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(Continued) Abstracts From St. Mary's Cathedral Church "Announcments in Church Books," Scattered years and dates.
(St. Mary's Cathedral Church, Natchez, Mississippi)

Compiled by Robert "Bob" Shumway

This material is copyrighted. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. No part of this database may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the author. Ellen Pack

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No. 2

Announcements in Church

From Trinity Sunday 1862

to Passion Sunday 1863.

J une 15th, 1862 Trinity Sunday

6. The collection last Sunday for the orphans amounted to $34.20.

(We altered the hour of Benediction during the octave to 6 P. M.: - as more favorable to devotion. - A short instruction was given - except on Saturday. Next year it will probably be well to have the B. Sacrament exposed on Corpus Christi from early Mass till Benediction.)

Order of exercises - Said Angulus - Orphans Sang English Hymns - Prayer from Raccolta "Respice Dne. de Sanctuanio Teo - (in English) - Instruction - Prayer of reparation from Raccolta

English Hymn by orphans - Benediction - Choir & Orphans Alternately.

June 22nd, 1862 II. S. after Pentecost

1. To-morrow is the second "Months Mind" of Rev. Fr. Hearns. Mass will be offered for him at 6 A. M.

June 29th, 1862 S. Peter & St. Paul - III. S. after Pentecost.

1. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Catherine Murray, who died last Thursday.

July 3rd, 1862 IV. S. after Pentecost - Feast of the Most Precious (July 6th ??) Blood.

1. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Bridget Fay, who died at the asylum last Friday. Mass will be offered for her on Tuesday.

3. To-morrow Mass will be offered also for the soul of Mrs. Catherine Murray, who died recently.

4. Thursday Mass will be offered for the soul of Mr. Richard Elward.

6. The day fixed on for first communion & confirmation is the Third of August - being the first Sunday of that month, four weeks from to-day. - It is necessary that those who are preparing for it should be more punctual & diligent than usual: - & that parents, & Masters & Mistresses, should be more attentive to see that those under their charge prepare well - both by learning well their catechism, & by improving in their conduct. -

July 13th, 1862 V. Sunday after Pentecost

4. Your prayers are requested for Rev'd Father Guillou of Sulphur Springs, who is reported as being very sick.

July 20th, 1862 VI. Sund. after Pentecost.

1. Next Tuesday at 9 o'clock in the morning will commence the examination of the boys of both schools attached to the Cathedral. Parents & all the friends of education are invited to attend, and should try to do so without waiting for a personal invitation

3. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Rev'd Father Boheme, of Paulding, Miss, who died on the 27th of June in Virginia, while attending as chaplin the 16th Miss. Regiment attached to Jackson Division. A Mass will be offered tomorrow at 6 o'clock for the repose of his soul.

4. Next Tuesday, 22nd of July, is the anniversary of the death of R. R. J. J. Chanche, 1st Bp. of this Diocese. A Mass at 6 o'clock will be offered for the repose of his soul.

5. Next Thursday at 6 a mass will be offered for Peter Murray who was killed at the late battle near Richmond.

6. Next Friday, Feast of St. James Apostle. You must bear in mind that Friday is the appointed day to pray especially for the soldiers - and that all without exception are expected (?) to lend them at least the assistance of their prayers.

July 27, 1862 VII Sunday after Pentecost

5. Prayer for Rt. Rev. Bishop Byrn of Little Rock who died sometime in June.

August 3rd, 1862 VIII. P. Pentecost

1. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Miss Jane Do'lahunt, who died yesterday afternoon. Her funeral will take place this afternoon at

2. To-morrow at 6 A. M. will be celebrated a pontifical Mass of Requiem for the repose of the soul of Rev'd Fr. Bohemo, who died in the army in Virginia, June 27th.

August 10th, 1862 IX. Sunday after Pentecost Feast of St. Laurent, Martyr.

2. Tomorrow a Mass at 6 o'clock will be offered for the repose of the soul of Jane Delahunt.

3. Next Tuesday at 6 o'clock a solemn Mass of Requiem will be offered for the repose of the soul of the Rt. Rev. Bishop Byrne of Little Rock.

(Should have announced Pontifical Mass & Vespers, & Papal Bened.) (On 15th had Pontiff. Mass & Vespers - even with only Master Cerem. Passed off well.)

August 17th, 1862 X. S. after Pentecost, Oct. St. Lawrence.

(Should have announced Tues. anniversary of death of Hiram Ogden, Killed on R. R., Knoxville)

(omitted to announce month for Fr. Hearns.)

August 24th, 1862 XI. S. after Pentecost, St. Bartholomew.

1. Last Tuesday was the anniversary of the death of Mr. Hiram Ogden, who was killed by the railroad collision near Knoxville. Mass was offered for him that day. It will be offered again next Tuesday.

2. To-morrow Mass will be offered for the repose of Rev. Fr. Hearns - yesterday it was four months since his death.

5. Your prayers are again requested for our Holy Father the Pope. His enemies are plotting to rob him of what little of his patrimony he has left: & openly threatening the assassination of his defenders.

August 31st, 1862 XII. S. after P. - St. Raymound Nonnatus

1. To-day is the anniversary of the death of Col. Rice Ballard, one of the chief benefactors of St. Mary's Asylum. - Mass will be offered for him on Tuesday.

2. Next Saturday is the anniversary of the death of Mr. Felix Lemos. Mass will be offered for him on that day.

3. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Ellen Behan who died recently at St. Joseph, Louisiana; & of Mr. James Brady, who died of wounds received in battles near Richmond. - Mass will be offered for Mr. Behan on Tuesday.

6. Repeat no. 5 of last Sunday (Strange notion of patriotism -resembling that of a speaker in Boston urging the capture of Richmond.)

7. It is our purpose - to give you an opportunity of exercising the Devotion of the 40 Hours. - It consists of exposing the Blessed Sacrament during two days, for public veneration. It is used in times of public trouble or solicitude - & especially in times of war. On the second day, a solemn Mass is offered for peace. - Most probably it will be held in Ember week, that is between the 14th & the 21st Sept. - We will say more about it next Sunday. - It's announced early, that you may prepare for confession & communion & that you may begin at once to pray for God's favorable regard, that it may be a ?laser. (?) of grace & benediction. - We hesitated about holding it - because we know we cannot give it the splendor, that ought to accompany it. - One great difficulty at the present time, is the procuring of the number of candles that ought to be kept burning during all the time. - We know that many members of the congreg. are themselves suffering for want of these. But if any one should have any to spare or could in any way help us to procure them, or the material for making them, - it will be a great service.

+) ),

8. (Omitted) *For want of clergy also, we cannot make the * *procession as solemn as it ought to be. But *

*with the assistance of the societies - men &*

*ladies of the congreg. will assist, we trust*

*we shall be able to make a becoming one. *

.) )-

There will be needed gentlemen to make the adoration during the two nights. Although the number of men is diminished by the war, yet there are quite enough: & we feel sure that every individual will be ready.

9. There will be needed also some extra adorning of the altar - for which we invite contributions & the assistance of the ladies who usually lend their aid, with so much zeal.

10. Please to be careful in opening the windows. to draw them back till they catch in the latch. And in closing them, do not slam them more than is necessary for making them latch again. - Several were broken last Sunday, & one very badly damaged.

September 7th, 1862 XIII. S. after Pentecost

2. In consequence of the exciting events of the week & the absence of scholars from town. The Sisters school will not open on Tuesday next.

5. Your prayers are requested for Mr. Thomas McCann, a student of the diocese, who was expected to die last Wednesday; - at the Sisters infirmary in Mobile.

September 14th, 1862 XIV. S. after Pent. - Exhaultion of the Holy Cross.

1. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Mr. Thomas McCann, a seminarian of this diocese, who died on the 4th inst. Mass will be said for him to-morrow.

2. Mass will also be said to-morrow for the soul of Miss Jane De'lahunt, who died last month.

3. Rev. Mr. Guillou is threatened with the consumption. I beg you to continue your prayers for him.

10. On Wednesday at 9 A. M. there will be sung a solemn Mass for peace. - Devotions in the afternoon and Benediction at 5 P. M.

On Thursday - the day on wh. the President has invited us to give thanks for God's assistance - Pontifical Mass - at 9 A. M. - Procession with Te Deum - & Benediction of the B. Sacrt. - which will close the devotion of the 40 Hours . -

11. The object of the devotion is to obtain God's assistance and also to increase the devotion to the Blessed Sacrt. in all our hearts. - To effect both - I propose to make in the name of the Congreg. a vow - subject to the approval of the Holy See - that this congreg. will always observe the Feast of Corpus Christi; as a holy day of oblig. So far as to hear Mass: without the oblig. of abstaining from servile works.

To consider it I invite the heads of families to meet the clergy on Tuesday morning after the functions.

13. While the B. Sacrt. is exposed - every one entering or leaving church - or passing before the altar - except the officers in Sanct'y. Kneel on both knees. You should do it in the aisle, before you enter your pews.

15. We thank those who have contributed candles & other means to add to the solemnity. - There will not be any collection taken up, in church, during the exposition. It's not permitted.

16. The gathering of boys & men about the church door & on the opposite corner is an occasion of much inconvenience & now that it is mentioned, I hope that no Catholic will sanction it by his example.

20. On Saturday Mass will be offered for the repose of the soul of Mr. John Moore - who died a year ago.

September 21st, 1862 XV. S. after Pent. - St. Matthew, Apostle.

1. Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Jane Lynch, who died last Thursday morning - rather suddenly - not however without receiving the Sacrt. of Penance about 3 hours before. Mass will be said for her on Wednesday.

2. To-morrow Mass will be offered for Mr. Hugh Smith, who was killed in the recent battles in Virginia.

23rd on Tuesday for Rev. Fr. Hearns - & for Jas. Garvey.

3. On Friday - for Charles Quinn who was killed some time ago in Virginia.

Prayers also for Mr. Glassburn whose anniversary was last Tuesday. Mass was said for him on Monday.

4. We recommend you to pray for all the dead, & the wounded - & for their families.

Our schools will open on Monday Septr. 29th - This time last year I invited you to assemble to consider our views with regard to the conduct of our Catholic Schools. - The War has hindered us from accomplishing our purpose of obtaining the Christian Brothers. - We have not intentionally postponed it. - I made an attempt last winter to procure them from New Orleans - & I have since written again to the Brother Provincial - but the blockade has hindered me from getting an answer. - Meanwhile as Revd. Mr. Hearns attended to them in the beginning of last year - so will Rev. Mr. Finucane continue to do: & I will make every effort to make continual improvements in the conduct of the schools. - I make no boast of having corrected all that was defective - but I shall labor conscientiously to remedy all defects as far as lies in our power - You are no doubt aware that we have purchased the lot opposite to the Cathedral for the purpose of erecting a on it a school house, more convenient & more elegant than our present locality.

September 28th, 1862 XVI. S. after P. - The Seven Sorrows of our Lady.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Mrs.

October 5th, 1862 XVII. S. after Pent. - Feast of the Holy Rosary

1. Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Ellen Reardon who is dangerously ill.

2. And for the repose of the soul of Lawrence Noonan, who died of his wound. Mass will be offered for him on Tuesday at 6½: & on Thursday at 8½.

5. We propouse to visit the cemetery on the afternoon of Sunday Nov. 2nd to give the anual blessings of the church for the dead. We will first meet in the old cemetery, & go thence in procession to the new one: singing the Litnay of the Saints. - We announce it early in order that friends may see that the graves of their friends are not in a neglected condition.

6. The schools were opened as announced, on Monday last. We were glad to find thatso many parents were prompt in sending their children at the begining. The number in the female school this week was forty-seven - in the male schools 83

7. Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Mr. George Lawrence. Mass will be offered for him on Thursday.

9. Mass will be offered on Tuesday at 6½ for the repse of the soul of Lawrence Noonan who died of wounds received in the battles near Richmond. He was a student of our schools, - another Mass will be offered at 8½ on Thursday, - at which the pupils will attend.

10. Catechism. Of late Sundays we perceive that many children have been absent from catechism. The cause of their absence should be removed......etc.......--

October 12th, 1862 - Motherhood of the B. V. M.

To-morrow Mass will be offered for Mrs. Behan who died at St. Joseph on July 1st.

October 19th, 1862 XIX. S. after Pentecost - St. Peter of Alcantara

1. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of John Culhane who died in Virginia of a wound. The Society of St. Aloysius have requested to have a High Mass celebrated for him. It will be done on Tuesday at 6½. Another Mass will be offered for him on Saturday.

2. Your prayers are likewise requested for the repose of the soul of James Fagan, who died very unexpectedly last Monday. Mass will be offered for him on Wednesday.

3. Thursday the 23rd is the months mind of Rev. Fr. Hearn: & it is the anniversary of the death of Mr, James Dougherty. Masses will be offered for both of them on that day.

4. We have heard that Bishop Whelan of Wheeling, Virginia, is lying at the point of death. We ask your prayers for him.

October 26th, 1862 XX. S. after Pentecost

1. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Patrick Britt, who was killed in the battle of Mumfordsville Sept. 14th, Also for William Henry Morgan, who was killed here in Natchez last week.

3. Friday is the anniversary of the death of the father of Very Revd. Mr. Grignon.

7. On Sunday afternoon we will visit the cemetery, as has been announced. A collection will be taken up at the cemetery for the benefit of the orphans, to help them procure food & clothing this winter.

10. We recommend you all to exert your charity to the utmost for the relief of the suffering during the winter. Both our soldiers in camp & many people at home are in want of the ordinary necessities of life.

11. To preserve the fruits of the Forty Hours Adoration, & to avert the chastisement of God this winter, we recomend two especial acts of devotion: - 1st that every one approach to Holy Communion once every month: - 2nd that everyone endevor to assist at mass, at least on Friday mornings, when the Holy Sacrifice is offered for our soldiers, & for the country. Hereafter it will be at 6 o'clock.

12. The vaccination of children, to preserve them from Small Pox, is a precaution so simple & so easy, that parents cannot neglect it without being guilty of sin. As the desease is now appearing in several sections of the state, it is the duty of parents to attend to it without further delay.

November 1st, 1862 All Saints

3. Tomorrow the cemetery will be visited at 3½ P. M. we will first assemble in the Catholic part of the old cemetery, where we will sing some of the psalms from the vespers of the dead. Thence we will go in procession singing the Litnay of the Saints - to the new cemetery- where we will sing the usual blessing for the ocassion. - The Societies will walk in the procession before the clergy, & all the rest of the faithful are expected to follow likewise in procession. - On ocassions like this, Catholics should not be spectators: but they should take a part in the prcession - It is a profession of faith which they should not omit.

8. Saturday at 9 A. M. - High Mass for the deceased soldiers.

November 2nd, 1862 XXI. S. after Pentecost - within octave of All Saints

2. Repeat no. 11 of Oct. 26th. Let the men always have the side of the confessional nearest the altar.

3. The monthly examination of the Cathedral Schools will take place on Friday next at 8½. All are invited to attend.

November 9th, 1862 XXII. S. after Pentec. Patronage of B. V. M.

1. Next Tuesday is the anniversary of the death of Mr. Richard Elward. Mass will be offered for him at 5¼ A. M.

2. Next Thursday is the anniversary of the death of Bishop Vander Velde. There will be Pontifical Mass at 6 A. M. - for him & all the deceased clergy of the diocese.

5. The examination of some of the classes was held last Friday. I was sorrow there were not more parents present. We only desire that parents shd. come - & see - so that when there are deficiencies they may be known: & when there are not, the pupils may enjoy the satisfaction of their parents in witnessing their success - It is not my place to extol the school. I will say that in other examinations while I felt encouraged, I was always dissatisfied. On this one - with the exception of one class, I found so decided an improvement over any previous examinations which I attended - that I felt almost entirely satisfied: - only that I can never be perfectly satisfied, as long as there is a possibility of improving still further.

November 16th, 1862 XXIII. S. after Pentecost

1. Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Ellen Reardon, who is dangerously ill.

November 23rd, 1862 XXIV. & Last S. after Pent. - St. Clemmet,

1. To-morrow Mass will be offered for the repose of the soul of Revd. Fr. Hearns.

November 30th, 1862 I. S. of Advent

Your prayers are requested for Mr. Richard Reynold, who is lying at the point of death.

8. We propose to make a novena, for the health of Revd. Fr. Guillou, & we invite all to join in it. It will begin on Friday - so as to end on the Sunday on which we celebrate the Immaculate Conception. The prayers will be the little chaplet of the Immaculate Conception - _ & the prayer of the 40 Hours "Soul of Christ be my Sanctification." - Those who do not know the chaplet will say the Litany of the B. V.

December 7th, 1862 II. S. of Advent

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Bridget King, of the asylum, who died last Thursday. Mass will be offered for her on Wednesday next.

On Wednesday Mass will be offered for the repose of the soul of William Ganson, who was killed in Virginia.

We wish to collect to-day as many books as we can, suitable for the soldiers in the hospitals: - especially Catechisms, & prayer books, & books of instruction - of small size. Any of you who have such that you can spare, will please bring them to the house to-day.

December 14th, 1862 III. S. of Advent - Solem'y of Immac. Conception.

(Both bells ought to be rung whenever there is a Pontifical Mass.)

1. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of John Chafferty who died last Wednesday.

2. Also for Mrs. Catherine Kenny who died the same day. Her funeral will take place at the church to-day at 2 P. M. Mass will be said for her next Wednesday.

December 21st, 1862 IV. Sunday of Advent

7. We will be thankful for contributions of candles or other means to assist in the decorations of the sanctuary.

9. The examinations of the schools were held on Friday. We were glad to see larger attendence than at the former one - but not as many gentlemen as we desire.

10. Parents are reminded of their obligation to look after their children during church hours. Last Sunday afternoon I saw a number of boys in the vestibule during the benediction, four or five of them less than eight years old.

December 25th, 1862 Christmas Day

7. Your prayers are requested for Phillip Settelmeyer, who died yesterday.

December 28th, 1862 Holy Innocents

5. The collections taken up on Christmas day amounted to $153.55, for which the Sisters return their sincere thanks & those of the orphans.

6. To-morrow Mass will be offered for the repose of the soul of Mr. James Doherty; & Tuesday for Miss Jane De'lahunt.

January 4th, 1863 Octave of the Holy Innocents.

1. To-morrow, vigil of the Epiphany, the Mass will be offered for the repose of the Soul of Philip Settlemyre.

January 11th, 1863 Sunday infro Oct. Epiphamie

1. To-day is the anniversary of the death of Mrs. Felicity Girodeau, the Mass of to-morrow will be offered for her soul.

January 18th, 1863 II. S. after Epiphany - The Holy name of Jesus

January 25th, 1863 III S. after Epiphany - Conversion of St. Paul

5. Next Wednesday Mass will be offered for the repose of the soul of Thomas Mackin: & on Thursday for that of John Clafferty.

6. We remind you of the Mass offered on Friday for the soldiers. & again invite you to attend. Now that the mornings are growing lighter, there is less excuse for omitting it.

February 1st, 1863 Septuagesima

1. Your prayers are requested for the repse of the soul of Cornelius Culhane, who died recently in Virginia. Mass will be offered for him on Tuesday.

February 8th, 1863 Sexagesima

1. Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Revd. Fr. Guillou who died last evening.

2. His funeral will take place at 9 A. M. to-morrow - with Pontifical Mass. - If the weather permits the procession will be made on foot. We invite you all, & the public generally to attend it, to render this act of honor & charity to one who has labored years on our missions, & whose last illiness was contracted in serving our soldiers after the battle of Shiloh.

3. The schools & the societies are invited to attend in their respective bodies.

8. I had intended resuming to-day the instructions at Vespers, but in consequence of the death of Fr. Guillou, & the preperations for the funeral, I defer it till next Sunday.

9. The pew rents up to the 15th of August next are due this month. - To save your pastor the time & trouble which ought to be given to other duties, Mr. Quigles has kindly consented to attend to the collection of them. And as this is a gratitous favor on his part, those who are disposed to spare him unnecessary trouble, will be good enough to call on him this week at Mr. Perraults store: - any time after to-morrow.

February 15th, 1863 Quinquagesima

7. Next Friday is the Anniversary of the Death of the mother of the Bishop. Mass will be offered for her at 6. A. M., The Mass for the soldiers will be said at 6½.

9. The Pew Rents

10. On Thursday Mass will be offered for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Bridget O'Neil.

Your Prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Mr. Peter Tellier, who died last Thursday.

February 22nd, 1863 I. S. of Lent

4. To-morrow - the monthly Mass will be said for Rev. Mr. Hearns.

March 1st, 1863 II. S. of Lent

2. On Wednesday Mass will be offered for the repse of the soul of Jane Lynch. Next Saturday is the months mind of Fr. Guillon; Mass will be offered for him that morning.

March 8th, 1863 III. S. of Lent

1. Next Wednesday Mass will be offered for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Elizabeth Groslen.

Parents somestimes come to Low Mass, & leave their little children to come to High Mass without anyone to see to their conduct. This is wrong.




March 15th, 1863 IV. S. of Lent

1. Next Tuesday is the feast of St. Patrick, Apstle of Ireland. There will be Mass & sermon at 9 o'clock A. M., & a collection will be taken up for the orphans of both asylums, of boys & girls. - Confessions will be heard to-morrow afternon & Tuesday morning. There are many of you children of St. Patrick who have husbands & other relations in the war: - & we exhort you to offer your prayers on that day, that he may protect them by his intercession & turn away from yourselves the evils of war. -

March 22nd, 1863 Passion Sunday

Next Friday is the feast of the sorrows of the Blessed Virgin, The titular feast of our cathedral. It is also the day recommended by the president to be devoted to thanksgiving & supplication for the country. - We will have High Mass at 10 A. M. - At 7½ P. M. there will be a sermon, followed by the way of the cross, & benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. And it is always right to unite alms = deeds with fasting & prayers, a collection will be taken up in the evening for the orphans of the two asylums, boys & girls.

To-morrow, the 23rd, Mass will be offered for Rev. Fr. Hearns.

The collection taken up for the orphans on St. Patricks day amounted to $42.05

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday. The palms will be blessed & distributed before Mass at 10 A. M.


(FOR YEAR - 1862)

Mass x Wn. Ganson Wednesday

x Bridget King Thursday 7th day

x Catechisms &c for soldiers

Monthly communion

x Young Mens St. Aloysius to-day

x Monday Conception - Solem. Sunday


say in Omitted prayers say in private

5 Paters & aves after confession for indulgence

Devotions - Tuesday & Thursd.

x Recommend fast Friday


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