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Birth Returns 1910/1921

City of Natchez, Adams Co, Mississippi

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Childs Name - # - Sex - Race- Date Born - Place Born - Alive Y/N - Mother's Name - Age - Mother's Residence - Father's Name - Age - Occupation - Reported By - Notes 
CAGE, Precious 1 F B 2-Dec-1911 24 Green Y ROSE, Prim 21 24 Green CAGE, Clarence 28 Laboring Man Julia Foster

CAGE, Anna 1 F B 21-Oct-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y FLETCHER, Mattie 32 721 Cemetery St. CAGE, Gloster 30 Laborer G. Miller

CALDWELL, Alexander Carl, Jr. 1 M W 19-Nov-1914 Cor. Linton Ave. & Oak St.; Y KENNEDY, Sarah 25 Alexandria, La. CALDWELL, Alexander C. 32 P. O. Inspector J. S. Ullman M.D.

TRIM, not reported 1 M W 12-Feb-1912 Natchez Hospital Y TRIM, Ceneth 22 Wesson, Miss. CALDWELL, Geo. 35 Timberman Natchez Hospital

GREEN, Fleeta 4 F B 20-Jun-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y GREEN, Virginia 27 Natchez, Miss. CALHOUN, Peter 30 Farmer Francis Davis; illegitimate

CALHOUN, Rea 7 F B 1-Aug-1918 Quitman Lane Y GREEN, Virginia 30 Quitman Lane CALHOUN, Peter 41 Farmer Biana Washington

CALHOUN, Robert D., Jr. 1 M W 29-Sep-1918 Natchez Sanatorium Y PERRAULT, Anna Maria 25 Vidalia, La. CALHOUN, Robert D., Sr. 38 Lawyer P. Beekman M.D.

CALHOUN, Mary Elizabeth Duncan 1 F B 4-Jan-1919 10 Cleburne Y; DUNCAN, Cecla 17; 10 Cleburne; CALHOUN, Sidney 21; Scheoffer A. C. Houston R.N.

CALLON, Fred L. 3 M W 18-Sep-1914 Adams Co. Y CHASE, Anna 29 Adams Co. CALLON, F. L. 41 Planter R. D. Sessions M.D.

CAMBLE, Chado 2 M B 5-Apr-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y MILLER, Dela 24 18 Rembert CAMBLE, Junus 30 Labor Margaret Brown

CAMPBELL, not reported 4 M W 22-Oct-1912 Franklin & Wall St. Y MCMILLIAN, Inez 33; 722 N. Pearl St. CAMPBELL, J. E. 36 Barber E. B. French M.D. Born at McMillian House

CAMPBELL, Ruby 6 F W 21-Sep-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y COUISE, Vinai 25 Natchez, Miss. CAMPBELL, J. J. 31 Salesman W. H. Aikman M.D.

CAMPBELL, Beula 7 F W 2-Nov-1910 Natchez Hospital Y RIALS, Josie 32 Brookhaven CAMPBELL, Joe. 45 not reported John S. Ruoff M.D. Born 6 A.M.; Father dead

CAMPBELL, Edwin 7 M W 15-Dec-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y CRUZE, Betsy 28 Natchez, Miss. CAMPBELL, Joe. J. 33 Book Keeper W. H. Aikman M.D.

CAMPBELL, Marion Elizabeth 1 F W 10-Aug-1920 808 N. Rankin St. Y BOWLES, Marion Elizabeth 24 Natchez, Miss. CAMPBELL, Leonidas A. 27 Automobile Mech. J. S. Ullman M.D.

CAMPBELL, William O. 1 M W 26-Aug-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y HAWK, Mary 23 Natchez, Miss. CAMPBELL, O. A. 34 Farmer H. M. Smith M.D.

CAMPBELL, Clara Marettie 2 F W 6-Mar-1920 Woodlawn Y WILLIAMS, Gladys Mae 18 Duck Pond, Miss. (Adams Co.); CAMPBELL, Percy Leon 21 Farmer Marcus Beekman M.D.

CAR, Rosa 1 F B 25-Oct-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y MOSE, Mary 17 Natchez, Miss. CAR, Robert 19 Laborer Katherine Brown

CARKEET, Shirley Rose 2 F W 3-Feb-1920 823 Main St. Y CARKEET, Anna Rose 22 Natchez, Miss. CARKEET, John Lamar 32 Book Keeper P. Beekman M.D.

CARKEET, John Lamar, Jr. 1 M W 5-Apr-1918 Natchez Sanitorium Y CARKEET, Anna Rose 20 Vidalia, La. CARKEET, John Lamar, Sr. 30 Bookkeeper P. Beekman M.D.

CARMAN, Frank Joseph 3 M W 10-Apr-1919 26 Magnolia St. Y FITT, Annie Joseph 19 26 Magnolia St. CARMAN, Alfred Burton 30 Laborer Marcus Beekman M.D.

CARMAN, Juanita 2 F W 11-Nov-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y WILSON, Etta 28 Natchez, Miss. CARMAN, H. M. 32 R.R. Flagman R. D. Sessions M.D. 8 a.m.

CARMEN, Mabel Louise 4 F W 26-May-1921 1 Magnolia Vale Y FITT, Annie Josephile 20 1 Magnolia Vale CARMEN, Alfred Burton 30 Machinist Marcus Beekman M.D.

CARMEN, Wm. 1 M W 27-Oct-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y FITTS, Annie J. 16 Natchez, Miss. CARMEN, H. B. 26 Fisherman McDonald Watkins M.D.

CARMEN, not reported 2 M W 13-Oct-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y FITTS, Annie 23 Natchez, Miss. CARMEN, Jno. 30 Fisherman McDonald Watkins M.D.

CARMITE, not reported 3 F B 5-Aug-1916 Natchez, Miss. N RUSSELL, Mary 30 19 Lincoln Ave. CARMITE, Wil 35 Laborer A. W. Dumas M.D.

CARNEY, Wm. Beverly 1 M W 3-May-1917 103 S. Broadway Y CAMPBELL, Adelina Patti 21 103 S. Broadway CARNEY, W. K. 28 Clerk Y & M.V.MM. C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

CARNEY, not reported 2 M W 3-Sep-1920 617 State St. Y CAMPBELL, Patsie 25 617 State St. CARNEY, W. K. 32 Clerk, Y & M V R.R. C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

CAROTHERS, Mabel 1 F W 17-Aug-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y MOORE, Sallie Abell, Miss 25 Natchez, Miss. CAROTHERS, Abner G. 31 Machinest P. Beekman M.D.

CARR, Manual 2 M B 19-Feb-1916 187 Homochitto St. Y ALLEN, Mary Ella 29 187 Homochitto St. CARR, Manual 27 Railroad Hand Katherine Brown

CARR, Nellie 1 F B 8-Dec-1914 Homochitto St. Y DOLAN, Mary 17 Homochitto St. CARR, Manuel 23 Saw Mill Katherine Brown

CARR, Elbert 2 M B 6-May-1918 27 Homochitto St. Y TILMORE, Bell 20 27 Homochitto St. CARR, Manuel 40 Gardner Johanna Banks

CARR, Dora 4 F B 15-Apr-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y ALLEN, Mary 24 Taylors Ave. CARR, Manuell 29 Station Man Joania Banks

CARR, Earnstien 3 F B 6-Dec-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y ALLEN, Mary 21 187 Homochitto CARR, Mun Dick 26 Public Works Johana Banks born in a.m.

CARR, George 1 M B 26-Jul-1918 400 Wall St. Y ROWAN, Isabelle 29 400 Wall St. CARR, Sam 33 Laborer A. C. Houston 7:20 a.m.

CARROLL, James T., Jr. 1 M W 18-Jul-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y MAYO, Lela 21 Wisner, La. CARROLL, James T. 31 Gen'l Contractor R. D. Sessions M.D.

CARROUTH, J. D. 1 M W 21-Sep-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y SHORBER, Miss 22 McComb City, Miss. CARROUTH, A. 30 Conductor I.C.R.R. McDonald Watkins M.D.

CARTER, Alex 6 M B 7-Apr-1919 2 Rennol St. Y MINOR, Ruth 27 2 Rennol St. CARTER, Alex 30 Farmer Lizzie Rhone

CARTER, Vanie 2 F B 9-Mar-1912 Natchez Hospital Y WESTLEY, Frances 22 Natchez, Miss. CARTER, Doyle 24 Saw Mill Natchez Hospital

CARTER, Edgar 3 F B 18-Sep-1910 24 Garden St. Y ROBSON, Ina 20 24 Garden St. CARTER, Edar 22 Labor Man Julia Foster

CARTER, Elizabeth 5 F B 17-Apr-1918 #3 Rennel St. Y MINOR, Ruth 24 #3 Rennel St. CARTER, Elie 30 Farmer Lizzie Rhone

CARTER, Alice 2 F B 14-Apr-1914 Bucker Track Y ROBERSON, Sinnia 23 N. Union CARTER, Harser 29 Public Work Patsie Whiting

CARTER, Hettie Marie 2 F W 10-Nov-1911 Oak St. Y GODBOLT, Bettie 23 Jeanette P.O., Adams Co.; CARTER, Hillary W. 26 Farmer J. S. Ullman M.D.

CASE, Edward Erle 2 M W 15-Aug-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y WELLS, Rhoda 38 Natchez, Miss. CASE, A. C. 55 Saw Mill Man R. D. Sessions M.D.

CASE, not reported 4 M W 17-Jul-1911 606 Jefferson St. Y O'NEAL, Mary 24 606 Jefferson St. CASE, R. W. 27 R.R. Clerk E. B. French M.D.

CASE, not reported 5 F W 10-Nov-1913 606 Jefferson St. Y O'NEAL, Mary 27 606 Jefferson St. CASE, Rich'd W. 30 R.R. Clerk E. B. French M.D.

CASEY, William H. 1 M B 19-Sep-1917 706 Bluff St. Y HOLMES, Marim E. 23 706 Bluff St. CASEY, William 38 Minister A. C. Houston R.N. 3:40 a.m.

not reported 1 M B 15-Feb-1910 Natchez, Miss. N NEWHELL, Katie 27 Natchez, Miss. CASEY, Wm. M. 33 Minister P. Beekman M.D.

CASTON, not reported 4 M W 15-Aug-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y WENTWORTH, Addie 26 Natchez, Miss. CASTON, Sam 27 R.R. Fireman C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

CASTON, not reported 2 M B 25-Oct-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y SIMMONS, Lebelle 18 St. Catherine St. CASTON, Willie 20 Railroad Labor Margaret Brown

CASTON, Eugine 2 F B 16-May-1914 Liberty Road Y CARROL, Nettie 21 Liberty Road CASTON, Worthy 22 Public Work Margarette Brown

CATANIA, not reported 4 M W 18-Feb-1919 210 N. Union Y POLIZZI, Marie 35 210 N. Union CATANIA, Geo. 45 Barber E. B. French M.D.

CATANIA, Rosie D. 2 F W 1-Jul-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y POLIZZI, Mary 27 State and Union CATANIA, George 37 Barber G. A. Taylor

CATANIA, not reported 3 M W 2-Oct-1915 210 N. Union St. Y POLIZZI, Mary 32 210 N. Union St. CATANIA, George 42 Barber C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

CATCHINGS, Walter Lee, Jr. 1 M W 13-May-1920 Natchez Sanatorium Y SNYDER, Maime 25 Helenna Ark. CATCHINGS, Walter Lee, Sr. 29 Cotton Buyer J. W. D. Dicks M.D.

CHAMBERLAIN, not reported 2 F W 22-Feb-1913 308 Franklin St. Y JONES, Ett-Elise 32 300 N. Pearl St. CHAMBERLAIN, C. T. 32 Physician C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

CHAMBERLAIN, not reported 1 F W 19-Aug-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y HARRISON, Mabel 32 Natchez, Miss. CHAMBERLAIN, John T. 33 Physician C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

CHAMBERLAIN, Albert 1 M B 20-Sep-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y GREEN, Florence 20 Natchez, Miss. CHAMBERLAIN, Wm. 24 Chaffeur Polly Dison

CHAMBERS, Mack 1 M B 18-Mar-1911 Natchez Hospital N CHAMBERS, Sarah 20 Port Gibson CHAMBERS, Howard 30 Farmer Natchez Hospital

CHAMPTON, Endna 6 F B 14-Apr-1921 Natchez, Miss. N CHAMPTON, Josephine 32 29 Silver St. CHAMPTON, Daniel 36 Farms Annie Byrd

CHANDLER, not reported 1 M W 24-Dec-1911 4 Briel Ave. Y GOVNER, Henrietta 24 4 Briel Ave. CHANDLER, W. D. 37 Mate, Str. Cordill C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

CHANEY, not reported 1 F W 29-Sep-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y RUTHERFORD, Miss 25 Natchez, Miss. CHANEY, A. 30 Lineman McDonald Watkins M.D.

CHANEY, not reported 2 M W 27-Feb-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y RUTHERFORD, Miss 25 Natchez, Miss. CHANEY, Albert 30 Electrician McDonald Watkins M.D.

CHANEY, not reported 3 F B 23-Mar-1917 66 St. Catherine St. Y RUTHERFORD, Jennie 28; 66 St. Catherine St.; CHANEY, Albert Z. 26 Telephone Lineman E. B. French M.D.

not reported, Olga Lavington 5 F B 28-Aug-1911 22 W. Woodlawn Y CHATMAN, Sally 25 22 W. Woodlawn CHATMAN, Chas. 35 Coachman J. S. Ullman M.D.

CHENEY, not reported 2 F W 7-Sep-1912 713 N. Pine St. Y HEGG, Robbie 24 713 N. Pine St. CHENEY, Edgar 28 Lineman A. J. Foster

not reported 1 M B 24-Mar-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y BRISCOE, Alice 26 17 Woodlawn CHIPLY, Sherman 30 Laborer A. W. Dumas M.D.

CHRISTINA, Hary 3 M B 31-Aug-1912 16 Garden Y JEEMIS, Ellnara 25 Garden St. CHRISTINA, Eddie 33 Laboring Man Julia Foster

CHRISTMAS, Eva Victoria 1 F B 18-Aug-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y BROOKS, Phebbil 17 16 Bolds Alley CHRISTMAS, James 60 Preacher Joanna Banks 137 Homochitto St.

CHRISTMAS, Robert 2 M B 8-Oct-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y MERCY, not reported 23 17 Pernel Hill CHRISTMAS, Walter 37 Saw Mill Laborer Jennie Roland

CLARK, Willie 7 M B 7-Dec-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y WORNICK, Sarah 39 N. Wall St. CLARK, Jim 41 City Waterworks Jennie Roland

CLARK, Mary Evelyn 1 F W 14-Jan-1921 N. Rankin St. Y SIMMONS, Marey A. 23 N. Rankin St. CLARK, Robt. T., Jr. 25 Hotel Proprietor J. W. D. Dicks M.D.

CLARK, Wade 2 M B 11-Aug-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y NEAL, Laura 29 5 Obrien St. CLARK, Wade 29 Common Labor Bianna washington

CLARK, Thomas 4 M B 9-Apr-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y NEAL, Laura 26 Obrient St. CLARK, Wade 33 Blacksmith Maggie Jackson

CLARK, not reported 1 F B 24-Feb-1921 Natchez, Miss. N MACY, Georgeia 20 St. Catherine CLARK, Willie 30 Farmer Margret Brown

CLAUGHTON, Aunee Lee 1 F W 19-Sep-1911 Natchez Hospital Y SEAB, Nora 38 White Apple CLAUGHTON, O. P. 50 Planter Natchez Hospital

COBB, not reported 4 F W 30-Jan-1915 512 N. Wall Y DAWSON, Minie 41 512 N. Wall COBB, J. E. 43 Carpenter C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

COBB, not reported 1 M W 4-Jun-1913 624 Cemetery St. Y GRAVES, Adelia 25 624 Cemetery St. COBB, Silas 19 Carpenter C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

COBB, not reported 2 F W 9-Jan-1915 624 Cemetery St. Y GRAVES, Adelia 26 624 Cemetery St. COBB, Silas 20 Carpenter C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

COCHRAN, J. C., Jr. 1 M W 24-Sep-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y HENRY, L. 25 Natchez, Miss. COCHRAN, J. C. 40 Merchant and Planter McDonald Watkins M.D.

COCKERHAIN, not reported 2 M W 24-Jun-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y SPINX, Miss 22 Natchez, Miss. COCKERHAIN, H. L., Dr. 30 Physician McDonald Watkins M.D.

not reported 2 M W 4-Oct-1921 216 S. Wall St. Y HAZELWOOD, Ruth Gould 23 216 S. Wall St. COFER, Wallace Washington 25 Mattress Finisher Marcus Beekman M.D.

COHN, Heiman 1 M W 13-Feb-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y TICHE, Rose 31 Lorman, Miss. COHN, Daniel 33 Merchant L. H. Lamkin M.D.

COLEMAN, Freda 2 F B 14-Sep-1919 23 Reynolds St. Y PERKINS, Bertha 23 23 Reynolds St. COLEMAN, Richard 33 Steam Boat Man Lizzie C. Rhone

COLEMAN, Warren 1 M B 27-Jul-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y SNEALS, Rosa 17 Bank Alley COLEMAN, Valley 26 Engineer Maggie Jackson

COLEMAN, Valley, Jr. 2 M B 2-Feb-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y SNELL, Jauanita 19 Market COLEMAN, Valley 27 Lumber man Maggie Jackson

COLEMAN, not reported 2 M W 6-Feb-1915 606 Orleans St. Y HOLLOMAN, Rowena 26 606 Orleans St. COLEMAN, W. D., Dr. 34 Dentist C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

COLEMAN, not reported 7 F B 5-Feb-1912 Natchez Hospital Y LEWIS, Celia 34 Harriston COLEMAN, Wm. 38 Farm Natchez Hospital

COLLENDER, not reported 1 M W 22-Apr-1917 Chamberlain Sanatorium; Y COLENDER, Steve Ruth 22 Selma, Miss. COLLENDER, B. H. 22 Farmer C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

COLLIER, Edward Lee 6 M B 30-Mar-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y BURNS, Bertha 37 57 Homochitto St COLLIER, William 36 Farming Johana Banks

COLLIER, Laura Marie 4 F B 23-Aug-1910 Natchez Hospital Y not reported, Virginia 26 Islands P.O., Miss.; COLLIER, Wm. 35 Farm Natchez Hospital

COLLINS, Samuel 1 M B 16-Feb-1912 Quitman Lane Y HOWARD, Irene 16 Quitman Lane COLLINS, Bud 30 Laborer Doroithy Webber

COLLINS, Willie 2 M B 21-May-1917 DeMarco Alley Y ELVENY, Florence 24 DeMarco Alley COLLINS, James 63 Farming Margaret Brown

COLLINS, Mildred 2 F W 18-Dec-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y GODBOLD, Bernice 25 Natchez, Miss. COLLINS, Jas. 29 R. R. Engineer R. D. Sessions M.D.

COLLINS, Levy Thomas 1 M W 3-Oct-1920 Natchez Sanatorium Y CORDILL, Bernice 24 L'Argeat, La. COLLINS, L. T. 27 Planter R. D. Sessions M.D.

COLSTON, not reported F B 17-Aug-1911 Natchez, Miss. not reported not reported COLSTON, Robt. not reported not reported No birth return but on State report

CONFER, Dortha May 1 F B 21-Dec-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y HENDERSON, Lucille 16 57 Homochitto St. CONFER, Bismark 22 Soldier Joanay Banks

CONFER, Jennie Lee 2 F B 7-Dec-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y HENDERSON, Lucille 17 10 Taylor Ave. CONFER, Bismark 24 Waiter Joanna Bank

CONFER, Rosie 7 F B 7-Sep-1910 Hommscheter St. Y SCOTT, Emlia 37 Gellen Quarters CONFER, James 42 Porter G. A. Taylor

CONFORD, Bessmar 3 M B 18-Dec-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y HENDSON, Kate 20 ??? Alley CONFORD, Bussmae 24 Laboring Man Joanna Banks Born 7 a.m., 137 Homochitto St.

CONGEMI, Frank 9 M W 30-Oct-1919 632 N. Pine St. Y CONGEMI, Antonina 38 632 N. Pine St. CONGEMI, Toney 50 Merchant A. C. Houston R.N.

CONNER, Aaron, Jr. 1 M B 1-Oct-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y WADE, Maguite 16 Wood St. CONNER, Aaron 24 Porter Maggie Jackson

CONNER, Maylue 5 F B 10-Sep-1920 Point Plantation Y GREEN, Perleney 28 Point Plantation CONNER, David 30 Farmer Catherine Brown

COOK, Ruth 4 F B 1-May-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y SCOTT, Sarah 31 Oferrall Alley COOK, Arthor 38 Labor Maggie Jackson

COOK, not reported 4 F W 6-Jan-1914 501 Main St. Y STANTON, Francis 29 501 Main St. COOK, Mallory 32 Hardeware Clerk C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

not reported 3 F W 20-Mar-1912 Cor. Union & Monroe; Y STANTON, Frances not reported COOKE, Mallery not reported S. Winchester

COON, Jas. McD. 2 M W 14-Feb-1911 Natchez Hospital Y not reported 19 Brookhaven COON, Jas. 24 Farmer Natchez Hospital

COOPER, not reported 1 M W 19-Jan-1917 Natchez, Miss. N STARNS, Ruth 20 Natchez, Miss. COOPER, C. E. 23 Levee Contractor McDonald Watkins M.D.

COOPER, Chas. E., Jr. 3 M W 24-Nov-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y STARNES, Ruth 22 Natchez, Miss. COOPER, C. E. 26 Levee Contractor McDonald Watkins M.D.

COOPER, not reported 3 F W 29-Jul-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y DORSEY, Sena 27 Natchez, Miss. COOPER, E. E. 27 R. A. Conductor McDonald Watkins M.D.

COOPER, not reported 3 F W 27-Jan-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y DARSEY, Sena 27 Natchez, Miss. COOPER, E. E. 27 R. R. Conductor McDonald Watkins M.D.

COOPER, Josephine 1 F B 20-Jan-1912 Whelon Quarters Y THOMAS, Sarah 16 75 Whelon Quarters COOPER, E. Louis 20 Laboring Man Julia Foster

COOPER, Grace Virginia 1 F W 13-Sep-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y HACKLER, Grace 21 Natchez, Miss. COOPER, J. N. 33 Mill Sawyer P. Beekman M.D.

COOPER, Alberta B. 1 F B 10-May-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y TYLER, Dora 16 699 Cemetery COOPER, John 35 Laborer A. W. Dumas M.D.

COOPER, Ruby Louise 2 F W 12-Aug-1914 418 N. Broadway Y HACKLER, Grace Iseline 22 Natchez, Miss. COOPER, John N. 33 Sawyer P. Beekman M.D.

COOPER, John Newton, Jr. 3 M W 8-Aug-1920 Natchez Sanatorium Y HACKLER, Grace Iseline 28 714 N. Pearl St. COOPER, John Newton 38 Sawyer Marcus Beekman M.D. Caeserian section

CORAZZA, Blanche 1 F W 19-Dec-1918 Natchez, Miss., "Ravenna"; Y DALLALEO, Blanche 22 Natchez, Miss. CORAZZA, Adams 29 Truck Gardner P. Beekman M.D.

CORBIN, Annie 3 F B 9-Oct-1912 517 N. Rankin St. N SIMMS, Emily 34 Rankin St. CORBIN, Landon 45 Labor Man Julia Foster

CORENA, Josephina 2 F W 1-Oct-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y CORENA, Carrie 29 Natchez, Miss. CORENA, Eddie 36 Gardin Annie Johnson

COSEY, Dorris M. 2 F B 8-Feb-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y HOLMES, Marrion 24 Bluff St. COSEY, Wm. A. 45 Clergyman Maggie Jackson

COUILLARD, Mary Jane 1 F W 1-Oct-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y HAMMOND, Hettie 19 Natchez, Miss. COUILLARD, Gilbert 23 U.S. Army McDonald Watkins M.D.

COUILLARD, not reported 2 F W 18-Oct-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y HAMMOND, Hettie 23 Natchez, Miss. COUILLARD, Gilbert 25 Salesman McDonald Watkins M.D.

COULTER, Roy R., Jr. 1 M W 27-Oct-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y INNIS, Maidee 22 Antouish, Miss. COULTER, Roy R. 24 Plantation Mgr. R. D. Sessions M.D.

CRAIG, not reported 2 M B 29-Jun-1913 203 N. Pine N JONES, Anna 20 Mrs. Noonerfe CRAIG, James 23 Laboring Man Julie Foster Born 2 o'clock Saturday

CRAIG, not reported 3 M B 8-Apr-1914 203 Pine St. JONES, Annie 22 203 Pine St. CRAIG, James 24 Labor Julia Foster; Born Premature

CRAIG, Lizzer 4 F B 16-Sep-1914 203 N. Pine N JONES, Anna 22 203 N. Pine CRAIG, James 25 Labor Julia Foster

CRAIG, not reported 10 M B 6-Aug-1920 Natchez, Miss. N JONES, Annie 31 Deveraux CRAIG, James 33 Porter Maggie Jackson

CRAIGS, not reported 7 F B 19-Sep-1919 Natchez, Miss. N JONES, Annie 30 Deveraux CRAIGS, James 32 Drayman Maggie Jackson

CRAKE, Mattie Lee 1 F B 20-Oct-1921 Homochitto St. Y LEE, Thelma 17 Homochitto St. CRAKE, James 21 Laboring Man Joeanna Banks

not reported 2 F W 16-Mar-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y GEOGHEGAN, Bobbie 25 Natchez, Miss. CRANFIELD, W. J. 25 Motorman P. Beekman M.D.

CRANFIELD, Willie 3 F W 10-Sep-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y GOEHAGEN, Bobbie 32 Cannonsburg, Miss. CRANFIELD, W. J. 32 Store Keeper H. M. Smith M.D.

CRAWFORD, not reported 1 M W 8-Feb-1910 Washington St., Natchez, Miss.; Y WIGGINS, Lula 23 Memphis, Tenn. CRAWFORD, not reported 35 Telephone Co. R. D. Sessions M.D.

CREG, Lucy 5 F B 16-Aug-1915 6 Abbott N JONES, Annie 23 Natchez, Miss. CREG, James 26 Laborer Julia Foster

CROSLEY, Frank 2 M B 15-Feb-1919 18 Minor St. Y TURNER, Marrie 21 18 Minor St. CROSLEY, Frank R.R. A. C. Houston R.N.

CROTHERS, Karl Moore 3 M W 22-Dec-1914 126 Deveraux St. Y MOORE, Sallie 28 Natchez, Miss. CROTHERS, Abner G. 34 Machinist P. Beekman M.D.

CROTHERS, Howard Beekman 4 M W 16-Mar-1918 817 N. Rankin Y MOORE, Sallie 32 Natchez, Miss. CROTHERS, Abner G. 38 Engineer P. Beekman M.D.

CROTHERS, Howie Marvin 1 M W 8-Oct-1913 408 N. Pine St. Y LIPSCOMB, Marcia 24 408 N. Pine St. CROTHERS, H. S. 27 Sec. Mallery Gro. Co. E. B. French M.D.

CROWSON, not reported 7 F W 16-Jan-1918 218 St. Catherine Y COPELAND, Ollie 40 Natchez, Miss. CROWSON, W. R. 42 Manager Farm W. H. Aikman M.D. Will probably name child Minnie

CRUEWS, Daird 7 M B 22-Oct-1919 Holden Lane Y SMALLWOOD, Ema 35 Holden Lane CRUEWS, Monroe 39 Millwright A. C. Houston R.N.

CRUTCHFIELD, Etha 3 F W 9-Mar-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y BROWN, Hilda 31 Natchez, Miss. CRUTCHFIELD, C. L. 31 Box Maker H. M. Smith M.D.

CUMMINGS, Virginia Bell 1 F W 10-Jan-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y CRAWFORD, Zelma Lee 21 615 N. Wall CUMMINGS, Geo. Dewey 21 Cotton Mill Marcus Beekman M.D.

CURRY, not reported 1 F W 6-Apr-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y GREEN, Adaline 20 Natchez, Miss. CURRY, Lee J. 22 Mechanic McDonald Watkins M.D.

CURRY, not reported 2 M W 22-Jul-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y GREEN, Adelaid 25 Natchez, Miss. CURRY, Lee T. 30 Painter McDonald Watkins M.D.

CURTIN, Robt. Foster 2 M W 9-Sep-1920 Natchez Sanatorium Y TRAINOR, Kate 32 Stephenson, Miss. CURTIN, J. H. 34 Sales Mgr., F.C. Lbr. Co R. D. Sessions M.D.

not reported 9 M B 27-Oct-1912 8 Minor Lane, City N not reported, Martha 29 Dunbarton, Adams Co.; CURTIS, Harrison 38 Farmer Marcus Beekman M.D.

CURTIS, James 1 M B 27-Oct-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNSON, Jane 19 St. Catherine CURTIS, Mathew 21 Labor Maggie Jackson

CURTIS, Abraham L. 2 M B 25-Jun-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNSON, Zana 20 Stier Lane CURTIS, Mathew 22 Porter Maggie Jackson