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(Continued) Death Certificates 1910 - 1921

Adams County, Mississippi


NOTE: This document appears on Adams County, MS with the permission of the authors, Bob & Sarah Shumway. Researchers are invited to read/search the document for specific facts relative to individual research, but no part of the document may be reproduced in any format, electronically or otherwise.

Information to be found on (most) records, in order of appearance:

Name, Age, Sex, Color, Residence, Marital Status, Cause of Death, Occupation, Birthplace, Place of Death, Date of Death, Date Certificate Returned, Reported By, Date Reported, Comments.


Sachse,Edward W.,45,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Traveling Salesman,St. Joseph, La.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 21, 1913,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Salvo,Baldassare,56,M,W,706 Main St.,Widower,Intestinal Nephritis,Retired Restranauter,Tripani, Italy,His residence,Feb 14, 1913,Feb 15, 1913,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Salvo,Natale,56,M,W,N. Pine St.,Married,Chronic Pancreatitis,Merchant,Italy,Natchez, Miss,Jun 3, 1910,Jun 4, 1910,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Salvo,Paul A.,36,M,W,Washington St, City,Married,Broncho Pneumonia,see comments,Natchez, Miss.,Washington St., City,Jan 13, 1919,Feb 6, 1919,McDonald Watkins, M.D.,,Occupation: Salesman Salvo & Beardon Co.

Sample,John,45,M,W,Vidalia,Single,Gun Shot Wound,,Wodville, Miss.,Hospital,Apr 14, 1911,Apr 14, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Sampson,W. H.,60,M,W,Norfield, Miss.,Single,Cystitis,Carpenter,Ill.,Hospital,Jan 8, 1912,Jan 8, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Sanders,Baby,8 dys,F,C,Pine Ridge Road,Single,,,Pine Ridge Road,Pine Ridge Road,Feb 8, 1921,Feb 9, 1921,Gilbert Foster,,

Sanders,Danial,28 y,M,C,#79 Silver St.,Married,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Labor,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 1, 1921,Jan 3, 1921,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Sanders,Maud,80,F,C,Natchez,Married,Pellegra,None,Louisiania,29 Minor St.,Apr 2, 1916,Apr 3, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Apr 5, 1916,

Sanders,Monroe,20,M,C,Natchez,Single,Consumption,Drayman,Cedar Grove, Miss.,O'Brian St.,Dec 24, 1910,Dec 26, 1910,R. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Sanders,Nancy,80,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Paraylisis,Cook,N. Carolina,Quitman St.,Jul 21, 1910,Jul 22, 1910,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Sanguinetti,Stina, Miss,42,F,W,S. Union St., City,Single,Cholangitis,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez Sanatorium,Nov 12, 1918,Dec 10, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Dec 18, 1918,by Foster

Sarellion,Eliza,65,F,C,Martin, Miss.,Widow,Gangarene,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Oct 24, 1911,Oct 25, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Sauvat,Joseph,47,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,T. B.,Brother in Orphanage,France,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 18, 1915,Jun 18, 1915,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Jul 7, 1915,

Savage,Baby,0,F,C,2 Henderson St.,Single,Still birth,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 9, 1921,Sep 9, 1921,Will Savage,,

Savage,Emma,65,F,C,Cemetery St.,Single,Heart failure,Cook,,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 4, 1921,Jun 4, 1921,M. P. Ryan,,

Savage,Evelin,55,F,C,Natchez,Married,Insanity,Cook,N. C.,Hospital,Jul 10, 1911,Jul 11, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Savage,James,18, 22 dy,M,C,20 Garden St.,Single,Malaria & Tuberculosis,Porter,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 12, 1916,Jan 13, 1916,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jan 19, 1916,

Savage,Willie,0,F,C,2 Henderson St.,Single,Premature birth,,Natchez,Natchez,Mar 28, 1917,Mar 28, 1917,Willie Savage,Apr 4, 1917,

Scales,Alex,26,M,C,Blackhawke, La.,Married,Teatnus,Farmer,La.,Hospital,Feb 7, 1912,Feb 8, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Scales,Eliza,18,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Pyrthroax,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Nov 13, 1910,Nov 15, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Scales,Elizabeth,60,F,C,#9 Beaumont St.,Widow,Chronic Intestitial Nephritis,Midwife,Mississippi,Natchez,Jul 8, 1914,Jul 9, 1914,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jul 15, 1914,

Schiele,Robert Percy,70,M,W,Concordia Ph., La.,Single,Uraemic Coma,Planter,Concordia Ph., La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Nov 15, 1921,Nov 19, 1921,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,Non-Resident

Schofield,Ann Elizabeth, Miss,61,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Pellagra,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 25, 1915,Mar 25, 1915,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Apr 7, 1915,

Schwartz,Fred W.,42,M,W,S. Canal St., City,Single,Apoplexy,see comments,Natchez, Miss.,313 1/2 Main St., City,Apr 17, 1916,Apr 18, 1916,Wilber Dawson, Coroner,Apr 19, 1916,Occupation: Agent Ratcliff Transfer Co.

Schwartz,Kete, Miss,21,F,W,N. Union St.,Single,Accidental drowning,None,Natchez, Miss.,River Front, City,May 13, 1911,May 23, 1911,A. J. Foster,,

Schwarzkopf,Mattie J., Mrs.,21,F,W,McCalls Creek, Miss.,Married,Pellagra,Housewife,Mississippi,Natchez Sanatorium,Jun 23, 1919,Jun 23, 1919,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Schwarzwalder,Theodore,3 y, 10 mo,M,W,813 Washington St., City,Single,Pneumonia,None,Louisville, Ky.,813 Washington St.,Sep 19, 1919,Sep 20, 1919,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Scott,Amelia,85,F,C,5 Canal St.,Widow,La Grippe,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 16, 1910,Jan 17, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Scott,Baby,0,F,C,257 St Catherine St.,Single,Prematurity,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 31, 1918,Aug 31, 1918,Biana Washington,Sep 4, 1918,

Scott,Daniel,71,M,C,19 Deveraux St.,Married,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,None,Not Known,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 14, 1918,Jan 15, 1918,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Feb 20, 1918,

Scott,Frank Joseph,8 mon,M,C,80 Louis St.,Single,Broncho Pneumonia,None,Miss.,Natchez,Jan 28, 1916,Jan 29, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Feb 2, 1916,

Scott,Georgia,35,F,C,Natchez,Married,Uraemia,Housewife,Tates, Miss.,2 Paralt st.,Mar 14, 1912,Mar 14, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Scott,Hardy,44,M,W,Concordia Par., La.,Single,Inanition,Farmer,Catahoula Par., La.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 11, 1913,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Scott,Henry F.,58,M,W,210 S. Union St., City,Married,Influenza Broncho Pneumonia,Dry Goods Salesman,Miss.,210 S. Union, City,Dec 28, 1918,Dec 30, 1918,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,,Duplicate

Scott,Henry F.,58,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Influenza Broncho Pneumonia,Dry Goods Salesman,Jefferson Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 28, 1918,Dec 28, 1918,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,Jan 1, 1919,

Scott,Jeanette,37,F,C,Foley's Alley,Single,Syphlitic destruction of palate,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 21, 1919,Sep 21, 1919,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Scott,Julius,81,M,C,Union Extension,Married,Nephritis,Laborer,Kentucky,Natchez,Jan 12, 1919,Jan 13, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Scott,Lillie,41,F,C,#1 Beekmans Quarters,Married,Tuberculosis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Mar 4, 1919,Mar 7, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Scott,Richard,19,M,C,#21 Beaumont St.,Single,Miliary Tuberculosis,None,Adams County,Natchez,Aug 7, 1915,Aug 9, 1915,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Aug 18, 1915,

Scott,Robert,41 y, 4 mo,M,W,101 Linton Ave.,Single,Pulm. Tuberculosis,Clerk,Copiah Co. Miss.,101 Linton Ave, City,Oct 13, 1916,Oct 14, 1916,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Oct 18, 1916,

Scott,S. D.,61,M,W,Cor. Commerce & Monroe,Married,Pulmonary Odema,Planter,Jeff. Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 20, 1913,Oct 21, 1913,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Nov 5, 1913,

Scott,Sarah E., Miss,76,F,W,504 S. Commerce St., City,Single,Chronic Nephritis,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,504 S. Commerce St., City,Jul 17, 1918,Jul 17, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Aug 17, 1918,

Scott,Solomon,16,M,C,Gilbert, La.,Single,Gangrene from burns,Laborer,Gilbert, La.,Dumas Sanatorium,Nov 20, 1917,Nov 20, 1917,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 21, 1917,

Scott,Stanford W., Dr.,35,M,W,Vidalia, La.,Married,Lobar Pneumonia,Physician,Texas,Chamberlain Sanatoriun,Mar 28, 1917,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Apr 4, 1917,

Scott,Susana,39,F,C,102 High St.,Married,Not definitly known, probably heart disease,Cook,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 13, 1913,Jan 13, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Scott,Warren,21,M,C,Hermanville, Miss.,Married,Nephritis,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Feb 27, 1912,Feb 27, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Scott,Winfield H.,33,M,W,N. Commerce St., City,Single,Gunshot wound of abdomen & thorax,Merchant,Jefferson Co., Miss.,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Jun 2, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jun 17, 1914,

Scott,Wm.,25,M,C,Baskin, La.,Married,Gunshot wound, leg.,Farmer,La.,Natchez Hospital,May 18, 1910,May 18, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Scotte,Lenie,21,M,C,22 Concord Ave,Married,Broncho Pneumonia,Laborer,Natchez,Natchez,Nov 18, 1921,Nov 20, 1921,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Screws,Clara,75,F,C,29 Beaumont St.,Widow,Chronic Nephritis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 5, 1913,Nov 6, 1913,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Screws,James,25,M,C,502 S. Wall,,Tuberculosis,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 30, 1917,Oct 1, 1917,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Oct 3, 1917,

Scruggs,John A., Jr.,0,M,W,Cor. Pine & State Sts., City,Single,Still Born,None,City,Pine & State Sts., City,Oct 19, 1920,,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Scudamore,Isabel, Mrs.,70,F,W,308 N. Union St., City,Married,Hemmorhage of Stomach,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,308 N. Union St., City,Sep 19, 1918,Sep 23, 1918,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Scudder,James,26,M,C,#12 Rembert St,Single,Chronic Nephritis,Laborer,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez,Oct 21, 1919,Oct 22, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Seifer,Kate,70,F,C,Grant St.,Widow,Paralize,,Braham Hall,#10 Grant St,Dec 31, 1915,Jan 1, 1916,Mose Hutton,Jan 6, 1916,

Selman,Nic,80,M,C,Martin, Miss.,Married,Mitral Reg.,,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Mar 3, 1910,Mar 4, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Sentheimer,Fanny, Mrs.,83, 11, 15,F,W,#508 Monroe St, City,Widow,Lobular Pneumonia,at Home,Herxheim, Germany,#508 Monroe St., City,Feb 25, 1913,Feb 27, 1913,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Serio,Joseph P., Jr.,3 days,M,W,813 Washington St.,Single,Cerebral Hemmorhage,None,Natchez, Miss.,His residence,Jan 21, 1913,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Serio,Mary Rose,19 y 11 mo,F,W,308 Main St., City,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,308 Main St., City,Jun 29, 1914,Jul 1, 1914,L. H. Lamkin, M.D.,,

Sessions,Frank,70,M,C,#164 E. Oak St.,Widower,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis, Mitral Insufficency,Gardner,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 7, 1919,Sep 8, 1919,,,

Sewell,Adam,106,M,C,Natchez,Widower,Arterio sclerosis,Farmer,Md.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 5, 1910,Jan 5, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Sewell,Mildred,19,F,C,Quitman Lane,Single,Typhoid Fever,Teacher (Literary),Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 23, 1920,Dec 24, 1920,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Sexton,Ross,78,M,C,28 Beaumont St.,Widower,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Farming,Mississippi,28 Beaumont St.,Oct 7, 1916,Oct 9, 1916,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Oct 18, 1916,

Sharp,Sarah,33, 9 mo,F,C,#4 Gimon St.,Married,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Housewife,Adams County,Natchez,Sep 18, 1916,Sep 18, 1916,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Sep 20, 1916,

Shaw,Baby,0,M,C,Miss.,Single,Stillborn,,Hospital,Hospital,Aug 5, 1911,Aug 7, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Shaw,Baby,0,M,W,423 N. Broadway,Single,Still Born,None,City,423 N. Broadway,Apr 20, 1919,Apr 21, 1919,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Shaw,Fannie,72,F,C,Natchez,Married,Acute Dil. of Heart,Domestic,Tennessee,321 N. Broadway,Jun 21, 1913,Jun 22, 1913,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Shaw,Florence B.,1 mo, 29 d,F,W,City,Single,Acute Ilio Colitis,None,Natchez, Miss.,659 N. Union St., City,May 6, 1917,May 11, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,May 16, 1917,

Shaw,H. Allen,31,M,W,809 Main St., City,Married,Myocarditis,Retail Grocer,Ohio,809 Main St., City,Mar 28, 1918,Mar 29, 1918,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,Apr 3, 1918,

Shaw,Hezikiah,40,M,C,N. Commerce,Married,Cardiac Asthma,Laborer,Mississippi,Natchez,Nov 27, 1919,Nov 27, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Shaw,John,0,M,C,#15 Quitman St.,,Unknown, no physician,Still born,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez,Dec 30, 1921,Jan 1, 1922,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Shaw,Josephine,22,F,C,Sicily Island, La.,Single,Myocarditis,Farmer,La.,Hospital,May 24, 1911,May 25, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Shaw,Lydia Shields, Mrs.,55,F,W,659 N. Union St., City,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Housewife,Ohio,#695 N. Union St., City,Apr 2, 1920,Apr 4, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Shaw,Rebecca,56,F,C,Quitman Lane,Married,Bulbar Paralysis,Wash Woman,Miss.,Natchez,Nov 3, 1920,Nov 7, 1920,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Shaw,Sarah W., Mrs.,30,F,W,307 N. Pearl St., City,Married,Influenza Pneumonia,Housewife,Jonesville, La.,307 N. Pearl St., City,Oct 28, 1918,Oct 28, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Sheetes,Levy,1,M,C,Natchez,Single,Inanition,,Natchez,13 Gordn St.,Oct 24, 1910,Oct 25, 1910,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Shell,Mary,45,F,C,502 Jefferson & Commerce Sts.,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Farming,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 17, 1918,Jul 18, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Aug 17, 1918,

Shelton,Baby,6 wks,M,C,13 Obrent St.,,Dont Know,None,Natchez,Natchez,Oct 10, 1921,Oct 11, 1921,Ed. Haywood,,

Shelton,Josephine,63,F,C,Natchez,Married,La Grippe,Domestic,Miss.,706 State St.,Mar 17, 1915,Mar 18, 1915,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Apr 7, 1915,

Shelton,Ollie C., Mrs.,48,F,W,Union Church, Miss.,Married,Pyo Nephritis,Housewife,Franklin Co., Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 9, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Apr 15, 1914,

Shepard,Pearle,17,F,C,Brenman Ave,Single,Tuberculosis,,Natchez,Natchez,Aug 10, 1910,Aug 11, 1910,Simon Carraway (Und.),,

Sheppard,H. C.,68,M,W,Philadelphia, Miss,Married,Cirrhosis of Liver,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Sep 3, 1911,Sep 3, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Shield,Deverux,,M,W,Pine & B. St.,Widower,Acute Pertinotis, result rupture of old dodinal ulcer,Servyer,,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 16, 1910,Feb 17, 1910,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Shields,Jas. G.,60,M,W,404 N. Pine St.,Married,Parenchymatus Nephritis,Painter,Charleston, S. C.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 25, 1911,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Shiliken,Sidney,34,F,C,715 Cemetery,Single,Phthisis,Laundress,Natchez,Natchez,Feb 2, 1912,Feb 5, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Shilkens,Laura,28,F,C,93 St. Mary St.,Married,Ureamic Convulsions,Domestic,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 15, 1917,Jun 20, 1917,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jul 4, 1917,

Shilkins,Julia,20,F,C,Cemetery St. cr. Reynolds,Married,T. B.,House,Adams Co.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 11, 1910,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Shivers,Anna,8,F,C,508 N. Pine St.,Single,Acute Nephritis,Child,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 14, 1910,Jan 14, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Shlenker,Amelia, Mrs.,51,F,W,"Stanton Hall", City,Married,Gunshot Wound In Head,Housewife,New York City,Stanton Hall, City,Dec 10, 1918,,Wm. A. Diers, Actg. Coroner,Dec 18, 1918,By Foster

Shlenker,Isaac,81,M,W,836 Main St., Natchez, Miss.,Married,Diabetic Coma,Retired Merchant,Germany,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 15, 1912,Mar 16, 1912,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Short,Mary,90,F,C,Adams Co.,Widow,Senile gangarene, foot,Farm,Va.,Natchez Hospital,Aug 30, 1910,Aug 31, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Short,Napolian,71,M,C,#2 N. Wall St.,Married,Septic Cystitis,Carpenter,Natchez,Natchez,Oct 12, 1915,Oct 11, 1915,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Oct 20, 1915,

Shotwell,Laura H., Mrs.,88,F,W,N. Union St., City,Widow,Broncho pneumonia,At Home,Nashville, Tenn.,City,Sep 16, 1921,Sep 16, 1921,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Signaigo,Catherine, Mrs.,87, 9, 1,F,W,208 S. Pine St., Natchez,Widow,Valvular Heart Disease,Domestic,Italy,Natchez, Miss.,Jan 23, 1915,Jan 25, 1915,McD. Watkins, M.D.,Feb 3, 1915,

Silverstein,Morris,72,M,W,308 N. Rankin St., City,Married,Arterioesclerosis Mitral Valvular Disease,Merchant,Rommania,308 N. Rankin St., City,Dec 18, 1920,Dec 19, 1920,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Simmons,Janie,44,F,C,Cedar Alley,Widow,Chronic Nephritis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 10, 1919,Dec 15, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Simmons,Mary Sophia,57,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Appendicitis & Pertonitis,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 6, 1913,Dec 6, 1913,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Simms,Ellen,77,F,C,517 N. Rankin St.,Widow,Nephritis,Domestic,Churchhill, Miss,Natchez, Miss.,May 28, 1915,May 29, 1915,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jun 2, 1915,

Simms,Jenett,57,F,C,#7 Taylor Ave.,Widow,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 22, 1917,Sep 22, 1917,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Oct 3, 1917,

Simms,W. H.,56,M,W,Raymond,Widower,Hemplegia,None,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 31, 1910,Aug 1, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Simon,Baby,0,M,W,Cor. State & Rankin Sts.,Single,Birth Injuries,None,Natchez, Miss.,Cor. State & Rankin Sts.,Feb 23, 1913,Feb 27, 1913,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Simon,Have ???,5 Mon,M,C,#10 Green St,Single,Capillary Bronchitis,,Natchez,Natchez,Feb 26, 1912,Feb 26, 1912,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Simon,Willie,38,M,C,13 Garden St.,Married,Valvular dis. heart,Butler,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 13, 1917,Feb 14, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Feb 21, 1917,

Simpson,J. E.,38,M,W,Hooker, Miss.,Married,T. B. Prulant,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 31, 1910,Aug 1, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Sims,Catherine S., Mrs.,48,F,W,411 Pine St., City,Widow,Acute Dysentery & Nephritis,Housewife,Jefferson Co., Miss.,411 N. Pine St., City,Jun 21, 1920,Jun 21, 1920,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Sims,George W.,18 y, 8 mo,M,W,411 N. Pine St., City,Single,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,see comments,Jefferson Co., Miss,411 N. Pine St., City,Jul 17, 1919,Jul 17, 1919,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,Occupation: Messenger - W. U. Tel. Co.

Sims,Minthie,56,F,C,Natchez,Single,Carcinoma,Domestic,Miss.,St. Catherine,Oct 18, 1918,Oct 18, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Singleton,John,0,M,C,Natchez,Single,Still Born,,Natchez,Natchez,Feb 22, 1915,Feb 22, 1915,Jennie Rolling,Mar 3, 1915,

Singleton,Virginia,46,F,C,Briars, Miss.,Married,Uterine Fibroids,Housewife,Briars, Miss.,113 S. Commerce St.,Jul 4, 1918,Jul 4, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jul 17, 1918,

Sixton,Pollie,50,F,C,Natchez,Married,Pellegra,Domestic,Virginia,32 Henderson St.,May 18, 1918,May 18, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jun 5, 1918,

Skipper,Baby,17 days,F,C,411 S. Pearl,Single,Unknown,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 4, 1920,Oct 4, 1920,Sarah Griffin,,

Skipper,Guy,71,M,C,311 S. Wall St.,Married,Paralysis,None,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 14, 1919,Jun 15, 1919,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,,

Slate,Lillian,20,F,C,#705 High St.,Single,Tuberculosis,House Work,Louisiania,Louisiania,Dec 11, 1916,Dec 11, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Dec 20, 1916,

Slay,George P.,11,M,W,Lorman, Miss.,Single,Gunshot wound, brain,School boy,Americus, Ga.,Natchez, Miss.,May 12, 1910,May 12, 1910,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Small,Walter,77,M,C,#721 N. Union St.,Widower,urn,Laborer,Adams Co.,Natchez,Feb 20, 1912,Feb 21, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Smallwood,Henderson,54,M,C,Prentiss St.,Married,Heart Disease,Florist,Miss.,Natchez,Feb 23, 1915,Feb 24, 1915,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Mar 3, 1915,per Robt. Mackel Jr., Undertaker

Smallwood,Manervia,70,F,C,N. Rankin St.,Widow,Unknown, No Physician,Domestic,Not Known,Natchez, Miss.,May 25, 1920,May 25, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Smallwood,Mary Ann,80,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Dropsy,Laborer,Alabama,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 12, 1910,Feb 15, 1910,S. Carraway, Und.,,

Smallwood,Therisa,57,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Carcinoma Dropsy,Domestic,Mississippi,#1 Prentess St.,Dec 18, 1915,Dec 18, 1915,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jan 5, 1916,

Smith,Baby,0,F,C,513 N. Rankin St.,,Still Birth,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 17, 1919,Sep 17, 1919,Celia Smith,,

Smith,Baby,0,M,C,511 Rankin St.,Single,Premature,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Nov 2, 1920,Nov 3, 1920,Jennie Rolland,,

Smith,Baby,0,M,C,520 N. Pine St.,Single,Premature,,Natchez,Natchez,Apr 15, 1917,Apr 16, 1917,Monroe Stroggins,May 2, 1917,No Dr., No Midwife

Smith,Baby,0,M,C,520 N. Pine St.,Single,Prematurity, still born,,Natchez,Natchez,Jul 20, 1918,Jul 21, 1918,Wade Smith,Aug 17, 1918,

Smith,Bennie,0,M,C,15 Bowls Alley,Single,Still Born, No M.D.,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 1, 1915,Dec 1, 1915,Julia Foster,,M. H. Hutton, Undertaker

Smith,Bennie,0,M,C,Natchez,Single,Still Born,None,Gied Alley, City,Gied Alley, City,Dec 1, 1915,Dec 1, 1915,Julia Foster, Mid wife,Dec 15, 1915,

Smith,C. J.,54,M,W,Vidalia, La.,Married,Scarnoma of Bladder,see comments,Smithland, La.,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Aug 27, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,Occupation: Manager, Union Oil Co.

Smith,Carrie Doherty, Mrs.,33 abt,F,W,St. Francisville, La.,Married,Acute Dilation of stomach,Trained Nurse,West Feliciana Parish, La.,306 Franklin St., City,Dec 23, 1913,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Smith,Celest,32,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Tuberculosis,Cook,Adams Co.,50 Minor St.,Feb 23, 1911,Feb 23, 1911,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Smith,Easter,49,F,C,215 1/2 St Catherine,Widow,Cardiac Diaese,Domestic,Adams Co., Miss.,Natchez,Aug 19, 1918,Aug 20, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Aug 21, 1918,

Smith,Edward,86,M,C,48 St. Catherine St.,Married,Hypertrophy Prostrate,Carpenter,Virginia,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 16, 1919,Apr 16, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Smith,Eliza,73,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Nephritis,Washwoman,Natchez,Natchez Hospital,Jan 29, 1912,Jan 29, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Smith,Eliza,95,F,C,236 St. Catherine St.,Widow,Unknown, No Physician,Non,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 9, 1920,Sep 12, 1920,W. H. Aikman, M.D., C.H.O.,,

Smith,Elizabeth,86,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,None,Natchez,St. Ann's Home,May 30, 1916,May 31, 1916,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Jun 7, 1916,

Smith,Feby,0,F,C,Natchez,Single,Still born, Unknown, No M.D.,None,Natchez,Natchez,Jul 18, 1916,Jul 18, 1916,Julia Foster,Jul 19, 1916,M. H. Hutton, Undertaker

Smith,Frances,52,F,C,Boles Alley,Widow,Paralysis,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Dec 30, 1918,Dec 31, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Jan 1, 1919,

Smith,Harriet,64,F,C,Cor Madison & Wall,Widow,Burns,Seamstress,Natchez,Cor. Madison & Wall,Mar 16, 1910,Mar 18, 1910,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Smith,Hugh,9,M,W,Lucen, Miss.,Single,Pneumonia,Student,Lucien, Miss.,Hospital,Mar 6, 1911,,Natchez Hospital,,

Smith,J. T.,62,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,,Cystitis,,La.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 16, 1910,,L. L. Handly, M.D.,,Certification by hospital, says admitted 1/14/10, buried 1/18/10 case #258, buried National cem., reported to wife, Bluff City Undertakers.

Smith,James G.,46,M,W,Natchez Hotel,Married,Cirrhosis of Liver,Prop. Natchez Hotel,Alabama,Natchez Hotel,Nov 11, 1916,Nov 12, 1916,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Nov 15, 1916,

Smith,Jennie,63,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Uterine Carcinoma,Washing,Franklin Co.,Miner St.,May 21, 1911,,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Smith,Jerlino,14,F,C,#209 St. Catherine St.,Single,Pellegra,,Natchez,Natchez,Jun 10, 1911,Jun 11, 1911,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Smith,Jessie,2 hrs,F,C,215 1/2 St Catherine St.,Single,Premature,Non,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 30, 1920,Aug 31, 1920,,,

Smith,Joe,55,M,C,317 N. Pine St.,Married,Pephritis,Cook,Warren County,Natchez,Apr 19, 1913,Apr 19, 1913,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Smith,Juanita,40,F,C,415 S. Pearl St.,Married,Unknown,Farming,Louisiania,Natchez,Dec 3, 1918,Dec 3, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Dec 18, 1918,

Smith,Lee Ann,39,F,C,Liberty,Married,Cardiac Embolous,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Aug 30, 1910,Aug 31, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Smith,Lettie,48,F,C,S. Pearl St.,Single,Oedema of Lungs,Domestic,Jefferson Co., Miss.,Natchez,Jul 13, 1917,Jul 14, 1917,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,Jul 4, 1918,

Smith,Lizzie,22,F,C,413 S. Pearl St.,Single,Phthisis,Domestic,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Aug 18, 1916,Aug 18, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Sep 6, 1916,

Smith,Lucinda,56,F,C,Natchez,Married,Heart Disease,Housewife,Louisiania,563 Water St.,Dec 16, 1910,Dec 17, 1910,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Smith,Lula,,F,C,57 Silver St.,,Smallpox,Servant,,Isolation, Hospital,Feb 17, 1910,Feb 17, 1910,J. C. French, M.D.,,

Smith,Malesa,16,F,C,Montecello, Miss.,Married,Pul. T.B.,Cook,,N. Hospital,Feb 27, 1911,,Natchez Hospital,,

Smith,Malinda,78,F,C,181 St. Catherine,Widow,Uraemia,None,Miss.,Natchez,Mar 15, 1921,Mar 16, 1921,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Smith,Margaret V. D., Mrs.,63,F,W,Cor. Washington & Broadway,Widow,Cerebral Hemmorhage,see comments,Alabama,Cor. Washington & Broadway,May 6, 1918,May 7, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,May 15, 1918,Occupation: Prop-tress Boarding House

Smith,Maria,68,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Widow,Unknown, No M.D.,None,St. Louis, Mo.,Natchez,Feb 12, 1915,Feb 13, 1915,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,Feb 17, 1915,

Smith,Mary,20,F,C,18 Rembert St.,Single,Pellagra,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 21, 1914,Oct 22, 1914,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Nov 4, 1914,

Smith,Mary,75,F,C,30 St. Catherine St.,Single,Cardiac Disease,Domestic,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 11, 1918,Oct 11, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Oct 16, 1918,

Smith,Mary A., Mrs.,51,F,W,Sicily Island, La.,Married,Uraemia, Nephritis,Housewife,Sicily Island, La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Jan 4, 1921,Jan 4, 1921,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Smith,Mary A., Mrs.,62,F,W,528 S. Canal St., City,Widow,Carcinoma Uterus,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,528 S. Canal St., City,Feb 28, 1918,Feb 28, 1918,P. Beekman, M.D.,Mar 6, 1918,

Smith,Mary Ann,11,F,C,Natchez,Single,Tuberculosis,School Girl,Natchez, Miss.,512 N. Pine St.,Nov 26, 1911,Nov 27, 1911,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Smith,Mildred Chilton, Mrs.,29,F,W,Wildsville, La.,Married,Intestinal Toxaemia,Housewife,Tenn.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 12, 1917,Dec 14, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,Dec 19, 1917,

Smith,Oliver W.,74,M,W,104 Washington Ave, City,Married,No physician,Retired Contractor,Georgia,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 24, 1913,Apr 24, 1913,A. J. Foster,,

Smith,Peggie,0,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Premature, still birth,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 28, 1917,Apr 29, 1917,Celia Smith,May 2, 1917,

Smith,Peter,75,M,C,2 Prentess St.,Married,T. Peritonitis,Laborer,Louisiania,Natchez,May 24, 1921,May 25, 1921,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Smith,Pias,28,M,C,Willet, La.,Single,Phthisis,Laborer,Miss.,Dumas Sanitorium,May 15, 1919,May 15, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Smith,Rebecca,35,F,C,Foster, Miss.,Widow,Peri Carditis,Housewife,Foster, Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jan 25, 1912,Jan 26, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Smith,Robt.,50,M,C,411 S. Pearl St.,Single,Cancer of Throat,Porter,Natchez,Natchez,Jan 15, 1916,Jan 15, 1916,Wilber Dawson, Coroner,Jan 19, 1916,

Smith,Simon,53,M,C,Natchez,,Hepatic Cirrhosis,Minister,Mississippi,Monroe & Rankin,Jul 20, 1916,Jul 21, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Aug 2, 1916,

Smith,Stacy,41,M,C,318 S. Wall St.,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Barber,Louisiania,Natchez,May 6, 1919,May 7, 1919,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Smith,Unknown,0,F,C,,Single,Still Born,,Natchez,Natchez,Sep 7, 1916,Sep 7, 1916,Pollie Discon, Midwife,Sep 20, 1916,Still Born of Mose Smith & M. Smith.

Smith,Willard S., Jr.,9 1/2 hrs,M,W,,Single,Premature,None,Sanatorium, City,Sanatorium, City,Sep 16, 1918,Sep 18, 1918,McD. Watkins, M.D.,Oct 2, 1918,

Smoot,Clara,55,F,C,34 Cooper St.,Widow,Chronic Nephritis,Domestic,La.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 12, 1920,Feb 13, 1920,Marcus Beekman, M.D.,,

Smoot,Ed.,56,M,C,36 Cooper St., Natchez,Married,Mitral Insufficency,Fireman,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 8, 1917,Dec 10, 1917,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Dec 19, 1917,

Smoot,Tsahelia,58,F,C,#327 Arlington St.,Widow,Apoplexy,Cook,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 21, 1921,Sep 26, 1921,R. E. Smith, Coroner,,Date of death is prefixed with "Last seen"

Smother,Minervia,38,F,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Inaniton as result of fecal fistula,Wash Woman,Natchez, Miss.,Hospital,Feb 11, 1911,Feb 13, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Smythe,Stanley E.,27,M,W,204 S. Union St., City,Married,Cardiac Thrombosis,Sheet Metal Worker,Ipswich, England,204 S. Union St., City,Mar 11, 1920,,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Snell,Baby,0,M,C,79 Silver St.,,Premature,,Natchez,Natchez,Oct 15, 1918,Oct 16, 1918,Annie Bird,Nov 6, 1918,

Snerls,Joseph,0,M,C,Natchez,Single,Still Born,Infant,Natchez,12 Wall St.,Jun 6, 1911,Jun 7, 1911,Robt. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Sniffen,Josephine, Mrs.,79,F,W,Cor. State & Union Sts.,Widow,Senility,None,,Cor. State & Union Sts.,May 6, 1911,May 8, 1911,A. J. Foster,,

Snyder,Joseph C.,26,M,W,Cor. Pine & State Sts.,Married,Chronic Nephritis,Cook,Louisiania,City,Oct 19, 1918,Oct 20, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Sobiglus,Matthew,24,M,C,506 S. Wall St.,Single,Cancer Liver,Clerk, grocery store,Bayou Sara, La.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 24, 1910,Feb 24, 1910,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Sounders,Prince,56,M,C,Russum, Miss.,Married,Mitral Reg.,Farm,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Jul 12, 1910,Jul 13, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Spears,Henry,43,M,C,Tecony, La.,Widow,Fracture of base of skull,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Oct 19, 1911,Oct 19, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Speed,Anthony,99 y 11 mo,M,C,#683 Canal St.,Widower,Broncho Pneumonia , Contrib. Cardio Vascular,Gardener,Virginia,Natchez,Jan 27, 1914,Jan 28, 1914,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,,

Speed,Earl,27,M,W,Ora, Miss.,Single,Aortic Reg.,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez,Dec 13, 1910,Dec 13, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Spencer,Herbert,28,M,C,Natchez,Single,Tuberculosis Pulmonalis,Pullman Porter,Miss.,Wood St.,Oct 30, 1918,Oct 31, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Nov 6, 1918,

Spencer,Lucy J.,66,F,W,Port Gibson, Miss.,Married,Acute Nephritis,Housewife,Claiborne Co., Miss,308 Franklin St., Natchez, Miss.,Aug 19, 1913,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Aug 20, 1913,

Spencer,Zeb,38,M,C,Natchez,Married,Heart Failure,Drayman,Louisiania,707 Jefferson,Jun 9, 1911,Jun 10, 1911,Robt. Mackel, Undertaker,,

Spicer,Patsy,57,F,C,#416 N. Broadway St.,Widow,Pellagra,Cook,Louisiania,Natchez,Sep 11, 1915,Sep 11, 1915,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Sep 15, 1915,

Spiers,Eddie,17,M,C,Torris, La.,Single,Pelagra,Farmer,La.,Hospital,Jun 23, 1911,Jun 23, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Spillars,Louisa,43,F,C,409 Rankin,Single,Unknown, No Physician,Domestic,Miss.,Natchez,Apr 16, 1917,Apr 18, 1917,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,May 2, 1917,

Spink,Baby,0,M,W,N. Pine St., City,Married,Premature Birth,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 6, 1915,,No Physician,Jun 16, 1915,Foster

Spires,Leon,2 1/2 mon,M,W,Ferriday, La.,Single,Pyelonephritis,,La.,Hospital,Dec 3, 1911,Dec 4, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Spottswell,Henry,2 mon,M,C,Natchez,Single,Not known,None,Natchez,669 Cemetery St.,Jun 4, 1913,Jun 4, 1913,Robert D. Mackel, Jr., F. D.,,

Springs,Baby,0,F,C,11 Cleburne St.,Single,Still Born,None,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 22, 1914,Jul 23, 1914,Robt. Mackel Jr., Undertaker,,

Squalls,Coleman,60,M,C,#2 Cemetery St.,Married,Hodgkins Disease,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Oct 26, 1919,Oct 26, 1919,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Squalls,Oliver,6 mos,M,C,Natchez,Single,Foreign body in bronchia - Bole,,Natchez,Natchez Hospital,Jul 18, 1910,Jul 18, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Squalls,Wilie,57,M,C,Vidalia,Widower,Arterio Sclerosis,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Oct 8, 1910,Oct 9, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Stacks,Daniel W.,43,M,W,St. Charles & Washington Sts,Married,Phthisis & Complications,Manager of Saw Mill,Union Co. Miss.,St. Charles & Wash. Sts.,Mar 24, 1911,Mar 25, 1911,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Stamply,Frank,40,M,W,Natchez,Single,Heart disease,Carpenter,,Natchez,Jun 21, 1910,Jun 21, 1910,J. C. French, M.D.,,Died suddenly, no doctor in attendance.

Stamply,Frank,40,M,W,Washington Rd.,Single,was dead when I saw him, do not know,Laborer,Miss,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 21, 1910,Jun 21, 1910,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,Supposed to died of heart disease.

Stanton,Aaron,77,M,W,City,Widower,Chronic Myocarditis,Retired Planter,Adams Co., Miss.,Cr. Commerce & Orleans,Jan 1, 1918,Jan 3, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Jan 16, 1918,

Stanton,Baby,3 mon,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Scorbutus,,Miss.,Hospital,Dec 23, 1911,Dec 23, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Stanton,Bettie,48,F,C,Oak St.,Married,Acute Indigestion,Hosework,,Natchez,Jul 6, 1910,Jul 7, 1910,J. M. May, M.D.,,

Stanton,Hy.,0,M,C,6 Cleburn St.,Single,Unknown, No Physician,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,May 29, 1915,May 29, 1915,Darcus ? Weber,Jun 2, 1915,Robt. Mackel Jr.

Stanton,Virginia W., Mrs.,67,F,W,314 N. Union,Widow,Pellagra,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,314 N. Union,Aug 21, 1915,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,Sep 1, 1915,

Stanton,Wilson,45,M,C,#23 Commerce St.,Married,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Laborer,Mississippi,Natchez, Miss.,Apr 23, 1919,Apr 23, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Starkey,Benj.,91,M,C,Liberty Road,Married,Heart Disease,Pensioner,N. Carolina,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 27, 1913,Feb 28, 1913,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Starnes,Kathleen C., Miss,17,F,W,Washington, Miss.,Single,Epidemic lethargica encephalitis,At home,Jefferson Co., Miss.,Cor. Wall & High Sts., City,Feb 8, 1921,Feb 10, 1921,W. H. Aikman, M.D.,,

Starns,Amanda,96,F,C,404 N. Rankin St.,Married,Chronic Interstitial Nephritis,Domestic,Virginia,Natchez, Miss.,,Mar 29, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Apr 17, 1918,

Stedman,Hazen,64,M,W,615 Washington St.,Married,Chronic Intestitial Nephritis,see comments,Aurora, Indiana,Natchez,Sep 19, 1916,Natchez Hospital,J. S. Ullman, M.D.,Sep 20, 1916,Occupation: Retired Retail Grocer.

Steele,M. A., Mrs.,63,F,W,N. Broadway St.,Widow,Arterio Sclerosis,Housekeeper,North Carolina,N. Broadway,Apr 14, 1911,,R. D. Sessions, M.D.,,

Stein,J. W.,40,M,W,Bougere, La.,Widower,Chronic Nephritis,Fisherman,Ark.,Hospital,Jan 16, 1912,Jan 17, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Steinspring,George H.,53,M,W,317 Arlington Ave.,Married,Carcinoma Stomach,Locomotive Engineer,Winnsboro, Louisiania,317 Arlington Ave., City,Sep 15, 1920,Sep 19, 1920,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Stephens,Bessie,28,F,C,Quitmans Lane,Married,Pulmonary T. B.,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Feb 12, 1921,Feb 16, 1921,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Sterlin,Cornelius,98,M,C,#8 Byrnes St.,Married,Bronchitis,Farmer,Alabama,Natchez,Apr 20, 1916,Apr 21, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,May 3, 1916,

Sterling,Hulda,84,F,C,24 Garden St.,Widow,Paralysis,none,Kentucky,Natchez,Aug 19, 1918,Aug 20, 1918,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Aug 21, 1918,

Sterling,Johnny,29,F,C,St. Joseph,Married,Int. Obstruction,Farm,La.,Natchez Hospital,Nov 15, 1910,Nov 16, 1910,Natchez Hospital,,

Stevens,Laura,6,F,C,Natchez,Single,Typhoid Fever,,Natchez,24 Minor St.,Oct 19, 1910,Oct 20, 1910,J. B. Banks, M.D.,,

Stewart,Alfred,68,M,C,711 Franklin St.,Single,Paralysis,Laborer,Miss.,Natchez,Dec 6, 1919,Dec 6, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Stewart,Amelia,40,F,C,Woodville, Miss,Widow,Pelagra,Farm,Miss.,Hospital,Dec 10, 1911,Dec 11, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Stewart,Baby,0,F,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Still Birth,None,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Chamberlain Sanatorium,Sep 19, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Stewart,Beatrice,19,F,C,Natchez,Single,Pyosolpnx,School Teacher,Miss.,Natchez Hospital,Sep 23, 1910,Sep 24, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Stewart,Fay, Jr.,5 days,M,C,Adams Co.,Single,Iclirus Nuenatrums,,Adams Co.,Adams Co.,Mar 4, 1914,Mar 5, 1914,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,Mar 18, 1914,

Stewart,Frank,24,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Appendicitis,Laborer,Miss.,City,Dec 25, 1910,Dec 27, 1910,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Stewart,Frank,33,M,C,#9 Henderson St.,Single,Unknown, No M. D.,None,Miss.,Natchez,Dec 3, 1915,Dec 3, 1915,R. D. Sessions, M.D., H.O.,Dec 15, 1915,

Stewart,Horace,5 mo, 24 d,M,C,Phaelon Quarters,Single,Pneumonia,,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Mar 1, 1915,Mar 1, 1915,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Mar 3, 1915,

Stewart,Katie B., Mrs.,62,F,W,612 Main St., City,Married,Chronic Nephritis,Housewife,Natchez, Miss.,612 Main St., City,Dec 16, 1920,Dec 18, 1920,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Stewart,Maria,78,F,C,Natchez,Married,Diabetes Mileites,Housewife,Arkansas,405 N. Pine St.,Apr 1, 1912,Apr 1, 1912,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Stewart,Mary A., Miss,62,F,W,402 N. Pearl St., City,Single,Paralysis Agitaus,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,402 N. Pearl St., City,Apr 20, 1918,Apr 21, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,May 1, 1918,

Stewart,Mary Eliza,39,F,C,8 Orange Ave.,Single,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Laundress,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Sep 17, 1915,Sep 18, 1915,L. L. Handly,Oct 6, 1915,

Stewart,N. B., Rev.,68,M,C,#16 Cleburn St.,Married,Influenza,Minester,South America,Natchez,Jan 16, 1919,Jan 17, 1919,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,,

Stewart,Sarah,43,F,C,13 Wall St., Natchez,Widow,Cerebral Hemmorhage,Domestic,,Natchez,Feb 14, 1913,Feb 15, 1913,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Stewart,Stella Wilds, Mrs.,42,F,W,98 Homochitto St., City,Married,Ovarian Sarcanoma,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,Her Residence,Aug 2, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Stewart,Thomas N.,76,M,C,65 1/2 St Catherine St.,Widower,Acute Nephritis,Blacksmith,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jul 3, 1915,Aug 2, 1915,J. C. Mazique, M.D.,Aug 4, 1915,

Stiles,Wm. Eugene,29,M,W,519 Canal St.,Single,Typhoid fever,Iorn Moulder,Natchez, Miss.,519 N. Canal St,Jul 24, 1910,Jul 23, 1910,C. T. Chamberlin, M.D.,,

Stills,Marie Jane,71,F,C,71 Water St.,Married,Cirrhisos of liver,Housework,Miss.,Natchez,Jan 7, 1916,Jan 8, 1916,P. Beekman, M.D.,Jan 19, 1916,

Stine,Lizzie, Mrs.,25,F,W,Basdore, Ark.,Married,Puerpural Eclampsia,Housewife,Ark.,Hospital,Sep 9, 1911,Sep 9, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Stockman,Jane B., Miss,75,F,W,413 S. Commerce, City,Single,Cerebral Embolism,At Home,Natchez, Miss.,413 S. Commerce, City,Sep 30, 1919,Oct 1, 1919,C. V. Champlain, M.D.,,

Stockman,Sarah,31,F,C,#19 N. Wall St.,Widow,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Domestic,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Jun 21, 1921,Jun 22, 1921,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.,,

Stokes,May Ella,22,F,C,Lenwood, Adams Co.,Married,Ruptured Tubal Pregnancy,Farming,Mississippi,Natchez, Adams Co., Mississippi,Dec 19, 1918,Dec 20, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jan 1, 1919,

Stone,Sam,69,M,W,La.,Widower,Aortic Stenosis,Brick Mason,Penn.,Natchez Hospital,Dec 27, 1910,Dec 28, 1910,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Stovall,Richard,80,M,C,Brookhaven, Miss,Widower,Arteriosclerosis / Pyonephiritis,Farm,Va.,Natchez Hospital,Jun 6, 1910,Jun 6, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Stover,Baby,1 hour,M,W,State & Pearl St.,Single,Premature birth,None,Natchez, Miss.,State & Pearl St.,Jul 17, 1919,Jul 18, 1919,J. W. D. Dicks, M.D.,,

Strather,Angeline,90,F,C,#30 Beach St.,Widow,Old Age,Laborer,Louisville, Ky.,Natchez,Feb 7, 1912,Feb 8, 1912,J. C. French, M.D., H.O.,,

Strawther,Mattie,65,F,C,Natchez,Widow,Fever,Cook,Wilkinson Co.,Metcalf Alley,Jul 22, 1910,Jul 23, 1910,Mackel, Undertaker,,

Street,Gasby,41,M,C,#413 N. Rankin St.,Married,Valvular Disease Heart,Laborer,Claiborne County,Natchez,Apr 7, 1912,Apr 8, 1912,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Stripling,Jas.,11,M,C,Jeffries, La,Single,Traumatic Pertionitis,School Boy,Fairview, La.,Natchez Sanatorium,Apr 2, 1915,Apr 3, 1915,P. Beekman, M.D.,Apr 7, 1915,by M. Beekman, M.D.

Strouder,Pete,76,M,C,Natchez, Miss.,Married,Intestional obstruction,Wood Cutter,La.,Hospital,Jan 17, 1910,Jan 17, 1910,Natchez Hospital, J. Whitaker, M.D.,,

Sturkey,Geo.,33,M,C,Hermanville, Miss.,Widower,Pulmonary T.B.,Porter,Ala.,Hospital,Mar 26, 1912,Mar 26, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Stutzman,Jake Otto, Jr.,3 mo, 18 d,M,W,313 N. Rankin St., City,Single,Colitis,None,Natchez, Miss.,313 N. Rankin St., City,Mar 15, 1920,Mar 17, 1920,McD. Watkins, M.D.,,

Stutzman,Letitia E., Mrs.,58 y 7 mon,F,W,#109 N. Pine St., City,Married,Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Housewife,Wilkinson Co., Miss.,Her Residence,Sep 14, 1914,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Stutzman,Sidney E.,18 y, 6 mo,M,W,Mobile, Ala.,Single,T. B.'s - Lung & Larynx,Brother Sacred Heart,Ft. Adams, Miss.,505 N. Pine St., City,Jan 30, 1919,Jan 31, 1919,E. B. French, M.D.,,see entry for Bro. Hugh

Sullivan,Albert B.,60,M,W,Meadville, Miss.,Married,Septic Peritonitis,Farmer,Miss.,Natchez Sanatorium,Sep 18, 1920,,C. T. Chamberlain, M.D.,,

Sutton,Alex,14,M,C,Silver Creek, Miss.,Single,Gun shot of thigh,Farmer,Miss.,Hospital,Nov 12, 1911,Nov 13, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Swain,Mary Ann, Mrs.,74,F,W,604 Jefferson St., City,Widow,Pyelo Nephritis,At Home,New Orleans, La,,604 Jefferson St, City,Feb 12, 1918,Feb 12, 1918,Jno. F. Chamberlain, M.D.,Feb 20, 1918,

Swain,Roy Beekman,3,M,W,19 Devereux St.,Single,Convulsions,None,Natchez, Miss.,19 Devereux St., City,Jun 25, 1920,Jun 25, 1920,P. Beekman, M.D.,,

Swan,Willie,32,M,C,Mount Reny, La,Married,Mitral Regurg,Farm,La,Hospital,Feb 8, 1912,Feb 9, 1912,Natchez Hospital,,

Swancy,Jane Anna,29,F,C,20 N. Wall St.,Married,Influenza,Domestic,M V Louisiania,Natchez,Nov 21, 1918,Nov 22, 1918,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Dec 4, 1918,

Swartz,G. S., Jr., Rev.,76,M,C,717 Franklin St.,Married,Uraemia,Minester,Louisiania,Natchez,Jan 14, 1916,Jan 15, 1916,A. W. Dumas, M.D.,Jan 19, 1916,

Swayze,Frank,43,M,W,Natchez, Miss.,Single,Pul. Embolis,Farmer,Natchez,Hospital,Jul 30, 1911,Jul 31, 1911,Natchez Hospital,,

Swayze,Sinah A., Mrs.,83,F,W,407 N. Commerce St., City,Widow,Intestinal Obstruction,At Home,Kingston, Miss.,407 N. Commerce St., City,Nov 25, 1915,Nov 25, 1915,McD. Watkins, M.D.,Dec 15, 1915,

Swift,Lenard,3 mos,M,C,#500 N. Canal St.,,Gastro Entero Colitis,Baby,Natchez, Miss.,Natchez, Miss.,Dec 1, 1921,Dec 2, 1921,Wm. R. Johnson, M.D.

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