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"Bubbles" - 1921 Natchez High School Yearbook


Boys Varsity, and Girls' Team

Boys Varsity Team

Top Row:
Billy Roth, lg;  George Healy, Business Manager and s;  Miss Stanley, Coach;
William Ogden, s;  Ford Taylor, rg.

Bottom Row:
Orrick Metcalfe, rf;  Edward Salmon, c;  Bernard Moritz, lf.

Not Appearing:  George Barton, s

Girls' Team

Top Row:
Grace Anderson, s;  Estelle Reed, s;  Alberta Stuart, s;  Gladys Stuart, s;  Evelyn Farr, s;
Helen Miles, s;  Miss Stanley, Coach

Bottom Row:
Margaret Montgomery, g;  Miriam Till, lf;  Bess Holden Bahin, c;
Katherine Miller, rf;  Leny Mitchell, g.

Not Appearing:  Ruth Scudamore, c

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