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(Continued) Death Certificates 1910 - 1921

Adams County, Mississippi


NOTE: This document appears on Adams County, MS with the permission of the authors, Bob & Sarah Shumway. Researchers are invited to read/search the document for specific facts relative to individual research, but no part of the document may be reproduced in any format, electronically or otherwise.

Information to be found on (most) records, in order of appearance:

Name, Age, Sex, Color, Residence, Marital Status, Cause of Death, Occupation, Birthplace, Place of Death, Date of Death, Date Certificate Returned, Reported By, Date Reported, Comments.


Bacon,G. R.,67, 1, 8,M,C,Orleans St.,Widower,Aortic Disease,Hackman,Miss.,Natchez,Mar 23, 1916,Mar 23, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Apr 5, 1916,

Bacon,James,61,M,C,Adams Co.,Married,Pericarditis from Nephritis,Farming,Retimer Plantation,97 Homochitto St.,Mar 7, 1912,Mar 9, 1912,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Bacon,Leola,23,F,C,State St,Single,Pellagra,Domestic,Adams County,Natchez,Sep 4, 1915,Sep 4, 1915,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,Sep 15, 1915,

Bacon,Maggie,62,F,C,43 Homochitto,,Uterine Cancer,Teacher,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 28, 1914,Oct 30, 1914,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Nov 4, 1914,

Bahin,Alphonse,74,M,W,413 Monroe St., City,Widower,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Hotel Clerk, Retired,Paris France,413 Monroe St., City,Jan 2, 1918,Jan 3, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jan 16, 1918,

Bahin,Gustave J.,71,M,W,#833 Main St., City,Widow,Edema of Lungs,Retired Merchant,Paris France,#833 Main St., City,Jan 28, 1913,Jan 28, 1913,J. C. French, M.D.,,

Bahin,Louise Irvine,71,F,W,413 Monroe St.,Married,Lobar Pneumonia,Housewife,Adams Co., Miss.,413 Monroe St.,Feb 25, 1917,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Mar 7, 1917,

Bahin,Walter C., Jr.,1 day,M,W,City,Single,Morbus Caeruleus,None,City,Natchez Sanatorium,Mar 20, 1920,Mar 20, 1920,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Bailess,J. A.,53,M,W,Wilmore,Married,Mitral Regurgation,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Aug 12, 1911,Aug 12, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Bailey,Katherine,35,F,C,Natchez,Married,Acute Cardiac Dilatation,Domestic,Miss.,13 Deveraux St.,Nov 15, 1918,Nov 15, 1918,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Dec 4, 1918,

Bailey,Minervia,50,F,C,Natchez,Married,Pneumonia,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 24, 1918,Oct 25, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Bailey,R.,48,M,W,Sibley, Miss.,Married,Gangerine of bowel And diarahoea,Lumberman,Canada,Natchez, Miss.,May 24, 1911,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Baird,Rose Emma, Mrs.,36,F,W,509 N. Pine St.,Single,Mitral Regurgation & Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,House,New Orleans, La.,509 N.Pine St.,Mar 10, 1918,Mar 10, 1918,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Mar 20, 1918,

Baker,Baby,1 hr,M,C,687 N. Pine St.,Single,Premature Birth,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 2, 1920,Apr 6, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Baker,Charles,29,M,C,Columbia, Miss.,Married,Mitral Regurgation,Public Wrks,Ala,Hospital,May 30, 1911,May 31, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Baker,Hy.,16,M,C,Harriston, Miss.,Single,Pul. T.B.,Farmer,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Mar 29, 1910,Mar 30, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Baker,Mary J., Mrs.,27,F,W,634 Cemetery St., City,Married,Miliary Tuberculosis,Cotton Mill Hand,Amite Co., Miss.,634 Cemetery St.,Nov 25, 1921,Nov 25, 1921,H. M. Smith, M.D.,,

Baker,Mary Jane,70,F,C,510 N. Pine,Widow,Heart Disease,Cook,Kentucky,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 14, 1918,Apr 15, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Apr 17, 1918,

Baker,Samuel,79,M,C,Natchez,Married,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Butcher,La.,143 E. Oak St.,Nov 26, 1917,Nov 27, 1917,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Dec 5, 1917,

Baker,Susan,22,F,C,Woodville, Miss,Widow,Mitral Reg.,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Apr 29, 1912,Apr 29, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Baker,Susan,39,F,C,314 Lumber St.,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 15, 1918,Dec 16, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Dec 18, 1918,

Baker,T. Otis,66,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Widower,Hemiplegia,Lawyer,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 14, 1910,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Baker,Walter,20,M,C,143 Oak St,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Laborer,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 18, 1915,Nov 19, 1915,P. Beekman, M.D.,Dec 1, 1915,

Balden,Patsy,24,F,C,Conner Plase near Nat. Colage,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Housewife,Miss.,Conner Plase near Nat. Colage,Apr 23, 1921,Apr 24, 1921,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Balden,Susie L.,16,F,C,#57 Minor St.,Married,Miliary Tuberculosis,Domestic,La.,Natchez,Mar 30, 1913,Mar 31, 1913,R. C. French,,

Baldwin,Harry M.,47 y, 9 mo,M,W,East Main St., City,Single,Multiple Arthritis,Carpenter,Natchez, Miss.,City,Aug 5, 1919,Aug 6, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Ball,Johnnie A.,57,M,C,Jefferson St.,Divorced,Heart Disease,Coachman,Miss.,Natchez,Jan 24, 1916,Jan 24, 1916,Wilber Dawson, Coroner,Feb 2, 1916,

Ballard,Alice,57,F,C,Cemetery Road,Widow,Cerebral Hemorhage,Wash & Iorning,,Cemetery St., Natchez,Jan 13, 1910 4 A.M.,Jan 13, 1910,W. T. Jones, M.D.,,

Ballard,Martha,80,F,C,Natchez,Married,Chronic Nephritis,Domestic,Virginia,15 Woodlawn,Nov 8, 1918,Nov 8, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Nov 20, 1918,

Ballard,Rosie,27 y, 12 d,F,C,113 Rankin St.,Single,Natural Causes,House Work,Miss.,Natchez,Nov 8, 1916,Nov 8, 1916,Wm. A. Dier, J.P. & Acting Coroner,Nov 15, 1916,

Balriah,Della,21,F,C,Monroe St.,Married,Measles,Housewife,Mississippi,Monroe St.,Mar 11, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Mar 18, 1914,

Banard,Lena,8 mos,F,C,Natchez,Single,Enterities,,Natchez,37 Homochitto St.,Jul 31, 1910,Aug 1, 1910,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Banks,Alice,75,F,C,Homochitto St.,Widow,Cancer of Uterus,Domestic,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 19, 1919,Sep 19, 1919,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Banks,Carlotta,21,F,C,Natchez,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,Domestic,Miss.,33 St. Catherine,Nov 18, 1918,Nov 19, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Nov 4, 1918,

Banks,Clara,96,F,C,179 Homochitto St.,Married,Pneumonia,Domestic,Adams Co. Miss.,Natchez,Jan 15, 1912,Jan 18, 1912,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Banks,J. B., M.D.,49,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Physician,Pike Co. Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 30, 1911,Dec 30, 1911,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Banks,James,6 mo,M,C,181 Homochitto St.,Single,,,Natchez,Natchez,Mar 10, 1917,Mar 10, 1917,Fred Banks,Mar 21, 1917,

Banks,Louisinda,75,F,C,Fronting on B. St.,Widow,Natural Causes,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 11, 1917,Nov 12, 1917,Will F. Foster, J.P. & Atg. Coroner,Nov 21, 1917,

Banks,Manua,40,F,C,Natchez,Married,Cardiac Embolis,Housekeeper,Ads. Co.,Natchez Hospital,Feb 28, 1910,Mar 1, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Banks,Victoria,40,F,C,517 N. Rankin St.,Married,Tuberculosis,Cook,Adams Co.,Natchez,Dec 26, 1913,Dec 27, 1913,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Barber,Charlotte Jeanette,7 m 11 d,F,W,606 N. Union St.,Single,Gastro Enteritis,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 9, 1913,Jun 9, 1913,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Barber,Webb,39,M,C,Jacobs, Miss,Married,Gen. Pyemia,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Aug 10, 1910,Aug 10, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Baredel,Sarah Josephine,70,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Presumably Cerebral Apoplexy,None,Tensas Parish, La.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 14, 1918,Jan 15, 1918,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,Jan 16, 1918,I was called to see deceased at 7 A.M. Jan 14th, 1918 and found her dead in bed when I arrived.

Barkdull,J. D.,46,M,W,Cor. Pearl & Monroe Sts.,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,see comments,Jaxon, Miss.,His Residence, City,Sep 25, 1911,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,Agent Pittsburgh Coal Co.

Barland,Alice,48,F,C,84 St. Catherine St.,Married,Pellagra,Housewife,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,May 24, 1913,May 26, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Barland,Andrew,50,M,C,,Single,Mitral Regurgation,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Jan 10, 1912,Jan 10, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Barland,Dave,28,M,C,#5 E. Franklin St.,Married,Phthisis,Laborer,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 11, 1919,Jan 12, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Barland,David,49,M,C,#209 St. Catherine St.,Married,Heart Disease,Laborer,Adams Co.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 17, 1911,Sep 19, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Barland,Frank E., Jr.,0,M,C,637 S. Canal St.,Single,Unknown, No M.D.,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 18, 1915,Sep 19, 1915,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,Oct 6, 1915,

Barland,Simon,4 mon,M,C,Natchez,Single,Spasum,Infant,Natchez,187 Homochitto St.,Feb 10, 1911,Feb 11, 1911,Robt. Mackell, Undertaker,,

Barland,Walter L.,56,M,C,84 St. Catherine,Widower,Acute Cardiac Dilatition & Myocarditis & Nephritis,Grocery Man,Pine Ridge, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 11, 1914,Nov 12, 1914,J. S. U.,Nov 18, 1914,

Barlow,Noah,77,M,W,Cor. Orleans & Pearl Sts.,Single,Acute Cardiac Dilatition,Retired,Natchez, Miss.,Cor. Orleans & Pearl Sts.,Dec 12, 1916,Dec 12, 1916,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Dec 20, 1916,

Barnes,Alonza,5 dy,M,C,Magnolia St,,No physician, supposed gastro enteritis,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 9, 1917,Feb 9, 1917,Julia Foster,Feb 21, 1917,W. H. Aikman, M.D., H.O.

Barnes,Bert H.,38,M,W,708 Orleans St., City,Married,Diabetic Coma,Watch Maker,Spring Lake, Michigan,708 Orleans St, City,Dec 1, 1920,Dec 2, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Barnes,Eliza,26,F,C,159 St. Catherine St.,Married,Influenza,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 3, 1918,Nov 4, 1918,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Barnes,Louisia,23,F,C,#5 Cooper St.,Single,Typhoid,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 27, 1920,Apr 28, 1920,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Barns,,0,M,C,712 Cemetery St.,Single,Unknown - Still Born,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 18, 1912,Jan 25, 1912,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Barns,John, Jr.,19,M,C,701 N. Pearl,Single,Chronic Pluersy,Day Laborer,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,May 8, 1916,May 9, 1916,P. Beekman, M.D.,May 17, 1916,

Barrer,Mamie M.,16 days,F,W,Concord Place,,Jaundice,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 5, 1910,Mar 19, 1910,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Barrere,Josephine, Mrs.,63,F,W,Concord Ave., City,Married,Chronis Interstitial Nephritis,Housewife,Louisiania,Concord Ave, City,Nov 9, 1919,Nov 12, 1919,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Barry,Samuel Austin,1 yr, 10 m,M,W,Wisner, La.,Single,Meningitis,None,Wisner, La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Feb 6, 1920,Feb 6, 1920,J. G. Lilly, M.D.,,

Barton,Robert W.,61,M,W,71 Homochitto St., City,Married,Cancer of Rectum,Travling Salesman,Louisiania,71 Homochitto St., City,May 3, 1917,May 4, 1917,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,May 16, 1917,

Bates,Willie,1 y, 6 dy,M,C,Louisiania,,Gastro Enteritis,None,Kingston, Miss.,Natchez,Sep 24, 1918,Sep 26, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Oct 2, 1918,

Battle,Anna,36,F,C,417 N. Rankin St.,Widow,Diabetic Acidosis,Cook,La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Oct 22, 1919,Oct 23, 1919,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Bauer,Barbara, Mrs.,76,F,W,42 St. Catherine St.,Widow,Natural Causes (Coroners Jury),None,Bavaria,42 St. Catherine St., City,Sep 5, 1919,Sep 5, 1919,Wm. A. Diers, J.P. & Acting Coroner,,By A.J. Foster - F.D.

Bauer,Charles T.,49,M,W,Oak St., City,Married,Acute Dialation of heart,Transfer & Hauling,Natchez, Miss.,City,Aug 8, 1919,Aug 9, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Bauer,George W.,76,M,W,107 St. Catherine St., City,Married,Cancer, Jaw,Carpenter,City,107 St. Catherine St., City,Aug 22, 1921,,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,,

Beach,Caselian,7 dys,F,C,Natchez,Single,Unknown,Infant,Natchez,Homochitto St.,Sep 3, 1911,Sep 4, 1911,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Beach,Daisy,0,F,W,4 Gilreath Hill, City,Single,Still Born, No Physician,None,4 Gilreath Hill, City,4 Gilreath Hill, City,Nov 18, 1920,Nov 22, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Beacham,Mildred,12 days,F,W,Wesson, Miss.,,Inanition,,Hospital,Hospital,May 15, 1911,May 15, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Beal,Mary,8,F,C,Harriston, Miss.,Single,Gangerous Stomatitis,None,Harriston, Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 13, 1911,Jul 13, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,death at 1:30 P.M.

Beam,Verbois,4,M,W,Mulbery St., City,Single,Influenza,None,Franklin Co., Miss.,Mulberry St., City,Nov 14, 1918,Nov 14, 1918,E. B. French, M.D.,Dec 4, 1918,

Beams,Sam,88,M,C,Natchez,Married,Senility,Laborer,Maryland,Breil Ave.,Oct 25, 1911,Oct 26, 1911,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Beans,Clora,52,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Domestic,La.,Natchez,Jan 26, 1914,Jan 26, 1914,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Beasley,Ida,20,F,C,Magnolia, Miss.,Single,Pulmonary T.B.,Farmer,Miss.,N. Hospital,Feb 24, 1911,,Natchez Hospital,,

Beecher,Sophia,23,F,C,43 Homochitto St.,Married,Tuberculosis,Domestic,Adams Co.,Natchez,Jan 25, 1916,Jan 25, 1916,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Feb 2, 1916,

Beekman,Joseph L.,49,M,W,City,Single,Chr. Valvular Dis. Heart,Merchant,Natchez, Miss.,City,Mar 5, 1919,Mar 7, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Behler,Sarah G., Mrs.,60,F,W,205 St. Charles Ave, City,Widow,Myocarditis,Housewife,Washington, Miss.,205 St. Charles Ave., City,Feb 17, 1919,Feb 18, 1919,E. F. Brown, M.D.,,

Bell,Harrison,34,M,C,S. Canal,Married,Basilar Meningitis,Laborer,Miss.,S. Canal, Natchez,Nov 5, 1916,Nov 7, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 15, 1916,

Bell,Lucy,30, about,F,C,Concordia Parish, La.,Married,Nephritis,Laboror on Farm,,115 Rankin St.,Jan 18, 1910,Jan 19, 1910,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Bell,Priscilla,55,F,C,59 Minor St.,Widow,Natural Causes,Domestic,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 9, 1914,Jul 10, 1914,Wilber Dawson, Coroner,Jul 15, 1914,

Bell,Sam,42,M,C,La.,Married,Pneumonia,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 18, 1913,Apr 18, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Bell,Sarah,45,F,C,#71 Brendon Ave.,Married,Mitral & Aortic Heart Disease,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 8, 1917,Nov 8, 1917,P. Beekman, M.D.,Nov 21, 1917,

Belle,Edward,37,M,C,Natchez,Married,Nephritis,Laborer,Jefferson County,No. 2 Prentiss St.,Jan 26, 1911,Jan 28, 1911,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Beltzhoover,Melchior S.,50,M,W,303 S. Rankin St., City,Married,Lobar Pneumonia,Banker & Capitalist,Pittsburgh, Pa.,303 S. Rankin St., City,Jul 20, 1918,Jul 26, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Aug 17, 1918,

Beltzhoover,Virginia Lee Koontz, Mrs.,58,F,W,303 S. Rankin St., City,Widow,Chronic endo-carditis,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,303 S. Rankin St., City,Apr 3, 1921,Apr 5, 1921,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Benard,Ben,73, 7, 10,M,C,Oak St.,Married,Interstitial Nephritis,Farmer,Adams Co.,Natchez,Oct 10, 1915,Oct 12, 1915,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Oct 20, 1915,

Benard,J??ru,2 hrs,M,C,Homochitto St.,Married,Unknown, No Physician,,Natchez,Natchez,Dec 5, 1915,Dec 5, 1915,John Benorte,Dec 15, 1915,M. H. Hutton

Benbrook,Effie G., Miss,33 y, 9 mo,F,W,611 N. Pearl St., City,Single,Pellagra,see comments,Natchez, Miss.,611 N. Pearl St., City,Apr 30, 1917,May 1, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,May 2, 1917,Occupation: Manager Green Stamp Premiun Parlor

Benjamin,Lilly, Miss.,41,F,W,S. Commerce St.,Single,Paralysis, Gumma,Invalid,Natchez,S. Commerce St.,Sep 15, 1911,Sep 15, 1911,J. C. French, M.D.,,

Benjamin,Philip U.,54,M,W,408 S. Commerce St., City,Single,Pneumonia following apoplexy,see comments,Natchez, Miss.,408 S. Commerce St., City,Aug 8, 1918,Aug 8, 1918,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Aug 21, 1918,Occupation: Wholesale Cigars & Tobacco

Bennett,A. E.,60,M,W,Fort Adams,Single,Sarcoma of Gall Bladder,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Feb 10, 1912,Feb 11, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Bennett,Margaret,3,F,W,Wensel St.,Single,T. B. Meningitis,None,Natchez,Natchez,Aug 8, 1911,Aug 8, 1911,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Berdon,Mollie,38,F,C,N. Rankin St.,Widow,Pulmonary Obstruction,Family Nurse,Lincoln Co., Miss.,N. Rankin St.,Mar 24, 1911,Mar 25, 1911,W. T. Jones, M.D.,,

Berdon,Zilpah F.,26, 9, 25,F,W,641 N. Pine St., City,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,641 N. Pine St., City,Jun 16, 1916,Jun 17, 1916,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jun 21, 1916,

Berger,Charles, Mrs.,47,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Payemia & Pneumonia,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez Sanitorum,Apr 19, 1911,Apr 19, 1911,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Bernstein,Olivia,5 mo, 2 dy,F,W,S. Canal St., City,Single,Staptacoccie Meningitis,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 17, 1916,,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jun 21, 1916,

Berry,Johnie,16,M,C,Brandem Ave.,Single,Pellagra,Labar,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez,Jan 20, 1921,Jan 20, 1921,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,Residence lists "Brandem Ave. near Steverson Lain"

Berry,Mary J.,29,F,C,O'Ferrells St.,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Nov 2, 1918,Nov 3, 1918,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Berry,Shyles,0,F,C,500 S. Canal St.,Single,Still Born,None,Natchez,500 S. Canal St.,Sep 17, 1914,Sep 17, 1914,M. Hutton, Pauper Undertaker,,

Berry,Wesly,5 mo,M,C,Brenham Ave.,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 5, 1918,Feb 6, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Feb 20, 1918,

Bess,Jas.,4 dy,M,C,18 Rembert St.,Single,Ickurs Neonatoun ???,,Natchez, Miss.,18 Rembert St,Jul 4, 1914,Jul 5, 1914,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Bessac,Charles A.,76,M,W,508 Orleans St,Married,Valvular disease of heart,Jeweller,Hudson, New York,508 Orleans St.,Feb 24, 1913,Feb 25, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Beswell,John G.,48, abt.,M,W,303 N. Pearl St.,Married,Caught in machinery,Supt Natz Oil Mill,Not Known,Natchez Oil Mill,Dec 9, 1913,Dec 9, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Bevely,Richard,37,M,C,Wisner, La.,Married,Cholecystitis Acute,Farmer,La.,Natchez,Jun 5, 1919,Jun 6, 1919,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Beverly,Lucinda,79,F,C,413 S. Pearl St.,Widow,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 10, 1921,Dec 12, 1921,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Bingham,Walter,25,M,W,302 Franklin St.,Single,Paresis,Logger,Tishmingo, Miss.,Residence, City,Dec 16, 1914,,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,Jan 6, 1915,

Bingman,Millie,46,F,C,Aldrigh St.,Married,Cardiac Dropsy,Domestic,Louisiania, La.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 27, 1913,Feb 28, 1913,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Bingmon,Janie,42,F,C,Wisner, La.,Married,Secondary Hemmorhage,Housewife,Kirk, La.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 5, 1917,Feb 5, 1917,P. Beekman, M.D.,Feb 7, 1917,

Birth,Baby,0,M,C,71 Gastrell Alley,Single,Still Born,,Natchez,71 Gastrell Alley,Dec 6, 1920,,Fred Birth,,

Bishop,Mary E., Mrs.,68,F,W,Concord Hotel, City,Widow,Chronic Entero Colitis,At Home,Georgia,Concord Hotel, City,Mar 16, 1920,Mar 17, 1920,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Bisland,Anna E., Mrs.,72,F,W,404 S. Commerce St,Widow,Chronic Endocarditis,None,Adama Co. Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 12, 1910,Sep 12, 1910,W. T. Jones, M.D.,,

Bisland,E. G., Mrs.,50,F,W,Cannonsburg, Miss.,Widow,T. B.,Housework,Miss.,Hospital,Apr 13, 1912,Apr 14, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Black,Albert,36,M,C,Luens, Miss.,Widower,Tuberculosis,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Mar 6, 1912,Mar 6, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Black,Charles,68,M,C,Briel Ave,Married,Disease of Brane,Laborer,,#6 Briel Ave,Jan 3, 1910,Jan 4, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,Jan 5, 1910,

Black,Charles B.,3 y, 9 mo,M,W,15 4th St., City,Single,Laryngeal Diptheria,None,Natchez, Miss.,15 4th St., City,Sep 30, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Oct 4, 1916,

Black,Curtis,73,M,C,#16 Bowles Ave.,Married,Septic Pertonitis,None,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 16, 1918,Jul 16, 1918,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Aug 21, 1918,

Blackman,Ed.,27,M,C,Natchez,Single,Aortic Reg.,Laboror,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 3, 1910,Jan 3, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Blair,Mamie, Mrs.,28,F,W,Natchez,Married,Pul. T. B.,Housekeeper,Vermont,Natchez Hospital,Oct 14, 1910,Oct 14, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Bland,Alfred,42,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widower,Maleria & Rheumitism,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Dec 13, 1911,Dec 14, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Bland,Fred,0,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Stillborn,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 5, 1920,Nov 6, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Bland,Samiulla,0,F,C,Kingston, Miss.,Single,Still Born,Baby,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 27, 1917,Oct 27, 1917,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,Nov 7, 1917,

Blankenstein,Carrie A., Miss.,,F,W,#704 Orleans St., City,Single,Pneumonia & Peritonitis,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,704 Orleans St., City,Feb 2, 1919,Feb 3, 1919,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,,

Blankenstein,Martha Caroline, Mrs.,89,F,W,704 Orleans St., City,Widow,Fracture of Left Hip,At Home,Meilhausen, Germany,704 Orleans St., City,Sep 22, 1920,Sep 24, 1920,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,,

Blattman,Leah,5 mo, 9 dy,F,W,518 State St.,Single,Intestinal Hemmorhage,None,Natchez,Natchez,Nov 30, 1916,Nov 30, 1916,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,Dec 6, 1916,

Block,Samuel,78,M,W,Cor. Linton Ave. & Oak St.,Married,Oedema of Lungs,Retired Planter,Germany,Cor. Linton Ave. & Oak Sts.,Apr 25, 1918,Apr 27, 1918,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,May 1, 1918,

Blodworth,Mary,75,F,C,Widow,,General Pharess,None,Good Hope Ldg.,Natchez,Nov 9, 1910,Nov 10, 1910,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Bloodworth,Virginia,64,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Paralysis,Domestic,Natchez,#5 Cleborn,Dec 17, 1915,Dec 18, 1915,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jan 5, 1916,

Blythe,Alex W.,50,M,W,#105 Linton Ave., City,Married,Pulm. Tuberculosis,Clerk,Natchez, Miss.,#105 Linton Ave., City,Nov 19, 1911,Nov 26, 1911,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,Dr. Sessions: Please fill in and send to Dr. J. C. French, H.O. A. Foster

Blythe,Earl W.,17 y 6 Mo,M,W,Linton Ave, City,Single,Pistol wound in chest,Special Messinger,Natchez, Miss.,#15 Cooper St., City,Oct 22, 1913,Oct 23, 1913,Wilber Dawson, Coroner,Nov 5, 1913,

Blythe,Mary E., Mrs.,59,F,W,105 Linton Ave., City,Widow,Lobar Pneumonia,Housewife,Rodney, Miss.,105 Linton Ave., City,Apr 16, 1918,Apr 17, 1918,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Apr 17, 1918,

Boatner,John S.,34 yr 9 mo,M,W,Vidalia, La.,Married,Acute Nephritis & Gastric dilatition,Atty at Law,Vidalia, La.,Nat. Sanatouium,Jan 6, 1913,Jan 7, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Boatner,John S., Sr.,61,M,W,Vidalia, La.,Married,Dil Heart - Nephritis,see comments,East Baton Rouge Parish, La.,Natchez Sanitorium,Apr 2, 1912,Apr 3, 1912,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Boatner,Joseph B.,17,M,W,Catahoula Parish, La.,Single,Empyema,Farmer,Louisiania,Natchez Sanatorium,Mar 9, 1919,Mar 13, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Bodie,Mamie,25,F,C,Bogoun, La.,Married,Typhoid Fever,Farmer,,Natchez Hospital,Jan 11, 1910,Jan 11, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Body,Mary,23,F,C,#506 N. Wall St.,Single,Uraemia,Domestic,Louisiania,Natchez,Feb 12, 1913,Feb 13, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Boger,Lucy Ledeaux, Mrs.,31, 3, 9,F,W,327 1/2 Main St,Married,Carbolic Acid Poisoning (suicide),Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 29, 1915,Jan 30, 1915,E. B. French, M.D.,Feb 3, 1915,

Bolding,Olerver,70,M,C,#36 N. Commerce St.,Married,Pellagra,Laborer,Dont No,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 1, 1920,Jul 1, 1920,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Bolter,Mary L., Mrs.,40,F,W,501 S. Canal St.,Married,Carcinoma of Cervix,Clerk Retail Store,Not Known,501 S. Canal St.,Jul 12, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jul 19, 1916,

Bomis,Agnes,63,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Paralysis,Domestic,Woodville, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 5, 1919,Sep 5, 1919,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Bone,Jee Harris,19 mo,M,W,Wisner, La.,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,None,Wisner, La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Dec 19, 1919,Dec 20, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Bonner,Ella,62 y, 2 dy,F,C,#721 Cemetery St.,Married,Pellagra,Farmer,Kentucky,Natchez,Jun 22, 1916,Jun 23, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jul 5, 1916,

Bonner,Wade,77,M,C,88 St. Mary St.,Married,Perinephritic Abscess,None,Virginia,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 19, 1919,Oct 21, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Boochamp,Mark Fery,29 days,M,W,Fayette, Miss.,Single,Marasmus,,Wilson Lane,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Aug 6, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Booth,S. Quinn,57,M,W,Magnolia St., City,Married,Pellagra,Retail Wood Yard,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 5, 1916,Apr 6, 1916,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Apr 19, 1916,

Boothe,Mary E.,59,F,W,Magnolia St.,Single,Intestinal Tuberculosis,At Home,Covington Co., Miss.,Magnolia St., City,Mar 30, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Apr 5, 1916,

Borgia,Ethel,1 mo 27 dy,F,C,702 S. Canal St.,Single,Unknown, No. M.D.,None,Natchez,Natchez,Jun 25, 1915,Jun 25, 1915,Josephine Borgia,Jul 7, 1915,

Borland,Wm.,76,M,C,Nat. Georges Alley,Married,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Laborer,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 23, 1920,Sep 24, 1920,,,

Bosley,Oneal,3 y, 3 mo,M,C,Pine Ridge,Single,Pneumonia,None,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 13, 1918,Apr 13, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Apr 17, 1918,

Bourke,Ward,26 dy,M,W,794 S. Canal St., City,Single,Whooping Cough,None,City,794 S. Canal St., City,Oct 14, 1920,Oct 14, 1920,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Bousom,Pearl,25,M,C,Kesley, Miss.,Married,Int. Obstruction,Farmer,Miss,Natchez Hospital,Jul 6, 1910,Jul 8, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Bowels,Ellen,60,F,C,Washington Road,Married,Unknown, said to have had peritonitis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 21, 1920,Jan 21, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Bowie,,0,M,C,Natchez,Single,Still Born,Infant,Natchez,325 Arlington Ave.,Sep 15, 1911,Sep 16, 1911,Robt. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Bowie,Will,32,M,C,Natchez,Married,Stabice Abdomen ???,Laborer,Vicksburg, Miss.,656 S. Canal St.,Feb 19, 1912,Feb 21, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Bowles,Wiley,27,M,C,Beekman Quarters,Married,Unknown, No M.D.,Laborer,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 21, 1914,Mar 23, 1914,Undertaker,Apr 1, 1914,

Bowman,Baby,0,F,W,Natchez,Single,Stillborn,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 19, 1918,Oct 31, 1918,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Bowman,Harrison,90,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widower,Unknown, No M.D.,Farmer,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 29, 1916,Oct 30, 1916,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,Nov 1, 1916,

Bowman,Jackson,60,M,C,St. Cath.,Married,Ueraemia,Blind Pension,Natchez,Natchez,Sep 20, 1910,Sep 22, 1910,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Bowman,Matilda,56,F,C,Quittman St.,Widow,Arterio Sclerosis,None,Miss.,Natchez,Sep 2, 1918,Sep 3, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Sep 4, 1918,

Bowman,Rena,105,F,C,Cocord Ave.,Widow,Unknown,None,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 21, 1914,Dec 22, 1914,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Jan 6, 1915,per Robt. Mackel Jr., Undertaker

Bowman,Sophia,79,F,C,25 St. Catherine St.,Widow,Paralysis,Domestic,Virginia,Natchez,Mar 10, 1913,Mar 10, 1913,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Boyd,Eliza,107,F,C,30 Beaumont St.,Widow,Unknown,None,Kentucky,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 31, 1914,Jan 1, 1915,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,Jan 6, 1915,No Physician

Boyd,Emma,19,F,C,203 St. Catherine,Married,Pulm. Tuberculosis,,Mississippi,203 St. Catherine,Sep 21, 1913,Sep 22, 1913,E. B. French, M.D.,Oct 1, 1913,

Boyle,Mrs.,67,F,W,Cor. So. Union & Washington,Widow,Acute dysentery,none,Ireland,So. Union & Washington,Apr 20, 1910,Apr 20, 1910,W. T. Jones, M.D.,,

Braden,Charles A.,62,M,W,326 State St, City,Married,Apoplexy,Amusement business,Robinson, Illinois,626 State St., City,Feb 12, 1921,Feb 14, 1921,H. M. Smith, M.D.,,

Bradford,Lora,85,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Carcinoma Knee,,La.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 29, 1910,Aug 1, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Bradford,Martha,27,F,C,#6 Grant St.,Single,Pellagra,Domestic,Pine Ridge, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 13, 1915,Aug 14, 1915,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Aug 18, 1915,

Bradham,Warren,63,M,W,Magnolia, Miss,Married,Pelagra,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Nov 24, 1911,Nov 24, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Bradley,Anthony,40,M,C,Natchez,Married,Consumption,Cook,Washington, Miss.,17 Bowles Alley,Mar 14, 1912,Mar 14, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Bradley,Kate E., Mrs.,78,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Shock from fracture of hip,At home,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 21, 1917,Mar 22, 1917,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,Apr 4, 1917,

Bradley,Nelson,30,M,C,Hattesburg, Miss.,Single,Pyelonephritis,Public Works,Miss.,Hospital,Dec 3, 1911,Dec 4, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Bradley,W. C.,64,M,W,Notuac, La.,Single,Valvular disease Heart,Clerk,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 15, 1911,Mar 16, 1911,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Brady,Edward J.,46,M,W,N. Rankin, City,Married,Broncho Pneumonia,Merchant,New Orleans, La.,N. Rankin, City,Jan 12, 1919,Jan 14, 1919,E. B. French, M.D.,,

Bragg,Marthie,38,F,C,Natchez,Single,Cancer Tumer,Landries,Natchez,Natchez,Apr 24, 1910,Apr 25, 1910,Carraway,,

Brammon,Baby,0,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Still born dont know cause,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 22, 1913,Feb 22, 1913,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Branch,Annett,61,F,C,Azucena, La.,Widow,Carcinoma Uterus,Domestic,La.,317 Market St.,May 6, 1920,May 7, 1920,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Branch,Mildred,6 wks,F,C,79 Silver St., Natchez, Miss.,Single,Natural Causes,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 18, 1914,Aug 18, 1914,Wilber Dawson, Coroner,,

Branch,Wade E.,60,M,C,Natchez,Married,Tuberculosis,Carpenter,Louisiania,28 N. Comerce St.,Nov 2, 1911,Nov 3, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Brandon,Anna, Miss,52,F,W,Merrill House, City,Single,Hepatitis,School Teacher,Washington, Miss.,Merrill House, City,Nov 8, 1920,Nov 11, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Brandon,Robt.,24,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Heart disease,Laborer,Washington Road,48 St. Catherine St.,Dec 29, 1910,Dec 30, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Brazer,Geo.,64,M,C,Natchez,Single,Mitral Reg.,Farmer,Natchez,Hospital,Jul 29, 1911,Jul 29, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Brehm,John J.,72,M,W,411 N. Pine St.,Married,Valvular Heart Disease,see comments,Germany,411 N. Pine St.,Jun 19, 1913,Jun 19, 1913,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,Occupation: Farmer & Store Keeper

Brent,Matilda, Mrs.,75,F,C,Madison St.,Widow,Unknown, No Physician,Domestic,Not Known,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 26, 1917,Nov 27, 1917,W. H. Aikman, M.D., H.O.,Dec 5, 1917,

Bridges,Baby,0,M,W,,,Still Born,,,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Oct 23, 1915,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Nov 3, 1915,

Brisco,Elaska,15,M,C,Vidalia, La.,Single,Typhoid Fever,Boot Black,La.,Hospital,Mar 17, 1911,Mar 17, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Briscoe,Wm.,36,M,C,Natchez,Married,Pyothorox,Farmer,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jun 23, 1910,Jun 23, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Broades,Leonard,2 min,M,C,617 High St.,Single,Unknown, No M.D.,None,Natchez,Natchez,Jan 25, 1916,Jan 25, 1916,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,Feb 2, 1916,

Brocato,Margaret,1, 2, 13,F,W,Ferriday, La.,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,None,Ferriday, La.,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,May 12, 1917,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,May 12, 1917,

Brooks,Emma,29,F,C,45 N. Commerce St.,Married,Tuburculosis,House Keeper,Wilkinson Co.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 27, 1911,Sep 29, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Brooks,Horace,60,M,C,St. Joseph, La.,Married,Pyleonephritis,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Feb 29, 1912,Mar 1, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Brooks,James,32,M,C,32 Cleburne St.,Married,Heart Disease,Presser,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 26, 1913,Apr 27, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Brooks,Nora Y., Mrs.,28,F,W,Wisner, La.,Married,Chronic Nephritis,Housewife,Corinth, Miss,Natchez Sanatorium,Feb 6, 1919,,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,,

Brown,Annie,83,F,C,,Widow,Gall Stones,Domestic,Pine Ridge, Miss.,Henderson, St.,Jun 28, 1916,Jun 29, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jul 5, 1916,

Brown,Armsted,52,M,C,#400 S. Wall St.,Married,Uraemia,Laboror,Adams County,Natchez,Dec 9, 1911,Dec 11, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Brown,Baby,0,M,C,Beekmans Quarters,,Still Born,None,Natchez,Natchez,Oct 21, 1921,Oct 30, 1921,Rose Davis,,

Brown,Caroline,60,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Consumption,Laborer,County,Natchez, Miss.,May 3, 1910,May 5, 1910,Robt Mackel,,

Brown,Carrie, Mrs.,81,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Pneumonia,,Miss.,Hospital,Feb 5, 1912,Feb 6, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Brown,Clara,29,F,C,24 Green St.,Married,Broncho Pneumonia,House work,Miss.,Natchez,Feb 1, 1917,Feb 2, 1917,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Feb 7, 1917,

Brown,E. Floyd, Dr.,52,M,W,518 B. St., City,Single,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Physician & Surgeon,Natchez, Miss.,518 B. St., City,Nov 22, 1920,Nov 26, 1920,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Brown,George M.,51,M,W,518 B St., City,Single,Ptomain Poisoning,Planter,Natchez, Miss.,518 B. St., City,Mar 30, 1921,Mar 31, 1921,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Brown,Henry,0,M,C,Natchez,Single,Still Born,,721 Cemetery St.,Natchez,Sep 19, 1914,Sep 20, 1914,,,Pauper Grown, Mose Hutton

Brown,Henry,80,M,C,Natchez,Single,Atero Sclerosis,,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Apr 26, 1910,Apr 27, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Brown,Ida,38,F,C,#22 Minor St.,Married,Chronic endocarditis,Cook,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 3, 1921,Feb 5, 1921,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Brown,Laura,36,F,C,401 N. Pine St.,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,Domestic,Louisiania,Natchez,Mar 6, 1917,Mar 6, 1917,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Mar 7, 1917,

Brown,Lavinia,60,F,C,Miss.,Married,Artero Sclerosis,Cook,Miss.,Hospital,May 7, 1912,May 8, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Brown,Lillian,9 mon,F,C,71 Homochitto St.,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,None,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 19, 1920,Feb 19, 1920,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Brown,Lillie D., Mrs.,38,F,W,Wisner, La.,Married,Hyperthyroidism,Housewife,Milano, Texas,Natchez Sanatorium,Sep 13, 1919,Sep 13, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Brown,Lizzie,48,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Tuberculosis,Cook,Vicksburg, Miss.,#4 S. Pearl St.,Apr 6, 1912,Apr 6, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Brown,Lottie,50,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Cerebral Softening,Domestic,Miss.,413 S. Wall St.,Aug 5, 1918,Aug , 1918,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Aug 17, 1918,

Brown,Lousa,50,F,C,St. Joseph, La.,Widow,Mitral Regurg.,Farm,Va.,Hospital,Mar 5, 1912,Mar 5, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Brown,Mamie,30,F,C,Natchez,Married,Maligancy, Gall Bladder,Domestic,Miss.,106 Oak St.,Nov 1, 1918,Nov 1, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Brown,Marion E.,11 m, 26 d,F,W,829 Main St., City,Single,Acute Indigestion,None,City,829 Main St., City,Aug 26, 1919,Aug 27, 1919,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Brown,Mary, Miss,61 y 11 mo,F,W,Wesson, Miss,Single,Pellagra,at home,Crystal Springs, Miss.,#705 Commerce St., City,Feb 16, 1913,Feb 17, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Brown,Peggy,30,F,C,13 DeMarcos,Married,Lobar Pneumonia,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Feb 19, 1919,Feb 21, 1919,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Brown,Peter, Sr.,70,M,C,Reynolds St.,Widower,Apoplexy,Laborer,Mississippi,Natchez,Feb 9, 1921,Feb 10, 1921,R. E. Smith, Coroner,,

Brown,Sidney,1 y, 2 mos,,C,#610 Monroe St.,Single,Ileo Colitis,Non,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,May 9, 1921,May 10, 1921,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Brown,Stella,40,F,C,147 St. Catherine St.,Married,Carcinoma,Housewife,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 19, 1921,Dec 20, 1921,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Brown,Vincent,45,M,C,,,Nephritis,,,County Jail,Mar 28, 1916,,Wilber Dawson, Coroner,Apr 5, 1916,

Brown,Walter,29,M,C,Linwood, Adams Co.,Single,Gunshot wounds by officers of law,Field Hand,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 26, 1918,Jun 27, 1918,Wm. A. Dier J. P. & Actg. Coroner,Jul 3, 1918,

Brown,Washie,80,F,C,#626 S. Canal St.,Widow,Old Age,Domestic,North Carolina,Natchez,Mar 21, 1913,Mar 22, 1913,L. L. Winston, Undertaker,,

Brown,Wm.,37,M,C,Adams Co.,Married,Accidental fall from wagon,Teamster,Church Hill, Miss.,N. Pine St.,Nov 23, 1911,Nov 25, 1911,J. C. French, M.D. Health Officer,,Reported by Robt. Mackel, Undertaker

Brownell,Charles Baldwin,69,M,W,308 Washington St., City,Married,Valvular disease of heart,see comments,New York,308 Washington St., City,Jul 31, 1919,Jul 31, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,Occupation: Vice Pres. Natchez & Southern

Bruce,Mary,1 y 9 m 27,F,C,615 N. Rankin St.,Single,Acute Coletis,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 24, 1913,Jul 24, 1913,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Bruce,Willie,33,M,C,Louisiania,Married,Typhoid Fever,Farm,Tanglewood Pltn, La,James Alley, City,Feb 8, 1912,Feb 10, 1912,P. Beekman, M.D.,,Per M. Beekman, M.D.

Bruster,Baby,0,M,C,606 S. Canal,Single,Premature, Stillborn,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 4, 1920,Nov 4, 1920,Peter Krout,,

Bryan,John K.,44,M,W,City,Married,Pulm. Embolus following acute appendicitis & operation,Planter,Franklin Ph., La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Sep 14, 1919,Sep 16, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Bryan,Lewis W.,88,M,W,Washington, Miss,Widower,Senile Gangrene,Farmer,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez Sanatorium,Jan 22, 1919,Jan 25, 1919,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,,

Bryans,Sancho,70,M,C,24 Cleburne St.,Married,Gall Blabber Disease,Retired,Adams Co.,Natchez,Jul 26, 1913,Jul 26, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Bryant,Samuel,85,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,None,Virginia,13 Prentiss St.,Sep 12, 1919,Sep 13, 1919,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Bryant,Sarah,58,F,C,421 S. Wall St.,Widow,Accidental Burns,None,Harrisonburg, La.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 21, 1916,Jul 21, 1916,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Aug 2, 1916,

Buchart,Newton,45,M,C,Natchez,Married,Pul. T. B.,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,May 11, 1910,May 11, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Buchner,Alex,60,M,C,St. Joe.,Widower,Pul. T. B.,Farmer,Ky.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 9, 1910,Jul 9, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Buckner,Sarah,20,F,C,2 Henderson St.,Single,Gastro enteritis,Domestic,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 12, 1921,Mar 15, 1921,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Bullen,William E.,60,M,W,695 N. Union St.,Married,Chronic Colitis,see comments,Bastrop, Louisiania,695 N. Union St.,Oct 4, 1921,Oct 5, 1921,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,,Occupation: Collector, Anchor Supply Co.

Bulloch,Henry,3,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Pneumonia due to influenza,None,New Orleans, La.,204 Arlington Ave., City,Jan 18, 1919,Jan 20, 1919,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Burch,C. W.,58, 11, 13,M,W,Port Gibson, Miss.,Married,Chronic Parenchymatous Nephritis,see comments,Clinton, Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Feb 7, 1917,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Feb 21, 1917,Occuptation: Planter & Stock Raiser

Burk,Mariah,60,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Chirrosis of liver,Laundress,Miss.,Hospital,Nov 9, 1911,Nov 9, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Burk,Thomas,105,M,C,N. Pine St., Natchez,Widower,Interstitial Nephritis,Farmer,Virginia,Natchez, Miss.,May 27, 1915,May 27, 1915,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jun 2, 1915,

Burkhead,Tom,5,M,C,Washington, Miss.,Single,Pneumonia,Student,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Apr 9, 1910,Apr 10, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Burley,Andrew F.,72,M,W,Montrey, La.,Married,Cardiac Asthma,Farmer,South Carolina,Natchez Sanatorium,Jun 5, 1919,Jun 6, 1919,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Burley,Chas. Henry, Dr.,39,M,W,Monterey, La.,Married,Intestinal Perforation,Physician,Louisiania,Natchez Sanatorium,Dec 30, 1917,Dec 30, 1917,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jan 2, 1918,

Burney,Elise,58,F,C,3 Deaveroe St.,Married,Maliria,Washing & Ironing,Miss.,Natchez,Jan 25, 1916,Jan 26, 1916,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Feb 2, 1916,

Burney,Minerva,65,F,C,71 Silver St.,Widow,Cancer of Rectum,Domestic,La.,Natchez,Oct 28, 1918,Oct 28, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Burns,Alma,3 mos,F,C,3 Reynold,Single,Intero Colitis,,Natchez,Natchez,Jul 11, 1910,Jul 12, 1910,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Burns,Bridget Scanlon,52,F,W,Pine St., City,Widow,Hypostatic Pneumonia,Housewife,Ireland,Her Residence, City,Dec 31, 1914,Dec 31, 1914,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jan 6, 1915,

Burns,Emma,35,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Acute Indigestion,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 27, 1913,Feb 27, 1913,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Burns,Francis,72,M,W,Pine St.,Single,Pneumonia,,Ireland,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 11, 1911,Jul 11, 1911,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Burns,Francis,79,F,C,Oak St,Widower,Acute Indigestion,Domestic,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 28, 1913,Jan 29, 1913,L. L. Winston, Undertaker,,

Burns,Laura, Mrs.,69,F,W,Orange Ave, Natchez, Miss,Widow,Arterio Sclerosis,Housewife,,Chamberlain Sanatorium, Natchez,Mar 18, 1910,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Burns,Mary,32,F,C,Utica,Widow,Peritonitis,Farmer,Utica, Miss,Natchez Hospital,Jun 13, 1910,Jun 14, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Burns,Randolph,80, about,M,C,118 S. Pine,Married,Semility,Carpenter,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 22, 1910,Jul 22, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Burns,Robert,35,M,C,#658 N. Pine St.,Single,Tuberculosis Pneumonalis,Carpenter,Natchez,Natchez,Oct 13, 1916,Oct 13, 1916,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Oct 18, 1916,

Burns,Robt.,53,M,W,Atlanta, Ga.,Single,Serous Menenigitis,Carpenter,Ga.,Hospital,Feb 12, 1911,Feb 13, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Burnside,Celeste,75,F,C,Madison St.,Widow,Cerebral Hemmorhage,None,Franklin Co.,Natchez,May 4, 1913,May 5, 1913,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Burr,Ebenezer,56,M,C,Vidalia, La.,Widower,Aortic Reg.,Farmer,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jun 15, 1910,Jun 15, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Burrill,George C.,78,M,W,Lismore, La.,Married,Hypostatic Pneumonia following appopletic stroke,Farmer,Lynn, Mass.,Natchez Sanatorium,Jul 25, 1917,Jul 26, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Aug 1, 1917,

Burrill,Henry Lathropt,48,M,W,407 Madison St.,Married,Acute Brights,Hotel Clerk,Natchez, Miss.,407 Madison St.,Aug 18, 1913,Aug 19, 1913,McD. Watkins, M.D.,Aug 20, 1913,

Bursh,Isiah,55,M,C,144 East Oak St.,Married,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Laborer,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,May 21, 1915,May 22, 1915,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Jun 2, 1915,

Butler,Ann,100,F,C,43 Minor St.,Widow,Shock From Fracture,None,Kentucky,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 24, 1914,Oct 28, 1914,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Nov 4, 1914,

Butler,Archie,52,M,C,Anna, Miss.,Widower,Aortic Reg.,Farmer,Ads. Co.,Natchez Hospital,Mar 1, 1910,Mar 1, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Butler,Baby,0,M,C,#4 Williams St.,Single,Still born,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 19, 1921,Apr 19, 1921,Mrs. A. C. Houston,,

Butler,Baby,0,M,C,4 Williams St.,Single,Still Born,,Natchez,Natchez,Aug 20, 1920,Aug 20, 1920,Joe Butler,,

Butler,Baby,4 days,F,C,Bryans Hill, City,Single,Entero Colitis,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 4, 1913,Aug 5, 1913,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Aug 19, 1913,

Butler,Cornelius,50,M,C,Newton,Single,Aortic Reg.,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 26, 1910,Jul 26, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Butler,Georganna,60 about,F,C,517 State St.,Widow,Broncho Pneumonia,None,Natchez,Natchez,Feb 12, 1917,Feb 12, 1917,P. Beekman, M.D.,Feb 21, 1917,

Butler,Henry,26,M,C,706 Cemetery St.,Widower,Tuberculosis Pneumonalis,Laborer,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 2, 1917,Dec 3, 1917,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Dec 5, 1917,

Butler,J. B.,56,M,W,Liberty, Miss.,Married,Duodonial Ulcer with Rupture,Clerk (Mercantile),Mississippi,Natchez Sanatorium,Feb 13, 1920,Feb 13, 1920,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Butler,John P.,48,M,W,Meadville, Miss.,Married,Pneumo Cocci Meningitis,Merchant,Franklin Co., Miss,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Mar 3, 1917,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Mar 7, 1917,

Butler,Josie,45,F,C,249 St. Catherine,,Paresis,Teaching,Wesson, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 7, 1915,Aug 7, 1915,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Aug 18, 1915,

Butler,Mattie Elise,6 y, 9 mon,F,W,211 S. Union., City,Single,Sheptocal Tonsilitis,None,Liberty, Miss.,211 S. Union St.,Jun 19, 1915,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jul 7, 1915,

Butler,Sam,16,M,C,Washington, Miss,Single,Pallegra,Laborer,Washington,608 Franklin St.,Sep 27, 1911,Sep 27, 1911,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Butler,Terry Rose,0,M,C,220 State St.,,Still born,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 24, 1919,Mar 26, 1919,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Butter,Lonzo,28,M,C,Aldrich St.,Married,Typhoid,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 30, 1913,Mar 31, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Buttler,Carrie,24,F,C,617 N. Pine St.,Single,Pneumonia,Laboring work,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 3, 1918,Nov 4, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Buttler,F.,5 days,F,C,Natchez,Single,Unknown, No Physician,None,Natchez,Irven Ave.,Feb 18, 1916,Feb 19, 1916,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,Mar 1, 1916,

Buttler,Nelva,3 wks,F,C,#10 Briels Ave,Single,,None,Natchez,Natchez,Sep 6, 1917,Sep 7, 1917,,Sep 19, 1917,

Button,Fannie,25,F,C,Vidalia, La.,Widow,Intra uterin death with septis,Farm,La.,Natchez Hospital,Nov 7, 1910,Nov 8, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Byrd,Mary,4 hrs,F,C,2 Prentess St.,Single,,,Natchez,Natchez,May 12, 1917,May 12, 1917,Wesley Byrd,May 16, 1917,

Byrd,Willie,18,M,C,Clayton, La.,Single,Tuberculosis,Farm,La.,Hospital,Mar 5, 1912,Mar 6, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Byrnes,Samuel H.,21,M,W,Holly Grove, La.,Married,Malarial Haematuria,Farmer,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 13, 1920,Aug 13, 1920,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

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