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(Continued) Birth Returns 1910/1921

City of Natchez, Adams Co, Mississippi

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Childs Name - # - Sex - Race- Date Born - Place Born - Alive Y/N - Mother's Name - Age - Mother's Residence - Father's Name - Age - Occupation - Reported By - Notes

HAAS, Lee 2 F B 12-Oct-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y ELLIS, Ruth 18 Foley Alley HAAS, Jancis Lee 21 Labor Maggie Jackson

HACKLER, not reported 1 M W 9-Dec-1912 414 Madison St. Y GIBSON, Vivian 20 414 Madison St. HACKLER, J. Ed. 27 Brick Layer J. S. Ullman M.D.

HAILE, not reported 5 F W 6-Sep-1910 Jefferson St., Natchez; Y not reported 33 Natchez, Miss. HAILE, J. M. 38 Night Watchman W. T. Jones M.D.

HALE, Beverly Lucy 3 F W 24-Oct-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y LACY, Effie 32 Natchez, Miss. HALE, W. H. 49 Contractor R. D. Sessions M.D.

HALE, Wm. Herbert 4 M W 9-Feb-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y LACY, Effie 32 Natchez, Miss. HALE, Wm. H. 50 Contractor R. D. Sessions M.D.

not reported 4 W 1-Feb-1911 St. Catherine St. N not reported 30 St. Catherine St. HALEY, R. S. 35 Carpenter W. T. Jones M.D. Born at 3 months

HALEY, not reported 4 M W 5-Apr-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y BERRY, Eugenia 28 Natchez, Miss. HALEY, R. S. 38 Carpenter R. D. Sessions M.D.

HALEY, Alice 6 F W 13-May-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y BERRY, Eugen 37 Natchez, Miss. HALEY, R. S. 47 Millwright H. M. Smith M.D.

HALL, Hazel 4 F B 25-Oct-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y REAUANS, Fannie 37 Elkraham Aly HALL, Dick 47 Labor Maggie Jackson

HALL, Ella 5 F B 14-Jul-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y RANSOM, Fannie 40 Elkaham Alley HALL, Dick 42 Labor Maggie Jackson

HALL, not reported 2 F W 10-Oct-1911 Madison St., City Y WILSON, Florence 21 Madison St., City HALL, Estes 25 Driver of Bread Wagon C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HALL, not reported 5 M W 7-Feb-1919 Shady Side Y WILSON, Florence 27 Shady Side HALL, Estes 33 Driver for Bakery E. B. French M.D.

HALL, not reported 3 F W 8-Aug-1913 633 N. Pine St. Y WILSON, Florence 22 633 N. Pine St. HALL, Estes A. 28 Grocer C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HALL, not reported 4 M W 16-Jan-1917 107 Shadyside St. Y WILSON, Florence 25 107 Shadyside St. HALL, Estes P. 31 Driver for Bakery E. B. French M.D.

HALL, Everlena 1 M B 17-Nov-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y HALL, not reported 15 23 St. Catherine St.; HALL, Henery 19 Public Work; P. Disson

HALL, Bertha Night 1 F B 14-Dec-1916 George Alley Y NIGHT, Alice 20 George Alley HALL, Ike 25 Labor Margaret Brown

HALL, James, Jr. 1 M B 17-Nov-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y COOPER, Amda 23 Natchez, Miss. HALL, James 22 Jobing Francis Davis

HALL, Edward James 1 M W 31-Jan-1914 163 St. Catherine St.; Y NETTLES, Oliva Mae 26 Natchez, Miss. HALL, James M. 25 Clerk P. Beekman M.D.

HALL, not reported 1 F W 12-Jun-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y MCGRITE, not reported 25 Natchez, Miss. HALL, W. T. 30 Merchant McDonald Watkins M.D.

HAMILTON, not reported F B 16-Feb-1912 Natchez Hospital Y ELLIS, Claude 19 Ferriday, La. HAMILTON, Burke 24 Auto Driver Natchez Hospital

HAMILTON, Burl 2 M B 15-Oct-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y DULLEY, Parfenia 26 St. Catherine HAMILTON, Burl 36 Labor Maggie Jackson

HAMILTON, Fonzy 5 M B 25-May-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y DAVIS, Hattie 32 122 Wall St. HAMILTON, Tommie 43 Laboring Man Julia Foster

HAMLET, Ruth 2 F W 3-Sep-1914 Natchez Sanitorium Y STEPHENSON, Ruth 37 Adams Co. HAMLET, James B. 57 Planter R. D. Sessions M.D.

HAMMET, not reported 1 M B 15-May-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y JENKINS, Lesa 17 Natchez, Miss. HAMMET, Adam 35 Money Lending Jo Anna Banks

not reported 11 F W 7-Aug-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y MARTIN, not reported 42 504 Canal St. HAMMETT, E. D. 50 Laborer Julia Foster

HAMMETT, not reported 14 F W 28-Dec-1920 401 N. Pine St. Y PERRAULT, Mary 41 401 N. Pine St. HAMMETT, E. D. 62 Contractor H. M. Smith M.D.

HAMMETT, not reported 7 F W 9-May-1919 811 Washington St. Y PERRAULT, Madeline 39 Natchez, Miss. HAMMETT, Everett Dodd 60 Contractor (house moving E. B. French M.D.

HAMMETT, not reported 1 M W 3-Apr-1911 702 N. Pearl St., City; Y ROSSIN, Ida 20 702 N. Pearl St., City; HAMMETT, Fred not reported C. T. Chamberlain M.D. Father Deceased

HAMMETT, not reported 1 M W 12-Feb-1911 St. Catherine St. Y MORGAN, Mary 18 St. Catherine St. HAMMETT, G. C. 24 Money Lender C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HAMMETT, not reported 2 M W 3-Aug-1913 304 Jeff. St. Y MORGAN, May 21 304 Jeff. St. HAMMETT, G. C. 28 Insurance Agent C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HAMMETT, Jack Norman 1 M W 5-Mar-1919 Natchez Sanitorium Y DEXTER, Florence 24 Natchez, Miss. HAMMETT, N. E. 27 Picture Man R. D. Sessions M.D.

not reported 1 F B 9-Mar-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y BROCKS, Ella 36 621 Pace St. HAMMOND, John 38 Laborer A. W. Dumas M.D.

HAMMOND, Bessia M. 8 F B 19-Nov-1917 323 Pine St. Y HOUGH, Silvia 31 323 Pine St. HAMMOND, Robert S. 40 Minister A. C. Houston R.N.

HANDY, G. Stuart, Jr. 1 M W 5-Apr-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y GILLIS, Stella 34 Natchez, Miss. HANDY, G. Stuart 40 Dentist R. D. Sessions M.D.

HANEY, Donal 2 F B 16-Jan-1914 518 Rankin St. Y HANEY, Mozell 37 518 Rankin St. HANEY, Frank 39 Timberman Jennie Roland

HANEY, not reported 2 B 14-Sep-1913 Okla Y RELTEN, Cora 24 Oklan Pla. HANEY, Joney 33 Public Work Sophia Newell

HANON, Alphease 1 F B 8-Apr-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNON, Lula 17 Natchez, Miss. HANON, Louis 22 Labor Annie Johnson

HARALSON, Mary Earl 2 F W 9-Oct-1915 32 Myrtle Ave. Y FOSTER, Ruth Helen 22 Natchez, Miss. HARALSON, Wilson R. 27 Traveling Salesman P. Beekman M.D.

HARALSON, Helen Rowan 1 F W 4-Nov-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y FOSTER, Ruth Helen 19 Natchez, Miss. HARALSON, Wilson Rumble 24 Travling Salesman P. Beekman M.D.

HARDEN, Clara 4 F B 13-Apr-1918 Belview Y HENDERSON, Ella 38 Belview HARDEN, Charles 42 Mill hand Lizzie Rhone

HARDEN, Jasper 6 M B 5-Jul-1917 4 Beaumont Y TAYLOR, Ida 38 4 Beaumont HARDEN, Joseph 40 Laborer A. C. Houston R.N.

HARDEN, Nathaniel 1 M B 18-Feb-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y STANTON, not reported 28 106 Oak St. HARDEN, Nathaniel 28 Printer G. A. Taylor

HARDEN, Sylvester 2 M B 6-May-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y FOSTER, Sarah 22 Quitman Lane HARDEN, Sylvester 23 Daily Labor Margaret Brown

HARDEN, William 2 M B 2-Aug-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y STEWART, Fanny 23 2 Wall St. HARDIN, Tom 33 Farmer Jennie Roland

HARDY, John T. M W 7-Jun-1913 627 Cemetery Y AMBERGER, Maggie T. 35 627 Cemetery HARDY, Robt. J. 45 Machinist J. S. Ullman M.D. # of child of this mother lists 9th/5th

HARGRAVE, Margueritta 1 F B 17-Jan-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y FORTE, Annie 26 Woodlawn Ave. HARGRAVE, Isiah H. 27 Laborer J. C. Mazique M.D.

HARGRAVE, Charles A. 1 M B 8-Jun-1913 514 N. Pine St. Y HAYDEN, Amanda 15 514 N. Pine St. HARGRAVE, James 19 none J. C. Mazique M.D.

HARKEY, Josephine Honig 1 F W 14-Jun-1913 Natchez Sanitorium Y HARKEY, Marguirite Smith 21 Vidalia, La. HARKEY, Milton 23 Express Agent P. Beekman M.D.

HARNELL, Margaret 1 F W 21-Dec-1920 Arlington Ave. Y INOISSITY, Martha 21 Arlington Ave. HARNELL, Luther 25 Clerk J. W. D. Dicks M.D.

HARON, Cloteal 2 F B 10-Oct-1915 71 Woodlawn Ave. Y VANTREE, Adella 29 71 Woodlawn Ave. HARON, Robert 28 Waiter A. C. Houston

HARPER, Loraine 2 F W 7-Jul-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y HARPER, Mamie 38 Natchez, Miss. HARPER, Barlett Louis 47 Ticket Agent, Y & M V R. H. M. Smith M.D.

HARPER, Bartlett, Jr. 1 M W 31-May-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y JACKSON, Mammie 38 Union St. HARPER, Bartlett 46 Agent H. M. Smith M.D.

LATHAM, not reported 1 F B 3-Jul-1911 Natchez Hospital Y LATHAM, Maggie 20 Raymond, Miss. HARPER, Wm. 37 Farmer Natchez Hospital

HARRELL, Bennie D., Jr. 1 M W 19-May-1920 15 - 4th Street Y WHITEHEAD, Annie Laurie 21 Natchez, Miss. HARRELL, Bennie D., Sr. 21 Shipping Clerk P. Beekman M.D.

HARRELL, not reported 3 M W 6-Oct-1919 Deveraux St. Y JORDAN, Nettie 23 Deveraux St. HARRELL, Wm. H. 25 Carpenter J. W. D. Dicks M.D. Baby Harrell 2nd

HARRINGTON, not reported 1 F W 1-Apr-1919 661 Cemetery St. Y HATHEOX, Dora Norma 18 Natchez, Miss. HARRINGTON, Ben Harrison 19 Carpenter E. B. French M.D.

HARRIS, Lenora Beatrice 1 F W 5-Sep-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y FOSTER, Nellie 22 Natchez, Miss. HARRIS, A. A. 36 not reported R. D. Sessions M.D.

HARRIS, Chas. J. 5 M B 5-Jul-1913 Natchez, Miss. GRIGGS, Henrietta 38 16 Wood St. HARRIS, Haas 37 Collector Maggie Jackson

HARRIS, Monroe 4 M B 13-Sep-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y not reported, Henretta 32 13 Wood HARRIS, Hase 36 Porter Maggie Jackson

HARRIS, Henry 1 M B 19-Apr-1916 Natchez, Miss. N WALKER, Katy 19 Natchez, Miss. HARRIS, Henry not reported Lizzie Robertson

HARRIS, Jessie 5 F B 23-May-1918 Whalen quarters Y SHAW, Lizzie 33 Whalen quarters HARRIS, Jessie not reported B. A. Washington

not reported 1 M B 14-Aug-1916 630 S. Canal St. N BRADY, Queen 20 Natchez, Miss. HARRIS, Joe 38 Foreman, RR Joe Harris 4 p.m.

HARRIS, John, Jr. 1 M B 20-Nov-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y KATZ, Lizzie 17 18 Purnell St. HARRIS, John 19 Car Cleaner Jennie Roland

HARRIS, Mamie Alberta 2 F B 27-Jun-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y KATZ, Lizzie 20 N. Pine St. HARRIS, John 22 Car Cleaner Annie Rollins

not reported 2 M B 6-Aug-1919 59 Homochitto St. Y WALKER, Laura Camille 20 59 Homochitto St. HARRIS, Phil Jas. 29 Locomotive Mechanic Marcus Beekman M.D.

HARRIS, James L. 1 M B 9-Feb-1916 59 Homochitto Y WALKER, Laura C. 17 59 Homochitto HARRIS, Philip J. 24 Porter A. C. Houston

HARRIS, not reported 6 M W 11-Mar-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y O'DONNEL, Nellie 31 Natchez, Miss. HARRIS, R. P. 40 Levee Contractor R. D. Sessions M.D.

HARRIS, William C. 3 M B 12-Aug-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y CARTER, Charity 23 Elkraham Alley HARRIS, William 33 Labor Maggie Jackson

FRAZIER, Ethel 2 F B 29-Apr-1912 Natchez Hospital Y FRAZIER, Lilie 18 Utica HARRISON, John 39 Farm Natchez Hospital

HARRISON, Juliet Valeria 2 F B 14-Feb-1920 3 New St. Y WALKER, Julie 31 3 New St. HARRISON, R. W., Dr. 31 Dentist A. C. Houston

HARRISON, Robert Walker 1 M B 16-May-1917 1 New St. Y WALKER, Julia Anna 28 1 New St. HARRISON, Robert W. 29 Dentist A. C. Houston R.N.

HART, 3rd & 4th babies B 1-Jun-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y BROWN, Sallie 32 12 Eltringham Alley; HART, St. Elmo Laborer Dr. Johnson M.D. Sex: 1 male & 1 female

HARTNER, Francis 2 F W 26-Apr-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y BLACK, Ruby 31 Natchez, Miss. HARTNER, F. W. 43 Railroad Agent H. M. Smith M.D.

HARTNER, not reported 1 F W 29-Oct-1912 Chamberlain Sanatorium; Y BLACK, Ruby 24 Arlington Ave, City; HARTNER, Fred 32 R.R. Ticket Agent C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HATHCOX, not reported 1 M W 13-Feb-1914 677 Cemetery St. Y VANCE, Stella 22 677 Cemetery St. HATHCOX, W. T. 26 Laborer C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HAVER, not reported 6 F W 17-May-1912 S. Canal St., City Y MOORE, Addie 30 S. Canal St., City HAUER, Jno. 40 Sewing Machine Agent C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HAUER, Albert 5 M W 4-Jan-1910 Minor St. Y MOORE, Addie 27 Minor St. HAUER, John, Mr. 38 Collector G. A. Taylor

HAWKINS, not reported 2 M W 11-Nov-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y HILL, Lela 32 Natchez, Miss. HAWKINS, Cm. 40 Planter McDonald Watkins M.D.

HAWKINS, Joana 4 F B 29-Apr-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y BUSH, Hortence 28 Brenaham Ave. HAWKINS, Sam 38 Farmer Maggie Jackson

HAWKINS, Willie 5 F B 13-Oct-1915 Elm St. Y WILLIAMS, Alice 34 Elm St. HAWKINS, Willie 42 Porter Catherine Brown

HAWKINS, Albert 7 M B 4-Jun-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y WILLIAMS, Alice 38 Henderson HAWKINS, Wm. 40 Day labor Maggie Jackson

HAYES, Ed. 3 M B 21-Jun-1911 Homochitto St. Y FOSTER, Margaret 25 Homochitto St. HAYES, Ed. 26 Laborer A. W. Dumas M.D.

HAYES, Willie 6 M B 22-May-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y PALMER, Jane 27 Langolian, City HAYES, Farren 30 Laboring Man Julia Foster

HAYMEN, Jessie 1 F B 26-Sep-1915 84 St. Mary St. Y STAMPLY, Rosa 20 84 St. Mary St. HAYMEN, George 21 Labor A. C. Houston

HAYNS, Crecy 1 M B 1-Dec-1915 Griffhin All. Y ISAAC, Joanna 19 Griffin All. HAYNS, Lenzie 33 Farmer Bianna Washington

HAYS, not reported 10 M B 22-Feb-1920 Home Wood Y PALMER, Jane 32 Home Wood HAYS, Farrar 41 Farmer Joeana Banks born 4 a.m.

HAYS, Glades 7 F B 15-Jun-1914 Hampstered Y PALMER, Jane 28 not reported HAYS, Farrow 29 Farmer Julus Foster

HAYTON, Charles 7 M B 16-Dec-1912 Homochitto, Jellons Quarters; Y BRODSE, Eliza 30; Jellons Quarters; HAYTON, Winston 35 Railroad Johanna Banks

HEAD, Chas. L., Jr. 1 M W 10-Jul-1920 N. Rankin St. Y GUICE, Margaret 25 N. Rankin St. HEAD, Chas. L. 29 Broker J. W. D. Dicks M.D.

HEALEY, Rosa 3 F W 4-Jul-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y LONGMIRE, R. 35 Natchez, Miss. HEALEY, Geo. 40 Druggist McDonald Watkins M.D.

HEISCHMILLER, not reported 1 M W 30-Jul-1910 910 Washington St. Y KOBAR, Elise 25 910 Washington St. HEISCHMILLER, Joe 25 Butcher C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HENDERSON, Charlotte 1 F B 2-Jun-1920 Stears Lane, Ext. Y BAKER, Mary 19 Stears Lane, Ext. HENDERSON, Bennie 20 Laborer A. C. Houston

HENDERSON, Clarence Audley 1 M B 18-Sep-1921 Homochitto Y COLLIEA, Josephine 19 57 Homochitto St. HENDERSON, Bennie 20 Public Work Joeanna Banks

HENDERSON, Corneluis 2 F B 27-Oct-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y CARTER, Julia 20 Concord HENDERSON, Cornelius 21 Labor Maggie Jackson

HENDERSON, Cornelius 3 M B 7-Sep-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNSON, Julia 22 Concord Ave. HENDERSON, Cornelius 22 Labor Maggie Jackson

HENDERSON, Mary Lee 6 F B 31-Oct-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y JACKSON, Violet 26 St. Catherine HENDERSON, Frank 30 Railroad Maggie Jackson

HENDERSON, Lubirda 5 F B 1-Jan-1913 Junkin Ave. Y JOHNSON, Cornelius 39 Natchez, Miss. HENDERSON, Jim 40 Harsler, Laborer Anna Bools

HENDERSON, T. Newman 4 M W 12-Feb-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y REBER, V. 32 Natchez, Miss. HENDERSON, T. N. 36 Stationery Merchant W. H. Aikman M.D.

HENDRIX, Julia Devereux 1 F W 2-Nov-1921 Natchez Sanatorium Y SHIELDS, Margaret 18 Mexia, Ala. HENDRIX, W. A. 22 Bookeeper W. H. Aikman M.D.

HENNINGTON, not reported 11 F W 22-Oct-1914 Chamberlain Sanatorium; Y DORD, Artie 35 Washington, Miss. HENNINGTON, B. A. 47 Section foreman, M.C. R. C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HERBERT, not reported 2 M B 31-May-1913 Washington Rd. Y NEWELL, Viola 26 Adams Co. HERBERT, George 33 Farmer Sophia Newell

HERRING, not reported 1 M W 7-Sep-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y DUNN, Alma 19 Mulberry & Linton Ave.; HERRING, Benjamin F. 35 Carpenter; not reported

HERRING, Clifford Graham 1 M W 1-Dec-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y GRAHAM, Katherine 21 Sligo, Miss. HERRING, Clifford 26 Bookkeeper R. D. Sessions M.D. Reported but not entered on records

not reported 1 F W 23-Dec-1911 Chamberlain Sanatorium; Y WORLEY, Carmen 21 115 S. Pine St. HERRING, J. M. 26 Mgr. of Restrant E. B. French M.D.

SanatoriumHESS, Allson 7 F W 27-Aug-1921 820 State St. Y BURK, Mary Agnes 37 Natchez, Miss. HESS, Charles P. 37 Druggest J. S. Ullman M.D.

HESS, not reported 3 M W 12-Feb-1911 State St., City Y BURKE, Mamie 26 State St., City HESS, Chas. P. 26 Drug Clerk C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HESS, not reported 4 M W 8-Nov-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y HESS, Mary 28 Natchez, Miss. HESS, Chas. P. 28 Pharmacist P. Beekman M.D.

HESS, Lawrence 5 M W 27-Jul-1914 820 Main St. Y BURKE, Mary A. 30 820 Main St. HESS, Chas. P. 30 Drug Clerk J. S. Ullman M.D. # of child is 5th child, 4 living

HESS, Gretchen 6 F W 28-Sep-1915 820 State St. Y BURKE, Mary A. 31 Natchez, Miss. HESS, Chas. P. 31 Drug Clerk J. S. Ullman M.D.

HESTER, Lucia Chisolm 3 F W 23-Feb-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y HACKLER, Bessie 23 Natchez, Miss. HESTER, B. J. 26 Laborer R. D. Sessions M.D.

HEWETT, not reported 4 F W 4-May-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y MARTIN, Amelia 27 Natchez, Miss. HEWETT, F. R. 35 Employee Packing Co. R. D. Sessions M.D.

HIBDON, Louise 3 F W 5-Jun-1919 625 Cemetery St. Y POTTS, Fanny 28 625 Cemetery St. HIBDON, J. H. 26 Cotton Mill Operator W. H. Aikman M.D.

HICKS, not reported 4 M W 6-Nov-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y GOETZ, Della 26 Natchez, Miss. HICKS, E. F. 30 Merchant McDonald Watkins M.D.

HICKS, not reported 2 F W 30-Jan-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y GOETZ, not reported 25 Natchez, Miss. HICKS, Ed. 30 Merchant McDonald Watkins M.D.

HICKS, Jno. E. 3 M W 28-Jan-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y GOETZ, Miss 25 Natchez, Miss. HICKS, Ed. 30 Merchant McDonald Watkins M.D.

HICKS, Harold F. 5 M W 21-Sep-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y HICKS, Della 38 Natchez, Miss. HICKS, Ed. F. 40 Merchant McDonald Watkins M.D.

HIGHFILL, Mary Henderson Rumble 1 F W 14-Jul-1915 Natchez Sanatorium Y HARALSON, May 21 Baton Rouge HIGHFILL, L. R. 27 Argiculturist R. D. Sessions M.D. Born 1:20 pm

HILL, Catherine 9 F B 30-Oct-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y SYLVESTER, Michie 35 Natchez, Miss. HILL, Granvil 39 Laborer Darkis Webbel

HILL, August 8 M B 2-Aug-1912 Natchez Hospital Y SYLVESTER, Mickey 33 Fairview, La. HILL, Granville 39 Farm Natchez Hospital

HILL, Ameal 1 M B 7-Mar-1910 926 State St. Y HILL, Tean 19 926 State St. HILL, Joseph J. 32 Labor Julia Foster

HILL, Conie 1 F B 20-Apr-1914 Canal St. Y not reported 19 Canal St. HILL, Louis 43 Laborer Johanna Banks

HILL, Augustus 4 M B 12-Oct-1916 626 N. Pine St. Y MCKINNEY, Stella 37 626 N. Pine St. HILL, Robert 38 Porter A. C. Houston R.N. 10:30 a.m.

HILL, Albert 3 M B 29-Apr-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y MCKENIE, Stella 25 626 Pine St. HILL, Robt. 30 Porter G. A. Taylor

HILLIARD, not reported 3 F B 12-Aug-1911 Natchez Hospital Y POLLARD, Rosa 28 Natchez, Miss. HILLIARD, Kyar 40 Farmer Natchez Hospital

HILZERT, not reported 2 M W 14-Nov-1910 Washington St. Y BRENNER, Mary 22 Washington St. HILZERT, T. T. 26 U. S. Gov. Meat Inspecto C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HIMES, Alberta 1 F B 11-Sep-1911 20 Briel Ave. Y WATLY, Emma 18 20 Briel Ave. HIMES, John 26 Labor Julia Foster

HOBACK, not reported 4 F W 16-Mar-1914 414 S. Commerce St. ; Y FOSTER, Mae 28 414 S. Commerce St.; HOBACK, Geo. S. 28 Musician C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HODGE, not reported 1 F W 13-Jun-1915 405 S. Union Y MIDDLETON, Matilda 23 405 S. Union HODGE, Abner A. 37 Book Keeper C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HODGES, not reported 2 M W 26-Jul-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y CROSBY, Katherine 37 Natchez, Miss. HODGES, L. E. 38 Daryman R. D. Sessions M.D.

HOGGATT, Juenette 3 M B 15-Jan-1917 Natchez, Miss. N SEVIER, Leona 23 Washington Road HOGGATT, Henry 23 Musician Anna Roland

HOGGATT, Alma 3 F B 6-Aug-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y GREEN, Lizzie 24 Natchez, Miss. HOGGATT, John 26 Laborer Maggie Jackson

HOGGETT, Sevier 2 M B 1-Jul-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y VEVIER, Leona 24 Natchez, Miss. HOGGETT, Henry 23 Musician Annie Johnson

HOGGETT, Albert 2 M B 18-Jan-1912 Concord Ave. Y GREEN, Lizzie 25 Concord Ave. HOGGETT, John 29 Labor Maggie Jackson

HOGGOTT, Leonia 4 F B 2-Nov-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y SIVIERE, Leona 26 Homochitto HOGGOTT, Henry 26 Musician Maggie Jackson

HOGGOTT, Addena 7 F B 17-Sep-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y GREEN, Lizzie 32 Concord Ave. HOGGOTT, John 38 Labor Maggie Jackson

HOGGOTT, Lottie May 1 F B 14-Jun-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y MCCARY, Celia 20 Beaumont HOGGOTT, Orric 20 Cook Maggie Jackson

HOGUE, not reported 4 F W 8-Jun-1917 Chamberlain Sanatorium; Y MONSKER, Angaline E. 37 705 N. Rankin St. HOGUE, W. B. 46 Timber Dealer C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HOLDDAY, John 1 M B 5-Jun-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y ROBINSON, Margaret 19 29 Pernell St. HOLDDAY, Frank 24 Farmer Joeaner Banks

HOLLINS, Elizabeth 9 F B 15-Feb-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y STRANTER, Stella 36 S. Canal HOLLINS, Bob 38 Labor Maggie Jackson

HOLMES, Charlotte 5 F W 9-Apr-1918 S. Canal Y FORD, Inez 33 610 S. Canal HOLMES, Claud P. 40 Labor Maggie Jackson

HOLMES, Vivian 3 F W 20-Sep-1912 70 Brenham Y PAYNE, Inez 28 70 Brenham HOLMES, Claude 35 Store Keeper Maggie Jackson

HOLMES, Henry 4 M B 23-Jun-1917 29 Minor St. Y ROBINSON, Daisy 27 29 Minor St. HOLMES, Henry 23 Labor Polly Dyson Illg.

HOLMES, Henry 4 M B 10-Aug-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y SANDERS, Daisy 25 33 Orleans St. HOLMES, Henry 25 Laborer Davis Wilson

HOLMES, Maggie Edith 4 F W 12-Jun-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y PAYNE, Ina 30 Canal St. HOLMES, P. C. 38 Merchant Maggie Jackson

HOLMES, Mary 3 F W 19-Mar-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y SMITH, Clara 36 Natchez, Miss. HOLMES, Thos. J. 41 Plumber P. Beekman M.D.

HOLMS, Mildred 2 F B 1-Feb-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNSON, Oly 21 St. Catherine HOLMS, Joseph 26 Jobing Franee Davis

HOMES, Alberta 1 F B 11-Nov-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNSON, Oly 18 St. Catherine St. HOMES, Joe 24 Quarter Boat Frances Davis

HOOD, Lenard Martin 6 M W 18-Sep-1921 Natchez Sanatorium Y HARLOW, Emma 31 Willetts, La. HOOD, Calvin DeCater 34 Band Sawyer R. D. Sessions M.D. Born 8:30 p.m.

HOOTSELL, not reported 2 F W 26-Feb-1910 Rankin St., Natchez; Y IRISH, A., Miss 21; Natchez, Miss. HOOTSELL, F. 23 Electric McDonald Watkins M.D.

HOOTSELL, Edith Marcella 2 F W 24-Jul-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y HAMMETT, Ida May 21 Natchez, Miss. HOOTSELL, Howard W. 20 Bridge Carpenter J. S. Ullman M.D.

HOPE, not reported 4 M W 14-May-1911 4 Briel Ave. Y PFANKACHEN, Lydia 24 4 Briel Ave. HOPE, C. W. 38 Express Messenger M. C. C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HOPKINS, Lucile McCullough 3 F W 23-Oct-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y GIBSON, Lucile 35 Waterproof, La. HOPKINS, F. M. 37 Planter R. D. Sessions M.D.

HOPKINS, Mary Pinney 1 F W 21-Apr-1918 Natchez Sanitorium Y PINNEY, Mary Lucille 25 La. HOPKINS, Myles Shelby 26 Planter R. D. Sessions M.D.

JOHNSON, Camille 1 M B 27-Dec-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNSON, Camille 18 St. Catherine HORKETT, Dan 23 Painter G. A. Taylor

HORNSBY, Oliver McDonald 2 M W 11-Feb-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y MONTGOMERY, Miss 29 Natchez, Miss. HORNSBY, J. C. 30 Goverment McDonald Watkins M.D. Born 5 A.M.

HOSKINS, Clara 3 F B 27-Dec-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y CLAY, Emma 24 Natchez, Miss. HOSKINS, John 35 Laborer Francis Davis

HOUSWIRTH, not reported 1 F W 11-Mar-1915 415 S. Union St. Y OWENS, Ethel 19 415 S. Union St. HOUSWIRTH, Almond 26 Salvation Army Officer E. B. French M.D.

HOWARD, Henry 1 M B 5-Mar-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y FORD, Nellie 38 Quitmans Street HOWARD, Henry 48 Labor Maggie Jackson

HOWARD, Emma 4 F B 25-Oct-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y SCOTT, Narcissa 30 St. Catherine St. HOWARD, Ike 35 Railroad Labor Margaret Brown

HOXEN, Ellen E. 4 F B 16-Jun-1916 607 Madison St. Y SIMMS, Emily 34 Natchez, Miss. HOXEN, Samuel 38 Day Laborer Julia Foster

HUDNALL, not reported 4 M W 1-Aug-1911 Myrtle Ave. Y DIXON, Maude 26 Waterproof, La. HUDNALL, W. H. 48 Planter C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HUFFMAN, Charles Shaw 1 M W 13-Aug-1920 Natchez Sanatorium Y KITLING, Martha A. 22 Natchez, Miss. HUFFMAN, Charles S. 43 Steam Boat Pilot J. S. Ullman M.D.

HUGE, Lillian 1 F B 19-Jun-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y PAYNE, Johanna 16 8 Abott St. HUGE, Ike 19 Labern Man Julian Foster born 1:58 a.m.

HUGGINS, Ernestine P. 2 F W 25-May-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y QUOTA, Mary Louise 23 Gilbert, La. HUGGINS, E. A. 36 Elec. Eng. McDonald Watkins M.D.

HUHN, not reported 2 M B 22-May-1911 Natchez Hospital Y RENSOM, Clara 19 Natchez, Miss. HUHN, Jas. 41 Public Wrk. Natchez Hospital

HUNT, Sammy 10 M B 22-Mar-1916 Quitman Lane Y SCOTT, not reported 38 Quitman Lane HUNT, A. B. 44 U. S. M. Sharectt Ray

LUCKEY, not reported 1 F B 9-Jul-1911 Natchez Hospital Y LUCKEY, Katie 16 Natchez, Miss. HUNT, Alex 19 Clerk Natchez Hospital

HUNTER, not reported 1 M W 17-Apr-1919 Natchez Sanitorium Y JOHNS, Mary 23 Waterproof, La. HUNTER, Earl T. 35 Planter R. D. Sessions M.D.

HUNTER, Forrest Hyram 2 M B 30-Jan-1921 43 Homochitto St. N SMITH, Theresa 41 Natchez, Miss. HUNTER, Forrest H. 47 Farmer, Truck J. S. Ullman M.D.

HUNTER, not reported 4 F W 7-Mar-1910 So. Canal & Briel Ave.; Y HERP, Fannie, Miss 39 So. Canal, Natchez HUNTER, Jas. 40 Butcher W. T. Jones M.D.

HUTCHESON, Mary Louise 2 F W 21-Mar-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y HARRINGTON, Julia 23 Natchez, Miss. HUTCHESON, Claude 30 Cashier Gr.S.I.R.R. R. D. Sessions M.D.

HUTCHINS, not reported 2 M B 17-Sep-1911 Beaumont St. Y FORD, Rachel 27 Beaumont St. HUTCHINS, Andrew 31 Porter in Cafe C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HUTCHINSON, not reported 4 F W 7-Dec-1911 Pine St. Y PARSONS, Freddie 32 Pine St. HUTCHINSON, J. M. 32 Dairy Man C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

HUTCHISON, William H. H. 1 M W 23-Sep-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y HERRINGTON, Julia 22 Wildwood, La. HUTCHISON, Claude 29 Farmer R. D. Sessions M.D.

HUTTON, not reported 1 M W 1-May-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y WHITEHEAD, not reported 18 Natchez, Miss. HUTTON, Frank 25 Candy Maker McDonald Watkins M.D.

HUTTON, Ruby Kingsley 1 F W 12-Feb-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y BISHOP, Ruby 22 Natchez, Miss. HUTTON, Henry K. 37 Baker H. M. Smith M.D.