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(Continued) Birth Returns 1910/1921

City of Natchez, Adams Co, Mississippi

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Childs Name - # - Sex - Race- Date Born - Place Born - Alive Y/N - Mother's Name - Age - Mother's Residence - Father's Name - Age - Occupation - Reported By - Notes

RAFFORS, not reported 1 M B 7-Jun-1910 Natchez Hospital N not reported, Mary 21 Homochitto St. RAFFORS, Jim 29 Farming Natchez Hospital

RAMSEY, not reported 3 M W 6-Jul-1910 S. Canal St. Y WOOD, Rebecca 27 S. Canal St. RAMSEY, H. L. 51 City Marshall C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

RAMSEY, not reported 3 M W 5-Nov-1912 522 S. Canal St. Y WOOD, Rebecca 38 522 S. Canal St. RAMSEY, H. L. 52 Chief of Police C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

RAMSEY, not reported 4 M W 28-Jan-1915 S. Canal St. Y WOOD, Rebecca 40 S. Canal St. RAMSEY, H. L. 54 Cheif of Police C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

RANKIN, Jno., Jr. 4 M B 9-Dec-1912 Natchez, Miss. N THOMAS, Lizzie 35 Natchez, Miss. RANKIN, Jno. 35 Laborer Rosa Freeman

RANSOM, Laura May 3 F B 17-Dec-1914 710 McDuell Alley Y SUZETTE, Ella 30 Natchez, Miss. RANSOM, Sargent 35 Plaster Julia Foster

RAPHEAL, Chas. 3 M W 5-Aug-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y RAHIJA, Annie 24 203 N. Pine RAPHEAL, Chas. 35 Merchant Maggie Jackson

not reported 3 M 16-Mar-1910 502 Franklin St. Y FLEISCHER, Lena 27 502 Franklin St. RAPPAPORT, I. 27 Merchant C. T. Chamberlain M.D. Jewish

RAPPAPORT, not reported 4 M 3-Oct-1911 Franklin St. Y FLEISCHER, Lena 29 Franklin St. RAPPAPORT, J. 30 Dry Goods Merchant C. T. Chamberlain M.D. Jewish

RAPPOPORT, not reported 5 F W 7-Jan-1914 512 Franklin St. Y FLEISCHER, Lena 31 512 Franklin St. RAPPOPORT, Isadore 28 Dry Goods Merchant C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

RATCLIFF, Gladys Mary 4 F W 1-May-1913 600 Cemetery St. Y ENLOW, Eula 36 600 Cemetery St. RATCLIFF, Webb 33 Laborer E. B. French M.D.

RATCLIFF, not reported 5 M W 19-Feb-1916 665 Cemetery St. Y ENLOW, Eula 39 665 Cemetery St. RATCLIFF, Wm. Webb 36 Laborer E. B. French M.D.

RATLIFF, Willie J. 2 F W 8-Jul-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y CALCOTE, Ola M. 27 Natchez, Miss. RATLIFF, Wm. J. 27 Prop. Transfer P. Beekman M.D.

RATLIFF, Hilda Agatha 3 F W 13-Mar-1917 108 Washington St. Y CALCOTE, Ola 32 Natchez, Miss. RATLIFF, Wm. J. 32 Transfer Business P. Beekman M.D.

RAWES, Mildred 4 F W 5-Aug-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y GREEN, Willie 30 St. Catherine RAWES, W. A. 38 News Agent Maggie Jackson

RAWES, not reported 3 M W 13-Jun-1913 409 N. Pine St. Y GREEN, Willie Perry 27 409 N. Pine St. RAWES, Wm. A. 35 Barber E. B. French M.D.

RAWLES, not reported 1 F W 11-Jun-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y PERRY, Mamie L. 22 Natchez, Miss. RAWLES, Pat D. 26 Trav. Salesman R. D. Sessions M.D.

RAYFIELD, Annie 2 F W 5-Jan-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y JOSEPH, Rosie 21 State St. RAYFIELD, Charley Pedler Maggie Jackson

REDIN, Nancy K. 1 F B 25-Dec-1914 Green St. Y WOODFORK, Ora 18 Green St. REDIN, Sura 24 Muzishinton Mayie Washington Born 35 min after 8 o'clock

REECE, Dorothy Mae 1 F W 6-Dec-1921 N. Union St. Y WALTERS, Ruby 17 Natchez, Miss. REECE, Lee Roy 19 Spec. Del. Clk. U.S. Pos Marcus Beekman M.D.

not reported 5 F W 18-Oct-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y FOSTER, Flora 28 Natchez, Miss. REECE, Thos Geo. 44 Cook, Levee Camp L. H. Lamkin M.D. Father died July 25th, 1912

REED, not reported 1 F W 16-May-1910 9 Cooper St. Y HADDOX, Carrie 19 9 Cooper St. REED, H. C. 25 Carpenter J. S. Ullman M.D.

REED, Jack Thomas 2 M W 25-Sep-1912 9 Cooper St. Y HADDOX, Carrie 21 9 Cooper St. REED, Herb't C. 26 Carpenter J. S. Ullman M.D.

REED, Sarah Margaret 4 F W 13-Sep-1921 642 Cemetery St. Y HADDOX, Carrie Ione 30 Natchez, Miss. REED, Herbert Cane 36 Carpenter P. Beekman M.D.

REED, Herbert Haddox 3 M W 6-Sep-1917 19 Cooper St. Y HADDOX, Carrie 26 19 Cooper St. REED, Herbert K. 32 Carpenter P. Beekman M.D.

REED, Edith 1 F B 29-Oct-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y HODKINS, Myliss 20 N. Pine REED, Isaac 26 Labor Maggie Jackson

REED, not reported 2 M W 21-Mar-1910 Natchez Hospital Y not reported 26 Harriston, Miss. REED, J. 28 Painter Natchez Hospital

REED, Louis Curtis Rawls 4 M W 20-Aug-1911 11 Cooper St., City; Y LEE, Florence E. 30 11 Cooper St., City; REED, James Noyes Bartlet 35 Carpenter J. S. Ullman M.D.

REED, Virginia Elizabeth 5 F W 9-Jul-1914 11 Cooper St. Y LEE, Florence 32 Natchez, Miss. REED, Jas. N. B. 37 Carpenter J. S. Ullman M.D.

REED, Margaret H. 3 F B 19-Aug-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y WILLIAMS, Bell 34 Brenham Ave. REED, Robert 37 Labor Maggie Jackson

not reported 5 M W 20-Apr-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y MCNEIL, Katie 33 7 Cooper St., Natchez; REED, Walter E. 33 Pilot P. Beekman M.D.

HARRIS, Earnest 1 M B 22-Apr-1912 Natchez Hospital Y HARRIS, Mandy 16 Natchez, Miss. REED, Willie 20 Porter Natchez Hospital

REEVES, James Truman 1 F W 26-May-1913 Natchez Sanitorium Y HUTCHINSON, Corinna, Miss 37 Ferriday, La. REEVES, Jas. T., Dr. 36 Physician P. Beekman M.D.

REGISTER, Eva D. 1 F W 27-Sep-1913 Chamberlain Sanatorium; Y HUFF, Stella 30 Clayton, La. REGISTER, J. C. 35 Planter E. B. French M.D.

REGISTER, not reported 2 F W 14-Oct-1915 504 N. Commerce St.; Y HOFF, Stella 32 Clayton, La. REGISTER, J. C. 37 Planter C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

not reported 3 M W 31-May-1912 Natchez Sanitorium Y PIPES, Rose Lambert 33 Tensas Parish, La. REGISTER, Will A. 36 Planter P. Beekman M.D.

REILEY, Abel N., Jr. 1 M W 2-Jan-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y PERRAULT, Genivive 20 Natchez, Miss. REILEY, Abel N. 23 Proprietor of Laundry R. D. Sessions M.D.

RHODES, Abe McAllister 2 M W 10-Aug-1918 Natchez Sanitorium Y MCALLISTER, Hallie 25 Waterproof, La. RHODES, Arthur Lewis 26 Farming P. Beekman M.D.

RHODES, Arthur Louis, Jr. 1 M W 23-May-1916 Natchez Sanatorium Y MCALLISTER, Hollie Fay 23 Waterproof, La RHODES, Arthur Lewis, Sr. 24 Plantation Manager P. Beekman M.D.

RHODES, Boyd Leland 1 M W 7-Jan-1918 Natchez, Miss. MCPHAIL, Allie 25 Natchez, Miss. RHODES, Geo. 35 R.R. Brakeman R. D. Sessions M.D.

RHODES, Richerson Devereux 2 M W 30-Jan-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y KLOPP, Mary Deveraux 24 Natchez, Miss. RHODES, Herbert R. 31 Civil Eingineer R. D. Sessions M.D. Reported but not posted

RHODES, Mary Herbert 1 F W 2-Aug-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y KLAPP, Mary Deveraux 22 Natchez, Miss. RHODES, Herbert Richardson 30 Civil Eingineer R. D. Sessions M.D.

RHONE, Edward A., Jr. 1 M B 16-Nov-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y HOLMES, Corine 18 711 Madison St. RHONE, Edward A. 24 Chauffeur Jennie Roland

RICE, not reported 8 M W 3-Sep-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y LEE, Blanch 45 Natchez, Miss. RICE, Henry George 54 Switchman R. D. Sessions M.D.

RICE, H. C. 7 M B 14-Apr-1910 Natchez Hospital Y DRAKE, not reported 32 City RICE, Richard 35 Farmer Natchez Hospital

RICH, A. L. 3 M W 20-Nov-1910 Natchez Hospital Y not reported 32 Sumrall, Miss. RICH, Ted Laborer Natchez Hospital

RICHARDS, not reported 4 M W 14-Jun-1911 Natchez Hospital Y HALL, Lillian 35 Natchez, Miss. RICHARDS, John 34 Tinner Natchez Hospital

RICHARDSON, not reported 3 F W 13-Nov-1913 514 S. Union Y JACKSON, Josephine 33 514 S. Union RICHARDSON, C. B., Jr. 43 Bank Cashier C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

RICHARDSON, Alphoncis 5 F B 29-Oct-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y WILLIAMS, Irene 34 3 1/2 Garden St. RICHARDSON, Charles 31 Foundry Man Brana Bowls

RICHARDSON, not reported F B 6-Dec-1914 Natchez, Miss. N not reported, Irene 37 Natchez, Miss. RICHARDSON, Charlie 36 Laborer Polly Dicen

RICHARDSON, Faemn 4 F B 13-Oct-1910 Natchez Hospital Y RYNINS, not reported 28 Washington, Miss. RICHARDSON, Geo. 28 Farmin Natchez Hospital

RICHARDSON, Isaah 1 M B 13-Jan-1916 223 Market St. Y YEATS, Viola 16 Natchez, Miss. RICHARDSON, Jack 65 Laborer Julia Foster

RICHARDSON, Lee, Jr. 1 M B 24-Apr-1915 Sleets Alley Y SHAW, Harrett 17 Sleets Alley RICHARDSON, Lee 26 Farmer Margaret Brown

RICHARDSON, Earl 2 M B 30-Jan-1919 St. Catherine St. Y WILLIAMS, Hariet 19 St. Catherine St. RICHARDSON, Lee 22 Labor Bianna Washington

RICHARDSON, Floyd 1 M B 17-Feb-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y JONES, Madie 22 Natchez, Miss. RICHARDSON, Silvester 24 Jobing Fanny Gordon

RIDDEN, Jenell 1 F B 23-Feb-1914 Natchez, Miss. N TRISVANE, Mattie 22 705 High St. RIDDEN, Louia 25 Porter Jennie Roland

RIGGS, not reported 1 M W 8-Feb-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y TAYLOR, Vargie 17 Natchez, Miss. RIGGS, Walter W. 27 Carpenter H.W.A.Lil

RIGGS, not reported 2 F W 13-Nov-1915 St. Charles Ave., Natchez; Y NAYLOR, Virginia 19 Natchez, Miss. RIGGS, Walter W. 29 Carpenter H. C. Dorsey

RILEY, Elizabeth 3 F B 11-Apr-1914 Natchez, Miss. N GIBSON, Jennie 40 Natchez, Miss. RILEY, George 38 Laborer Melinda Meson

RILEY, not reported 4 M B 8-Dec-1913 DeMarco Ave N RILEY, Mtildy 31 DeMarco Ave RILEY, Will 33 Public Labor Darkis Webber

RILEY, Mary 9 F B 6-Feb-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y RHODES, Matilda 37 Griffin's Alley RILEY, Will 39 Public work Dorcas Weber

RILEY, Eclil B 8-Nov-1911 St. Catherine St. Y RIELY, Matilda 26 D'Marco Alley RILEY, Willie 31 Public Work Miss Marget Brown

ROBERSON, Leon 7 F B 16-Aug-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y SANDERS, Daisy 25 208 Stearland ROBERSON, William 34 Railroad man Pollie Disen

ROBERSON, Bessie 1 F B 6-Jun-1912 71 Brenham Ave. Y BASS, Leola 20 71 Brenham Ave. ROBERSON, Willie 25 Farmer Maggie Jackson

ROBERTS, Joseph Viener 1 M W 31-Jan-1918 113 S. Pine St. Y VIENER, Rosa 22 Natchez, Miss. ROBERTS, A. B. 38 School teacher P. Beekman M.D.

ROBERTS, not reported 3 M W 9-Jan-1913 Clifton Hgts. Y FARR, Nettie 28 Clifton Hgts. ROBERTS, Fred H. 32 R.R. Conductor E. B. French M.D.

ROBERTS, Fred Eugene 3 M W 27-Dec-1919 Park Ave Y FARR, Nettie 32 Park Ave ROBERTS, Fred H. 38 R. R. Conductor E. B. French M.D.

ROBERTS, not reported 1 M W 8-Aug-1910 37 Myrtle Ave. Y THOMPSON, not reported 25 Natchez, Miss. ROBERTS, Fulton 32 Lunber Inspector W. T. Jones M.D.

ROBERTS, John 3 M W 23-Oct-1911 Under the hill Y SMITH, Francis 38 Under the hill ROBERTS, J. S. 53 Fisherman E. B. French M.D.

not reported 2 F W 10-Jun-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y THOMPSON, Edna May 23 Natchez, Miss. ROBERTS, R. Fulton 37 Timber Estimator P. Beekman M.D.

ROBERTS, Camille Olga 3 F W 8-Jun-1914 70 St. Catherine St.; Y THOMPSON, Edma May 26 Natchez, Miss. ROBERTS, Robt Fulton 39 Timber estimating P. Beekman M.D.

ROBERTS, Allison 1 M W 17-Apr-1916 Chamberlain Sanatorium; Y SCHWARTZ, Barbara 24 Kansas City, Mo. ROBERTS, Roy A. 28 Newspaper Reporter C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

ROBERTS, William Jefferson, Jr. 2 M W 13-Oct-1916 658 N. Union St. Y NICHOLS, Florence 37 Natchez, Miss. ROBERTS, Wm. Jefferson, Sr. 37 Merchant P. Beekman M.D.

ROBINSON, Theadosha 1 F B 11-Feb-1912 12 Garden St. Y KING, Eula 19 12 Garden St. ROBINSON, Clarence 20 Hack Driver J. C. French M.D.

ROBINSON, Sarah B. 2 F B 29-Apr-1916 33 St. Catherine Y BANKS, Alberta 33 Dermott, Ark. ROBINSON, Frank 34 Farmer A. C. Houston 1:20 a.m.

ROBINSON, not reported 2 M W 30-Oct-1912 617 Cemetery St. Y STOKES, Ethel 19 617 Cemetery St. ROBINSON, J. L., Jr. 27 Express Messinger E. B. French M.D.

ROBINSON, Esther 1 F B 5-Oct-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y FOWLER, Bessie 20 114 Homochitto St. ROBINSON, Sam 22 Yard Man Johanna Banks

ROBINSON, not reported 1 M B 14-Jan-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y HAMOND, Delia 20 Natchez, Miss. ROBINSON, Uriah 24 Farming Sophia Newell

ROGILLIO, Douglas S. 1 M W 4-Feb-1920 Natchez Sanitorium Y HUGHES, Ethel 22 So. Wall St. ROGILLIO, Douglas S. 24 Expresman J. W. D. Dicks M.D.

ROLAND, Iren 2 F B 10-Dec-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y FLEMING, Leanna 23 305 Union St. ROLAND, Arthur 26 Baker Jennie Roland

ROLAX, Albert 1 M B 30-Jul-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y MORRIS, Corena 24 N. Commerce ROLAX, Perkins 24 Chauffer Maggie Jackson

ROLAX, Perkins, Jr. 2 M B 7-Jun-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y MORRIS, Corena 25 Bee St. Alley ROLAX, Perkins 26 Labor Maggie Jackson

ROLLEY, C. J. Zake 3 M W 20-Feb-1917 Natchez, Miss. N ROLLEY, Ida 24 Natchez, Miss. ROLLEY, Zake 39 Garden Annie Rollin

ROSENBAUM, Clare 1 F W 25-May-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y LISSO, Fannie 21 Mobile, Ala. ROSENBAUM, Alvin H. 24 Salesman P. Beekman M.D.

ROSENZWEIG, Roslyn Amelia 1 F W 11-Feb-1917 Natchez Sanitorium Y ANDERSON, Effie May 20 Natchez, Miss. ROSENZWEIG, Sam 21 Retail Clothing Clerk J. S. Ullman M.D.

ROSS, Cane 1 F B 1-Feb-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y ROSS, Nellie 20 183 homochitto st. ROSS, Cane 27 Farmer Johanna Banks

ROSS, Jessie 2 M B 17-Nov-1919 Carthage Pl. Y HUSTON, Mellie 23 Carthage Pl. ROSS, Love 29 Farming Johanna Banks

ROSS, Nathaniel J. 1 M B 7-Feb-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y WALDER, Eliza 21 Natchez, Miss. ROSS, Nathaniel J. 24 Laborer Dorcas Webber

ROTHCHILD, Martin 2 M W 7-Mar-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y ZUZAK, Juliet 23 Woodville, Miss ROTHCHILD, Sidney 27 Clerk P. Beekman M.D.

BANUED, George 1 M B 13-Jun-1912 Natchez Hospital Y BANUED, Rosetta 15 Natchez, Miss. ROTHCHILDS, Mack 25 Farmer Natchez Hospital

ROTHSCHILDE, Juliett 3 F W 10-Apr-1914 Natchez Sanitorium Y ZUZAK, Juliet 27 Woodville, Miss. ROTHSCHILDE, Sidney M. 31 Merchant P. Beekman M.D.

ROUNDTREE, Dorothy 3 F B 13-Feb-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y MARSHALL, Exerlena 36 Brenham Ave. ROUNDTREE, Thomas 45 Labor Maggie Jackson

ROWAN, Eliz. 3 F B 14-Nov-1919 Linwood Y WOSPS, Henretta 26 Linwood ROWAN, Alfred 36 Farmer Joanna Banks

ROWAN, David M. 2 M B 22-Mar-1912 Quitman Ave. Y MORRIS, Hattie 20 Quitman Ave. ROWAN, Ferd 17 Labor Man Julia Foster

not reported 1 M B 24-May-1917 Natchez, Miss. N LEWIS, Lama 16 823 State St. ROWAN, Frank 22 Porter Johana Banks

ROWAN, Charley 4 M B 20-May-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y ROWAN, Mary 32 not reported ROWAN, Judge 36 Porter Lizzie Robertson

ROY, Willie 1 M B 23-Mar-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y HAYES, Ernestine 18 608 Monroe St. ROY, Willie 27 Chauffeur Jennie Roland

ROYAL, not reported 1 F W 14-Feb-1910 Natchez Hospital Y ROYAL, not reported 17 Collingston, La. ROYAL, J. B. 25 Lumberman Natchez Hospital

RUBEINA, Lidia Rebecca 3 F B 12-Feb-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y WILSON, not reported 36 9 Beaumont RUBEINA, W. W. 38 Baker M. J. Hill

RUBIN, Dorothy J. 2 F W 4-Aug-1911 518 N. Pine St. Y ROSEMTHAL, Bessie, Miss 25 518 N. Pine St. RUBIN, Maurice 29 Merchant J. S. Ullman M.D.

RUCKER, not reported 1 F W 4-Aug-1916 Chamberlain Sanatorium; N BOWMAN, Pauline 25 Itta Bena, Miss. RUCKER, J. D. 28 School Teacher C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

RUCKER, Stella Adell 1 F B 20-Dec-1918 695 N. Pine Y ROSS, Fannie 28 695 N. Pine RUCKER, Jonathan 28 Doctor A. C. Houston

RUMBLE, not reported 1 F B 24-May-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y MCCABE, Mary Elizabeth 17 212 St. Catherine RUMBLE, Walter Wm. 27 Clothes presser Marcus Beekman M.D.

SPLANE, Eva Gillispie 3 F W 18-Jan-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y SPLANE, Eva Elane 33 Natchez, Miss. RUSH, Benjamin 49 Planter P. Beekman M.D.

RUSSEL, not reported 2 M W 6-Feb-1910 Natchez Hospital Y GREIVES, not reported 26 Flora, Miss. RUSSEL, W. B. S. 34 Merchant J. Whitacker

RUSSELL, Lillian 1 F W 19-Aug-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y LOWERY, Carrie 15 10 Green St. RUSSELL, Douglas 25 Labor Racheal Mitchell

CLAYTON, Joe 1 M B 29-Nov-1911 Natchez Hospital Y CLAYTON, Letha 21 Kinston, Miss. RUSSELL, Henry 23 Farm Natchez Hospital

RUTHERFORD, Isabel 1 F W 27-Apr-1917 307 N. Wall Y JONES, Matilda 25 5 Magnolia Vale RUTHERFORD, Walter A. 34 Capt. Tug Boat E. B. French M.D.

RUTHUFORD, not reported 2 M W 7-Mar-1916 Homochitto St. Y CRONCIE, Kate 30 Adams Co. RUTHUFORD, Lannius 42 Farmer C. T. Chamberlain M.D.