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 Participants in
The Confederate Ball, 1940

Natchez, Adams County, MS


Sponsored by the Pilgrimate Garden Club, of Natchez Mississippi, the 1940 Confederate Ball was held in the city auditorium on March 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 11th, 15th, and 16th.

The Ball was dedicated to the Ante-Bellum mansion, Devereux, which celebrated it's 100th year of existance, in 1940.

TABLEAUX - Under the direction of the Ball Committee composed of:
  • BELTZHOOVER, Mrs. Melchoir
  • BOOTH, Miss Rilla Lee
  • BROWN, Mrs. Frederick
  • COUILLARD, Mrs. Jeff
  • EIDT, Mrs. Earl
  • ELLIS, Mrs. A. K.
  • FAUNTLEROY, Mrs. Frank
  • FELTUS, Mrs. William
  • GWIN, Mrs. Lucien
  • HENDERSON, Mrs. Reber
  • JONES, Mrs. Raymond
  • JUNKIN, Mrs. David
  • JUNKIN, Mrs. John R.
  • KENDALL, Mrs. William
  • McCABE, Mrs. Sam
  • MERRILL, Mrs. Carolyn
  • MILLER, Mrs. Balfour
  • MOORE, Mrs. W. A.
  • PATTERSON, Mrs. James
  • POOLE, Miss Treeby V.
  • PRICHARTT, Mrs. Howard
  • PURNELL, Mrs. Clement
  • WOOD, Mrs. B. P.

  • BARTH, Mr. Harry King and his Orchestra
  • BRADEN, Sr., Mrs. W. H.
  • CLAUDE, Miss Wilhelmina
  • ENOCHS, Mrs. Emmett



    Dancers trained by Miss Treeby B. POOLE of the Poole School of Dancing.

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