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(Continued) Death Certificates 1910 - 1921

Adams County, Mississippi


NOTE: This document appears on Adams County, MS with the permission of the authors, Bob & Sarah Shumway. Researchers are invited to read/search the document for specific facts relative to individual research, but no part of the document may be reproduced in any format, electronically or otherwise.

Information to be found on (most) records, in order of appearance:

Name, Age, Sex, Color, Residence, Marital Status, Cause of Death, Occupation, Birthplace, Place of Death, Date of Death, Date Certificate Returned, Reported By, Date Reported, Comments.


Nailer,Harry Lee,3 yr,M,C,Fayette, Miss.,Single,Pulmonary Odema following fractured skull,None,Fayette, Miss,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 18, 1917,Apr 18, 1917,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,May 2, 1917,per A. H. Smith

Nailor,Francis,65,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Domestic,Virginia,48 Brenham Ave.,Oct 12, 1918,Oct 13, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Oct 16, 1918,

Napoleon,Julia,29,F,C,Ferriday, La.,Single,Pelagra,Cook,Ferriday, La.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 15, 1911,Jul 15, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

NcNair,Lindsay,16,M,C,Meadville,Single,Mitral Regurgitation,Farmer,Union Church, Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 28, 1912,Jan 28, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Neal,Bettie,22,F,C,Natchez,Married,Palagra,Farmer,Natchez,Hospital,Aug 3, 1911,Aug 3, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Neal,Clara,6,F,W,Roxie, Miss.,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,None,Roxie, Miss.,Chamberlins Sanatorium,Nov 21, 1911,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Neal,Jeremiah,81,M,W,Cor. Green & S. Canal Sts.,Widower,Chronic Nephritis,Not Employed,Lincoln Co., Miss.,Cr. Green & S. Canal Sts., City,Feb 15, 1919,Feb 16, 1919,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Neely,Frances Mae,1 yr, 4 mo,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Basilar Meningitis,None,Adams Co., Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Jan 5, 1917,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jan 17, 1917,

Nelson,Baby,0,M,C,Stiers Lane,,,premature,,Stiers Lane, Natchez, Miss.,Jun 23, 1914,Jun 23, 1914,Jane Nelson, Pollie Dicen,Jul 1, 1914,

Nelson,Ellen G., Mrs.,73,F,W,City,Widow,Cardio Renal Disease,At Home,New Orleans, La.,City,Nov 24, 1918,Nov 26, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Dec 4, 1918,

Nelson,Leon,4,M,C,#12 Deveraux St.,Single,Sarcoma of Liver,,Natchez, Miss.,#12 Deveraux St.,Apr 14, 1914,Apr 15, 1914,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Nelson,Mary,84,F,C,Gofney - Ala - Adams co,Widow,old age,,Ceter Grove Plan.,Natchez,Oct 16, 1910,Oct 17, 1910,Mackel, Undertaker,,

Nelson,Mindenhall,29,M,C,Rankin St,Single,Consumption,Laborer,Natchez,Natchez,Mar 20, 1910,Mar 20, 1910,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Nelson,Prince,85,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widower,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Laborer,Arkansas,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 8, 1918,Dec 9, 1918,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Dec 18, 1918,

Netter,Earl,0,M,C,7 S. Wall St.,Single,Premature,None,Natchez,Natchez,Jan 1, 1918,Jan 4, 1918,Rogest Netter,Jan 16, 1918,

Netterville,W. B.,42,M,W,Adams Co.,Married,Gangerous Appendicitis,Planter,Wilkinson Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,May 15, 1916,May 15, 1916,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,May 17, 1916,

Nettles,Abigale, Mrs.,31,F,W,Abum., Miss,Married,Acute Porch. Nyh. & Pancea Neph.,Housekeeper,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Mar 24, 1910,Mar 27, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Nettles,Baby,0,M,W,Hospital,Single,Still Born,,Hospital,Hospital,Aug 12, 1911,Aug 13, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Nettles,Mary J., Mrs.,46,F,W,638 N. Pine,Married,Pneumonia,Housekeeper,Miss.,638 N. Pine,Feb 6, 1910,Feb 6, 1910,J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Neuburger,Anselem,73,M,W,Washington, D.C.,Married,Septic Peritonitis,Clerk Gov't Dep't,Bavaria Germany,511 High St., City,Aug 13, 1917,Aug 13, 1917,P. Beekman, M.D.,Aug 15, 1917,

Nevells,M. W.,71,M,W,Wesson, Miss.,Married,Arterio Sclerosis,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Aug 10, 1911,Aug 11, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

New,Jeannette, Miss,85,F,W,916 Main St., City,Single,Diabetes Meltitus,At Home,Germany,916 Main St., City,Oct 19, 1921,Oct 20, 1921,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Newman,James C.,3 mon,,C,City,Single,consumption,,city,,Jun 16, 1910,Jun 17, 1910,Mackel, undertaker,,

Nichells,Willis,40,M,C,Washington St.,Single,Syphilis of nervous system,None,Rodney, Miss.,Natchez,Oct 31, 1915,Nov 1, 1915,Henry Williams,Nov 3, 1915,

Nicholas,Sarah,73,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Unknown, No Physician,None,Kentucky,Lincoln Ave.,Sep 5, 1916,Sep 6, 1916,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,Sep 20, 1916,

Nichols,Beatrice,40,F,C,Clarksdale, Miss.,Single,Result of operation for uterine fiberoid,At Home,Lake Providence, La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Oct 7, 1920,Oct 7, 1920,E. B. French, M.D.,,E. B. French, M.D. was reporting for Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.

Nichols,Debora,72,M,C,N. Commerce St.,Married,Chronic Intestitial Nephritis,Carpenter,,Natchez,Aug 21, 1914,Aug 21, 1914,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Nichols,Hattie Mrs.,75,F,W,658 N. Union St., City,Widow,Acute Peritonitis,At Home,Yazoo Co., Miss.,658 N. Union St., City,Sep 22, 1918,Sep 23, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Oct 2, 1918,

Nichols,Luiser,60, above,F,C,Concord Ave,Widow,Aortic Stenosis,,,Concord Ave.,Apr 13, 1910,,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Nicholson,Agnes,14,F,C,Commerce St,Single,Malarial Fever,,Natchez,Natchez,Aug 25, 1911,Aug 25, 1911,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Nicholson,Russel,18,M,C,126 N. Commerce St.,Single,Tuburculosis,Labor,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 6, 1911,Jul 6, 1911,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Noble,John W., Jr.,13,M,W,Fayette, Miss.,Single,Compound Comminuted Fracture Rt. Thigh and Arm,School Boy,Fayette, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 17, 1921,Sep 18, 1921,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Norman,Henry C., Sr.,62 yr 8 mo,M,W,506 Washington St., City,Married,Chronic Interstitial Inflamation,Photographer,Newman, Georgia,His Residence, City,Jul 3, 1913,Jul 4, 1913,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Not Known,,0,M,C,630 S. Canal St., Natchez,Single,Still Born,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 14, 1916,Aug 15, 1916,Joe Harris,Aug 16, 1916,No Physician, Cause Unknown. M. H. Hutton, Undertaker

Nusom,W. W.,47,M,W,S. Wall St., City,Married,Acute cardiac Dilatition & Pneumonia,Engineer,Lincoln Co. Miss.,S. Wall St., City,Sep 18, 1911,Sep 19, 1911,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

O'Brian,Katerine, Mrs.,79,F,W,3 Rankin St,Widow,Valvular Heart Disease,Retired,Ireland,S. Rankin St.,Jan 9, 1911,Jan 9, 1911,J. C. French M.D.,,

O'Conley,Louise A., Miss,69,F,W,809 Main St., City,Single,Mitral Heart Lesion,At Home,New Orleans, La.,Her Residence, City,Mar 31, 1915,Apr 1, 1915,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,Apr 7, 1915,

O'Donald,Mary,29,F,C,#6 Phaylen Alley,Married,Pellagra,House Work,Jefferson County,Natchez,Nov 12, 1916,Nov 13, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 15, 1916,

O'Neal,Hattie,32,F,C,Silver St.,Married,Typhoid Fever,House Work,Miss.,Silver St.,Feb 23, 1918,Feb 23, 1918,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Mar 6, 1918,

O'Neal,Violet,24,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Tubercular Meningitis,Cooking & Farming,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 11, 1914,Nov 11, 1914,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Nov 18, 1914,

O'Neill,B. J.,71,M,W,Extension N. Commerce St.,Married,Chronic Nephritis,Not Employed,City,Residence, City,Feb 27, 1920,Mar 1 1920,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Oakley,Erastus,32,M,W,Knoxville, Miss.,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,Timberman,Knoxville, Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Jul 8, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jul 19, 1916,

Oates,Eloin,0,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Premature birth,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 21, 1921,Sep 21, 1921,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Oats,Baby,0,M,C,37 Woodlawn Ave.,Single,Premature,,Natchez,Natchez,Jan 14, 1921,Jan 15, 1921,Willie Oats,,

Oats,James,14 dy,M,C,#20 N. Wall St.,,Unknown, No Physician,Non,Natchez, Miss.,#20 N. Wall St.,Dec 14, 1920,Dec 14, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Oats,John,65,M,C,507 N. Union St.,Widower,Chronic Nephritis,Carpenter,Miss.,Natchez,Jan 20, 1916,Jan 21, 1916,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Feb 2, 1916,

Oats,Louisa,0,F,C,North Pine St.,,Premature Birth,,Natchez,Natchez,Feb 28, 1917,,Mrs. H. C. Houston,Mar 7, 1917,

Oats,Martha,19 dy,F,C,#20 N. Wall St.,Single,Unknown, No Physician,Non,Natchez, Miss.,#20 N. Wall St.,Dec 19, 1920,Dec 20, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Odem,Charles H.,70,M,W,710 N. Pearl St., City,Married,Acute Dilatition of Heart,Retail Grocer,Texas,710 N. Pearl St., City,Nov 24, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Dec 6, 1916,

Odis,Vernon,29,M,C,Prentess, Miss.,Married,Apendicitus,Farmer,Natchez,Hospital,Jul 27, 1911,Jul 28, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Oliver,Cornelius L.,62 y 10 m,M,W,Duncan Park, City,Married,Aortic Regur.,Park Keeper,Lincoln Co., Miss,Duncan Park, City,Mar 21, 1913,Mar 22, 1913,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Osborn,James,26,M,W,Eudora, Ark,Married,Intestinal Obst.,Timber Man,Miss.,Hospital,May 3, 1911,May 3, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Oselem,Sarah,40,F,C,#2 Wood St.,Married,Oedema Pulmonary Due Carcinoma disp.,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 29, 1920,Mar 29, 1920,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Oswald,David Alexander,72,M,W,#8 Rembert Ave., City,Single,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Butcher,Natchez, Miss.,#8 Rembert Ave., City,Aug 16, 1920,Aug 19, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Oswald,Fredrick,50,M,W,McComb City, Miss,Single,Cardiac Dilatition,R. R. Mechanic,Natchez, Miss.,#8 Rembert Ave, City,Oct 3, 1913,Oct 3, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Oct 15, 1913,

Oten,London,32,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Unknown,Farmer,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 8, 1914,Mar 8, 1914,Sarah Green,Mar 18, 1914,

Ovelton,Baby,4 hrs,F,C,4 Beekman Quarters,,Unknown,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 20, 1919,Oct 20, 1919,Thos. Ovelton,,

Overton,Jack,60,M,C,Wildsville, La.,Married,Nephritis,Farmer,Wildsville, La.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 21, 1918,Mar 21, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Apr 3, 1918,

Owen,Charles H.,46 yrs,M,W,5 Gilreath's Hill, City,Married,Gen. Milliary Tuberculosis,Lumber Checker,Grand Bay, Alabama,5 Gilreath Hill, City,Apr 15, 1921,Apr 18, 1921,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Owens,Agnes,23,F,C,309 Market St. Natchez,Married,Pulmoce Tuberculosis,Chambermaid,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 10, 1911,Dec 10, 1911,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Owens,Dersie,28,F,C,White Apple, Miss.,Married,General Peritonitis,Domestic,Mississippi,308 Franklin St.,Sep 21, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Owens,Isaah,37,M,C,Jackson, Miss,Single,Pulmonary T. B.,Waggon Driver,Miss.,Hospital,Mar 19, 1912,Mar 20, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Owens,Ruby,14,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Gun shot wound,,Miss.,Hospital,Feb 21, 1912,Feb 21, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Owens,Trule,45,F,C,#9 Rendel St.,Married,Dysentery,Housewife,La.,Natchez, Miss.,May 25, 1921,May 26, 1921,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Owings,Andrew Jackson Herndon,51 yrs,M,W,The Wigwam, City,Married,Uraemia,see comments,Fayette, Mo.,The Wigwam, City,Mar 22, 1921,Mar 25, 1921,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,Occupation: County Supt. Education.

Page,Lenard,28,M,C,Quitmans Lane,Married,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez,Mar 9, 1919,Mar 10, 1919,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Page,Richard,19,M,C,26 Garden St.,Single,Phthisis Pul.,Electrical Operator,Natchez,Natchez,Mar 18, 1917,Mar 19, 1917,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Mar 21, 1917,

Palmore,Isaac,50 about,M,C,Natchez,Single,Acute Nephritis,Boot Black,,Natchez,Mar 11, 1911,Mar 16, 1911,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Pardee,Robert H.,59, 4, 13,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Widower,Chronic Nephritis,Pharmacist,Natchez, Miss.,His Residence, City,Apr 19, 1917,Apr 20, 1917,E. B. French, M.D.,May 2, 1917,

Pardu,Ann Elizabeth, Mrs.,57, 9, 13,F,W,Cor. St Charles & Main,Married,Edema of Lungs,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Residence, Natchez, Miss.,May 10, 1915,May 11, 1915,E. B. French, M.D.,May 19, 1915,Death at 12 M

Parker,Baby,2 days,F,C,312 N. Pine St.,Single,Premature birth, not fully developed,,Natchez,Natchez,Oct 25, 1913,Oct 25, 1913,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Nov 5, 1913,

Parker,Bessie A., Mrs.,31,F,W,202 S. Wall St., City,Married,Pelligra,Housewife,Rapides Parish, La.,202 S. Wall St., City,Sep 11, 1919,Sep 11, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Parker,Henry,4 dys,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Unknown,Domestic,Natchez, Miss.,16 St. Catherine St.,Oct 19, 1918,Oct 19, 1918,W. H. Aikman, M.D., H.O.,Nov 6, 1918,

Parker,John W.,51,M,W,509 N. Canal St., City,Married,Chronic Nephritis,Farmer,Miss.,509 Canal St., City,Feb 11, 1919,Feb 11, 1919,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Parker,Nora,,F,C,Georges Alley,,Phthisis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Oct 26, 1921,Oct 27, 1921,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Parker,Turner,14,M,C,23 Purnell Hill,,Tuberculosis Pulmonalis,At school,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 30, 1914,Mar 30, 1914,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Apr 1, 1914,

Parker,Willie, Jr.,12 - 18 mo,M,C,#2 Grant St.,Single,Concussion of Brain,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez,Nov 19, 1916,Nov 20, 1916,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Dec 6, 1916,

Parkman,J. S., Mrs.,26,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Acute Brights,Housewife,Miss.,Hospital,Oct 18, 1911,Oct 18, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Passbach,Wilhelmia,4 yr, 5 mo,F,W,Shield Lane,Single,Meningitis,School,Natchez,Natchez,Mar 3, 1910,Mar 3, 1910,W. T. Jones, M.D.,,

Paswoy,Harriet,80,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Pneumonia,,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Feb 23, 1910,Feb 24, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Patterson,J. S., Mrs.,31,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Valvular disease heart,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 13, 1911,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Patteson,S. B.,80,M,W,Adams Co.,Widower,Artero Sclerosis,Farm,Ky.,Hospital,Feb 7, 1912,Feb 8, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Patti,Rose, Mrs.,72,F,W,47 New St., City,Widow,Grippe with terminal broncho pneumonia,At home,Ireland,47 New St, City,Dec 18, 1921,Dec 20, 1921,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Payne,Cammille,22,F,C,210 Wensel St.,Married,Pellagra,Domestic,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 1, 1919,Jul 2, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Payne,Horris,85,M,C,Popler Grove Plantation,Married,Prostitis,Farmer,Kentucky,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 25, 1920,Dec 26, 1920,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Payne,Letitia, Miss,78,F,W,115 S. Pine St., City,Single,Senility,At Home,Ireland,115 S. Pine St., City,Jul 1, 1918,Jul 13, 1918,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,Jul 17, 1918,

Payne,Stephen,45,M,C,206 S. Wall,Married,Tuberculosis complicated with pneumonia,Sexton,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 8, 1913,Dec 8, 1913,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Payne,Thomas Moore, Rev.,77,M,C,14 Claiborne St.,Married,Uraemia,Minester,Tenne.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 21, 1917,Nov 22, 1917,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Dec 5, 1917,

Peachers,Laura,24,F,C,#22 N. Wall St.,Married,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Jan 30, 1919,Jan 30, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Pearl,Howard,46,M,C,Tillman,Married,Int. Obstruction,Farmer,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 1, 1910,Jul 1, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Pearsorn,James,68,M,C,#10 Woods St.,Married,Cardiac Dropsy,Laborer,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 31, 1919,Oct 31, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Peirce,John Patrick, Rev.,62,M,W,16 Orange Ave, Natchez, Miss.,Single,Acute Nephritis,Catholic Priest,London England,Natchez Sanatorium,Mar 30, 1917,Mar 30, 1917,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,Apr 4, 1917,

Pendleton,Louise,24,F,C,Natchez,Married,Influenza,Domestic,Miss.,144 Homochitto,Nov 14, 1918,Nov 14, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 20, 1918,

Pendleton,Marshall,52,M,C,52 Minor St.,Widower,Spleno myelgen ous leukaemia,Farming,Adams Co. Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 26, 1915,Jun 26, 1915,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Jul 7, 1915,

Penn,Kate, Mrs.,56,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Miteral Reg.,Housework,,Hospital,Mar 12, 1911,Mar 16, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Peoples,Osca,26,M,C,Bastrop, La.,Married,Necrosis, Spinal Col.,Laborer,La.,Natchez Hospital,Dec 20, 1910,Dec 20, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Percy,Sidney McCoy,??,M,C,71 Gastric,Single,Infant,None,Natchez, Miss.,Unknown,Mar 29, 1921,Mar 29, 1921,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Perez,Joseph H.,67,M,W,604 N. Pearl St., City,Married,Chronic Diarrhoea,Planter,Louisiania,604 N. Pearl St., City,Sep 29, 1918,Sep 29, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Oct 2, 1918,

Perkins,Harriet,32,F,C,Wodville, Miss.,Married,Acute dilatation of stomach P.O.,Laborer,Miss.,Hospital,Oct 19, 1911,Oct 19, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Perkins,John Arthur,6,M,W,506 Washington St., Natchez,Single,Double Lobar Pneumonia,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 27, 1915,Dec 28, 1915,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jan 5, 1916,

Perkins,Margaret,87,F,C,St. Ann's Home,Single,Accidental Burn of Right Side,Domestic,,Natchez,Mar 2, 1915,Mar 3, 1915,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Mar 3, 1915,M. H. Hutton

Perkins,Richard,27,M,C,Natchez,Single,Spinal Injuries,Laborer,Woodville, Miss.,Natchez,May 3, 1911,May 4, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Perrault,Edward J.,74,M,W,516 Main St.,City,Widower,Ulcer, Stomach,see comments,Louisville, Kentucky,His Residence,Oct 24, 1914,Oct 24, 1914,McD. Watkins, M.D.,Nov 4, 1914,Occupation: Collector, Natchez Democrat

Perrault,Mary M.,67,F,W,East Main St.,Married,Mitral Reg.,Housewife,Mo.,#829 Main St,Mar 8, 1910,Mar 19, 1910,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Perrault,Vincent L.,69,M,W,407 S. Commerce St., City,Married,Mitral Heart Leison,Book Keeper,Natchez, Miss.,407 S. Commerce St., City,Feb 12, 1919,Feb 12, 1919,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Petaqua,Louis,74,M,W,S. Union St.,Married,Gout & Valvular disease Heart,None,Italy,S. Union St.,Mar 24, 1911,Mar 25, 1911,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Peters,Ellen Berniece,2, 4, ??,F,W,Kansas City, Mo.,Single,Lobular Pneumonia,None,Kansas City, Mo.,501 N. Union St., City,Jan 21, 1917,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Feb 7, 1917,

Pfeiffer,William Henry,31 y, 11 m,M,W,121 Linton Ave., City,Single,Tubucular Meningitis,Clerk,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 24, 1916,Feb 24, 1916,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Mar 1, 1916,

Phillips,Emily T., Mrs.,84 y, 9 mo,F,W,City (Pearl & High Sts),Widow,Senility (Hypo Static Pneumonia),At Home,Vermount,Residence, City,May 27, 1920,May 28, 1920,E. B. French, M.D.,,

Phipps,Lizzie,4 mon,F,C,411 S. Pearl St.,Single,Unknown,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 24, 1920,Oct 24, 1920,Sarah Griffin,,

Pickering,John Benjamin,48,M,W,Clayton, La.,Married,Peritonitis,Farmer,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 27, 1918,Dec 28, 1918,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Jan 1, 1919,

Pickett,Cordelia O., Mrs.,44,F,W,Union & Jeff Sts.,Married,Lobar Pneumonia,Housewife,Kentucky,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Apr 13, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Apr 19, 1916,

Picou,Mary, Mrs.,45,F,C,#4 Minor St,Widow,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 7, 1917,Oct 8, 1917,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Oct 17, 1917,

Pierson,Frank B.,63,M,W,125 St. Catherine St.,Married,Cardio Renal Disease,Retail Grocer,Quincy, Illinois,125 St. Catherine St.,Oct 28, 1918,Oct 30, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Pintard,Claude, Judge,81 y, 10 m,M,W,Union & B Sts., City,Married,Prostratic Carcinoma,Atty. at Law,Jefferson Co., Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Dec 29, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jan 6, 1915,

Pintard,Martha L., Miss.,81 y, 6 mo,F,W,N. Union St., City,Single,Maligant Uterus,At Home,Jefferson Co., Miss.,N. Union St., City,Jul 24, 1920,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Pintard,Page M., Mrs.,41,F,W,N. Union St., City,Married,Subcate Nephritis,Housewife,Va.,Her residence, City,Oct 31, 1919,Nov 4, 1919,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Pipes,Clementine,15,F,C,697 N. Pine St.,Single,Intestinal Perforation,School Girl,Wilkinson Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 28, 1916,Oct 29, 1916,P. Beekman, M.D.,Nov 1, 1916,

Pipes,James,83,M,W,#500 Commerce St., City,Widower,Septic Endo Carditis,Retired Planter,Adams Co., Miss.,500 S. Commerce St., City,Mar 29, 1919,Apr 7, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Pipes,James,83,M,W,500 S. Commerce St., City,Widower,Septic Endocarditis,Retired Planter,Adams Co., Miss.,500 S. Commerce St., City,Mar 29, 1919,Apr 6, 1919,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Pleas,Sam,33,M,C,Utica, Miss.,,Pellagra,,,Hospital,Oct 21, 1911,Oct 21, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Plummer,Cora,5 min,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Death followed delivery in a few minutes,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 11, 1913,Sep 11, 1913,Margaret Brown, per R. D. S.,Sep 16, 1913,

Poindexter,Annie G., Mrs.,66,F,W,408 Madison St., City,Widow,Valvular disease heart,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,408 Madison St., City,May 25, 1918,May 25, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jun 5, 1918,

Poindexter,Atamese,22 days,F,C,55 Homochitto St.,Married,Inanition,,55 Homochitto St.,55 Homochitto St.,Jan 29, 1913,Jan 29, 1913,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Poindexter,Jesse,16 days,M,C,55 Homochitto,Single,Inanition,,55 Homochitto,55 Homochitto,Jan 23, 1913,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Poindexter,Sam,26,M,C,Silver St.,Single,Unknown,Launry,New Town,Natchez,May 27, 1915,May 29, 1915,Braxton P. U.,Jun 2, 1915,M. H. Hutton

Pointer,Josephine,19,F,C,28 St. Catherine St.,Single,Phthisis with Hemmorhage,None,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 16, 1913,Nov 17, 1913,M. Beekman, M.D.,,

Polizzi,Frank, Mrs.,30,F,W,513 N. Rankin, City,Married,Acute Peritonitis,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,513 N. Rankin, City,Nov 15, 1919,Nov 17, 1919,H. M. Smith, M.D.,,

Polkinghorne,Ida L., Mrs.,60 y, 10 m,F,W,Cor. Orleans & Union Sts.,Widow,Cerebral Appoplexy,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 7, 1917,Feb 8, 1917,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,Feb 21, 1917,

Polkinghorne,James,69,M,W,Cor. S. Union & Orleans,Married,Intestinal Carcinoma,Commercial Broker,Natchez, Miss.,His Residence, City,May 7, 1916,,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,May 17, 1916,

Pollard,Bessie L.,17 mon,F,C,#26 Gardin,Single,Meningitis,,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 3, 1913,Mar 3, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Pollard,George,,M,C,Natchez,Married,Influnza - Coroner's jury,,,Adams Co., Jail,Nov 19, 1918,Nov 19, 1918,Wm. A. Dier, J.P. & Actg. Coroner,Dec 4, 1918,

Ponder,Baby,23 days,M,W,Hospital,,Auto intoxication,,Hospital,Hospital,Jun 18, 1911,Jun 18, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Pope,Fannie,53,F,C,#57 Homochitto Ct.,Married,Mitral Regurgation,Domestic,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 2, 1919,Nov 4, 1919,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Pope,R. Conrad,38,M,W,Homochitto St., City,Married,Influenza & Pneumonia,Levee Construction,Baton Rouge, La.,Homochitto St., City,Oct 30, 1918,Dec 10, 1918,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Dec 18, 1918,by Foster

Pope,R. Conrad,38,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Influenza Pneumonia,Levee Construction,Baton Rouge, La.,O. N. Wildes residence, City,Oct 30, 1918,Nov 9, 1918,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Nov 20, 1918,

Porter,Charles L.,70,M,W,413 Monroe St., City,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Insurance Agent,Louisville Ky.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 29, 1913,Apr 29, 1913,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Porter,Mary Etta,35,F,C,#2 Grant St.,Married,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 22, 1918,Jul 22, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Aug 17, 1918,

Porterfield,Laura,26,F,C,Purnell Hill,Married,Tuberculosis Pulmonalis,Domestic,Adams County,Natchez,Mar 12, 1913,Mar 12, 1913,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Posey,Fanny,20 mos,F,W,Fayette, Miss.,Single,Abscess brain,Babe,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Oct 8, 1910,Oct 9, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Post,Chas.,79,M,W,Winsboro, La.,Widower,Arterio Sclerosis,Fisherman,Germany,Natchez Hospital,Dec 24, 1910,Dec 24, 1910,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Postlethwaite,Fannie,49,F,C,Cemetery St.,Widow,Arterio Sclerosis,Domestic,Jefferson Co.,Natchez,Jan 12, 1913,Jan 13, 1913,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Postlethwaite,Susan H., Miss,65,F,W,310 S. Pearl St., City,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,310 S. Pearl St., City,Apr 3, 1919,Apr 4, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Potter,Sarah,15,F,C,Natchez, Gastrel Alley,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,House Girl,Natchez,Natchez,Sep 18, 1916,Sep 19, 1916,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Sep 20, 1916,

Powel,Harriet,82,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Broncho Pneumonia,Domestic,Georgia,181 St. Catherine St.,Apr 1, 1915,Apr 2, 1915,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Apr 7, 1915,

Powell,Bertha,3,F,C,35 Oak St.,Single,No doctor recently, had Dr. Dumas some time ago.,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 15, 1914,Feb 16, 1914,,Feb 18, 1914,

Powell,Maria Louisa,58 y, 5 mo,F,W,626 Cemetery St.,Widow,Influnenza, Pneumonia,see comments,Natchez, Miss.,616 Cemetery St.,Apr 1, 1915,Apr 1, 1915,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,Apr 7, 1915,Occupation: Seamstress & Housekeeper

Powell,Nancy,43,F,C,Brenham Ave.,Married,Pellagra,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,May 30, 1920,Jun 1, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Powers,Douglas L.,2 dy,M,W,City,Single,???????? Neonatarum,None,Natchez Sanatorium,Natchez Sanatorium,Oct 22, 1917,Oct 24, 1917,J. M. May, M.D.,Nov 7, 1917,

Prather,H. E., Mrs.,35,F,W,Hamburg, Miss.,Married,Carcinoma of Stomach,Housewife,,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Jul 27, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Aug 2, 1916,

Pratt,Elsie,46,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Acute Parenchymatous Nephritis,Domestic,Church Hill, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 22, 1916,Jun 23, 1916,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Jul 5, 1916,

Premo,Robert,40,M,C,Shelds Lane,Widow,Palagra,River Man,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 27, 1917,Jun 28, 1917,Henriette Alexander,Jul 4, 1917,

Preston,James,80,M,C,Rankin,Married,Unknown, No M.D.,None,Lynchburg, Va.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 6, 1914,Oct 6, 1914,H. O.,,

Prewitt,James Bernard,1, 2, 19,M,W,109 Madison St.,Married,Broncho Pneumonia,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,109 Madison St.,Jun 3, 1915,Jun 3, 1915,E. B. French, M.D.,Jun 16, 1915,

Prichard,Henry W. A., Dr.,49,M,W,Harrisonburg, La.,Married,Gangreous Appendicitis,Physician,Catahoula Pa., La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Aug 11, 1919,Aug 11, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Priester,Clara, Mrs.,19,F,W,Magnolia, Miss.,Married,Typhoid Fever,Housekeeper,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Dec 15, 1910,Dec 16, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Prince,Anna Belle,1 yr, 7 mo,F,W,#505 N. Canal St.,,Whooping cough & broncho pneumonia,,Natchez, Miss.,#505 N. Canal St.,Mar 20, 1910,Mar 20, 1910,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Prince,Harry A.,49,M,W,#13 Green St., City,Married,Sarcanoma Thigh & Abdomen,Steamboat Engineer,Wheeling, W. Va.,His residence, City,Jun 14, 1914,Jun 14, 1914,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jun 17, 1914,

Prince,Mary Elizabeth, Mrs.,44,F,W,Adams Co., Miss.,Married,Carcinoma Uterus,Housewife,Tensas Parish, La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Jul 21, 1919,Jul 22, 1919,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Proffit,Mary,17,F,C,107 Homochitto St.,Single,Tuberculosis Pulmonalis,Domestic,Adams Co.,Natchez,Nov 16, 1913,Nov 17, 1913,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Pugh,B. F.,57 +,M,W,Wisner, La.,Married,Carbuncle & Diabetic Nephritic,Farmer,Ga.,Natchez Sanatorium,Jul 12, 1915,Jul 12, 1915,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Jul 21, 1915,

Puilley,Erwin, Jr.,0,M,C,St. Catherine St.,,Unknown, no physician,Still born,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez,Oct 15, 1921,Oct 15, 1921,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Pulley,Andy,55,M,C,N. Pine St., 319,Widower,Cardiac disease,Plasterer,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 14, 1917,Oct 15, 1917,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Oct 17, 1917,

Pulley,Elizabeth,51,F,C,319 N. Pine St.,Married,Carcinoma,Domestic,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 12, 1917,Mar 15, 1917,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Mar 21, 1917,

Pummiel,Alex, Jr.,23,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Syphili of Brain,Coachman,Miss.,Washington St.,Aug 29, 1915,Aug 30, 1915,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Sep 1, 1915,

Purdy,John Duncan,5 hr, 30 m,M,W,Lake Providence, La.,Single,Premature,None,Natchez Sanatorium,Natchez Sanatorium,Apr 21, 1915,Apr 21, 1915,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Apr 21, 1915,

Purnell,Charles E. W.,2 mo, 14 d,M,W,615 N. Pine St., City,Single,Intero Colitis,None,Natchez, Miss.,615 N. Pine St., City,Jul 18, 1917,Jul 18, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Aug 1, 1917

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