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(Continued) Birth Returns 1910/1921

City of Natchez, Adams Co, Mississippi

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Childs Name - # - Sex - Race- Date Born - Place Born - Alive Y/N - Mother's Name - Age - Mother's Residence - Father's Name - Age - Occupation - Reported By - Notes

TABOR, not reported 2 M W 23-Aug-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y HUTTON, Lillian 27 Natchez, Miss. TABOR, Eugene 28 Mgr. Pool Room R. D. Sessions M.D.

TABOR, not reported 3 F W 1-Mar-1916 109 Arlington Ave Y HUTTON, Lillian 32 109 Arlington Ave TABOR, Eugene 33 Policeman C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

TABOR, Sam'l E. 1 M W 23-Jun-1913 Gayosa St. Y MCKINNY, not reported 21 Gayosa St. TABOR, Sam E. 31 Foreman Candy Factory J. S. Ullman M.D.

TABOR, Ernest Leon 2 M W 7-Dec-1917 Gayosa St. Y MCKINNY, Lillian 26 Natchez, Miss. TABOR, Sam. E. 33 Candy maker P. Beekman M.D.

TABOR, not reported 1 M W 4-Feb-1911 St. Charles Ave., City; Y HARWOOD, Alise 20 St. Charles Ave., City; TABOR, W. O, 23 Labor, Candy Factory C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

TAGEANT, not reported 9 F W 15-Feb-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y BOWGONS, Mary 39 Natchez, Miss. TAGEANT, Frank 53 Trucker McDonald Watkins M.D.

TALTIN, Automoense 1 F B 1-Mar-1919 413 Canal Y TOLBERT, Alvia 19 413 Canal TALTIN, Eddie 33 Fireman A. C. Houston R.N.

TALTON, James 4 M B 6-Aug-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y FLETCHER, Annie 37 403 S. Canal TALTON, Ben 48 Laborer G. A. Taylor

TALTON, Thelma 2 F B 7-Feb-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y TOLBERT, Elvina 24 S. Canal TALTON, Eddie 35 Labor Maggie Jackson

TALTON, Willie 1 F B 7-Oct-1914 Claps Homochitto Y not reported, Malinda 18 Homochitto St. TALTON, Willie 20 Public work Catherine Brown

TALTON, Doris Odalee 4 F B 19-Jun-1919 7 James Alley, near Pearl ; Y DENIS, Malinda 24 7 James Alley, near Pearl; TALTON, Willie 25 Rail Road A. C. Houston R.N.

TALTON, Olivia 4 F B 2-Nov-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y TALTON, Malinda 26 24 N. Commerce St. TALTON, Willie 22 Laborer Jennie Roland

TANNER, Naunei 4 F B 26-Mar-1911 Natchez Hospital Y TURNER, Sarah 22 Natchez, Miss. TANNER, Monroe 35 Public Natchez Hospital

TATE, not reported 4 F W 19-Feb-1910 Natchez, Miss. Y BENBROOK, Virginia 25 N. Pearl St TATE, James 33 Don't Know R. D. Sessions M.D.

TATE, not reported 5 F W 26-Aug-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y BENBROOK, Hanah 30 Natchez, Miss. TATE, James 36 Clerk R. D. Sessions M.D.

TAYLOR, Rosie Lee 2 F B 10-Jan-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y HODSON, Saline 23 7 Taylor Ave. TAYLOR, David 23 Railroad Johanna Banks

TAYLOR, Lena 1 F B 2-Jun-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y POPE, Florence 15 57 Homochitto St. TAYLOR, David 22 Soldier, France Joannah Banks

TAYLOR, David 2 M B 28-Jan-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y POPE, Florence 16 57 Homochitto St. TAYLOR, David 24 Laboring Johanna Banks

TAYLOR, Alberta 2 F B 10-Feb-1915 13 Beaumont St. N BOLIN, Bertha 17 Natchez, Miss. TAYLOR, Eddie 20 Laborer Julia Foster

TAYLOR, Willie 3 M B 28-Nov-1915 47 Minor St. N BOLIN, Bertha 17 47 Minor St. TAYLOR, Edward 22 Waiter A. C. Houston

TAYLOR, Elizabeth F B 10-Oct-1910 Homochitto St., Geisenberger's; Y TAYLOR, Nettie 19 Homochitto St. TAYLOR, Henry 21 Servent Joans Banks

TAYLOR, Will 2 M B 2-May-1911 Natchez Hospital N LEE, Bessie 19 Brookhaven, Miss. TAYLOR, Will 21 Cook Natchez Hospital

TAYLOR, William Stanton 1 M B 26-Feb-1918 17 Minor Y STANTON, Mahala 27 Memphis, Tenn. TAYLOR, William 27 Porter A. C. Houston born 4 p.m.

TEAGUE, Mary Dyer 1 F W 28-Mar-1917 Chamberlain Sanatorium; Y LEDDEN, Cornie 30 Fayette, Miss. TEAGUE, T. L. 40 Planter C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

CARROLL, not reported F B 8-Dec-1911 Natchez Hospital Y CARROLL, Mary 18 Natchez, Miss. TELL, Camie 28 Merchant Natchez Hospital

TELL, Annie Louise 1 F B 5-Mar-1917 Natchez, Miss. Y THOMASON, Mammie 19 Monroe St. TELL, Jimmie 22 Car Cleaner Anna Roden

TEW, not reported 2 F W 14-Nov-1912 104 S. Pine St. Y JONES, Leila 26 104 S. Pine St. TEW, J. A. 29 Electrician C.T. & T. Co C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

THIBODEAUX, Truly Lawrence 1 M W 23-May-1911 402 N. Pine St. Y MELLEN, Louisa 24 Natchez, Miss. THIBODEAUX, S. T. 26 Street Car Conductor W. T. Jones M.D.

THIBODEAUX, not reported 2 F W 8-Jan-1913 15 Fourth St. Y MELON, Louisa 26 15 Fourth St. THIBODEAUX, S. T. 27 Street Car Conductor C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

THOMAS, Alberta 3 F B 5-Jan-1913 Cor Union & Grant St. ; Y BURTON, Mary 32 Cor Union & Grant St.; THOMAS, Alex 40 Laborer J. B. Mazique M.D.

THOMAS, Balce 1 M B 1-Jan-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y HALL, Rosie 19 Natchez, Miss. THOMAS, Balce 21 Car Cleaner Annie Rollins

THOMAS, Sandy 7 M B 18-May-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y WESTLY, Eva 30 Marco Alley THOMAS, Clarence 41 Bricklayer Malindo Mason

THOMAS, Armistice 1 F W 11-Nov-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y SMITHERS, Helen Louise 21 508 Orleans St. THOMAS, Clarence J. 34 Mechanic (Music)(Piano) E. B. French M.D.

THOMAS, Mary 3 F B 16-Jan-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y MONTGOMERY, Alice 22 Ext. N. Union THOMAS, Geo. 28 Insurance Agent Maggie Jackson

THOMAS, Henry 7 M B 4-Jul-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y MASON, Linda 35 Quitman Lane THOMAS, Henry 40 Laborer Linda Mason

THOMAS, not reported 3 M B 2-Nov-1915 Sleet Alley N BROWN, Netty 21 Sleet Alley THOMAS, Johny 22 Laborer Margaret Brown

THOMAS, Nelson 2 M B 20-Apr-1913 60 Silver St. Y ALFERDY, Mandy 37 60 Silver St. THOMAS, Melse 44 Labor Man Julia Foster

THOMAS, Suniller 4 F B 20-Oct-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y THOMAS, Lillie 25 21 N. Commerce St. THOMAS, Stanfield 30 Laborer Jennie Roland

THOMAS, Marie 2 F B 19-Jul-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y STEWART, Cabel 24 Beekman Junction THOMAS, Warren 48 Laborer J. C. Mazique M.D.

THOMAS, James Weston 5 M B 14-Oct-1914 2 Obrion St. Y LOGAN, Sadie 24 Natchez, Miss. THOMAS, William 32 Day Laborer Julia Foster

THOMAS, Mary E. 4 F B 7-Sep-1911 1 O'Brine St. Y LOGAN, Sadie 21 1 O'Brine St. THOMAS, Willie 28 Laboring man Julia Foster

THOMAS, Harold R. 6 M B 10-Jun-1919 179 St. Catherine St.; Y LOGAN, Sadie 29 179 St. Catherine St.; THOMAS, Willie 38 Laborer Biana Washington

THOMAS, Oneta 1 F B 23-Aug-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y LOYD, Delia 18 Natchez, Miss. THOMAS, Willie 24 Cooking Fannie Gordon

THOMAS, Eliza 1 F B 29-Dec-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y ROWAN, Vina 18 Concord Ave THOMAS, Wm. 20 Labor Maggie Jackson

THOMES, Manuel L. 1 F B 20-Sep-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y WEIR, Rachel 17 Natchez, Miss. THOMES, Monroe 21 Butcher Annie Johnson

THOMPSON, H. H. 1 M W 25-Oct-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y ELLZY, Francis 29 Natchez, Miss. THOMPSON, H. H. 30 Minister McDonald Watkins M.D.

THOMPSON, Eda C. 2 F B 26-Jul-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y THOMPSON, Julia 19 Natchez, Miss. THOMPSON, James 26 Labor Darkr's Webb

THOMPSON, Rosie 6 F B 23-Apr-1918 St. Catherine St. Y LOGAN, Nettie 25 St. Catherine St. THOMPSON, Johnie 29 Public Work Byana Washington

THOMPSON, Matthew Cary 2 M W 12-Feb-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y ZURHELLEN, Maud 30 Natchez, Miss. THOMPSON, M. C. 30 Attorney at Law R. D. Sessions M.D.

THOMPSON, not reported 1 M W 11-Jan-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y JACKSON, Susie Jane 25 #3 Gilreith Hill THOMPSON, Wesley 28 Cotton Mill Hand E. B. French M.D.

THORPE, not reported 3 F W 4-Feb-1917 Magnolia Vale, Leonards Hill; Y KILE, Pearl 26 Magnolia Vale, Leonards Hill; THORPE, Geo. C. 29 Laborer E. B. French M.D.

THORPE, not reported 5 M W 21-Dec-1921 Magnolia Vale Y KILE, Pearl Florence 33 Magnolia Vale THORPE, Geo. C. 32 Saw Mill Labor Marcus Beekman M.D.

THORPE, Geargie Rose 4 F W 25-May-1920 Magnolia Vale Y KILE, Pearl 31 Natchez, Miss. THORPE, George C. 32 Saw Filer P. Beekman M.D.

THRASH, not reported 4 M W 1-Jul-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y JOYNER, Mary Louisa 35 810 N. Rankin St. THRASH, W. E. 36 Mail Clerk R. D. Sessions M.D.

THRASH, Lelia Estelle 7 F W 11-Feb-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y JOYNER, Louise 42 Natchez, Miss. THRASH, W. E. 42 R.R. Mail Clk. R. D. Sessions M.D.

TIBBITS, not reported 4 F W 22-Oct-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y KNOBLOCK, Emily 25 Natchez, Miss. TIBBITS, S. W. 31 Timber Dealer McDonald Watkins M.D.

TILLMAN, Cassius Simon 1 M W 2-Jun-1918 Natchez Sanitorium Y KOHN, Delphine 21 Natchez, Miss. TILLMAN, Cassius L., Jr. 27 Merchant P. Beekman M.D.

TILLMAN, Clifford 2 M W 16-Oct-1920 505 Oak St. Y KAHEE, Delphine 23 Natchez, Miss. TILLMAN, Cassius L., Jr. 29 Merchant P. Beekman M.D.

TILLMAN, Suzanne M. 1 F W 30-Apr-1915 Natchez Sanitorium Y WEXLER, Hulda 29 Natchez, Miss. TILLMAN, Jos. L. 29 Tobacco & Pool Room J. S. Ullman M.D.

TILLMAN, Hulda Wexler 2 F W 22-Dec-1917 603 N. Union St. Y WEXLER, Hulda 32 Natchez, Miss. TILLMAN, Joseph L. 32 Merchant, Cigars P. Beekman M.D.

TODD, H. P., Jr. 1 M W 6-Jul-1914 Chamberlain Sanatorium ; Y SMITH, Sarh 29 Stanton College, Wall & Jeff.; TODD, H. P. 33 School Teacher C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

TOHAR, Virginia May 2 F W 27-Jul-1915 Natchez, Miss. Y HARWOOD, Alice, Miss 23 Natchez, Miss. TOHAR, W. O. 26 Armour Pkg. Co. McDonald Watkins M.D.

TOLER, Theodore 8 M B 28-May-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y MELTON, Julia 32 N. Union TOLER, Walter 35 Labor Maggie Jackson

TOLES, Willie 4 M B 21-Jul-1913 Washington Road Y STEWARD, Edner 25 Washington Road TOLES, Bill 39 Day Labor Anner Johnson

TOLLIS, not reported 1 M W 8-Jun-1916 417 S. Union St. Y ROSS, Sallie E. 26 417 S. Union St. TOLLIS, Neville 30 Physician E. B. French M.D.

TOMAS, Harry 2 B 27-Apr-1918 Gargiar Alley Y WILLIAMS, Rosie 22 Gargiar Alley TOMAS, Amous 23 Public work Bayoroma Washington

TORRY, not reported 4 M W 17-Sep-1911 GUICE, Lillian 28 Meadville, Miss. TORRY, B. H. 40 Lawyer Natchez Hospital

not reported 1 M B 19-Jan-1914 Natchez, Miss. Y CLAY, Margaret 19 Homochitto St. TOURNELL, Duke 23 Labor man Joona Burke

TOWNSEL, Estell 4 F B 9-Sep-1915 Homochitto St. Y CLAY, Margaret 21 Homochitto St. TOWNSEL, Jerry 25 Farmer Johanna Banks

TRAVIS, Moletta 1 F B 8-Mar-1921 Natchez, Miss. Y REEDY, Sarah 29 Wood St. TRAVIS, Allen, Jr. 26 Labor Maggie Jackson

TRAVIS, not reported 6 F W 15-Sep-1914 115 Briel Ave. Y LEGER, Rica 38 115 Briel Ave. TRAVIS, Barney 63 Laborer C. T. Chamberlain M.D.

TRAVIS, not reported 1 M W 13-Dec-1911 Natchez Hospital Y JONES, Carrie 18 Cole, Miss. TRAVIS, John 24 Saw Mill Natchez Hospital

TREVILLIAN, Ruth Edna 2 F W 9-Apr-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y THOMPSON, Pearl B. 28 Newllton, La. TREVILLIAN, E. Everett 37 Machinist L. H. Lamkin M.D.

TRIMBLE, not reported 2 M W 21-Jun-1919 Natchez, Miss. Y FELTUS, Margaret 23 Natchez, Miss. TRIMBLE, Elliott 25 Shoe Merchant McDonald Watkins

TRIMBLE, F. E., Jr. 1 M W 3-May-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y FELTUS, Margaret 21 Natchez, Miss. TRIMBLE, F. E. 23 Shoeman McDonald Watkins M.D.

TRIMBLE, not reported 1 M W 21-Aug-1918 Natchez, Miss. Y BREVARD, not reported 22 Natchez, Miss. TRIMBLE, Marvin 25 U.S. Navy McDonald Watkins M.D.

TRIMBLE, Janice 2 F W 1-Oct-1921 N. Pine St. Y BREVARD, Celia 24 N. Pine St. TRIMBLE, Warren B. 30 Salesman J. W. D. Dicks M.D.

TRINDLE, Geo. Lee 2 M W 28-Oct-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y CRUISE, May, Miss 23 Natchez, Miss. TRINDLE, Arther L. 23 Express Messinger P. Beekman M.D.

TRINDLE, Emma Augusta 2 F W 4-Nov-1914 218 Madison St. Y CRUSE, Mary 24 Natchez, Miss. TRINDLE, Arthur Lee 25 Express Manager P. Beekman M.D.

TRINDLE, not reported 3 M W 11-Jul-1918 113 So. Commerce St.; N LOMBARDO, Mary 22 Newelton, La. TRINDLE, James F. 30 Clerk P. Beekman M.D.

TRINDLE, Frances Augusta 1 M W 18-Nov-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y MCDONALD, Winnie 21 Natchez, Miss. TRINDLE, Louis Edward 21 Plumber P. Beekman M.D.

TROTTER, Willie Love 3 F W 9-Feb-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y POU, Edna, Miss 39 Cemetery St. TROTTER, Wm. 35 R.R. Mail Clerk McDonald Watkins M.D.

not reported 9 F W 11-Feb-1912 Natchez, Miss. Y BEACH, Isabel 37 Natchez, Miss. TRUDELL, Pierre 37 River Pilot P. Beekman M.D.

TRULY, Elsie M. 1 F W 15-May-1915 511 S. Union St. Y MARTIN, Elizabeth H. 20 511 S. Union St. TRULY, Everett G. 24 Lawyer J. S. Ullman M.D.

TRULY, Everett Geoffrey, Jr. 1 M W 30-Apr-1918 511 S. Union St. Y MARTIN, Elsie 23 Natchez, Miss. TRULY, Everett G., Sr. 27 Lawyer P. Beekman M.D.

TUCCIO, Samuel, Jr. 1 M W 9-Nov-1920 Natchez, Miss. Y CANGEMI, Jennie 17 Natchez, Miss. TUCCIO, Sam'l 26 Merchant R. D. Sessions M.D.

TUCCIO, not reported 1 F W 31-Mar-1920 174 St. Charles Ave.; Y CONGIMI, Josephine 19 174 St. Charles Ave.; TUCCIO, Vincent 28 Merchant not reported

TURNER, Wilfred 6 M B 24-Aug-1917 Liberty Rd. near St. Catherine; Y HOLMES, Annie 39 Liberty Rd. near St. Catherine; TURNER, Clarence 43 C.P.R. Porter A. C. Houston R.N.

TURNER, George 1 M B 10-Mar-1914 Sleats Alley Y BUCKHAMA, Fillace 16 Natchez, Miss. TURNER, George 27 Labor man Annie Johnson

WHITE, not reported 1 M B 7-Jun-1912 Natchez Hospital N WHITE, Rosa 17 Camp Byerus TURNER, Henry 21 Farmer Natchez Hospital

TURNER, Thomas Hillary, Jr. 1 M B 30-Jul-1921 692 N. Union St. Y BROWN, Leah Ann 25 692 N. Union St. TURNER, Thomas H., Sr. 25 City Driver A. C. Houston

TURNEY, Hopkins Lacy, Jr. 1 M W 27-Feb-1919 306 S. Union St. Y WARMATH, Daisy Dell 30 Natchez, Miss. TURNEY, Hopkins Lacy 28 Farmer (now in U.S.N.) E. B. French M.D.

TURNIPSEED, not reported 2 F W 2-Apr-1913 608 Jefferson St. Y WESTROPE, Annie 28 608 Jefferson St. TURNIPSEED, Jno. G. 26 Book Keeper E. B. French M.D. State report, M/name Carrie

not reported 4 M W 16-Jan-1916 Natchez, Miss. Y WARNER, Miss 25 Natchez, Miss. TYER, A. 32 R.R. Engineer McDonald Watkins M.D.

TYER, Marie Louise 2 F W 7-Jul-1913 Natchez, Miss. Y WARNER, Jessie Estelle 23 Natchez, Miss. TYER, Arthur 30 Locomotive Engineer R. D. Sessions M.D.

TYER, Aaron 1 M W 24-Dec-1911 Natchez, Miss. Y WARNER, Jessie 20 Natchez, Miss. TYER, Arthur P. 28 Engineer R. D. Sessions M.D.

TYLER, Samuel, Jr. 1 M B 21-Mar-1920 8 Prentiss St. N not reported, Maggie 18 8 Prentiss St. TYLER, Samuel, Sr. 21 Laborer A. C. Houston Premature birth