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(Continued) Death Certificates 1910 - 1921

Adams County, Mississippi


NOTE: This document appears on Adams County, MS with the permission of the authors, Bob & Sarah Shumway. Researchers are invited to read/search the document for specific facts relative to individual research, but no part of the document may be reproduced in any format, electronically or otherwise.

Information to be found on (most) records, in order of appearance:

Name, Age, Sex, Color, Residence, Marital Status, Cause of Death, Occupation, Birthplace, Place of Death, Date of Death, Date Certificate Returned, Reported By, Date Reported, Comments.


Quegles,Katherine, Mrs.,69,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Pneumonia,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 21, 1910,Jan 24, 1910,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Quinn,Evangeline,,F,W,,Single,Premature Birth,,700 State St.,700 State St.,Feb 13, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Feb 18, 1914,

Rabb,J. R.,33,M,W,Angola, La.,Single,Gangregous colitis,Guard,Dont Know,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 20, 1910,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,guard at convict farm

Racely,Mary,59,F,C,85 Homochitto St. City,Married,Carcinoma Uterui,Housewife,Adams Co., Miss.,Residence,Apr 5, 1915,Apr 5, 1915,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Apr 7, 1915,

Radcliff,Amelia L., Mrs.,76 y, 11 m,F,W,112 St. Charles Ave., City,Married,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Housewife,Adams Co. Miss.,112 St. Charles Ave., City,Nov 16, 1916,,P. Beekman, M.D.,Dec 6, 1916,

Raford,Aderline,58,F,C,Brandon, La.,Married,Carsinoma Stomach,Farm,La.,Natchez Hospital,Aug 7, 1910,Aug 8, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Randall,Virginia,33,F,C,Adams Co., Miss,Single,Chronic Nephritis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 28, 1913,Apr 29, 1913,P. Beekman, M.D.,,Death at 10 A.M.

Ransom,Alex,58,M,C,Brierfield, Miss.,Married,Dysentery,Farmer,Brierfield, Miss.,Dumas Sanatorium,Jul 10, 1918,Jul 10, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jul 17, 1918,

Ransom,Ethel,24,F,C,Wall St.,Married,Septic Infection from Ulcers,Domestic,Natchez,Natchez,Sep 8, 1921,Sep 8, 1921,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Ransom,Gertrue,18,M,C,306 N. Pine St.,,Unknown, No M.D.,Farmer,Jefferson Co.,306 N. Pine St.,Feb 22, 1915,Feb 22, 1915,Andrew Ransom,Mar 3, 1915,M. H. Hutton

Ransom,Jennie,52,F,C,306 N. Pine St.,Married,Unknown, No M.D.,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 17, 1917,Nov 17, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Nov 21, 1917,

Ransom,Martha,50,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 7, 1921,Jan 8, 1921,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Rasley,Rosa W.,28,F,C,20 Brenham Ave.,Married,Phthisis,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 26, 1917,Dec 26, 1917,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Dec 19, 1917,

Rasmussen,Fred F.,25,M,W,N. Pearl St., City,Married,Hemmorhage Bowel,see comments,Webb City, Mo.,N. Pearl St., City,Apr 19, 1919,Apr 20, 1919,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,,Occupation: Ass't Supt. Miss. Packing Co.

Ratchford,Sarah A., Mrs.,48,F,W,804 N. Rankin St.,Married,Pernicious Anemia,Housewife,Ireland,804 N. Rankin St., City,Jun 6, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jun 21, 1916,

Ratclif,Baby,0,M,C,1 Whalen Quarters,,Still Born,,Natchez,Natchez,Sep 23, 1921,Sep 24, 1921,Julia Ratclif,,

Ratcliff,A. M.,63,M,W,Meadville, Miss.,Married,Intestinal Obstruction,Farmer,Lawrence Co., Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Aug 3, 1913,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Aug 19, 1913,

Ratcliff,Albert G.,53,M,W,Concordia Parish, La.,Single,Typhoid Fever & Nephritis,Plantation Manager,Amite Co., Miss.,Nat. Sanatorium,Oct 21, 1911,Oct 22, 1911,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Ratcliff,Claude P.,21 y, 8 mo,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Acute Lepto Meningitis,Stenographer,Gloster, Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Mar 29, 1914,Mar 30, 1914,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Apr 1, 1914,

Ratcliff,Mamie G., Mrs.,28,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Gangrene of Intestine,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez Sanatorium,Sep 5, 1914,,P. Beekman, M.D., by M. B.,,

Ratliff,Dorothy L.,21 mo,F,W,Washington & Canal Sts., City,Single,Toxic Gastritis,None,Natchez, Miss.,Cor. Washington & Canal Sts., City,Dec 31, 1918,Dec 31, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Ratliff,George W.,41,M,W,205 State St., City,Married,Natural Causes,Painter,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 26, 1913,Dec 27, 1913,Wilbur Dawson, Coroner,,

Ratliff,Honora, Mrs.,72,F,W,205 State St.,Widow,Pyaemia,None,Ireland,205 State St., Natchez, Miss.,Feb 20, 1914,Feb 21, 1914,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Rawle,Elizabeth H. S., Mrs.,74,F,W,508 Washington St., City,Widow,Hemiplegic,At Home,Adams Co., Miss.,508 Washington St., City,Dec 6, 1918,,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,Dec 18, 1918,

Rawle,John, Major,79,M,W,508 Washington St., City,Married,Apoplexy,Retired,Louisiania,Recidence, City,Sep 14, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Sep 20, 1916,

Rawles,Gabriel, Dr.,81,M,W,Cooper St.,Married,Aortic Reg.,Retired Dentist,Washington Co., Miss.,Cooper St.,Jul 8, 1910,Jul 9, 1910,J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Rawls,S., Mrs.,32,F,W,Roxie, Miss,Married,T. B.,Housewife,Miss.,Hospital,Aug 6, 1911,Aug 7, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Rawlston,E. C.,45 +,M,W,Natchez,Single,Probably Valv dis of heart,Newspaper Man,Ky.,Natchez,Dec 5, 1913, abt.,Dec 19, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Dec 31, 1913,Inadvertently ommited from report

Ray,Dora,69,F,C,Washington Road,Widow,Nephritis,Midwifey,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 16, 1916,Jun 17, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jun 21, 1916,

Read,Thomas J.,52, 4, 27,M,W,607 State St., City,Married,Chronic Nephritis,Life insurance agent,Jefferson Co., Miss.,607 State St. City,May 17, 1917,,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,Jun 6, 1917,

Reale,Joseph, Sr.,77,M,W,706 Franklin St., City,Married,General Paresis,Retired Merchant,Viggieni, Italy,706 Franklin, City,Jun 15, 1920,Jun 15, 1920,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Reber,Thos., Judge,69,M,W,Main & 4th Sts,Widower,Gun shot wound in brain,Retired,Sandusky, Ohio,Natchez,Apr 30, 1912,Apr 30, 1912,J. C. French, M.D.,,Coroners inquest held. Sucide Gun Shot Wound in brain. F.

Reber,Thos., Mrs.,57,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Pellagra,Housewife,Vidalia, La.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 16, 1910,Jan 17, 1910,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Record,Emeline,100,F,C,722 N. Pine St.,Widow,Senility,None,Dont Know,Natchez,Aug 31, 1915,Aug 31, 1915,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,Sep 1, 1915,

Redden,Baby,0,F,C,705 High St.,,Premature,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 23, 1914,Feb 23, 1914,,,

Redui,Charles,61,M,C,Natchez,Married,Acute Nephritis,Painter,Miss.,Hospital,Aug 10, 1911,Aug 10, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Reed,Eliza,26,F,C,Locust Ridge, La.,Married,Pneumonia,Farmer,Louisiania,Natchez Sanatorium,Feb 6, 1918,Feb 6, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Feb 20, 1918,

Reed,Susan,82,F,C,Natchez,Single,Stroke - paulsy,,Woodville, Miss.,627 N. Pine,Jul 18, 1910,Jul 19, 1910,R. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Reed,Susie Holmes,52,F,W,606 State St.,Single,Pelligra,,Fayette, Miss.,606 State St.,Jul 28, 1910,Jul 29, 1910,J. C. French, M.D.,,

Reed,Sylvester,21,M,C,727 Cemetery St.,Single,Tuberculosis,Laborer,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 22, 1917,Jul 22, 1917,Philip Reed,Aug 1, 1917,

Reedy,Sidney J.,58,M,C,610 Monroe St.,Married,Acute Lobar Pneumonia,Day Laborer,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 27, 1914,Mar 28, 1914,P. Beekman, M.D.,Apr 1, 1914,

Reese,Walter,56,M,W,N. Pearl St., City,,Gun shot wound,Cotton Buyer,Shelby Co. Ala.,Ntz. Sanatorum,Jan 5, 1912,Jan 6, 1912,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Reigart,J. M., Major,60,M,W,Newlton, La.,Single,Cerebral Palsey,Drummer,,Natchez Hospital,Aug 20, 1910,Aug 21, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Reilly,Baby,0,F,C,Griffins Alley,,Premature,,Griffins Alley,Natchez,Apr 11, 1914,Apr 12, 1914,Melinda Mason, Midwife,Apr 15, 1914,

Reilly,Thomas H.,81 yrs,M,W,Jonesville, La.,Widower,Aortic Obstructive Disease of Heart,Planter,Ireland,116 S. Commerce St., City,May 24, 1921,May 27, 1921,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Renfro,Mary, Mrs.,92,F,W,512 N. Canal St., City,Widow,Senility,At Home,Copiah Co., Miss.,512 N. Canal St., City,Dec 7, 1918,Dec 9, 1918,E. B. French, M.D.,Dec 18, 1918,

Rennold,Addie,38,F,C,74 St. Catherine St.,Single,Acute Indigestion,Cook,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 27, 1920,Jul 29, 1920,R. E. Smith, Coroner,,

Renyer,T. R.,42,M,W,La.,Single,Meningitis,Book Keeper,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 29, 1911,Aug 29, 1911,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Reynolds,G. J.,38,M,W,S. Union St., City,Married,Thrombosis Cavernous Linus,Electrical Engineer,Nashville, Tenn.,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Feb 15, 1912,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Rhea,A. G.,59 about,M,W,#28 Woodlawn Ave.,Divorced,Heart Failure,Merchant,North Mississippi,#28 Wodlawn Ave.,Mar 17, 1911,Mar 18, 1911,J. C. French, H.O.,,An inquest was held on A.G. Rhea and reported Heart Failure as the cause of death. The other data is the best I could get. Foster

Rhone,Mary,49,F,C,Silver St.,Widow,Pellagra,Cook,Natchez,Natchez,Nov 4, 1915,Nov 4, 1915,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 17, 1915,

Rice,Martha,75,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Heart Disease,Cook,Jefferson Co.,Rose Hill Church,Oct 19, 1911,Oct 21, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Rich,A. L.,2 days,M,W,Summerall, Miss.,Single,Premature Birth,,Natchez Hospital,Natchez Hospital,Nov 22, 1910,Nov 22, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Rich,Lucy, Mrs.,32,F,W,Sumerall, Miss.,Married,Double Pneumonia,Housekeeper,Ala.,Natchez Hospital,Nov 21, 1910,Nov 22, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Richardson,C. B., Sr.,74,M,W,402 S. Union St.,Married,Gunshot Wound of Brain,Planter,Jeff. Co., Miss.,402 S. Union St.,Dec 2, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Dec 16, 1914,

Richardson,Clarance,4 mo 18 dy,M,C,#125 Oak St.,Single,Capillary Bronchitis,None,Natchez,Natchez,Dec 13, 1915,Dec 14, 1915,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Dec 15, 1915,

Richardson,Ed. A., Mrs.,57,F,W,S. Rankin St., City,Married,Surgical Shock,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez Sanatorium,Apr 26, 1920,Apr 26, 1920,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,,

Richardson,Formin,3 hrs,F,C,Natchez,Single,Premature Birth,Babe,Natchez Hospital,Natchez Hospital,Oct 13, 1910,Oct 14, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Richardson,Francis,0,F,C,Bomount St.,Married,Still Born, No Physician,,Natchez,Bomount St.,Nov 30, 1914,Dec 1, 1914,Shirly Richardson,,Mose Hutton, Und., Poper Grown

Richardson,Isiah,1 m, 18 dy,M,C,223 Market St., City,Single,Unknown, No Physician,None,Natchez, Miss.,223 Market St., City,Mar 2, 1916,Mar 2, 1916,M. H. Hutton, Undertaker,Mar 15, 1916,

Richardson,Jane,50,F,C,711 Metcalfe Alley,Widow,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 2, 1914,Mar 2, 1914,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Richardson,Jane,80,F,C,Whalen Quarters,Widow,,,,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 11, 1917,Aug 11, 1917,Rachal Richardson,Aug 15, 1917,

Richardson,Matthew,26,M,C,Washington,Single,Typhoid Fever,Laborer,Washington,Natchez,Aug 10, 1910,Aug 11, 1910,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Richardson,Morgan,98,M,C,Aldrich & Monroe Sts.,,Unknown, No M.D.,Minister,Louisville, Ky.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 22, 1917,Apr 23, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,May 2, 1917,

Ridgeley,Cora,25,F,C,678 N. Union St.,Single,Secondary Hemmorhage,Teacher,Lee Bayou, La.,113 So. Commerce St.,Sep 2, 1919,Sep 2, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Ridley,Josephine,35,F,C,Wall St.,Married,Septciaemia,Housewife,Natchez,Natchez,Sep 2, 1910,Sep 4, 1910,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Ridley,Willie,20,M,C,#5 New St.,Single,Myelitis,Laborer,Natchez,Natchez,Feb 3, 1912,Feb 5, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Riggen,Henretta,30,F,C,Natchez,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculsis,Washing,Vidalia, La.,305 Orleans St.,Apr 20, 1912,Apr 20, 1912,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Riley,Edward,15,M,C,Chase, La.,Single,Gun Shot Wound of Arm,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Nov 14, 1911,Nov 14, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Riley,Edy,3 mon,M,C,Natchez,Single,Indigistion,Infant,Natchez,176 St. Catherine St.,Jan 3, 1912,Jan 6, 1912,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Riley,Genevive Perrault,24,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Septic Endocarditis,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 15, 1913,Aug 15, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Aug 19, 1913,

Riley,Martha,3 wks,M,C,12 Griffen Allie,,Bleeding of Navle,,Natchez,Natchez,Feb 27, 1915,Feb 28, 1915,Will Riley,Mar 3, 1915,M. H. Hutton, Paper Und.

Ring,Zeler,1 mo, 10 d,F,C,#2 Rendel St.,Single,No Physician,Non,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 15, 1920,Nov 15, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Rivers,Rachel,70,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Unknown, No Physician,Domestic,Not Known,3 N. Wall St.,Apr 14, 1918,Apr 14, 1918,W. H. Aikman, M.D., H.O.,Apr 17, 1918,

Roach,Mernch W.,15,M,C,Church hill, Miss.,Single,Tetanus,School Boy,Church hill, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 31, 1920,Sep 1, 1920,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D., per R.D.M. Jr.,,

Roan,Mary,1 day,F,C,#711 Madison,Single,Unknown, No Physician,None,Natchez,Natchez,Sep 27, 1919,Sep 27, 1919,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Roberson,Betsy,109,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Unknown,,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 11, 1914,Mar 11, 1914,Undertaker,Mar 18, 1914,

Roberson,Betty,82,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Oedema of lungs,Invaled,State of Ky.,253 St. Catherine St.,Feb 4, 1911,Feb 6, 1911,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Roberson,Henry,84,M,C,Natchez,Married,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Laborer,Miss.,Cor. Pine & Prince,Feb 8, 1916,Feb 9, 1916,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Feb 16, 1916,

Roberson,Lucy,17,F,C,Natchez,Single,Typhoid Fever,,Warren Co.,17 Garden St.,Sep 26, 1910,Sep 27, 1910,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,,

Roberson,Lucy,65,F,C,Grant St.,Married,Nephritis,Domestic,Not Known,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 14, 1914,Dec 15, 1914,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jan 6, 1915,

Roberson,Lydia,118,F,C,#14 Brenham Ave.,Widow,Acute Nephritis,Domestic,Virginia,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 11, 1920,Mar 12, 1920,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Roberson,Margaret V.,14,F,C,17 Lincoln Ave, Natchez,Single,Influenza,None,Natchez,Natchez,Nov 17, 1918,Nov 19, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Dec 4, 1918,

Roberson,Margaret Virginia,14,F,C,Natchez,Single,Influenza,School Girl,Miss.,17 Lincoln St.,Nov 17, 1918,Nov 18, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,Duplicate

Roberson,Porter,56,M,C,652 Canal St.,Single,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Day Laborer,Mississippi,Natchez,Feb 17, 1917,Feb 17, 1917,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Feb 21, 1917,

Roberts,George P.,16 mo 11 d,M,W,#15 Madison St.,Single,Ilio Colitis,None,Natchez, Miss.,#15 Madison St.,Jul 19, 1911,Jul 20, 1911,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Roberts,Helen,18 mos,F,W,#306 Monroe St.,Single,Broncho Pneumonia,None,Hamburg, Miss.,Chamberlins Sanatorium,Feb 19, 1911,Feb 20, 1911,W. T. Jones, M.D.,,

Robertson,Mary,71,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Mitral Reg.,Housewife,Miss.,Hospital,Nov 14, 1911,Nov 14, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Robertson,Onedia,1,F,C,Natchez,Single,Enteritis,Infant,Natchez,148 Oak St.,Mar 5, 1912,Mar 5, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Robertson,Rachel,44,F,C,Natchez,Single,Brights Desease,Landris,Natchez,305 Monroe St.,Nov 3, 1910,Nov 4, 1910,W. T. Jones, M.D.,,

Robinson,Caleb,50,M,C,Cannonsburg, Miss.,Married,Septicemia,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Oct 7, 1911,Oct 7, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Robinson,Elizabeth,0,F,C,Williams St.,Single,Premature,,Henderson St.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 18, 1916,Sep 18, 1916,Polly Dicen,Sep 20, 1916,No Physician

Robinson,Lilian,85,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Aortic Reg.,,Adam Co.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 29, 1910,Aug 1, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Robinson,Mildred,18,F,C,Natchez,Single,Pulm. Tuberculosis,Housework,Adams Co.,Natchez,Mar 2, 1915,Mar 3, 1915,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,Mar 17, 1915,

Robinson,Oscar,27,M,C,305 Monroe St.,Married,Tuberculosis,Waiter,Natchez,Natchez,Jun 13, 1914,Jun 16, 1914,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jun 17, 1914,

Robinson,Rosa,4,F,C,9 Purnell St.,Single,Paresis,,Natchez, Miss.,9 Perault St.,May 19, 1913,May 20, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Robinson, Jr.,Neil,3 yr, 2 mo,M,C,Minor St.,Single,Pneumonia,,Adams Co.,Minor St.,Feb 23, 1910,Feb 24, 1910,No Doctor, A.H.F. Undertaker,,

Robson,Anna B., Mrs.,73,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Oedema Lungs & La Grippe,At home,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez Sanatorum,Jan 30, 1917,Jan 30, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Feb 7, 1917,

Roland,Arthur,28,M,C,305 N. Union,Married,Phthisis Pneumonia,Baker,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 7, 1913,Apr 7, 1913,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Roland,S. A.,34,F,C,Natchez,Single,Peritinitis,Landres,Natchez,315 S. Rankin,Nov 9, 1910,Nov 10, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Rolling,Henry,20,M,C,Vidalia,Single,Gunshot of leg,Gov. Works,La.,Hospital,Sep 12, 1911,Sep 12, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Rolls,Lula,21,F,C,Doloroso, Miss.,Married,Pneumonia,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Dec 3, 1910,Dec 3, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Rolston,Roy,29,M,W,Vidalia,Single,Mitral Regurgation,R. R. Work,Odessa, Mo.,Hospital,Dec 11, 1911,Dec 12, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Roos,Martha,6 m, 26 dy,F,C,Adams Co.,Single,Heredetary Lues,None,Adams Co., Miss.,147 St. Catherine St.,Jul 26, 1918,Jul 26, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Aug 17, 1918,

Rose,Polly,90,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Senility,,Washington, Miss.,80 Aldridge St.,Dec 18, 1910,Dec 19, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Rosette,Elizabeth Ann, Mrs.,84,F,W,412 S. Union St.,Widow,Pneumonia,At home,London, England,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 10, 1917,Mar 10, 1917,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,Mar 21, 1917,

Ross,Anne E., Miss,28,F,C,210 State St.,Single,Phthisis Pulmonalis,Teacher,Wilkenson Co.,Natchez,Dec 11, 1910,Dec 12, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Ross,Charles,65,M,C,#69 Brenham Ave.,Widower,Chronic Valvular Heart Disease,Laborer,La.,Natchez,Jun 11, 1920,Jun 12, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Ross,Clarence,24,M,C,Whalen Quarters,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Farmer,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 7, 1920,Oct 8, 1920,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Ross,Elnora,16,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Typhoid Fever,Cook,Miss.,Hospital,Jan 11, 1912,Jan 11, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Ross,Susie,45, 5, 9,F,C,N. Commerce St,Widow,Nephritis,Domestic,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 15, 1921,Nov 17, 1921,H. M. Smith, M.D.,,

Ross,Wm,61,M,C,Greenville, Miss,Widower,Mitral Regurgation,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Sep 1, 1911,Sep 2, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Roth,George, Sr.,86,M,W,115 S. Canal St.,Married,Chronic Bronchitis,Retired Shingle Mfgr,Germany,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 14, 1916,Jul 14, 1916,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jul 19, 1916,

Rounds,Zueza,70,F,C,#21 Bowmount St.,Widow,Bulbar Paralysis,Cook,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 23, 1921,Apr 24, 1921,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Routh,Margaret S., Mrs.,80,F,W,S. Canal St.,Widow,Hypostatic Pneumonia,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 18, 1910,Aug 19, 1910,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Rowan,Baby,0,F,C,823 State St.,Single,Premature,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,May 25, 1917,May 25, 1917,Fred Rowan,Jun 6, 1917,

Rowan,Eugene,6,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Neck broken by carelessness of the deceased,None,Mississippi,Franklin & Commerce Sts.,Oct 19, 1918,Oct 21, 1918,Wm. A. Diers, J.P. & Actg. Coroner,Nov 6, 1918,

Rowan,Florance,23, 1, 2,F,C,85 Brandon Ave,Married,Pellagra,Housewife,Miss.,Natchez,Jan 11, 1911,Jan 12, 1911,J. C. Mazique M.D.,Jan 17, 1911,

Rowcliff,Wm.,50,M,W,Natchez?,Widower,Alcolholic Meningitis,Levee Contractor,,Natchez Sanatorium,Nov 29, 1914,Dec 1, 1914,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Dec 2, 1914,

Roys,Fredrick J.,43,M,W,623 N. Union St., City,Married,Pneumonia following Influenza,Timber & Sawmill,Michigan,623 N. Union St., City,Jan 30, 1920,Jan 31, 1920,H. M. Smith, M.D.,,

Rucker,,0,F,W,,,Still Born,,,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Aug 4, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Aug 16, 1916,

Rucker,Peter C.,52,M,C,Natchez,Married,Heart Trouble,Preacher,Cannonsburg, Miss.,16 Cleborn St.,Dec 28, 1911,Dec 29, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Rumble,Josh,36,M,C,23 Whelens Alley,Single,Basilar Meningitis,Tailoring,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 10, 1918,Jan 10, 1918,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Feb 6, 1918,

Rumble,Loyd,78,M,C,Gold St.,Married,Mitral & Aortic Regurgation,Gardener,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 23, 1914,Nov 24, 1914,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Dec 2, 1914,

Rumble,Nancy, Mrs.,77,F,C,Gold Street,Widow,Unknown, No Physician,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 21, 1917,Nov 21, 1917,W. H. Aikman, M.D., H.O.,Dec 5, 1917,

Rumble,S. E.,76,M,W,Natchez,Married,Carcinoma Stomach & Intestines,Merchant,W. Va.,Natchez,Jul 6, 1913,Jul 8, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Rumble,Salina,70,F,C,6 Phaehn Quarters,Widow,Cirrhosis of Liver,None,Miss.,Natchez,Jul 16, 1914,Jul 16, 1914,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,per Robt. Mackel Jr., Undertaker

Ruoff,John S.,59,M,W,Homochitto St., City,Married,Carcinoma of Liver,Insurance agent,Natchez, Miss.,Homochitto St., City,Mar 18, 1919,Mar 19, 1919,E. B. French, M.D.,,

Ruoff,Mary A. F., Mrs.,80,F,W,197 Homochitto St., City,Widow,Mitral Heart & ?????,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,197 Homochitto St., City,Mar 21, 1918,Mar 23, 1918,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,Apr 3, 1918,

Rupin,Samuel,3 mon,M,C,Grifen Alley,Single,Unknown, No M.D.,None,Natchez,Natchez,Oct 16, 1915,Oct 16, 1915,Lengh Edward,Oct 20, 1915,M. H. Hutton, Puper Undertaker. Beurred pupper grave

Rus,Martha,48,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Pellagra,Domestic,Miss.,133 1/3 Homochitto St.,Apr 10, 1918,Apr 10, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Apr 17, 1918,

Russel,Bessie,78,F,C,Ryans Hill, Homochitto St,Single,Nephritis,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 21, 1913,Apr 22, 1913,J. M. May, M.D. per Dr. Johnson,,

Russell,,8 hours,M,W,Winnsboro, La.,,Inanition,,Natchez Hospital,Natchez Hospital,Feb 21, 1911,Feb 21, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Russell,Ellen,58,F,C,Rhine Hill, Homochitto St.,Widow,Septic Bronchitis,Domestic,Rodney, Miss,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 10, 1915,Apr 11, 1915,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Apr 21, 1915,

Russell,Ester,70,F,C,130 Homochitto St.,Widow,Tetanus,Domestic,Louisiania,Natchez, Miss.,May 20, 1916,May 21, 1916,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jun 7, 1916,

Russell,Jno.,80 Yrs.,M,C,#6 Beaumont St.,Widower,Nephritis,Farmer,Rodney, Miss.,Natchez,Dec 9, 1913,Dec 10, 1913,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Russell,Nancy,16,F,W,Winsboro, La.,Widow,Pulmonary Embolus,House Keeper,Winnsboro, La,,N. Hospital,Feb 21, 1911 2 A.M.,Feb 21, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Russell,Nelson,35,M,C,505 N. Canal St.,Married,Acute Indigestion,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Jan 14, 1920,Jan 15, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Russum,William H.,6,M,W,Tillman, Miss.,Single,Septic Pertinotis,At school,Tillman, Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Feb 19, 1913,Feb 19, 1913,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Rutherford,Agnes Scott, Mrs.,65, 4, 24,F,W,528 N. Pine St., City,Widow,Cancer of Stomach,At Home,Leith, Scotland,528 N. Pine St., City,Sep 7, 1913,,E. B. French, M.D.,Sep 16, 1913,

Rutherford,Jessie, Miss,27,F,W,#548 N. Pine St.,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,At home,Natchez, Miss.,#548 N. Pine St.,Mar 9, 1913,Mar 10, 1913,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Rutherford,Jno.,46,M,W,N. Pine St.,Single,Lobar Pneumonia,Mechanic,Scotland,N. Pine St., Natchez, Miss.,Jan 25, 1916,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Feb 2, 1916,

Rutherford,Jno.,62,M,W,Pearl St.,Married,Hemoptysis, Tuberculosis,Laborer,Edinburgh Scotland,Pearl St.,Apr 14, 1910,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Rutherford,Thomas,39,M,W,#201 Homochitto St., City,Single,Gunshot Wd. of Head,see comments,Natchez, Miss.,Cor. Pine & Franklin Sts., City,Oct 9, 1914,Oct 10, 1914,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,Occupation: Gunsmith & Watchmaker

Ryan,Fanny C., Mrs.,48,F,W,State St., City,Married,Uraemia,Housewife,Adams Co., Miss.,State St., City,Mar 1, 1919,Mar 2, 1919,E.F. Brown, M.D.

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