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(Continued) Birth Returns 1910/1921

City of Natchez, Adams Co, Mississippi

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Childs Name - # - Sex - Race- Date Born - Place Born - Alive Y/N - Mother's Name - Age - Mother's Residence - Father's Name - Age - Occupation - Reported By - Notes

ILAND, Sandy 4 M B 20-Aug-1910 709 Pearl St. Y ILAND, Zella 22 Pearl St. ILAND, Lancey 25 Common Labor G. A. Taylor

INGRUM, Agnes Estelle 1 F W 26-May-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y BLYTHE, Bessie 26 Conroe, Tex. INGRUM, Wilson P. 35 Physician R. D. Sessions M.D.

not reported 4 M B 7-Nov-1911 Natchez, Miss. N LEWIS, Zella 23 Natchez, Miss. IRELAND, Alonzo 27 Porter P. Beekman M.D.

IRELAND, not reported 5 M B 26-Nov-1912 655 Cemetery St. N LEWIS, Zella 22 655 Cemetery St. IRELAND, Charles 28 Janitor A. W. Dumas M.D.

IVERY, Dorris 11 F B 22-Feb-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y WILLIAMS, Sallie 42 West Woodlawn IVERY, Chas. 44 Labor Maggie Jackson



Childs Name - # - Sex - Race- Date Born - Place Born - Alive Y/N - Mother's Name - Age - Mother's Residence - Father's Name - Age - Occupation - Reported By - Notes

JACKSON, not reported 2 M B 3-Oct-1919 Natchez, Miss. N MATHEWS, Carrie 25 S. Canal JACKSON, Albert 32 Labor Maggie Jackson

JACKSON, not reported 4 M B 22-Oct-1920 Natchez, Miss. N MATTHEWS, Carrie 26 S. Canal JACKSON, Albert 35 Labor Maggie Jackson

JACKSON, Robert 3 M B 24-Aug-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y BERRY, Mary Jane 30 St. Catherine St. JACKSON, Aurther 30 Public Labor Margret Brown

JACKSON, Lucinda 5 F B 17-Mar-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y ELZIE, Florence 29 Oak St. JACKSON, Author 50 Labor Maggie Jackson

JACKSON, not reported 3 F W 16-Sep-1913 156 Homochitto St. Y JOY, Maggie 23 156 Homochitto St. JACKSON, Chas. 33 Planter E. B. French M.D.

JACKSON, James E. 2 M B 17-Sep-1920 721 Cemetery St. Y RANSOM, Carrie 30 721 Cemetery St. JACKSON, Dan 37 Public Work Lizzie C. Rhone

JACKSON, Hilda Louise 1 F B 22-Nov-1919 721 Cemetery St. Y RANSOM, Carrie L. 28 721 Cemetery St. JACKSON, Dan P. 36 Laborer Marcus Beekman M.D.

JACKSON, Edward, Jr. 1 M B 20-Jun-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y EVANS, Katie 19 Madison St. JACKSON, Ed. 22 Porter Jennie Rowland

STRICKLER, not reported 1 M B 4-Jun-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y STRICKLER, Bessie 18 Natchez, Miss. JACKSON, Ed. 21 Farmer Sophia Newell

JACKSON, Joseph 6 M B 8-Nov-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y BANKS, Ella 26 Natchez, Miss. JACKSON, James 36 Laborer Rose Woods

JACKSON, Irene Louisa 4 F B 14-Jan-1918 12 Purnell Hill Y BLACK, Addie 31 Natchez, Miss. JACKSON, Jessia 29 Mill work A. C. Houston born 2 p.m.

JACKSON, Newt 1 M B 17-Aug-1912 State St. Y JACKSON, Mary 21 State St. JACKSON, John 25 City Labor Dorris Webber

JACKSON, John 3 M B 13-Aug-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y JONES, Mary 24 304 Pine St. JACKSON, John 25 Porter Darkes Weber

JACKSON, Mary Louise 4 F B 15-Dec-1916 Homochitto St. Y LIZA, Mary 26 27 Homochitto St. JACKSON, John 30 Day Labor Catherine Brown

JACKSON, Susie 1 F B 1-Apr-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y FLOWERS, Susie 21 708 Cemetery JACKSON, John 33 Saw Mill Jennie Roland

JACKSON, John, Jr. 2 M B 12-Oct-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y JACKSON, Susie 22 708 Cemetery JACKSON, John 33 Laborer Jennie Roland

JACKSON, William 7 M B 22-Aug-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y GORDON, Patsy 30 Silver Street JACKSON, Peter 42 Labor Maggie Jackson

JACKSON, Neana May 2 F B 15-Sep-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y ELLEZA, Geneva 26 Perrior JACKSON, Peter 40 Cook Maggie Jackson

JACKSON, Phill 1 M B 7-Jan-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y JACKSON, Willie 17 616 Pine St. JACKSON, Phill 25 Labor Man Jule Foster Born on a Saturday

HARRIS, not reported 1 F B 22-Apr-1912 2 Sniffin Alley Y HARRIS, Annie 20 Natchez, Miss. JACKSON, Rees 21 Farmer Viarma Bowles

JACKSON, Willie 3 M B 27-Nov-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNSTON, Martha 33 William St. JACKSON, Richard 39 Cotton Laborer Joanna Davis

JACKSON, Edward 1 M B 29-Dec-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y DAVIS, Luceile 17 404 Rankin St. JACKSON, Steve 21 Chauffer Jennie Roland

JACKSON, John 5 M B 5-Jul-1911 Natchez, Miss. N not reported, Frances 23 Natchez, Miss. JACKSON, Thos. 37 Laborer Doxarta Webber

JACKSON, Thos. 9 M B 12-Dec-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y COLEMAN, Frances 24 State St. JACKSON, Thos. 35 Laborer Dorcas Webber

JACKSON, not reported 1 F B 30-Jun-1913 Natchez, Miss. N ROBINSON, Fannie 14 Natchez, Miss. JACKSON, Wilson 21 Laborman Mary Freeman

not reported 4 F W 1-Sep-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y MERRILL, Della 37 Natchez, Miss. JACOBSON, Horace 40 Accountant P. Beekman M.D.

JANUARY, Annie 2 F B 17-Oct-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y JANUARY, Annie 23 688 N. Union St. JANUARY, Percy 26 Governer Mrs. Roland

JEFFERSON, Albert 1 M B 20-Sep-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y COMFORT, Hattie 19 Kiems Ave. JEFFERSON, Albert 21 Labor Maggie Jackson

JEFFERSON, Nora 1 F W 15-Jan-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y BURNS, Mary Thomas 27 New Orleans JEFFERSON, Harold 26 Cotton man R. D. Sessions M.D.

JEFFRION, not reported 7 M B 20-Sep-1911 608 Franklin Y DUNKAN, not reported 32 Adams Co. JEFFRION, Afred 36 Farming J. M. May M.D.

JENKINS, Helen 1 F W 29-Apr-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y BYRNES, Helen 25 Natchez, Miss. JENKINS, Hyde R. 36 Willard Battery Mgr. R. D. Sessions M.D.

JONES, Nathaniel 1 M B 7-Aug-1914 38 N. Commerce Y ROSS, Sarah 22 Natchez, Miss. JOHNS, John 28 Day Laborer Julia Foster State report, mothers surname Johnson

JOHNSON, Jamie 2 F B 23-Dec-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y SIMMONS, Edna 22 St. Catherine JOHNSON, Abraham 37 Public Delivery Margaret Brown

JOHNSON, Thelma H. 4 F B 14-Dec-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y TYLER, Addie 20 N. Pine JOHNSON, Albert 22 Cook Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, Juelie 1 F B 5-Jul-1915 21 Beaumont St. N BRYANT, Etta 17 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSON, Allen 19 Laborer Jullie Foster

JOHNSON, Lucile 4 F B 24-May-1919 Homochitto St. Y BROWN, Mary 23 7 Homochitto St. JOHNSON, Charlie 29 not reported Maggie Washington

not reported 2 F B 10-Jan-1910 Rail Road Alley Y KNIGHT, Alphease 19 R. R. Alley JOHNSON, Columbus 28 Hauling Anna Rollins

JOHNSON, Louisa 1 F B 19-Dec-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y HAWKIN, Eugena 20 Cemetery JOHNSON, Ernest 22 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, Julia Lee 2 F B 11-Jul-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y BANKS, Precilla 23 6 Perro St. JOHNSON, Frances 23 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, William 4 M B 16-Feb-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y BANKS, Precilla 26 Pieor JOHNSON, Frances 30 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, Annie Laura 3 F B 5-Aug-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y BANKS, Precilla 26 Obrien St. JOHNSON, Francis 26 Laborer Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, not reported 3 M B 27-Jan-1914 Natchez, Miss. N WILLIAMS, Maria 24 615 Rankin St. JOHNSON, Frank 26 Laborer Polly Dicin

not reported 6 F B 16-Feb-1912 Natchez, Miss. N ROBINSON, Mary 24 18 Minor St. JOHNSON, Henry 30 Laborer W. R. Johnson M. D.

JOHNSON, Theodore W. 2 M B 1-Jan-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y WATKINS, Julia 28 S. Canal JOHNSON, Henry 43 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, James 1 M B 9-Jan-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y HILL, Autimus 18 25 Beaumont St. JOHNSON, James 20 Breakman Jn. J. Hill

JOHNSON, Jimmie 2 F B 18-Jan-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y CHECKS, Amanda 19 St. Catherine St. JOHNSON, James 21 Jobbing Frances Davis

JOHNSON, William 2 M B 13-Dec-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y CHASE, Amarada 22 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSON, James 24 Jobing Fannie Gordon

JOHNSON, Charles 3 M B 16-Jul-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y CREMEY, Ammada 23 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSON, James 25 Butcher Fannie Gordon

JOHNSON, Mathew 2 M B 1-Dec-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y BURKS, Ella 26 3 Garden St. JOHNSON, James 30 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, Celia 2 F B 23-Dec-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y BURKS, Ella 27 3 Garden JOHNSON, James 31 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, Beardines F 30-Apr-1913 Cedar Alley Y BROWN, Margaret, Miss 18 268 Catherine St. JOHNSON, James, Mr. 20 Work at the brick yard Mis Margaret Brown # child=Mrs. Minni Simmon, Race=Gerkous??

JOHNSON, James 2 M B 15-Jan-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y WILLIAMS, Clorie 27 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSON, Jeremiah 31 Laborer J. C. Mazique M.D.

JOHNSON, not reported 7 M W 14-Oct-1918 39 Magnolia St. Y GOSHORN, Sallie 31 39 Magnolia St. JOHNSON, Jesse F. 37 Timberman E. B. French M.D.

JOHNSON, Ernest 3 M B 10-Mar-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y MOORE, not reported 29 Rankin St. JOHNSON, Jessie 29 Porter Jennie Roland

JOHNSON, Ernest 3 M B 20-Aug-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y MOORE, Leminda 36 513 Rankin St. JOHNSON, Jessie 36 Common Labor Jennie Roland

JOHNSON, Mary Elizabeth 1 F B 3-Apr-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y HICKS, Rosa 17 20 New St. JOHNSON, Jessie 19 Laborer J. C. Mazique M.D.

JOHNSON, not reported 3 M B 7-Oct-1911 Natchez Hospital N THOMAS, Harriet 23 Ashland, Miss. JOHNSON, John 30 Farmer Natchez Hospital

JOHNSON, Sarah 1 F B 24-May-1918 4 Simons St. Y FOLEY, Sarah 13 4 Simons St. JOHNSON, John 20 Laborer Sarah Howard

not reported 1 M B 4-Jul-1921 Natchez, Miss. N NEAL, Ruby 20 Brenham Ave. JOHNSON, Joseph 30 Cook Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, Alberta 4 F B 19-Apr-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y THOMAS, Rachel 24 Concord Ave. JOHNSON, Joshu 36 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, Maggie 2 F B 25-May-1914 21 St. Catherine St.; Y TOMAS, Rachel 23 21 St. Catherine St.; JOHNSON, Julias 21 Labor Julia Foster

JOHNSON, Bessie 3 F B 21-Sep-1915 Railroad Ave. Y THOMAS, Rachel 23 Railroad Ave. JOHNSON, Julius 22 Public Work Dorcas Weber

JOHNSON, Julius, Jr. 7 M B 4-Apr-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y THOMAS, Rachel 30 Concord Ave. JOHNSON, Julius 33 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, Irene 1 F B 4-Jan-1910 Homochitto St. Y EARLS, Lucy 19 Homochitto JOHNSON, Mark 30 Laboror A. W. Dumas M.D.

JOHNSON, Marguete 4 F B 26-Aug-1910 #41 Bucklens Flat Y LAMBDIN, Jane 25 not reported JOHNSON, Miller 33 Labor not reported

JOHNSON, Willie 4 M B 30-Jun-1916 306 Orleans St. N PAYNE, Dora 22 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSON, Oscar 25 Laborer Julia Foster

JOHNSON, Irma Marjorie 1 F B 1-Mar-1918 12 Woodlawn Y LOYD, Lucille 19 Edwards, Miss. JOHNSON, Otis 19 Porter A. C. Houston

JOHNSON, Rosa 2 F B 21-Mar-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y THOMAS, Eliza 20 Concord JOHNSON, Robt 25 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, Dorthy 1 F B 19-Sep-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y THOMAS, Eliza 19 Concord Drive JOHNSON, Robt. 21 Labor Maggie Jackson

JOHNSON, James 3 M B 4-Aug-1912 Shats Pr. Y JOHNSON, Jenie 22 Shats Allie JOHNSON, Sam 29 Cut Wood Margaret Brown

JOHNSON, not reported 1 F B 6-Jun-1913 37 Minor St, Natchez; Y JACKSON, Edreana 17 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSON, Samuel 22 Porter Joanna Davis

JOHNSON, Tom 5 M B 19-Aug-1910 Metcalf Alley Y WINSTON, Anna 32 Metcalf Alley JOHNSON, Tom 38 Laborer Julia Foster

JOHNSON, not reported 13 F B 10-Jun-1913 17 Williams St. N COLEMAN, Syless 40 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSON, Walter 44 Porter Joanna Davis

JOHNSON, Mary Lee 1 F W 14-Feb-1911 Natchez Hospital Y JACKSON, Miss 19 Mangum, La. JOHNSON, Will 25 Farmer Natchez Hospital

JOHNSON, Sophia 10 F B 12-Aug-1911 3 Purnell St. Y BERKS, Nellie 32 3 Purnell St. JOHNSON, Willie 38 Labor Man Julia Foster

JOHNSON, Gladys 11 F B 3-Jan-1915 3 Purnell Hill Y BURKS, Nellie 33 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSON, Willie 40 Laborer Julia Foster

JOHNSON, Willie 1 M B 3-Aug-1916 Homochitto St. Y CORT, Jami 18 Homochitto St. JOHNSON, Willie 22 Porter Calhine Beoun

JOHNSON, Irene 2 F B 7-Dec-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y BUNNEY, Milly 20 124 Homochitto St. JOHNSON, Wm. 22 Porter Johanna Banks

JOHNSTON, Allen 1 M B 17-Jan-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y BACON, Namie 17 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSTON, Allen 24 Baker Fannie Gordon

JOHNSTON, Mary 1 F B 1-Mar-1913 16 Lincoln Ave. Y NELSON, Harriet 15 16 Lincoln Ave. JOHNSTON, Archie 35 Public Work Poly Dyson

JOHNSTON, not reported 2 F B 20-Jan-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y CLAIRE, Lula 22 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSTON, R. 26 Laborer Annie Johnston

JOHNSTON, not reported 2 F B 20-Jan-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y CLAIRE, Lula 22 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSTON, R. 26 Work in Timber A. Johnson Twin

JOHNSTON, Blanche Everton Louise 2 F B 11-Jan-1916 22 W. Woodlawn Y WHITE, Sarah A. 23 22 W. Woodlawn JOHNSTON, Rob. Z., Rev. 30 Clergyman Jennie Roland

JOHNSTON, Robert White 1 M B 11-Oct-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y WHITE, Sarah 26 22 Woodlawn Ave. JOHNSTON, Robert Z. 30 Clergyman Jennie Roland

JOHNSTON, Emma L. 3 F B 30-Sep-1917 41 Minor St. Y JACKSON, Edrena 21 41 Minor St. JOHNSTON, Samuel 25 Porter A. C. Houston R.N.

JOHNSTON, not reported 2 F B 22-Jul-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNSTON, Celeste 39 Natchez, Miss. JOHNSTON, Walter 40 Porter Joanna Davis

JOHNSON, Isaac 2 M B 28-May-1912 Natchez Hospital Y HAYRES, Alice 24 Hattisburg JOHNSTON, Walter 21 Cemetery Natchez Hospital

JOHNSTON, Thelma C. 1 F B 27-Dec-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y COLEMAN, Celeste 39 17 William St. JOHNSTON, Walter P. 42 Porter Joanna Davis

JONES, Charley 7 M B 16-Aug-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y JOHNSON, Rosa 36 Garden St. JONES, Charley 36 Labor Maggie Jackson

JONES, not reported M B 5-Apr-1911 Homochitto St. Y JONES, Anna 36 Natchez, Miss. JONES, Edmond 46 Laborer Cath. Brown

JONES, Judith Anne 3 F W 15-Jul-1918 Natchez Sanitorium Y HARGROVE, Nelly Evelyn 32 Natchez, Miss. JONES, Emery C. 35 Plantation Manager P. Beekman M.D.

not reported 2 M W 28-Feb-1920 302 Jefferson St. Y SCOTT, Ethel 28 302 Jefferson St. JONES, Grover Lee 29 Express Messenger on R.R Marcus Beekman M.D.

JONES, Luberta F B 3-Jun-1918 4 Beaumont St. N ROBINSON, Sadie 14 4 Beaumont St. JONES, John H. 18 Carpenter A. C. Houston R.N. 4 month baby

JONES, Gladus 4 F B 28-May-1919 29 Commerce St. Y LANGS, Whitney 29 29 Commerce St. JONES, Julius 40 Log Camp Labor Lizzie C. Rhone

not reported 4 F W 24-May-1912 Washington Rd. Y HAWTHORNE, Mattie 25 Jeffries, La. JONES, L. M. 36 Sawmill Work E. B. French M.D.

not reported 8 F B 20-Jul-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y FAWLER, Elizabeth 30 Pine Ridge Road JONES, Madison 40 Farmer M. Thompson

JONES, not reported 3 F B 23-Feb-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y MONTGOMERY, Josephine 21 Homochitto St. JONES, Philip 40 Farmer Johana Banks

JONES, Willie 1 M B 4-Jun-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y DUNMORE, Lutica 33 15 Beaumont JONES, Robert 40 Railroad Biana Washington

JONES, Robert, Jr. 1 M B 22-May-1921 28 Garden St. Y NELSON, Carllolla 16 28 Garden St. JONES, Robert, Sr. 23 Shoemaker A. C. Houston

JONES, not reported 2 F B 17-May-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y FAKES, Julia 22 Natchez, Miss. JONES, Sam 30 Laborer Hellen Shaw

JONES, Marion 1 F B 31-May-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y COLSTON, Mary 20 Woodlawn JONES, Sam 22 Labor Maggie Jackson

JONES, Samuel 2 M B 5-Nov-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y COLSTON, Mary 20 Minor St. JONES, Samuel 24 Labor Maggie Jackson

JONES, Chas. 1 M B 22-Dec-1911 Natchez Hospital Y SMITH, Susie 18 Natchez, Miss. JONES, Tom 21 Deceased Natchez Hospital

JONES, not reported 1 M W 29-Apr-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y CHAMBERLAIN, not reported 36 "Raoenna" JONES, W. T. 35 Physician W. T. Jones M.D.

JONES, Harrold 2 M W 15-Jun-1920 30 Magnolia Ave. Y EVENS, Mamie 20 30 Magnolia Ave. JONES, Willie 27 Laborer A. C. Houston

JONES, Vera 1 F B 29-Jun-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y SMITH, Ora 15 413 S. Pearl JONES, Wm. 17 Porter Jennie Roland

JONES, not reported F W 18-Mar-1919 30 Magnolia Street Y EVANS, Mamie 18 30 Magnolia Street JONES, Wm. Washington 26 ???? Sawyer E. B. French M.D.

JORDAN, Bernard Chandler, Jr. 2 M W 20-Jul-1915 Natchez Sanatorium Y BUEMLER, Elise 33 Natchez, Miss. JORDAN, Bernard C. 33 Traveling Salesman P. Beekman M.D.

JORDAN, Estelle Le Doux 4 F W 9-Aug-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y MORGAN, Estelle 37 Natchez, Miss. JORDAN, Chas. K. 39 Shipping Clerk R. D. Sessions M.D.

JORDAN, not reported 3 M W 14-Jun-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y not reported 30 N. Pearl St. JORDAN, Chas., Mr. 33 Postal Clerk R. D. Sessions M.D.

JORDAN, Katherine 5 F W 2-Mar-1921 49 Myrtle Ave. Y TERRAL, Ida Kate 30 Natchez, Miss. JORDAN, Geo. Wm. 42 Auto Dealer P. Beekman M.D.

JORY, Geo 7 M B 29-Feb-1916 60 Woodlong St. Y EGEZA, Sophie 35 60 Woodlong St. JORY, Wm. 39 Paken House Gartes Weber

JOSEPH, Leon 5 F B 9-Oct-1910 Rankin St. Y MCNEIL, Mary 32 Rankin St. JOSEPH, Charles 35 Labor Julia Forster "Sex" is noted 4 girls

JUNK, Nannie Elizabeth 1 F W 15-Aug-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y SHARP, Clarisse 24 Natchez, Miss. JUNK, Merrit 28 Saw Mill Man R. D. Sessions M.D.

JUNKIN, Marie Carol Zurhellen 2 F W 25-Dec-1920 Natchez Sanatorium Y ZURHELLEN, Marie 28 Natchez, Miss. JUNKIN, Sam'l 31 Machinist P. Beekman M.D.

JUNKIN, Samuel Fabian, Jr. 1 M W 22-Feb-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y ZURHELLEN, Marie Elizabeth 25 Natchez, Miss. JUNKIN, Samuel Fabian 30 Book Keeper L. H. Lamkin M.D.

JUNKIN, not reported 1 F W 1-Jun-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y ZURHELLEN, Bertha 25 Natchez, Miss. JUNKIN, Wm., Jr. 25 Planter R. D. Sessions M.D.

JUNKIN, Bertha 2 F W 27-Sep-1921 Natchez Sanatorium Y ZURHELLEN, Bertha 27 Vidalia, La. JUNKIN, Wm., Jr. 27 Contractor & Farmer R. D. Sessions M.D.