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(Continued) Death Certificates 1910 - 1921

Adams County, Mississippi


NOTE: This document appears on Adams County, MS GenWeb with the permission of the authors, Bob & Sarah Shumway. Researchers are invited to read/search the document for specific facts relative to individual research, but no part of the document may be reproduced in any format, electronically or otherwise.

Information to be found on (most) records, in order of appearance:

Name, Age, Sex, Color, Residence, Marital Status, Cause of Death, Occupation, Birthplace, Place of Death, Date of Death, Date Certificate Returned, Reported By, Date Reported, Comments.


Hacket,Josephine,62,F,C,Natchez,Married,Paraylisis,Housewife,Pittsfield, La.,12 Malery St.,Feb 28, 1911,Mar 1, 1911,Robt. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Hackett,Mattie,46,F,C,17 Bishop St., Natchez, Miss.,Married,Cancer Uterine,Domestic,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 28, 1918,Dec 28, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jan 1, 1919,

Haines,Martha,15,F,C,Natchez,Single,Peri Nyhintis,Housework,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 12, 1911,Jan 14, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Haley,Ernis,5 mon,M,C,#707 Cemetery St.,Single,Jaundice,Non,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 2, 1920,Apr 3, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Halice,Bettie,27,F,C,State at Large,Married,Pycle. Nephritis,Farm,N. C.,Natchez Hospital,May 31, 1910,Jun 1, 1910,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Hall,A. J., Dr.,78,M,W,#709 Main St, City,Widower,Oedema Lungs,Retired Physician,Anderson Co. S. C.,#709 Main St., City,Oct 21, 1917,Oct 23, 1917,J. M. May, M.D.,Nov 7, 1917,

Hall,Adeline,98,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Senility,Retired,Virginia,8 Abbott St.,Dec 6, 1911,Dec 8, 1911,Robt. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Hall,Celia,74,F,C,706 Madison St.,Widow,Lobar Pneumonia,Domestic,Mississippi,706 Madison St.,Mar 28, 1915,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Apr 7, 1915,

Hall,Cordelia,78 y 5 m,F,C,Concord Ave,Married,Mitral Aortic disease heart,Domestic,Natchez,Natchez,May 10, 1913,May 12, 1913,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Hall,Eugene,24,M,C,Natchez,Single,Consumption,Porter,Bevley,Natchez,May 3, 1910,May 5, 1910,Robt Mackel,,

Hall,Geo.,38,M,C,Ferriday, La.,Single,Mitral Reg.,Farm,La.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 18, 1911,Jan 19, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Hall,Junnes,29,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Tuberculosis,Farming,Miss.,Natchez,Nov 5, 1920,Nov 6, 1920,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Hall,Katie,11,F,C,16 Simmons St.,Single,Tuberculosis Pneumonalis,None,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,May 26, 1920,Jun 1, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Hall,Letty,60,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Paraylisis,Invalid,Jefferson Co.,609 S. Canal,Jan 23, 1912,Jan 25, 1912,Robt. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Hall,Mamie Elizabeth,2 mon,F,C,603 S. Canal St.,Single,Not Known,None,Adams Co.,Natchez,Feb 20, 1913,Feb 20, 1913,Robt. Mackel Jr., Undertaker,,

Hall,Maria,29,F,C,Natchez,Single,Tuberculosis,Washing,Adams Co.,Natchez,Jan 16, 1911,Jan 17, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Hall,Mary Jane,42,F,C,Natchez,Single,Carcinoma uteri,House servant,Natchez,8 N. Wall St.,Sep 2, 1911,Sep 4, 1911,J. B. Banks, M.D,,

Hall,Mary Louisa,74,F,C,#8 N. Wall St.,Widow,Valvular Disease of Heart,Domestic,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 11, 1918,Oct 11, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Oct 16, 1918,

Hall,Nathian,5 mos,M,C,Natchez,Single,Fevers,,Natchez,714 N. Pine St.,Nov 3, 1910,Nov 4, 1910,R. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Hall,Sarah,38,F,C,705 Cemetery St.,Widow,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Cooking,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 29, 1919,Oct 30, 1919,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Hall,Thomas J.,82,M,W,300 N. Pearl St., City,Widower,Senility,None,Ohio,300 N. Pearl St., City,Mar 24, 1919,Mar 24, 1919,E. B. French, M.D.,,

Halley,Robt.,35,M,W,Bunkley, Miss.,Married,Gunshot wd. spine,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 7, 1911,Jan 7, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Halloman,Cary,58,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Basilar Meningitis,Merchant,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 2, 1911,Mar 2, 1911,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Halloman,Sallie R., Mrs.,52,F,W,#115 S. Pine St., City,Widow,Odema Lungs, Chronic Nephritis,At Home,Catahoula Parish, La.,Her residence, City,Oct 14, 1913,Oct 15, 1913,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Hamilion,Housan,63,M,C,Fayette, Miss,Single,Mitral Reg.,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Apr 26, 1910,Apr 27, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Hamilton,Julia,87,F,C,Hart's Alley,Widow,Apoplexy,Seamstress,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,May 2, 1912,May 3, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Hamilton,Thos.,43,M,C,#29 N. Wall St.,Married,Mitral Insufficency,Laborer,Natchez,Natchez,Feb 15, 1912,Feb 15, 1912,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Hammack,Ann Erlizabeth, Mrs.,78,F,W,#602 S. Canal St, City,Married,Gall Stone Colic,Housewife,Alexander, Virginia,Residence, City,May 25, 1913,May 25, 1913,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Hammack,John H.,86 y, 3 dy,M,W,602 S. Canal,Widower,Chronic Nephritis,Machinist,Alexandra, Va.,602 S. Canal St.,Jun 14, 1916,Jun 14, 1916,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jun 21, 1916,

Hamond,Mattie,2 dy,F,C,323 N. Pine St.,Single,Prematurity,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 18, 1917,Nov 19, 1917,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 21, 1917,

Hampliton,Lavenia,67,F,C,Natchez,Widower,Pneumonia,Cook,Pine Ridge,35 Silver St.,Dec 1, 1910,Dec 2, 1910,Mackel, Undertaker,,

Haralson,Betrand,60,M,W,St. Francisville, La.,Married,Cardio Vascular Renal Desease,Planter,Baton Rouge, La.,520 S. Canal St., City,Jul 31, 1920,Aug 1, 1920,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Haralson,Francis T., Mrs.,82,F,W,520 S. Canal St.,Widow,Val. Heart Disease,Retired,Baton Rouge, La.,#520 S. Canal St.,Oct 20, 1910,Oct 20, 1910,J. C. French, M.D.,,

Hardin,Francis,79,F,C,707 Madison St.,Married,Diabetic Mellitis,Domestic,Virginia,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 31, 1913,Jan 31, 1913,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Hardin,Mamie Ruth,23, 8, 17,F,C,#31 Claiborn St.,Married,Pul. T. B.,Teacher,Miss.,Natchez,Apr 10, 1916,Apr 11, 1916,L. D. Laudley, M.D.,Apr 19, 1916,

Hardy,Mack Gilbert,62,M,C,Concorde Ave,Married,Artero Sclerosis,Laborer,North Carolina,Natchez,Jan 4, 1912,Jan 9, 1912,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Hardy,Maggie T., Mrs.,42,F,W,427 Broadway, City,Married,Carcinoma of Stomach,Housewife,Ft. Adams, Miss.,427 N. Broadway,Jul 1, 1919,Jul 2, 1919,E. B. French, M.D.,,

Harrigill,William,48,M,W,Arlington Ave & Main St.,Married,Valv. disease of heart,Saw Mill Hand,Mississippi,Arlington Ave & Main St.,Mar 24, 1919,Mar 26, 1919,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Harrington,Allen C.,29,M,W,Ft. Scott, Kansas,Married,Shock & Hemmorhage,Butcher,Springfield, Mo.,Natchez Sanatorium,Nov 12, 1921,Nov 19, 1921,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,Non-Resident

Harris,Ann,70,F,C,Natchez,Single,Dropsy,Laundress,,Silver,Aug 2, 1910,Aug 3, 1910,R. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Harris,Anthony, Jr.,39,M,C,Canal St. 636,Married,Pulmonary Hemmorhage,Laborer,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 13, 1913,Mar 14, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Harris,Baby,0,,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Still Born,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 19, 1916,Apr 20, 1916,Lizzie Robertson,May 3, 1916,

Harris,Cato,49,M,C,#2 Grant St.,Married,Nephritis,Plaster,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 7, 1920,Oct 9, 1920,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Harris,Clory,28,F,C,717 Cemetery St.,Married,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Domestic,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 15, 1914,Jan 16, 1914,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Harris,Denelas,6, 3, 16,M,C,Offerals Alley,Single,Skull crushed, Auto Accident,None,Miss.,Natchez,Mar 16, 1916,Mar 16, 1916,Wilber Dawson, Coroner,Apr 5, 1916,

Harris,Duncan, Jr.,20,M,C,201 St. Catherine,Single,Broncho pneumonia,Horseler,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 10, 1921,Feb 10, 1921,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Harris,Freddie,22,M,C,Memphis, Tenn.,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Deck Hand,Church Hill, Miss.,18 New St.,Mar 6, 1916,Mar 8, 1916,P. Beekman, M.D.,Mar 15, 1916,

Harris,Henry,0,M,C,624 S. Canal,Single,Born before time,None,Natchez,Natchez,Apr 19, 1916,Apr 20, 1916,Maggie Harris,May 3, 1916,M. H. Hutton, Undertaker

Harris,Hester Ann,96,F,C,323 Market St.,Widow,Basaler Lobar Pneumonia,House work,Miss.,Natchez,Feb 4, 1917,Feb 5, 1917,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Feb 7, 1917,

Harris,Kittie,109,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Unknown,,Virginia,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 26, 1913,Dec 26, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Harris,Richard H.,45,M,W,Sicily Island, La.,Married,Lobar Pneumonia,Planter,Louisiania,Sanitorium, Natchez, Miss.,Mar 28, 1918,Mar 28, 1918,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Apr 3, 1918,

Harris,Robert,30,M,C,Kingston, Miss.,Married,Aortic Reg.,Farmer,Adams, Co.,Natchez Hospital,May 18, 1910,May 18, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Harris,Will,58,M,C,Natchez,Single,C. Interstitial Nephritis,Laborer,Miss.,151 St. Catherine St.,Nov 16, 1918,Nov 16, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Dec 4, 1918,

Harris,Wm.,62,M,C,Greenville, Miss.,Married,Carcinoma,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Oct 18, 1911,Oct 18, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Hart,John Joseph,74,M,W,808 State St., Natchez, Miss.,Widower,Carcinoma Mouth,BookKeeper,Ireland,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 9, 1911,Oct 9, 1911,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Haskins,Silaus,53,M,C,Natchez,Married,Pulmonary Hemmorhage,Carpenter,Kingston, Miss.,Natchez Brick Yard,Jan 23, 1911,Jan 25, 1911,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Hastings,Eliza H., Mrs.,65,F,W,N. Rankin St.,Married,Senility,Housewife,,N. Rankin St.,Nov 18, 1910,Nov 28, 1910,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,,

Hastings,Sarah, Miss,77,F,W,608 N. Rankin, City,Single,Pulnonary Tuberculosis,At Home,Woodville, Miss.,608 N. Rankin, City,Oct 26, 1918,Oct 26, 1918,A. J. Foster,Nov 6, 1918,No physician in attendence

Hatch,Will,33,M,C,Utica, Miss,Married,Carcoma of Colon,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Apr 4, 1912,Apr 5, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Hathcox,William T.,29 y, 4 mo,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Masmia,Farmer,Natchez, Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,May 3, 1917,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,May 16, 1917,

Haupt,Max,66,M,W,#305 N. Commerce St.,Married,,Watch Maker,Newrenburg, Germany,Franklin St., City,Nov 11, 1911,Nov 13, 1911,J. C. French, M.D. City Health Officer,,Fell dead. Supposed Heart Disease

Havard,Allie Ford, Mrs.,31,F,W,Knoxville, Miss.,Married,Lobar Pneumonia,Housewife,Franklin Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 23, 1918,Jan 24, 1918,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Feb 6, 1918,

Hawkins,Addie,25,F,C,134 Oak St.,Single,Autero Lateral Sclerosis of Spinal Cord.,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Aug 22, 1915,Aug 23, 1915,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Sep 1, 1915,

Hayden,Chas.,60,W,C,Adams Co.,Married,Tuberculosis,Farmer,Adams Co.,46 Homochitto St.,Jan 21, 1912,Jan 22, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Hayes,Lucille,6 mon,F,C,Dark Alley,Single,Ileo-Colitis,None,Natchez,Natchez,Mar 31, 1921,Mar 31, 1921,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Hayes,Thelma,2,F,C,410 S. Pearl St.,Single,Fract. skull due to automobile accdt.,Infant,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 29, 1920,Dec 31, 1920,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Haynes,Jenna, Baby of,9 dy,M,C,204 St. Catherine,Single,,,Natchez, Miss.,204 St. Catherine St., Natchez,Dec 8, 1915,Dec 10, 1915,Joanna Washington,Dec 15, 1915,M. H. Hutton, Undertaker

Hays,Lula,14,F,C,Welhelm, La.,Single,Pneumonia,Farm,La.,Hospital,May 3, 1912,May 4, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Hayward,Ellen,98,F,C,688 N. Union St.,Widow,No Physician, Unknown,None,Miss.,Natchez,Dec 20, 1918,Dec 20, 1918,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,Jan 1, 1919,

Haze,Mary Ruth,3,F,C,707 Cemetery St.,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,None,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 11, 1918,Nov 12, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Nov 20, 1918,

Headley,Frank Lewis, Jr.,4 mon,M,W,Port Gibson, Miss.,Single,Marasmus,,Port Gibson, Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,May 31, 1917,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jun 6, 1917,

Heane ???,F., Mrs.,54,F,W,N. Rankin St., City,Married,Lobar Pneumonia,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Mar 9, 1912,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Hence,Burtron,1 yr,M,C,Natchez,Single,Fever,,Churchill,7 Burnes St,Jul 31, 1910,Aug 1, 1910,R. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Hence,Dan,33,M,C,28 Beaumont St., City,Married,Meningitis,Brakman, M C R.R.,Miss.,28 Bearmont St.,Jul 30, 1910,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Henderson,Bella,40,F,C,22 Aldrich St.,Married,Carcinoma Brest,Field Hand,Miss.,Natchez,Dec 21, 1916,Dec 22, 1916,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jan 3, 1917,per: K. M. Smith

Henderson,Ellen,74,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,La Grippe,None,Maryland,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 23, 1918,Mar 1, 1918,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Mar 6, 1918,per R.D.M., Jr.

Henderson,James,,M,C,Natchez,Single,Consumption,Cook,Natchez,11 Quitman Laine,Nov 13, 1911,Nov 14, 1911,Robt. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Henderson,John W.,84,M,W,64 Homochitto St.,Married,Embolic Thrombosis,Minister,Natchez,Natchez,Aug 18, 1916,Aug 19, 1916,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,Sep 6. 1916,

Henderson,Lucile,45,F,C,Miss.,Single,Mitral Reg.,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Mar 8, 1910,Mar 9, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Henderson,Mariah,39,F,C,704 Bluff St.,Widow,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Farming,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 4, 1920,Aug 5, 1920,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Henderson,Martha,40,F,C,Forest, La.,Married,Tetanus,Field Hand,La.,Dumas Sanatorium, Natchez, Miss.,Jun 26, 1919,Jun 27, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Henderson,Nancy,30,F,C,Natchez,Single,Pulmonary Hemmorhage,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez,Dec 11, 1918,Dec 12, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Dec 18, 1918,

Henderson,Peggy,70,F,C,Natchez,Married,Cancer,,Bingmon,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 20, 1910,Apr 21, 1910,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Henderson,Susan,75,F,C,#304 Pine St.,Widow,Heart Dis.,Laborer,Richmond, Virginia,Natchez,Mar 28, 1912,Mar 28, 1912,L. L. Winston, Undertaker,,

Hendrick,Bertie,34,F,W,Martin, Miss.,Married,Septicimia,Housewife,,Chamberlin Sanatorium, Natchez,May 7, 1910,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Henry,Fannie Alice, Mrs.,50,F,W,Cor. Cemetery & Oak Sts.,Married,Dysentery,Housewife,Evansville, Ind.,Cor. Cemetery & Oak Sts.,Jul 19, 1918,Jul 22, 1918,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Aug 17, 1918,

Henry,Jennette,17,F,W,Cor. Cemetery & Oak Sts.,Single,Parenchymatous Nephritis,School Girl,Natchez, Miss.,Cor. Cemetery & Oak Sts.,Jul 25, 1920,Jul 25, 1920,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Hensley,Epram,65,M,W,Kingston,Single,Fracture of left ribs,Farmer,W. Va.,Hospital,Apr 23, 1912,Apr 24, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Herlong,Myra T., Mrs.,48,F,W,S. Rankin St., City,Widow,Cerebral hemmorhage,Housewife,Jefferson Co., Miss.,S. Rankin St., City,May 17, 1921,May 18, 1921,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Heslin,Thomas, Rt. Rev., D.D.,63,M,W,S. Union St.,Single,Chronic Nephritis,Bishop of Miss.,Ireland,S. Union St.,Feb 22, 1911,Feb 23, 1911,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Hess,Charles P., Jr.,3 yr 4 mon,M,W,State St., Natchez, Miss.,Single,Laryngitis, Capillary bronchitis,,Natchez, Miss.,State st., Natchez, Miss.,Feb 27, 1911,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Hess,Phillip,51,M,W,303 N. Pearl St.,Married,Parenchymatous Nephritis,Butcher,Germany,303 N. Pearl St.,Aug 7, 1911,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Hester,Abraham,68,M,W,Concordia Parish, La.,Married,Pulmonary Odema,Planter,Gretna, La.,#7 Devereux Dr.,Jan 7, 1911,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Hggitte,Margret,65,F,C,Fords Plantation,Married,Heart Failure,Farming,Franklin Co.,So. Wall,Apr 25, 1912,Apr 25, 1912,Robt. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Hicks,Henry,37,M,C,#2 Madison St.,Married,Tuberculosis,Laborer,Washington, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 8, 1911,Apr 10, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Higdon,Jesse D.,28,M,W,Wesson, Miss.,Single,Burns, 3rd degree, face & neck,see comments,Mississippi,Natchez Sanatorium,May 15, 1920,May 15, 1920,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,Occupation: Foreman, Road Construction

Hines,Minnie,33,F,C,Gloster, Miss.,Married,Pellegera,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Aug 7, 1910,Aug 8, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Hockson,Ellen Eliza,2, 9 mo,F,C,607 Madison St.,Single,Septic Encephalitis in eye infection,None,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 27, 1919,Mar 27, 1919,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Hoggatt,Ben,48,M,C,#110 High St.,Single,Carcinoma Stomach,Carpenter,Natchez,Natchez,Nov 24, 1916,Nov 24, 1916,P. Beekman, M.D.,Dec 6, 1916,

Hoggatt,Julia,45,F,C,St. Catherine St.,Single,Tuberculosis,Semertis,Natchez,Natchez,Nov 24, 1911,Nov 25, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Hoggatt,L. P.,63,F,C,Natchez,Married,Cerebral Haemorrhage,House Wife,Natchez,306 N. Canal,Feb 7, 1911,Feb 9, 1911,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Hoggatt,William,45, 5, 8,M,C,306 N. Canal St.,Single,Duodenal Ulcer Perforation,Blacksmith,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 1, 1918,Jun 3, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jun 5, 1918,

Hoggatt,William,94,M,C,Natchez,Widower,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Black Smith,Adams Co., Miss.,306 N. Canal,Jul 20, 1917,Jul 21, 1917,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Aug 1, 1917,

Hoggitte,Albert,3 wks,M,C,Natchez,Single,Immertured Birth,Infant,Natchez,20 Concord Ave,Feb 9, 1912,Feb 10, 1912,Robt. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Holden,Cade L.,86,M,W,667 N. Union, City,Married,Arterio Sclerosis,Retired Merchant,Miss.,667 N. Union,Oct 10, 1921,Oct 12, 1921,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,,

Holloway,Caroline,25,F,C,Lake Providence, La.,Married,Paralysis,Housewife,La.,Hospital,Sep 26, 1911,Sep 26, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Holmes,Baby,2 hrs,M,C,27 Minor St.,Single,,,Natchez,Natchez,Jun 28, 1917,Jun 28, 1917,Polly Dycen,Jul 4, 1917,

Holmes,Ben,65,M,C,Jenette, Miss,Single,Hemoplegia,,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Oct 11, 1910,Oct 11, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Holmes,Carrie E., Mrs.,60,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Pul. Tuberculsis,Housewife,Wilkerson Co.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 23, 1915,Jul 23, 1915,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Aug 4, 1915,

Holmes,Doris Lillian,17,F,C,#706 Bluff St.,Single,Potts Disease,Domestic,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 8, 1920,Jul 8, 1920,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Holmes,Elegie,70,M,C,Sibley, Miss.,Married,Mitral Reg.,Farmer,Natchez,Hospital,Apr 14, 1911,Apr 14, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Holmes,Henry E.,81,M,W,513 "B",Married,Valv. Dis of Heart,Cabinet Maker,Loundon, England,513 "B" St., Natchez,Jul 18, 1913,Jul 18, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Holmes,Josephine,65,F,C,Natchez,Married,Entero Colitis,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez,May 14, 1913,May 14, 1913,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Holmes,Mary,85, about,F,C,84 St. Catherine, Natchez,Widow,Acute dysentery,None,Richmond, Va.,Natchez, Miss.,May 10, 1910,May 18, 1910,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Holmes,Rachall,50,F,C,306 N. Canal St.,Single,Pellagra,Seamstris,Miss.,Natchez,Feb 22, 1921,Feb 23, 1921,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Holmes,Simon,22,M,C,636 S. Canal St.,Single,Unknown,Steamboat Man,Adams Co.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 18, 1921,Dec 18, 1921,Alberta Harmon,,

Holmes,Willard,5,F,W,Fenwick, Miss.,Single,Laryngeal Diptheria,None,Roxie,301 Franklin St.,Oct 20, 1921,Oct 20, 1921,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Homes,Baby,24 hrs,M,C,33 Cleburne St.,Single,Prematurity,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 13, 1918,Aug 13, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Aug 21, 1918,

Homewood,James,80,M,C,#3 Henderson St.,Widower,,Farmer,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 17, 1915,Aug 18, 1915,Natchez Cold. Und. Co.,,

Homewood,James,80,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widower,Unknown, No M.D.,Farmer,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 17, 1915,Aug 18, 1915,Annie Blue, Informant,Sep 1, 1915,

Hooker,Louis,16,M,C,Vito, Miss.,Single,Abscess brain,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Mar 28, 1910,Mar 31, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Hope,Baby,6 mon,F,W,#4 Briel Ave,Single,Pertusis, Lobular Pneumonia,,#4 Briel Ave,#4 Briel Ave.,Apr 9, 1910,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Hopkins,Alfred,52,M,C,Railroad Alley,Married,Valvular Disease of the heart,Brick Mason,State of Carolina,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 13, 1920,Jan 13, 1920,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Hopkins,Ed.,70,M,W,Mrs. Fields, N. Pine,Widower,Pulmonary T. B.,Harness Maker,,N. Pine,May 31, 1910,May 31, 1910,W. T. Jones, M.D.,,Died in country, outside city limits

Hopkins,J. A.,31,M,W,Ferriday, La.,Widower,Septic Pertionitis,Barber,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 24, 1910,Oct 25, 1910,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Hornsby,Leonard M.,27,M,W,Wildsville, La.,Married,Gangrene of foot,Saw Mill Mechanic,Concordia Ph., La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Nov 27, 1919,Nov 28, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Hornsby,Nelladene Beard,13mos,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Baby,Meningitis,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,May 22, 1910,May 24, 1910,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

House,Clara,21,F,C,Vidalia, La.,Married,Typhoid Fever,Farmer,La.,Natchez Hospital,Jun 23, 1910,Jun 23, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

House,Sylvania Fox, Mrs.,79,F,W,615 N. Pine St., City,Widow,Paretic Dementia,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,615 N. Pine St., City,Jun 14, 1921,Jun 19, 1921,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Howard,Abbie,,F,C,628 N. Pine St.,Widow,Acute Indigestion,Seamstriss,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 24, 1910,Aug 24, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Howard,Allice,34,F,C,West Madison St.,Single,Malaria,Domestic,Adams County,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 31, 1913,Mar 31, 1913,L. L. Winston, Undertaker,,

Howard,Marshall,73,M,C,505 N. Canal St.,Married,Brights Disease,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez,Feb 5, 1917,Feb 6, 1917,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,Feb 7, 1917,

Howard,Nellie,20,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Tuberculosis,House Wife,Natchez,628 N. Pine St.,Jan 22, 1911,Jan 23, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Howard,Pat,61,M,C,Giles Plantation,Widower,Chronic Interestial Nephritis,Farmer,Miss.,Miss.,Nov 17, 1920,Nov 18, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Howard,Patsy,70,F,C,29 Beaumont St.,Widow,Pellagra,Cook,Pine Ridge, Miss.,Natchez,May 1, 1916,May 2, 1916,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,May 3, 1916,

Howard,William,30,M,C,628 N. Pine St.,Married,Acute Tuberculosis,Painter,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 17, 1910,Aug 17, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Howe,Albert L.,64,M,W,505 Oak St., City,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Book Keeper,Natchez, Miss.,505 Oak St., City,Nov 18, 1918,Nov 26, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Dec 4, 1918,

Howington,A. I., Mrs.,53,F,W,Winsboro, La.,Married,Septic Pertonitis,Housewife,Louisiania,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Oct 8, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Oct 18, 1916,

Hubbard,Albert,65,M,C,508 1/2 N. Union St.,Married,Senility,Farmer,Miss.,Natchez,Nov 7, 1918,Nov 7, 1918,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,Nov 20, 1918,

Hubbart,Rube,75,M,C,Adams Co., Miss.,Widower,Uraemia,Farmer,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 23, 1918,Jun 24, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jul 3, 1918,

Hudson,Feltus,18,M,C,142 E. Oak St.,Married,Lobar Pneumonia following Influenza,Laborer,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 24, 1920,Mar 25, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Hudson,Henry,30,M,C,Carie, Miss.,Single,Nephritis,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Nov 3, 1910,Nov 3, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Hudson,Preal Claughton, Mrs.,28,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Diabetes,,Franklin Co.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 22, 1912,Apr 22, 1912,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Huffman,Susan,50,F,C,Lamarque, La.,Widow,Cystitus,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Apr 13, 1912,Apr 13, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Huges,Henry,45,M,C,Churchill, Miss,Married,Tabes Dorsalis,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Nov 28, 1910,Nov 29, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Huggins,Harriet,65,F,C,Harraston, Miss.,Widow,Mitral Reg.,None,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 8, 1911,Jan 9, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Hugh,Brother,18 y, 6 mo,M,W,Mobile, Ala.,Single,T. B.'s - Lung & Larynx,Brother Sacred Heart,Ft. Adams, Miss.,505 N. Pine St., City,Jan 30, 1919,Jan 31, 1919,E. B. French, M.D.,,see entry for Sidney E. Stutzman

Hughes,Ananson Rembert,17,M,C,309 S. Union St.Natchez, Miss.,Single,Haemaptiysis,School,Natchez, Miss.,309 S. Union St.,Jun 26, 1913,Jun 27, 1913,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Hughes,Joshua,45,M,C,S. Union St.,Widower,Chronic Nephritis,Dentist,Natchez, Miss.,S. Union St.,Jul 3, 1913,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Humphreys,Sam L.,39,M,W,Red Lick, Miss.,Married,Gunshot wound of abdomen,Fisherman,Jefferson Co. Miss.,308 Franklin St, City,Jul 22, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Hunt,Baby,0,F,C,Pine Ridge Road,Single,Premature,,Adams Co.,Adams Co.,Aug 3, 1920,Aug 5, 1920,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Hunt,Dunbar, Mrs.,73,F,W,Rodney, Miss., South Side,Married,Chronic Nephritis,Housewife,Maryland,Natchez Sanatorium,Sep 26, 1916,Sep 26, 1916,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,Oct 4, 1916,

Hunt,Levi,72,M,C,#44 N. Commerce St.,Widower,Bronchitis,None,Miss.,Natchez,Dec 3, 1915,Dec 3, 1915,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Dec 15, 1915,

Hunter,C. R., Rev.,67,M,C,Natchez, 115 Rankin,Widower,Nephritis,Minister,Ala.,115 Rankin St.,Aug 9, 1910,Aug 11, 1910,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Hunter,Forrest H., Jr.,0,M,C,43 Homochitto,Single,Still born,None,Natchez,Natchez,Jan 30, 1921,Jan 31, 1921,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Hunter,Henry E.,58,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Cerebral Embolus,Butcher,Natchez, Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Sep 23, 1915,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Oct 6, 1915,

Huston,Neettie,52,F,C,Dumas St.,Widow,Nephritis,Domestic,State of Miss.,Natchez,Dec 2, 1915,Dec 2, 1915,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Dec 15, 1915,

Hutchins,Patsy,42,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Septicaemia,Housewife,Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Jun 19, 1915,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jul 7, 1915,

Hyman,Laura,22,F,C,Terry, Rankin Co., Miss,Married,Pul. T.B.,Housewife,Natchez,Hospital,Apr 29, 1911,Apr 30, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Hynes,Isabella,54,F,C,12 St. Catherine St.,Widow,Influenza,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Nov 8, 1918,Nov 8, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Nov 20, 1918,

Hynes,Sim,21,M,C,Ravenhood, La.,Single,Pemphigus Malignus,Farmer,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 31, 1910,Jan 31, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.

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