOND, J. C. Dancing School -
BOOTH, Charles Natchez Theater Manager
BROWN, Andrew Saw Mill Produced 15,000 feet of lumber daily.  Sales in 1857 were $56,000, with profit of $28,000.
CLARK & LINDSAY Coach making and Repair -
CORNELL, Mrs. Boarding House Structure burned in 1839 fire.
COZZENS SawMill Located at Middle Landing.  Employed 10 hands.  $19,800 in sales in 1847
DAVIS, Mr. Amasa The Gin Stand Manufactory 4-5 workmen.  $10,000 annual sales
DICKS & WATERS Saddle & Harness Makers Located on Main Street
DINKERMAN, G. C.  Coach making and Repair -
DOLBEARE, F. H. Auction-Merchandise  Located on Main St.
EDWARD, Maj. R. Bindery & Blank Book Manufactory Located on Main Street
ESSIG Boot & Shoe Manufactory -
FITZPATRICK Gunsmith Employs 3-6
FOX, W. H. Merchandising Books, Clothing, & Drugs
FRANCE & BOGART Slithery Located on Pine Street
GAINES, A. L. & R. M. A. L. Gains & Co. Sales of clothing and fabrics
GROVE, REYNOLDS, & FOX Brickyards Employs 8 to 15 laborers 
HENRY, W. K. Mercantile Business -
HOAR Wagon making Specialized in wood-work
HOGG, Dr. Samuel Medical Practice Office located on Main St.
HOWELL, Wm. B. Merchandising Firm On Commerce St. 
Partner:  Sturges Sprague
HUBBARD, Dr. John M. Medical Practice Office located at corner of Franklin & Pearl 
HUGHES Boot and Shoe Manufactory -
HUSTON, Felix Lawyer -
JOHNSON, William Barber On Main Street
JONES, Dr. A. A. Botanical Drug Store On Main Street.  See also Applewhite
KENNEDY Tin, Copper, & Sheet Iron Manufactory -
KENNEDY, Arthur Boot Maker Main Street
LISLE, Maurice Natchez Brass & Iron Foundry 28 employees
LIVINGSTON & ROUNDTREE Saddle & Harness Making Located on Franklin Street.
LYNCH, Antonio Fruit Store Main St.
MANDVILLE, Henry D. Attorney -
McALLISTER City Hotel Owner.  Hotel located on Main St. next to the theater between Canal & Wall streets.
McGARY, Robert Barbershop -
McGETTERICK, P. The Southern Exchange Coffee shop on State Street.
MESHIO, Joseph Fruit Store Main Street
NEWCOMB Gunsmith Employs 3-6
ODELL Gunsmith Employs 3-6
POTTS, Dr. Reed Dashie & Potts Sold medicines, drugs, paint, trees, and window glass to about 1835.
SCOTT, James M. Theater Replaced the old theater that had been destroyed in the Tornado of 1840.
SORIA, Isaac & Jacob Merchandising business & Auction Room Corner of Main & Pearl - building destroyed in 1839 fire.
SPRAGUE, Sturges Merchandising Firm On Commerce St. Partner:  Wm. B. Howell
SWAIN Boot & Shoe Manufacturer -
THROCKMORTON, Robert L. Throckmorton & Patterson Merchandising Firm -
VALLEAU Coach making & Repair -
WAILES, B. L. C. Land Office, Washington, MS Registrar from 1826-1835.  An official at Jefferson College, Washington, MS.
WALKER, WEV, & COLLINS Tin, Copper, & Sheet Iron Manufactories -
WAYMOUTH, Col. D. F.  - Small business on Main Street 1839-40
WHITCOMB  Coach making and Repair Located on Main Street
WILKINS Wilkins, Humason, & Co. Foundry employing 28-30 engineers, artificers, blacksmith, molders, and laborers. Gin house, sugar house, steam mill, steam boat machinery.
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel L. Book and Drug Store Opened in 1837
WINCHESTER, George Attorney -
WOOD, Capt. Plow Manufactory Capt. Wood, from Maysville, KY, operated in Natchez only part of a year.  Employed 8-10 men working from a flat-boat.


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Photograph From Library Of Congress - ca. 1840-60
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