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(Continued) Abstracts From St. Mary's Cathedral Church "Announcments in Church Books," Scattered years and dates.
(St. Mary's Cathedral Church, Natchez, Mississippi)
No. 3 - Part 2
Compiled by Robert "Bob" Shumway

This material is copyrighted. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. No part of this database may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the author. Ellen Pack

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No. 3 - Part 2

January 4th, 1880 Octave of Holy Innocents

Yesterday a providential escape from destruction of the church by fire. This 40 hours offers an occasion to make a trideum of thanksgiving.

The best of all thanks - most agreeable to God - the devout receiving of the sacraments.

Public act of thanks this evening - 7½ Vespers & Pontifical Benediction of B. Scrt.- Tuesday - Pontifical High Mass at 9 A.M.

Each of the days - prayers of special thanksgiving.

I recommend a fast on Monday - not abstinence- but fast - abstaining from breakfast - light collation for supper. No meat unless at dinner. Also a special alms to the orphans or the poor.

And each one think of some sacrifice with which he can

One of the Masses this morning is in thanksgiving for the escape.



To the Very Rev. and the Rev. Priests of the Diocese

Very Rev. and Rev. Brethren in Christ:

The lateness of my return from the interior of the diocese hindered me from arranging the time of your spiritual retreat. It will be held in Vicksburg, opening the evening of Jan. 21st. The retreat and the conference on business will be ended by Wednesday evening, Jan. 28th. If anyone should think that he has reason for not attending he ought to communicate it to me without delay.

You will every day recite in Mass the prayer of the Mass De Spiritu Sancto, and ask your congregation to pray for the happy fruits of the Retreat.

The first Sunday after receiving this please announce a collection to be taken up the following Sunday, for the relief of the people suffering from want of food in Ireland. I know that it is not convenient to call for it just now while we are soliciting for our annual orphans fair, on which our asylums depend for their chief support. But the want is too pressing to be delayed until after the fair. Starvation does not wait for convenient times; and the hart that is softened for Irelands distress will not be the less tender for our orphans at home.

Call then, confidently on your people. The chief portion of them are Irishmen or the children of Irishmen, who have torn themselves away from their own beautiful and fertile home, made desolate by religious persecution and political misrule.

If God has blessed them with freedom and comforts here, they owe it in great measure to the prayers that have followed them from the warm hearts that still suffer and pray in the Island of the Saints. It is there own blood and kin that are now perishing with hunger and cold at home.

And their neighbors that cannot claim origin from the children of St. Patrick, yet they are kinsmen, only further removed. And they are children of the same Father in Heaven. And it is their Irish neighbors who chiefly build their churches and schools, support their religion and provide for their orphans.

Let Everyone, wherever he is from, if he has a heart at all, make it generous and big towards our Lords's suffering friends in Ireland, and our Lord's own adorable heart will pour out it's exhaustless treasures on us all.

The above was expected to appear in the Morning Star of Jan. 4, but was hindered by an unusual delay of the mail.

Your Servant in Christ, WILLIAM HENRY, Adm. Apost. Natchez


Ireland's Distress.

An Appealing and pathetic letter from Bishop Gillooly, of Sligio Ireland.

During the services at St. Paul's (Catholic) Church Sunday, the following letter from the Rt. Rev. L. Gillooly, D.D., Bishop of Elphin, Sligo, Ireland, was read to the congregation by the Most Rev. Dr. Elder, Bishop of Natchez:

Sligo, Ireland, Jan 14, 1880

Most Rev. Dr. Elder, Bishop Diocese of Natchez:

My Dear Lord - It becomes my urgent duty to make known to your Lordship and through your favor, to the clergy and faithful of your Diocese, the destitution which now unhappily prevails in every parish of this Diocese of Elphin, and which every day assumes more alarming proportions. During the last four years of agricultural depression, our people gradually lost the means and fell into debt; and within the year which has just closed, the failure of the crops, the exceptional depreciation of livestock of every kind, and the great mortality in cattle and sheep, reduced the great majority of the tenant class to extreme poverty. At the present moment they have neither money nor credit, nor the coarsest food to support life. The few wet unwholesome potatoes saved from the blighted crop of last year, are now consumed. For weeks passed very many of the poor have sold or pawned their last article of clothing, even their very beds, in order to buy a little Indian meal, which they could not get on credit. In fact Famine is rapidly overspreading their provence; and the debility brought on by unwholesome, insufficient food during the past months will render it's work of death rapid and irresistible.

For Many years past we have had in this ill fated country a system of Poor Law Relief; but, as your Lordship may be aware, the man, and the family of the man, who occupies so much as one quarter acre of land, be it in the bog or on the mountain side, is excluded from relief under this law, either within or without the workhouse. The law will allow him and his family to starve, if he does not qualify himself for relief by giving up his house and land and becoming an inmate of the Poor-House. Now, as over ninety percent of those now suffering or lapsing into destitution are small landholders, poor law relief for them would simply mean that they should give up forever their poor but cherished homes; and that they should break the sacred ties of family life, separating, as they should at the poor-house door, the husband from the wife, the parents from the children. It would mean, moreover, that they should either remain for life, pining in idleness within their dreary, unhealthy prison; or, after leaving it, lead ever after the lives of helpless vagrants. But no! Our pure warm-hearted peasants will not abandon the homes they were born in; they will not separate from all that they hold dear on earth; they will cling to their homes and to each other till death; and starve rather than submit to that inhuman test of destitution. That test was really. though not of course avowed, desired by the Landlord Legislature in London, for the cheap and easy eviction of the small tenant class; which it thoroughly effected in 1847. It is still maintained in the law, to the eternal disgrace of the

English government, for the same unhallowed purpose.

Her Majesty, however, has been within the last four months, repeatedly called to provide employment, and through employment the means of support for the people of the destitute countries, by promoting and undertaking drainage and other reproductive works; but so far it has neither given nor promised such employment; it seems determined to leave the lives of the people dependent on the aforesaid poor law and its relief system.

In this sad condition we have but one means of saving our people from wholesale eviction and starvation - an appeal to christian sympathy for prompt and generous aid. Great efforts will doubtless be made here in Ireland by those who are themselves above distress, several thousand pounds will also come to us from England; but all that will be inadequate to mitigate distress in one case out of ten. It is on the ever generous offerings of millions of our fellow countrymen in America that we must chiefly rely for saving the lives of our people. And even with your most abundant gifts, the help of the State will still be necessary if the people are to be kept in their homes, and if their lands are to be tilled and seeded this *spring in a way to save them from another famine in the coming year.

I therefore appeal, with the fullest confidence to your Lordship and to your Diocese, in the name of my destitute flock and of all who need relief in our afflicted country, and I implore of you to come speedily to our aid. In this Diocese, and I believe throughout this province of Connaught, there is in each parish a relief committee. who undertake to enquire into all cases of destitution before administering relief. It is through these committees I will distribute the offering you will have the charity to entrust to me.

Let each one think how much he would have been willing to do to save the church - And then think of some sacrifice that he knows God would desire him to make it - & offer that in thanks.

Show your thanks to our non Catholic friends for their promptitude & deep concern.

January 11th, 1880 Sund. Within Octave of Epiphany

As announced last Sunday the collection today will be taken up for the relief of the suffering people in Ireland. Those who are not prepared just now, can send their contributions to the house in the course of the week, see circular.

January 18th, 1880 II S. Epith. Holy Name of Jesus.

Prayers for Mary Saucer (see note); died Thursday; & O'Ferrell dangerously ill, & Mrs. Stark.

The collection last Sunday for the distress in Ireland amounted to $153.50

Fair - Go on with courage & charity.

January 25th, 1880 Septuagesima

Tomorrow - opening of the fair for the orphans. Let there be cheerfulness - good will & charity pervading the hall etc.

Banns of matrimony are hereby published between John Allimon, son of Constance & John Allimon of New Orleans on the one part and Susie Briley, daughter of J.A. & Maria Briley of this city. 1st publication.

Banns of matrimony are hereby published between Allen John Case, son of William & Mary Case on the one part and Catherine Burke, daughter of Thomas & Mary Burke of Franklin Co.

February 1st, 1880 Sexagesima

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Eliza O'Ferrell who departed this life last Friday evening. Her funeral will take place this afternoon at 3 o'clock.

A Mass of requiem shall be offered for her on Wednesday at 8 o'clock.

Pray also for Mrs Margaret Stack who died this morning at


February 8th, 1880 Quinquagesima

Prayers for Mrs. Francis Koerber - dangerously ill.

Yesterday anniversary of Rev. Julian Guillon & today of John Coleman. Mass for each tomorrow and for Souls in Purgatory.

Continued distress in Ireland. Bishop Gillooly's letter.

The ladies who had charge of the tables at the fair are requested to meet at the Bishops house, Wednesday at 3 P. M.

February 15th, 1880 1st Sunday of Lent

Prayers for Mrs. Hazlip who died yesterday morning. Mass for her tomorrow & for Peter Young.

The net proceeds of the fair amount to $3,579.00 ($250.00 more than last year. The Irish collection brought a blessing on it.)

When any of the Societies is to make a general communion: let them come in a body before the others: as soon as the bell rings for "DOMINE, NON SUM DIGNUS." - If there are two societies the same day - the men will come first & the women afterwards - Today - The Cath. Interests make monthly communion: & the Sacred Heart make communion for Mrs. O'Ferrall, deceased member.

February 22nd, 1880 II S. Lent

Mass tomorrow for Eliza O'Ferrall, at request of the Sanctuary

The Society of the Holy Family are requested to meet today at 3 P. M. in the Bishops house. All the members are requested to attend - even those who have not been attending regularly.

The Sanctuary Society at it's meeting last week resolved that every month a Mass should be offered for the members living & dead; & that on the death of a member, should be offered a Mass & a General Communion. The Mass will be offered tomorrow for Mrs. O'Ferrall & the communion will be made next Friday.

There are many ladies that could very easily be members of this Society. The obligations are to recite every day the prayer "Soul of Christ be My Sanctification" &c. and every month to collect twenty five cents for the decoration of the sanctuary: procuring the oil for the lamp of the B. S. &c. Any lady can join it, married or single.

The advantages are - the merits of all that service to the B. Sacrament: & the Masses, prayers & communions mentioned above.


Diocese of Natchez




Remitted to Paris Dec. 26th, 1298 francs;

on hand, to be added to the collections of

1880, 34.50 francs.

Aberdeen $3.55

Bay St. Louis 17.00

Biloxi 15.00

Brookhaven 5.00

Canton 11.00

Columbus 7.00

Holly Springs 3.00

Jackson 20.00

Louisville 5.00

McComb 12.00

Natchez 34.00

Paulding 6.45

Pascagoula 3.25

Pass Christian 5.00

Sulpher Springs 5.00

Water Valley 5.00

Vicksburg 99.25

Yazoo 10.00


Diocese of Natchez - Christmas 1879






Columbus 7.00


Bay St. Louis12.50

Macon 4.00

Louisville 5.00

Meridian and Enterprise11.50


Saltillo 4.59

Pass Christian5.00

Brookhaven 5.00


Water Valley 6.00


Sulpher Springs and Leake County 5.00

Brooksville 4.00


Holly Springs10.00



Orphans' Fair at Natchez, Miss., January 20th to 31st, 1880


Total net proceeds distributed to St. Mary's and D'Everaux Hall Asylums, February 14th, $3,579.00

The lady managers of the fair offer their heartfelt thanks to all their benefactors, at home and abroad.

So much done for the orphans, at the very time that every one is sending help to the suffering population in Ireland, shows a spirit of charity that grows more vigorous as the claims upon it grow more urgent - a spirit that will bring very great blessings on individuals and on the whole community.

The Sisters and the Brothers promise their own grateful prayers, and those of their orphans, so powerful before God's Throne.

"Shut up alms in the heart of the poor, and it shall obtain help for thee against all evil." - Ecclesiastes XXIX: 15.

We owe special thanks for free passage and freight, and for valuable cakes, to the Steamboats Natchez, Robert E. Lee, White, Pargoud, Richardson, City of Greenville, Coahoma, Chouteau, Minnie, and ferry boat Concordia; E. C. Carrol, Golden Rule, Willie Kyle and Scudder; and to the Natchez, Jackson & C. Railroad; to the N. O. & Jackson, the Mobile and Ohio, the Vicksburg and Meridian, N. O. and Mobile.

We are, as usual, under great obligations to the city authorities for the use of the hall; to the coal company, and the gas company, and particularly to the Natchez Democrat.

Mrs. Joseph Arrighi, President

Mrs. R. Tillman, Vice President


Aberden $50.00

Argyle Levee, La. 73.25

Bay St. Louis 47.05

Beaureguard 7.75

Biloxi 13.45

Brookhaven 45.00

Canton 91.00

Columbus 42.15

Country 27.30

Delta, La. 6.50

Edwards 20.00

Fayette 7.60

Greenville 9.00

Grenada 40.09

Handsboro 4.00

Hazelhurst 26.00

Holly Springs79.00

Jackson (Col Power, $100)224.00

Lake Provedence27.00


McComb 8.75


Mississippi City 5.70

New Orleans, La.25.50

Ocean Springs 7.40

Osyka 6.00



Pass Christian23.80

Port Gibson44.00


L'Argent, La. 8.00


St. Joseph, La32.00


Vidalia, La132.60

Washington 6.00


Water Valley25.50




Winning numbers in raffles, for which chances were taken outside of Natchez.

Mrs. Arrighi's Table

A gold watch, No. 121, won by Mrs. Wm. Hamill, Yazoo City

Picture of Madonna, No. 7, won by Gus Frith, Yazoo City

Picture of Pope Leo, No. 27, won by Mrs. C. Hoffman, Bay St. Louis.

Fancy Sketch, No. 4, won by Sophia Castinado, Biloxi

Gold Cross, No. 29, won by N. Lambert, Pascogoula

Nubia and Shawl, No. 24, won by Lina Curtis, Pass Christian

Baby Afgan, No. 7, won by E. J. Clary, Mississippi City

Ten Dollars Gold, No. 82, won by James Campbell, Bay St. Louis.

Chouteau Cake, No. 4, won by Ella Nalty, Natchez

Mahogany Crib, No. 26, won by J. W. Lambert, Natchez

Bracelet, No. 4, won by Wm. McCabe, Natchez

Gold Cross, No. 27, won by J. Truly, Fayette

Gent's Scarf, No. 11, won by J. Oscar Baily, Vidalia

Lamp Mats, No. 7, won by Mrs. Shannahan, Ocean Springs

Miss Sullivan's Table

Bale of cotton, No. --, won by W. R. Cannon, Columbus

Bureau, No. 38, won by Miss Betty Martin, Greenville

Stove, No. 42, won by Miss Betty Martin, Greenville

Mrs. Burke's Table

Amethyst Ring, No. 62, won by ------, Vicksburg

Ladies Gold Watch, No. 155, won by Wm. Prestly, Canton

Gold Locket and Necklace, No. 13, won by John Curphy, Vicksburg.

Diamond Ring, No. 293, Won by J. W. Smylie, Jackson

Mrs. David's Table

Sleeve Buttons, No. 80, won by W. G. Kalow, Fairview

Chain, No. 23, won by Mrs. G. R. Ober, Fairview

Glass Case of Birds, No. 69, won by A. H. Pecks, Port Gibson

Cuff Buttons, No. 11, won by Michael McDonald, Rodney

Dinner and Tea Sets and Fluting Machine, No. --, won by

L. Botto, Natchez.

Ten Dollar Piece, No. 7, won by Mr. O'Grady, Vidalia

Five Dollar Piece, No. --, won by J. D. Earhart, Natchez

Children of Mary's Table

Turkey, No. 47, won by Wm. Thomas, Knoxville

Handkerchief, No. 33, won by A. K. Jones, Port Gibson

Child's Suit, No. 85, won by L. M. Sauter, Vidalia, La.

Ten Dollar Gold Piece, No. 36, won by J. C. McNeil,


Cake, No. 66, won by Wash. Ford, Adams County

Cake, No. 47, won by Mrs. Jesse Skinner, Adams Co.

Doll Trunk, No. 112, won by H. Castleman, L'Argent Landing

Toy Wash Woman, no. 79, won by Miss Maggie Baine, Waterproof

Sleeve Buttons, No. 145, won by Mrs. Elizabeth Perrault,





Natchez, Miss., Feb. 21st, 1880

Messrs. Lawrence Marron, Geo. T. Payne, Peter Walsh and Patrick Burns, Committee of the Hibernian Society of Natchez:

Gentlemen - With very warm thanks I acknowledge the receipt from you of six hundred and twenty-six dollars, twenty-five cents, ($626.25), Collected in Natchez, Vidalia and the vicinity for the relief of the sufferers in Ireland.

I am glad to inform you that I had previously received $156 by the collection made in the Cathedral Jan. 18th; $35.35 from the entertainment given by ex-pupils of the Cathedral school Feb. 9th; $54.50 collected by some charitable ladies, and $64.65 through the church box and from various individuals - making a total of $936.65. (from Natchez & Vidalia)

The Cathedral collection was remitted the same week that it was collected.

To-day I have sent to New Orleans $791.45, adding a few dollars from other sources, to purchase a sterling bill to be sent to Most Rev. John McHale, Archbishop of Tuam. He is Archbishop of the ecclesiastical province that embraces nearly all the district in which the extreme suffering prevails. I have requested him to distribute it to the sufferers both within and without his own province, without any distinction of their religion, not only because a considerable portion has been contributed by our charitable neighbors who are not Catholics, but also because all of it has been given with the simple intention of helping the needy whoever they may be.

I can promise to all the donors many fervent prayers from those who are relieved, and many rich blessings from the Father of the poor.

Your faithful servant,

+William Henry Elder

Bishop Administrator Ap. Natchez

February 29th, 1880 III S. Lent

Prayers for Michael Heenahan who died last Sunday (Mike Hughes at St. Joseph, La.)

Prayers for James Flood, dangerously ill.

March 7th, 1880 IV S. Lent, "Laetare Sunday" (an account of the joyful fruits of the Passion)

The day for blessing the Golden Rose - by the Pope.

Provide your Family with Holy Works before Palm Sunday.

The different societies of the congregation - with their prayers, Masses & communions offer large spiritual advantages: & it is right for each individual to consider whether he has any sufficient reason for not joining one or more of them.

And all can aid the Total Abstinence Society by indulged prayers: & by self denial - & discouraging dangers for others.

March 14th, 1880 Passion Sunday - (veils Gloria Patri ??????)

Prayers for the season to be favorable - danger of overflow - too much rain and for Richard Winchester, dangerously ill.

Today is the anniversary of John Louis Innhausen, a student of the diocese. Mass will be said for him tomorrow & for John Wallace & Peter Young and Cecilia Hazlip.

We have asked the mothers & sisters to help the work of the Total Abst. Society: by their prayers. Now they can do still more. The Sovgn. Pontiff has granted Plenary indulgences to all the members: & the society has altered their rules so that any ladies can become an honorary member, simply by taking the pledge for not less than three months, before the spiritual director & and having him enroll her name. The indulgences are explained in the Papal brief, hung up near the alter of St. Joseph

Total abstinence sworn in public on Sundays.

March 21st, 1880 Palm Sunday

March 28th, 1880 Easter Sunday

The banns of matrimony - 1st publication: between George Behler, son of Peter & Agnes Behler of the one part: and of the other part, Sarah Gorman: daughter of William & Cecilia Gorman. All of Natchez.

April 4th, 1880 Low Sunday

Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Imogene Adams who departed this life last night. Funeral at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

Prayers for Rev. James Reveny of Troy, New York. Died March 13th, a benefactor. The last gilding of our altar was a present from him. Mass for him Wednesday.

Prayers for Rev. Francis McDavitt who is to be ordained Priest for this diocese some day this week - at a seminary in diocese of Chicago. Comnencing on next Sunday, Vespers will be at 5 o'clock.

The Easter collection for the education of Priests amounted to $65.30 (in 1879 $54.70).

April 11th, 1880 II S. Easter - St. Leo I. P. Doctor

Prayers for Rev. Joseph de Lucca who died last Friday. Mass for him tomorrow.

April 18th, 1880 III Sund. After Easter, Patronage of St. Joseph.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Rev. Fr. G. Marty who died last Thurs. May 15th. (ed: correct month is April)

N.B. some money was found in the parlor sometime last week after the Bishops departure. Any one being aware of having lost it may call for it at any time.




Very Rev. Mathurin F. Grignon

is appointed to be Administrator of the Diocese

of Natchez, dating from April 18th. Until

the nomination and acceptance of a new Bishop,

the Priests will continue to recite at Mass the



and after each Mass, at which the faithful

attend, will be recited the prayer "Come, O

Holy Spirit," and the "Hail Mary!" to

ask the direction of the Holy Ghost in making

the choice.

Natchez, Miss., April 14th, 1880.


Bishop of Avara, Ad. Ap., Natchez.

April 25th, 1880 IV Sund. After Easter, Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, Litanies of the Saints.

The banns of matrimony are hereby published between Louis B. Wiss, son of Valentin Louise Wiss on the one part, and Leontine Redon, daughter of Leon and Maria Redon of New Orleans.

May 2nd, 1880 V Sund. After Easter

Your Prayers are requested for Mrs. Jane Kenny who is very sick at Mrs. Eltringhams.

May 9th, 1880 Sund. Within Octave of Ascension.

Your Prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Jane Kenny who died last Tuesday.

May 16th, 1880 Pentecost.

N.B. Your prayers are requested for Henrietta Matthews who died last Wednesday.

May 23rd, 1880 Trinity Sunday

Next Thursday is the Feast Of Corpus Christi. According to A VOW made by this congregation & approved by the Pope, there is for all an obligation to hear a Mass on that day. But there is no obligation to refrain from servile work.

Next Sunday, weather permitting, we shall have our procession of Corpus Christi at D'Everaux Hall - It will begin at six o'clock.

May 30th, 1880 Sunday Within The Octave Of Corpus Christi.

Next Friday is the Feast Of The Sacred Heart. The Patronal feast of our Brothers here. This week during the Octave of Corpus Christi, and also on next Friday, there will be benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 6½ P.M. - This evening at 6 o'clock we shall have the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament on the premises of D'Everaux Hall Asylum. All are invited to take part - Societies, schools with banners & badges.

The bell will ring at 5 o'clock and the church will be closed - should the weather be inclement the bell will ring at 4½ for Vespers.

Order of the Procession

Cross Bearer with Acolytes

Orphan Boys

Cathedral School

Orphan Girls

St. Joseph School

Mrs. D'Aigles School

Holy Family

Ladies Society of the Sacred Heart

Sanctuary Society

Catholic Interest

Clergy & Acolytes

St. Joseph's Total Abstinence Society as a Body Guard.

June 6th, 1880 III Sund. After Pent., Dedica???? of the Church.

June 13th, 1880 IV Sund. After Pentecost, Octave of the Dedica??? of all Churches.

June 20th, 1880 V Sund. After Pentecost.

The Prayers of the congregation are requested for Dr. P. McGraw and Patrick Nalty and Wallace Wood.

June 27th, 1880 VI Sund. After Pent.

Next Sunday is the appointed day by the statutes of the diocese for the annual collection of Peter Pence for the Holy Father. If we are under obligation to contribute to the support of our pastor and see that both house & church be in proper keeping. We are under the same obligation towards our Chief Pastor, the Holy Father, The Pope. More so now than in former times for then he did not stand in need of extraordinary aid. But he does now, since he has been stripped of his temporal possessions which had been given him to maintain his dignity & independence. The collection will be taken up for him next Sunday.

July 4th, 1880 Feast of the Most Precious Blood.

July 11th, 1880 VIII Sund. After Pent.

July 18th, 1880 IX Sund. After Pent.

Next Thursday, 22nd of July is the anniversary of the death of the Right Rev. John Joseph Chance, the first Bishop of this diocese & and founder of this Cathedral. There will be a Mass for him on that day, which is the feast of St. Mary Madgeline the Penitent.

July 25th, 1880 X Sund. After Pent.

August 1st, 1880 XI Sund. After Pent., St. Peter in Chains.

August 8th, 1880 XII Sund. After Pent., Commemoration of all the Holy Sovereign Pontiffs.

On weekdays young persons should not go to confession when it is dark, but should go out in day times.

Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Elward who is very ill. -She received the last Sacrament this morning.

I Know that you will be more than pleased to learn that Bishop Elder has not forgotten us his former children. In his letters he always wishes to be remembered to you and desires me to say to you that he never forgets you at the Altar. As a loving souvenir and sacred token of affection, he has sent to this congregation a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes together with a very appropriate niche, as you may judge for yourselves by observing it.

But it's intrinsic worth to you is the remembrance of that devotion to our dear mother, which the Bishop so eloquently taught you. Oh let us not forget, his vows, his advises, when in trouble & sorrow; let us come here before this statue of Mary to plead our cause with her divine son ---. But while praying for ourselves let us not forget him who never forgot us.

August 15th, 1880 XIII Assumption of B.V.M.

Prayers for the repose of Mrs. Mary Elward

August 22nd, 1880 XIV Octave of the Assumption of thr B.V.M. and Feast of St. Joachim the Father of the B.V.M.

Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Nancy Brennan who died last evening. Her funeral will take place at 4 P. M. today.

Meeting - The gentlemen of the congregation are respectfully requested to meet this evening at seven o'clock in room fronting Union Street; for the purpose of helping to secure sufficient funds to do the much needed painting of the Bishop's residence. For the preservation of the woodwork outside and for the neatness of the inside, every one who will take the trouble to examine will admit that painting is absolutely necessary. Let the gentlemen, please, meet in good time & number this evening at seven.

August 29th, 1880 XV Sund. After Pent., Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

Today immediately after high Mass all the gentlemen of the congregation are requested to meet in the hall on Union Street to hear the report of the committee appointed last Sunday, in reference to the painting of the Bishops house.

September 5th, 1880 XVI Sund. After Pent.

At their meeting, on last Sunday, the gentlemen of the congregation adjourned for another meeting to take place today - to hear the report of the committee and receive contributions towards painting the Bishops residence, and doing some other improvements. Let all the gentlemen of the congregation make it a point to be present. They will not be detained long.

The exercises of the 40 hours entails necessarily some expense; as a certain number of candles are required to always be burning before the B. S. Let us all contribute our share toward these expenses = so as to secure our share of the divine blessings.

Ed. Note: At this point in the announcement book is found a loose letter, rather long, requesting that the local Priest would recommend some one as a book salesperson. Should that salesperson prove successful then the book seller (Gay Brothers & Co.) would donate either to the church library or to the Priest, books worth $10.00 This letter is dated Jan 6, 1887.

September 12th, 1880 XVII Sund. After Pent., Holy Name of Mary.

September 19th, 1880 XVIII Sund. After Pent., Feast of the Seven Dolors of the B.V.M., Patronal Feast of this Cathedral.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Henry Murry who died last week. Mass for him on Tuesday.

The school for colored children under the direction of Mrs. Daigle will reopen on Monday tomorrow week.

September 26th, 1880 XIX After Pentecost.

The school for colored children under the direction of Mrs. Daigle will reopen tomorrow.

The Banns of Matrimony are hereby published between Thomas Wallace, son of John & Johanna Wallace, on the one part, and Mary Brady, Daughter of Michael and Mary Brady, 1st publication of three publications.

October 3rd, 1880 XX Sund. After Pent., Solemnity of the Holy Rosary of the B.V.M.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Sister Margaret Mary who died in Vicksburg last Sunday.

Efforts are being made to come to the relief of the Orphans. Both asylums are in want, in fact are living on credit or on borrowed money, of course we cannot expect that the congregation alone should support the orphans who come from various parts of the state - even from other states. Still we are compelled to beg again from the community a continuation of their good will & charity.

October 10th, 1880 XXI After Pent., Maternity of B.V.M.

The banns of Matrimony are hereby published between Charles P. Goetz, son of John Peter and Martha Goetz, on the one part, and Mary E. Bruner, Daughter of Joseph & Gertrude Bruner on the other part. 1st publication of 3.

October 17th, 1880 Purity of the B.V.M.

Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Macken & Mrs. Stanton who are very ill.

October 24th, 1880 XXIII Sund. After Pentecost, St. Raphael, Archangel.

October 31st, 1880 XXIV Sund. After Pentecost.

The banns of matrimony are hereby published between John Noonan, son of Denis & Ellen Noonan on the one part and Kate Kendrick, Daughter of Matthew & Margaret Kendrick on the other part. 1st Publication.

Fair ladies to meet in parlor on Wednesday at 3 P.M.

November 7th, 1880 XXV Sund. After Pentecost.

The Banns Of Matrimony are hereby published between Fredrick J. Moher, son of John and Mary Moher on the one part and Emelie Lyle, Daughter of William and Mary Lyle on the other part. 1st publication.

November 14th, 1880 XXVI Sund. After Pent., Patronage of the B.V.M.

November 21, 1880 Last Sunday of the Ecleas. Year, Feast of the presentation of the B.V.M.

In virtue of a brief from the Holy Father there will be a high Mass at St. Mary's Asylum on next Saturday at 7 o'clock.

A Plenary indulgence is granted on that day to all those who worthily receive the sacrament and visit one of the chapels annexed to the Sisters institutions.

Banns of matrimony are hereby published between Julius Eglan, son of George & Mildred Eglan, on the one part, and Lizzie Bradshaw, daughter of James and Ann Bradshaw. 1st publication

November 28th, 1880 I Sund. of Advent.

December 5th, 1880 II Sund. of Advent

December 12th, 1880 III Advent

December 19th, 1880 IV Sunday of Advent

Ladies and children should come in day time so as to leave a better opportunity for the men to come at night.

In reference to the decoration of the church for Christmas. Everyone is invited to contribute his share in money, or candles, or green, or in helping to work.

December 26th, 1880 Sunday within the octave of Christmas, feast of St. Stephen first Martyr.

January 2nd, 1881 Sunday Octave of St. Stephen

The ladies of the congregation that are ready and willing to take an active part or also even to help by their advice etc for the annual fair for the benefit of the orphans are respectfully and cordially requested to meet in the Bishops house tomorrow at ten o'clock. Let as many as can possibly come & help the cause of the orphans who are really in need.

The collections for the orphans on last christmas amounted to $80.00

January 9th, 1881 Sunday within the octave of the Epiph.

January 16th, 1881 II Sund. After Epiph., Holy Name.

January 23rd, 1881 III Sund After Epiph., Feast of Desp. of B.M.V.


Diocese of Natchez


Annual Report of Collections, according to the

Statutes of the Diocese, made during the year 1880.


Christmas collections for the orphans

Natchez$ 80.00

Jackson 100.00

Columbus 6.00

Meridian 12.70

Yazoo City 40.00

Sulpher Springs 10.00

Chatawa 5.00

Pass Christian 10.50

Biloxi 13.00




McComb City12.50



Bay St. Louis 32.00

$533.75 Besides the above, Vicksburg Contributed during the year $117 and Natchez $420.

Easter -- Diocesan Fund For Seminary.

Natchez$ 65.00

Jackson 25.00

Columbus 4.50

Aberdeen 9.20

Holly Springs10.00



Vicksburg$ 85.00

Canton 18.00

Brookhaven 5.00

Sulphur Springs 7.00

Greenville 10.00

Pass Christian 15.00


SS Peter And Paul -- Peter Pence.

Natchez$ 30.50

Jackson 25.00

Columbus 2.55

Meridan 5.00

Yazoo City 10.00

Sulphur Springs 5.00

Paulding 10.00

Bay St. Louis 22.00

Biloxi 15.00

Vicksburg$ 20.00

Canton 10.50

Brookhaven 5.00

McComb City 5.00

Aberdeen 2.60

Holly Springs 2.00

Chatawa 5.00

Pass Christian 6.00


Rosary Sunday -- Propagation of the Faith

Natchez$ 21.00

Canton 11.00

Meridan 6.00

Aberdeen 1.40

Paulding 6.00

Pass Christian 5.50

Biloxi 10.00

Vicksburg$ 72.00

Brookhaven 2.00

Yazoo City 18.00

Sulphur Springs 5.00

Bay St. Louis 13.00

$170.00 M. F. Grignon,

Administrator Sede Vacante.

January 30th, 1881 IV Sund After Epiphany.

Tomorrow will open the fair for the orphans. Let there be cheerfulness, good will and charity pervading among all.

Father got at Mr. Edward Perraults.

Next Friday at 8 O'Clock, at the request of the Catholic Knights a high Mass of Requiem will be sung for the repose of the soul of R. L. Spalding, late supreme president of the Catholic Knights of America, it being his month mind. All the Catholic Knights & the public in general are invited to attend.

The Banns of Matrimony are hereby published between Patrick Murray, son of Lawrence & Bridget Murray on the one part and Mary Noonan, daughter of Dennis and Ellen Noonan on the other part. 1st Publication.

February 6th, 1881 V Sund After Epiph.

February 13th, 1881 Septuagesima.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the souls of Fred. Crone who died Sunday night, Mrs. Groves who died last Friday.

February 20th, 1881 Sexagesima Sund.

February 27th, 1881 Quinquagesima Sunday

March 6th, 1881 Quadragesima Sunday, I of Lent

March 13th, 1881 Second Sunday of Lent

March 20th, 1881 III Sunday of Lent

(Written at top of next page FAIR - 1881)





The heartfelt thanks of the Lady Managers of the Fair held in this city, Jan 31st to Feb 9th, 1881 for the relief of the orphans of St. Mary's and D'Evereux Hall Asylums, are gratefully tendered to all those who have been the benefac- tors of the helpless on this occasion. The ladies are aware of the embarrassments of the community, and of the many urgent calls upon the benevolence of the public, and the gratifying result of their appeal under the unfavorable circumstances has convinced them that the claim of the fatherless has a hold that can never be loosed from the hearts of the benevolent. They beg to remind their benefactors that such a spirit will bring only blessings upon the community from Him who loveth the cheerful giver.

The prayers of the orphans and those pious Sisters and Brothers who watch with tender solicitude for their welfare, will doubtless go up to the God of the fatherless, for blessings upon those who have pitied and helped to assist them.

Thanks are specially due, and we gratefully tender them to the Captains and Officers of the Steamers Natchez, Lee, White, Richardson, Paris C. Brown, LeFlore, Grand Tower, City of Greenville, Coahoma, Chouteau, Minnie, E. C. Carroll and other boats; to the officers of the Natchez, Jackson & Columbus Railroad, the Mobile & Ohio, the Vicksburg & Meridian, the Mississippi & Tennessee, the New Orleans, St. Louis & Chicago, the Port Gibson & Grand Gulf and the Vidalia & Western railroads.

Also to Gen. W. T. Martin, Capt. Clapp of the ferryboat Concordia, Scharff & Bernheimer, of St. Louis, Whittaker & Sons, D. W. Van Horton of St. Louis, Katz & Barnett, of New Orleans, and David Walsh, Mrs. Mitchell and L. P. Drake, of Vicksburg.

We would also make our acknowledgement for valued favors from Bishop Elder, The Natchez Democrat, J. B. O'Brien, The Natchez Gas Company, the city authorities, and the ladies and gentlemen who kindly volunteered their appearance on the amateur stage for the benefit of the Fair.

Total net proceeds distributed to St. Mary's and D'Everaux Hall Asylums, $3,851.20.

Mrs. Jno. Hart, President,

Mrs. Louis David, Vice-President.


Contributions Received from Outside of Natchez.

Aberdeen, Miss 43.60

Beaureguard, " 8.00

Bolton, " 43.00

Brookhaven, " 70.00

Batesville, " 24.00

Bay St. Louis," 22.85

Biloxi, " 6.90

Bayou Sara, La 31.50

Canton, Miss 106.00

Cold Water, Miss 26.00

Como, ". 13.00

Columbus, " 35.10

Clifton, " 31.20

Cabin Teele, La 14.50

Durant, Miss 33.00

Edwards, " 15.00

Fayette, " 42.00

Fort Adams, Miss 31.00

Grenada, " 68.00

Greenville, " 55.25

Holly Springs, "39.00

Handsboro, " 1.25

Hazlehurst, " 7.00

Jackson, " 240.00

Kosciusko, " 41.00

Lake Providence, La 41.50

Lexington, Miss 33.00

Meridan, " 24.00

McComb City, " 10.00

Moss Point, " 17.75

Macon, " 10.85


Milliken's Bend, La 41.50

Mississippi City 14.10

New Orleans, La 20.00

Ocean Springs, Miss 14.15

Oxford 67.00

Pascagoula, Miss 38.05

Pass Christian 20.65

Port Gibson 38.15

St Joseph, La 15.60

Senatobia, Miss 7.00

Sardis, " 26.00

Shubuta, Miss 14.00

Vicksburg, " 332.70

Vidalia 85.00

West Point, Miss 18.20

Woodville, " 50.00

Winona, " 47.00

Water Valley," 36.50

Wesson, " 21.00

Yazoo City, " 53.00

Rodney, " 21.00

Red Lick, " 19.80



Winning numbers in raffles

for which chances were taken outside

of Natchez.

Table of Mrs. Burke and Prendergast - Diamond Ring, Mr. J. J. Slack, Grenada, No 325

Watch, Mrs. Minnie Harrison, Edwards, No 118.

Necklace and Locket, Heflen & Habford, Sardis, No 25.

Cross and Chain, R. L. Beck, Vicksburg, No 61.

Amethyst Ring, L. M. Johnston, Batesville, No 88

Second-Hand Watch, E. P. Mulvihill, Natchez, No 147.

Table of Mrs. Joseph Arrighi - Barometer, Lizzie Simmons, Bay St. Louis, No 20.

Writing Desk, J. Brandt, Pass Christian, No 25.

Toilet Mat, Lena Curtis, Pass Christian, No 5.

Pair of Vases, Mrs. Mishon, Handsboro, No 2.

Cuff Buttons, Mrs. M. Matthews, Biloxi, No 20.

Breakfast Shawl, Mrs. Ryan, Ocean Springs, No 1.

Baby Sack, E. Dease, Scranton, No 16.

1 Doll, Nettie Harnell, Yazoo City, No 13.

Adjustable Sofa, Mrs. E. H. Kelly, Yazoo City, No 28.

Chantilly Lace Shawl, C. Eiseman, Fayette, No 30.

Table of Mrs. Jno. Hart - Bale of Cotton, Mrs. C. Bcia, Natchez, No 161.

Gold Bracelets, Ervin Danis, Lake Providence, No 68.

Amethyst Ring, Mrs. C. P. Farley, Rodney, No 41.

Cameo Ring, Joseph Donohue, Columbus, No 4.

Silver Pickle Stand, J. P. Doyle, Natchez, No 78.

Barrel of Flour, Rev. M. F. Grignon, Natchez, No 47.

Two Dollar and a Half Gold Piece, James Farrell, Natchez, No 11.



Number of Orphan Girls 59

Number of Orphan Boys 43


March 27th, 1881 IV Sunday of Lent

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Brother Martin, formerly of Natchez, & who died in France on the 7 of this month.

April 3rd, 1881 Passion Sunday




You will be glad to hear that Right Rev. F. Janssens, Bishop elect of Natchez, will be consecrated in Richmond, Va., on the second Sunday after Easter - May the 1st.

I need not ask you to pray that God may bless and strengthen him with every grace, but I beg of you to recommend earnestly to your congregation that they unite with you in asking God to shower down His choicest blessings on him, and make him in every way according to his own heart, a true shepherd and a faithful pastor over this diocese.

During the two weeks preceding his consecration you will recite, after Mass, three times the Our Father and the Hail Mary, and on the day of the consecration you will add the Litany of the Saints; in all your prayers asking God to bless our new Bishop.

Very Respectfully,

Yours in Christ,


Adm. S. V. Natchez, April 8, 1881.

April 10th, 1881 Palm Sunday

April 17th, 1881 Easter Sunday

Banns of matrimony are hereby published between Emma Sauter, daughter of Charles & Louisa Sauter, of Vidalia, on the one part and John Miller, son of Joseph & Rose Miller, of New Orleans, on the other part. 1st Publication.

April 24th, 1881 I Sunday after Easter

Immediately after Mass there will be a meeting of the gentlemen of the congregation, in the hall, to make arrangements for the proper reception of Bishop Janssens on the day of his arrival - All are invited and expected to come that by their presence and suggestions we may be able to do honor to ourselves and to him who in the future is to be our Father and our head -

May 1st, 1881 Second Sunday after Easter, Feast of the Apostles Sts. Phil & James.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Carrie Beader of Vidalia who died yesterday.





"Allow me Most Reverend and Right Bishops, to offer you my sincere thanks for the great favor you have bestowed on me by coming such a distance to participate in the ceremonies of this morning. I also thank you, my reverend friends for the interest you have shown in me, for your kindness in surrounding me with your presence. Under three successive Bishops have I labored in this diocese - two are here among you. May the Lord grant them many years of blessing and happiness. The other, the lamented and beloved McGill, has preceded us to a better world to receive the reward of his piety and humility and his labors. The many acts of kindness and of condescension which I have received from their hands shall never pass from my memory. This morning, Most Reverend Archbishop and Right Reverend bishops, you have bestowed the last favor upon me, but a favor that has filled my heart with sadness, as it shall sever my relations with this congregation, which is so dear to me, which has given me so many proofs of deep and true devotion. But the Lord knows best what he does - his will be done - and I should be thankful even for what on this day He has done unto me. I have not sought nor desired this elevation, and were my inclinations and affections the motives of my actions. I would not today stand before you in these robes; I would remain among you, your friend, your pastor. When Saul, on his way to Damascus, was thrown from his horse, when his heart was touched by the grace of God, his only question was "Lord what wilt tho have me do?" This too should be our only question when the Lord has manifested His will to us. Almost thirteen years ago I thought I heard the will of God calling me away from home - from my dear mother and relatives - calling me to labor in another part of the holy vineyard, and I obeyed the voice of God and came among you a stranger in nationality, in language, in customs, and manners; but you regarded only the priestly character, you received me as a minister of God, and how may recollections of those years arise before me this day. Why should all have been so kind to me? Your reverend bishops have been to me truly as many spiritual fathers; my fellow priests have loved me as a brother rather than as a companion; and you, my dear brethren, what shall I say of you? From the day I came among you until the day I leave you, you have ever treated me with the greatest kindness and atten-tion; you have ever been indulgent to my faults and ready to overlook my peculiarities, and the presents you have so freely offered on this occasion testify the deep love you feel for me in your hearts, I am more thankful, not only on account of the value and beauty of your offerings, but more so on account of the ready willingness and the tender of what is the expression of real devotion and affection which has accompanied these gifts. Indeed, presents were not necessary to give expression to your affection towards me. Every day, as year after year I labored among you. I have experienced it, and year after year my heart has responded to yours, has grown in attachment to my right reverend superiors, to my colaborers, and you, beloved members of this congregation. And now, the same voice of God which called me away from home this day calls me away from you. The Holy Father has spoken. He has bid me leave my second home; to break the ties I have formed and to labor elsewhere for the cause of religion. It is my duty to exclaim with St.Paul, "Lord, what wilt thou have me do?" If, however painful this separation be to you and to me, your piety and zeal for religion would not have me resist the voice of God spoken through his vicar upon earth. And now, on the eve of parting, my mind runs back to the time I first came among you, and with anxiety and fear I ask myself whether I have fulfilled my duties as I should have done before God. Have I been zealous for the cause of religion? Have I treated all as members of Christ, the poor as well as the rich, the weak as well as the strong, the sinner as well as the saint? Brethren, pray for me that our blessed Lord in his tender mercy may not deal with me in strict justice; that he may forgive me for the many opportunities lost to do good. For corrections I have failed to give, for sinners I have failed to bring back, and should I at any time have been a stumbling block to any one in this community, I sincerely beg him to render good for evil and to return to me with prayer in whatsoever I have offended him. I also ask myself whether my labors shall prove vain. Shall you, when I am no longer in your midst, forget the admonitions so frequently given you. Your children of this parish grow up pious Christian ornaments to the church? Will the parents give them the through Christian education, raising them in the fear of God? Will they who have so long resisted all admonitions at last return to their Easter duties - return to the peace of God! Brethren, let me beg of you all, in the name of God, in the n and of your friendship, ever walk steadfastly in the Lord, ever to serve Him with all your Heart. The new field of labor to which the Holy Father has sent me, and which has been watered by the zeal and perseverance of venerable predecessors, promises fair. Its priests are pious and self-sacrificing, and its people faithful and devoted to the church. They have given me many proofs that they shall receive me with open arms. Yet should I not be sad at bidding you good-bye? I have been with you so many years. In your joys and sorrows you have trusted me as a friend. You have confided to me as your spiritual father, and I had hoped that in your midst I might live and die. But God, who disposes all things well, has decreed otherwise. His Holy will always be ours. Pray for me that the Lord may grant me piety, strength and courage faithfully to carry the burdens He has placed on my Feeble shoulders. Rest assured that wherever I go I shall always take a great interest in your welfare - Shall ever remember you in my prayers and the holy sacrifice of the mass, and beg the Lord that once and forever we may be reunited after death, never again to be separated, but to praise to thank God for eternity."

May 8th, 1881 III After Easter, Patronage of St. Joseph.

May 15th, 1881 IV Sunday after Easter

May 22nd, 1881 V Sund. After Easter.

May 29th, 1881 Sund. Within Octave of Ascension

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Emeline McDowell who departed this life last Monday night.

June 5th, 1881 Pentecost


))))) OF THE )))))



MAY 22nd, 1881


FRANCIS JANSSENS, by the grace of god

and the favor of the Apostolic See,



To the Rev. Clergy and Laity of the Diocese:

Dearly Beloved Brethren,

The occasion of our elevation to the Episcopal See of Natchez, to which the Holy Father, Pope Leo XIII, not regarding our unworthiness, has deigned to promote us, and also the Extraordinary Jubilee, which His Holiness has proclaimed to the whole Catholic world, present a favorable opportunity to address a few words to the Beloved Clergy and laity of this Diocese.

Fearing the responsibility of the office, and owing to the affection and devotion of the spiritual children we left, we have accepted the episcopal dignity with much reluctance and anxiety of mind, ))and it is only in obedience to the voice of the Vicar of Christ, who is our superior as well as yours, that we have dared to presume to receive the fullness of the priesthood and to take the shepard's staff in hand to rule the flock of Christ in the Diocese of Natchez. And while, with the assistance of our zealous clergy, and the help of the pious prayers of the laity, we will try faithfully in charity and in justice to all, to discharge our duties for the welfare of souls and the honor and glory of our Holy Mother the Church, yet we feel, how sadly, in the administration of the Diocese, you will regret the loss of the gentle and holy man of God, our venerated predecessor, )))and how we must crave your patience and forbearance, if unable in all things to follow in his footsteps and his good example. And therefore we beg of you, in the holy time of the Jubilee, to have recourse to the throne of God, and to implore the Lord that we may enlighten our mind with wise council to know what is right and pleasing in his sight, and to strengthen our will to carry out in all things the commands of God.

His Holiness, Leo XIII, in his Apostolic Letter announcing the Jubilee, speaks of the great trials, with which our Holy Mother the Church and the Apostolic See are beset. You well know, beloved brethren, how our Holy Father has been deprived of his temporal possessions, how wicked men have desecrated churches and turned them into worldly uses, how they have confiscated monasteries and convents and turned holy monks and virgins adrift in the world. But not satisfied with all these devastations, the enemy of God in his cunning assumes the garb of an angel of light to deceive and ruin the souls of men, and to throw a false glamour on the mind of the young, thus to lead them astray from religion and from God. The church has never ceased to be a burning lamp to enlighten the world in all knowledge and science, )))but a wicked world does not desire to be enlightened by that "light that enlighteneth every man, that cometh into the world," )))it seeks light not from Him who created the light and who alone is able to illumine our mind, )))but setting aside God and his Holy Revelations, it calls darkness light, it calls "the freedom, wherewith Christ hath made us free" bondage, )))and itself, breaking all bonds, that unite the soul in religion and morality to its Creator, knows no higher destiny than this life, seeks no greater happiness than the enjoyments here below.

The enemy of God seeks everywhere to supplant the Church of Christ by means of the so-called modern progress in science, which aims at training the mind in knowledge, without training the soul in virtue and in that higher knowledge that leads to God, )))which aims at banishing the Church and her saving doctrines from the schools, so as to instill into the mind of the young the poison of indifference and infidelity, This conflict between secular and religious training in schools has in a great measure caused the governments in Europe, of Italy, of France, of Prussia, of Belgium and of others, to wage war against the Spouse of Christ. The Church is well aware of the importance of education and of the absolute necessity of preserving the true faith in the minds of the young by means of Catholic instruction, )))and hence, now more than ever, reminds us of our obligation in this respect. And the faithful, all the world over, obedient to the warning voice of the Holy Father, their Bishops and Pastors, gladly co-operate and willingly bring their offerings to erect school buildings to provide teachers, in order to train the young mind in morality and religion as well as in science. And indeed, it is a matter of great consolation to us to see how most everywhere in the parishes of our Diocese schools have been erected for the education of our children. We recommend most earnestly to the pastors that they neglect not their duties in this regard, but faithfully and personally superintend their schools, that science and religion may go hand in hand, that the children, whom Christ the Lord loves so tenderly, may, when men and women, give "a reason of that hope which is in you" may fulfill their christian and civil duties, and be a credit and an honor to the church of God.

We also remind parents of the great account, which the Lord on the last day will ask of the soul of their children, )))and woe to parents, who forgetful of the soul, only raise the child in worldly knowledge "that puffeth up," but leadeth not to eternal salvation. We implore parents to send their children to Catholic schools and willingly to offer their means in support of those schools, that they may be perfected and be brought to a high standard of secular and religious instruction. Remember that your means thus spent, are laid up in heaven, "where neither rust nor moth doth consume," where they shall bring a hundred-fold return. The Holy Father, in the form of a general Jubilee, has opened to us the treasures of the church, which are the merits of Jesus Christ, so abundantly gained by his sacred Life and Passion, and left us a legacy to his Holy Spouse in atonement for our sins. This Jubilee, which began on the 19th day of March, to last until the end of the year, grants a full remission of all sins and of all the temporal punishment due to them, provided the faithful fulfill the following conditions:

1st. To visit the church six times, devoutly praying during same time, according to the intention of the Holy Father, for the welfare and exaltation of the Catholic Church and of the Apostolic See, for the extirpation of heresies and the conversion of all erring souls, for the concord of Christian princes, for peace and union of the whole faithful people. Should pastors deem it expedient to proceed with their schools or sodalities in procession, such schools with their teachers and sodalities will be required to pay but two visits to the church.

2ndly. To fast one day observing what is commonly called "a black fast," abstaining not only from meat, but from all eatables, proceeding from flesh, such as : eggs, milk, butter, cheese, etc.; )))this fast is not allowed to be observed on any day on which by ecclesiastical precept, we are required to fast.

3rdly. To make a god confession of our sins and piously to receive the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, which latter Sacrament however is not required for children, who have not yet made their first Holy Communion.

4thly. To contribute something in alms giving to some pious work. The Holy Father recommends as good works: The propagation of Faith, the Sacred Infancy of Jesus Christ and the schools of the East. We would specially recommend to contribute your alms towards the great works of the Propagation of Faith, )))and alms, thus contributed, may be sent to the very Rev. Vicar General of the Diocese.

The Holy Father grants to confessors, for any good and just cause, to commute any of the above conditions to some other work of devotion.

In order to reap greater benefit from this Jubilee, pastors should appoint some public devotions, at a time most suitable to the congregation, )))inviting some of the neighboring clergy to assist in exciting their flock to feverent prayer)))having recourse particularly to the Most Holy Mother of God and her Spouse, Saint Joseph, the patron of the universal church)))and also to the worthy reception of the Sacraments.

May this Holy Jubilee be of great spiritual blessing to all the faithful of our Diocese, May the grace of God be increased in your souls, and may the Lord, moved by our prayers and good works, avert the evils that threaten our Holy Mother the Church and the Apostolic See od St. Peter.

The Rev. clergy will please read this pastoral and the conditions of the Jubilee to their congregations.

Given at Natchez, on the 5th Sunday after Easter, the 22nd day of May, in the year of our Lord, 1881.


Bishop of Natchez.


Facultates confessariis tributae tempore Universalis Iubilaei indicti die XV

februarii anno MDCCCLXXIX, excerptae ex Litteris

Apostolicis Pontifices Maximi.

Omnibus et singulis Christi fidelibus tam laicis quam Ecclesiasticis, saecularibus et regularibus, cuiusvis Ordinis et Instituti etiam specialiter nominandi, licentian concedimus et facultatem,ut sibi ad hunc effectum eligere possint quemcumque presbyterum Confessarium, tam saecularem quam regularem, ex actu approbatis (qua facultate uti possint etiam Moniales, Novitiae, aliaeque mulieres intra claustra degentes, dummodo Confessarius approbatus sit pro Monialibus) qui, eosdem vel easdem intra dictum temporis spatium, ad confessionem apud ipsum peragendam accedentes animo praesens Iubilaeum consequendi, et reliqua opera ad illud lucrandum necessaria adimplendi, hac vice et in foro conscientiae dumtaxat, ab excommunicationis, suspensionis, et aliis Ecclesiasticis sententiis et censuris, a iure vel ab homine quavis de causa latis seu inflictis, etiam Ordinariis locorum et Nobis seu Sedi Apostolicae, etiam in casibus cuicumque ac Summo Pontifici et Sedi Apstolicae spesiali licet modo reservatis, et qui alias in concessione quantumvis ampla non intelligerentur concessi, nec non ab omnibus peccatis et excessibus quantumcumque gravibus et enormibus, etiam iisdem Ordinariis ac Nobis et Sedi Apostolicae, ut praefertur, reservatis, iniuncta ipis poenitentia salutari aliisque de iure iniungendis, et, si de haeresi agatur, abiuratis prius et retractatis erroribus, prout de iure, absolvere; nec non vota quaecumque etiam iurata ac Sedi Apostolicae reservata (castitatis, religionis, et obligationis, quae a tertio acceptata fuerint, seu in quibus agatur de praeiudicio tertii semper exceptis, nec non poenalibus, quae praeservativa a peccato nuncupantur, nisi commutatio futura indicetur eiusmodi, ut non minus a peccato committendo refrent, quam prior voti materia) in alia pia et salutaria opera commutare, et cum poenitentibus huiusmodi in sacris ordinibus constitutis, etiam regularibus, super occulta irregulariate ad exercitium eorumdem ordinum, et ad superoirom assecutionem, ob censurarum violationem dumtaxat contracta. dispensare possit et valeat.

Non intendimus autem per praesentes super alia quavis irregularitate sive ex delicto sive ex defectu, vel publica vel occulta aut nota, aliave incapacitate aut inhabilitate quoquomodo contracta dispensare, vel aliquam facultaten tribuere super praemissis dispensandi seu habilitandi, et in pristinum statum restituendi etiam in foro conscientiae: neque etiam derogare Constitutioni cum appositis declarationibus editae a fel. rec. Benedicto XIV. Praedecessore Nostro, quae incipit Sacramentun Poenitentiae; neque demum easdem praesentes iis qui a Nobis et Apostolica Sede, vel ab aliquo Prelato, seu Indice ecclesiastico nominatim excommunicati, suspensi, interdicti, seu alis in sententias et censuras incidisse declarati, vel publice denunciati tuerint, nisi intra praedictum tempus satisfecerint et cum partibus, ubi opus fuerit, concordaverint, ullo modo suffragari posse aut debere. Quod si intra praefinitum terminum, iudicio Confessarii, satisfacere non potuerint, absolvi posse concedimus in foro conscientiae ad effectum dumtaxat assequendi indulgentias Iubilaei, iniuncta obligatione satisfaciendi statim ac poterunt.


Toto tempore Jubilaei usque ad pastremum diem labentis anni inclu sive sacerdotes hujus Dioecesis dicant, observatis rubricis, orationem specialem: "Contra persecutores Ecclesiae."

June 12th, 1881 Trinity Sunday

June 19th, 1881 2nd Sund. After Pent. & Within Octave of Corpus Christi

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the souls of Elizabeth Macken and Sylva Kane who died last week.

June 26th, 1881 3rd Sund. after Pent.

July 3rd, 1881 4th Sund. after Pent., Precious Blood of Our Lord J. C.

July 10th, 1881 V Sund. after Pent.

The annual collection for the Holy Father Will Be taken up on next Sunday.

"It is a work of Capitol importance without which there would be for the Holy See neither liberty, nor dignity, nor any assured means of exercising its Divine ministry."

Words of Pope Leo XIII.

July 17th, 1881 VI Sund. after Pent.

Banns of Matrimony are hereby published between August Paul Kuehn, son of August Paul Kuehn & Anna, and Maggie Jane McConkie, daughter of William & Anna McConkie. 1st publication.

July 24th, 1881 VII Sund. after Pent.

July 31st, 1881 VIII Sund. after Pent.

Pew rent every day after Mass till 9 o'clock.

Census of the congregation, this mon.

August 7th, 1881 IX Sunday after Pent.

Jubilee Alms for the Prop. of the Faith.

A box in the Middly Isle. (middle aisle ?)

August 14th, 1881 X Sund. after Pent.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Eliza Eisely who died last week.

The Banns of Matrimony are hereby published between Leonard Vooce, son of Thomas & Mary Vooce on the one part and Typhinia Blythe, daughter of William G. Blythe and Mary Ann Blythe. 1st publication.

August 21st, 1881 XI Sund. after Pent., Feast of St. Joachim, the father of the B.V.M.

August 28th, 1881 XII Sund. after Pent. Feast of St. Augustine.

Banns of matrimony are hereby published between James Nôton, son of Claiborn and Adele Nôton, on the one part and Melissa Stricklan, daughter of James and Louisa Nichols. 1st. Publication.

September 4th, 1881 XIII Sund. after Pentecost

September 11th, 1881 XIV Sund. after Pentecost, Feast of the Holy Name of Mary.

September 18th, 1881 Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, Patronal feast of this Cathedral.

September 25th, 1881 XVI after Pent.

Monday no school, funeral of the President.

October 2nd, 1881 XVII Sund. after Pent., Rosary Sunday


Our cemetery is in rather bad condition - to much crowded with grass, weeds, shrubs & trees. If each head of Family were to contribute only one dollar, this would about cover the expenses to put in order. - Let the gentlemen at their first meeting take the matter into consideration.

October 9th, 1881 XVIII after Pent., Motherhood of the B. V. M.

Your prayers are requested in behalf of Edward Murray who is dangerously ill.

Pond party for the Orphans.

October 16th, 1881 XIX after Pentecost, Purity of B. V. M.

Cemetery repairs needed.

October 30th, 1881 XXI Sund. after Pent.

Next Sunday, Weather & road permitting, we shall pay our annual visit to the cemetery at 3½ P. M.: then, procession - singing - litany - reciting the Rosary - till we reach the main cemetery - collection at the entrance for the orphans.

N.B. Your prayers are requested for James McCormick who died last Tuesday and Maggie McCabe who died last Friday 28th at Kansas City.

November 6th, 1881 XXII Sund. after Pent.

Banns of Matrimony are hereby published between John David Swor, son of Richard & Vashita Swor of Concordia Parish, on the one part, and Sallie L. Berry, daughter of James & Margaret E. Berry, of Natchez, 1st Publication.

November 13th, 1881 XXIII Sund. after Pent.

Today is the anniversary of the death of Bishop Van de Velde, and also of Vincent Spinetto. Masses for them tomorrow.

November 20th, 1881 XXIV Sund. after Pent.

November 27th, 1881 I Advent.

Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Elijah Boyd who lately died at Milliken's Bend.

Your prayers for Sister Genovese - Aurelia Sinaigo.

[ed note: written along edge of page with same pencil and handwriting (?) that "prayers for" is written in is "Father McDonald"]

December 4th, 1881 II Advent.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Rev. Fr. McDonald, of McComb City who died at Hotel Dieu in New Orleans. And also for Mrs. Farrell who died last Wednesday (Nov. 30)

December 11th, 1881 III Advent.

December 18th, 1881 IV S. of Advent.

Prayers for Sister Gevoveve.

The Banns of matrimony are hereby published between Natale Salvo, son of Paul Salvo & Petronilla De Venzi on the one part and Louise Berdon, daughter of August Beardon and Mary Brog on the other part. 1st publication.

December 25th, 1881 Christmas

January 1st, 1882 Circumcision.

Natural Flowers and Candles will be thankfully received.

January 8th, 1882 Sunday within octave of Epiphany.

January 15th, 1882 Holy Name.

January 22nd, 1882 III after Epiph.

N.B. The fair soon to open.

Pray for Mrs Koerber - very ill.

January 29th, 1882 IV after Epiphany.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Sister Genevieve (Aurelia Signaigo) who died last week in New Orleans. And also for Mrs. Barbara Koerber who departed this life on last Friday, her funeral will take place this afternoon at 2 o'clock -

February 5th, 1882 Septuagesima.

February 12th, 1882 Sexagesima

Meeting of the Gent. after the Mass: Object - repair of the cemetery - etc.

February 19th, 1882 Quinquagesima.

Your prayers are requested for Richard O'Ferrall who died yesterday & will be buried at 3 P. M. this afternoon.

February 26th, 1882 I Sund. of Lent.

Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Mary Burns who died at 3 o'clock A. M. and also for Sarah Withley who died last week and

Vivia Douglas who died yesterday, her funerals at 2 o'clock.

Net proceeds of fair $3,938.40



))))) OF THE )))))



Francis Janssens, By The Grace Of God And The Favor Of The

Apostolic See, Bishop Of Natchez.


To The Rev. Clergy and Laity of the Diocese:

Dearly Beloved Brethren:

Having completed our visitation throughout the Diocese, we feel the necessity of addressing a pastoral to the Reverend and dear brethren of the Clergy, and to the beloved brethren of the Laity. Our heart has been gladdened with a superabundance of spiritual consolation, witnessing mostly everywhere how priest and people vie with each other to uphold the honor of our Holy Mother the Church, and to prove themselves faithful in the service of our Blessed Lord. May this spirit of zeal and self-sacrifice on the part of the Reverend Clergy, and the devotion and love for religion on the part of the faithful, by the grace of God, be increased from year to year, that it may bring forth fruit unto eternal salvation.

And now, at the beginning of this holy season of Lent, when our minds, filled with the recollection of the passion and death of our dear Lord, are more apt to be drawn to the contemplation of the spiritual interests of our soul, we feel bound to speak to you on a subject which gives us much anxiety for the future. In these days of indifferentism and infidelity, when men seem to think so little of religion and of the laws of God and of his church, a great evil has crept into modern society, an evil which is sapping the very foundations of the family and society ))))and this evil is the disregard for the doctrine of Christ and his Church in regard to the sacrament of matrimony. Divorce is easily granted, and men yeald readily to their passions and evil inclinations, so that from year to year the bond of marriage becomes more loosened, causing great harm to the social order and to the welfare of children in the family. This evil of the times has made itself felt even among the children of the Church, and you must be aware that some Catholics make light of the Sacrament of Marriage, and that many are united in this holy bond without due preparation and reflection, not unfrequently disregarding altogether the salutary laws of our Holy Mother the Church. And, as a natural result, many marriages prove unhappy, lead not seldom to separation and divorce, and in many instances cause the soul to wander away from God and to be lost forever.

It is hardly necessary to admonish the faithful that the Church recognizes no divorce, as the marriage bond cannot be severed but by death, for "WHAT GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER, LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER" Matth XIX, 6; and if God joins husband and wife together, no man nor State has the right to put them asunder.

The Church is entrusted with the welfare not only of the souls of men, but also with the welfare of the family and of the social order of nations, and looseness in regard to marriage and its sacred bond is most detrimental to the individual, to family and society. For marriage is not merely a contract sacred by the law of nature, but among Christians it is also a sacrament, one of the Holy institutions of our Divine Lord, as St. Paul tells us: Marriage "IS A GREAT SACRAMENT, BUT I SPEAK IN CHRIST AND IN THE CHURCH;" (Ephes. v. 32) and when admonishing husbands and wives to be united in holy love, the same Apostle proposes Christ as a model to them:"HUSBANDS, LOVE YOUR WIVES, AS CHRIST ALSO LOVED THE CHURCH, AND DELIVERED HIMSELF UP FOR IT, THAT HE MIGHT SANCTIFY IT." (Ephes. v. 25, 26)

As marriage, then, is one of the great foundations on which rests the welfare of family and society, and at the same time one of the seven Holy Sacraments, the Church is in duty bound to so regulate its importance as to prevent, if possible, all evil consequences. Were she to leave her children to themselves and to their unguided desires and inclinations, she would indeed betray the trust and duty of a good mother. Hence, for good reasons she has made laws forbidding certain marriages, and she enforces these laws, in some cases by annulling the marriage, in others by surrounding it with precautionary conditions, in others again by cutting off the transgressors from her communion. we will mention but two. First among the impediments of marriage is relationship, either by marriage or consanguinity, unto the fourth degree ))) that is between third cousins. The reasons for this impediment are plain: According to the divine plan of the Creator the whole human race should be united in one common bond of friendship and love, and hence our Blessed Lord, as St. John tells us, (John xi. 52) died "NOT ONLY FOR THE NATION, BUT TO GATHER TOGETHER IN ONE THE CHILDREN OF GOD THAT WERE DISPERSED." There is no means more concurring to this end than that families, instead of intermarrying, and thus becoming clannish and selfish, should expand themselves, take husbands and wives from other families not yet connected, and thus widen the range of friendship and love, The same God who implanted the moral law in our heart and commissioned the Church to proclaim it, the same God is also the founder of the physical law which impresses us with a natural aversion to such forbidden marriages; and when social and moral law points toward the same end, physical law steps in to enforce it and to punish the transgressors. Daily experience and the investigations of learned physicians tell us of the evil consequences in marriage between near relatives, producing, if not barrenness, then often weakness in body and mind, sickness, lunacy, deaf and dumbness, in the first or second generation. In certain districts of our Diocese marriages among near relatives are by no means uncommon, and we admonish in the Lord the pastors in charge of these parishes to exert their influence, both in private and in public, to dissuade the faithful from these forbidden and dangerous alliances.

Another impediment, very universal in our Diocese, and a great evil, is found in the mixed marriages of Catholics with those not of our holy faith. Many of the Roman Pontiffs, especially Gregory XVI and Pius IX, and the Bishops of America assembled in National Council in Baltimore, have strongly raised their voices against this evil. And the Church, to make the faithful feel how much she is opposed to such marriages, has excluded all ceremonies at their celebration. When two Catholics marry, it is at the foot of the alter, in the presence of our Blessed Lord, in the Holy Sacrament, and the priest, as the minister of God, robed in his sacred vestments, invokes in the name of the Church the blessing of God upon the newly married couple. Not so in mixed marriages. They are not allowed to be contracted in the Church, nor even in the sacristy, and the priest assists, without sacred vestments, not in his sacred character as God's minister, but simply as a necessary witness to the marriage contract. And now behold the consequences of such marriages, which, if not always, are very frequently the natural results. If they engage in their morning and evening devotions it is without unity of feeling and invocation; they say them not in common, murmuring them to God alone, as if the sacred bond of marriage had not bound together their hearts in the service of God. The Catholic who has any feeling or warmth for religion, loves to wear scapular and medal, to invoke the Saints, to recite the beads, loves holy relics, pictures and statues: but the other has been taught to look upon these practices as idolatrous or superstitious, or, to say the least, as indicative of a mind given to simplicity and religious bigotry. And the Catholic, for fear of displeasing the other, may be induced to hide these objects, to stop these devotions, and thus paralyze religion in the heart. On Sunday, the non-Catholic, if he holds to his own conviction, shall go to his own church. If he has no religion he may accompany the other a few times, then to stay at home for the future. They kneel not before the same altar, nor worship God in the same manner, nor go together to receive the Sacraments. He who loves God loves also to speak of Him and of his holy religion; but in this family all external demonstrations of religion must be banished; no allusion should be made to its doctrines, its festivals and ceremonies, lest it might hurt the other's feelings, and the consolations of religion, which should bind them together in greater love for each other, and for their Creator, are chilled in their hearts by the recollection that their feelings, their sentiments and faith are deeply divided and opposed to each other. Sometimes the one opposes the other in going to confession or church, or wishes to be accompanied to forbidden places of worship, and in all this the Catholic is bound to serve God and to displease the other. And if he or she places husband or wife above the duties to God, the Catholic shall soon become lukewarm, lose the practice, and alas, not infrequently lose the faith to the eternal detriment of the soul. But the difficulties increase in the education of the children. On Friday the children must abstain from meat, which the parent freely eats; the parent goes not to church nor to confession, and why should the children be obliged to go? and the Catholic parent shall feel the danger that the children )))if the love for the laws of the Church be not early and continually impressed in their young hearts))) shall be tempted to make light of these laws and to follow the example of the non-Catholic parent.

And who shall describe the sad feelings, the violent throbs of the heart when death is about to claim the non-Catholic? No priest surrounds the death-bed, no consolation in receiving the last sacraments, for which we long so ardently; gloom and desolation without glimmering of hope. And when death has triumphed, she or he shall follow the corpse to the church, which she is allowed to enter but on this sad occasion, where no minister of God shall sprinkle the remains with holy water, where no prayers shall be offered for the repose of the soul. And what of the anxiety of mind, the grief and sorrow that shall seize the Catholic parent, when, stretched on her dying bed, at the thought of her young children. Shall they be raised in the faith for which she herself would willingly die? The father has not their religion at heart, he may marry again and place a protestant parent over her children. And what can the mother do but pray, hope in the Lord, and be a warning to others! And so from the very first day of their marriage until death shall dissolve the marriage bond, there is anxiety and dread of mind, there is a lack of mutual feeling, of mutual confidence in religion, which is the most vital sentiment of the human heart and the most important affair for which man is created. Many of these evils, if not all, are likely to follow, even when, according to the command of the church, the parties are married with the expressed condition that the Catholic party shall be left free in the exercise of religion, and that all the children shall be raised in the Catholic faith. But what shall we say when these conditions are not complied with, when a Catholic, carried away by worldly love and a forgetfulness of the eternal interests, dares to be married outside the church, and thus incurs her excommunication, to be deprived of her prayers and sacraments in life and of a christian burial after death; but before the judgment seat of God it will prove a matter of most pernicious consequence, for he that despiseth the church of God despiseth Christ the Lord himself, and he who "WILL NOT HEAR THE CHURCH LET HIM BE TO THEE AS THE HEATHEN AND THE PUBLICIAN." Matth. XVIII 17.

Now, a word how Catholics should prepare for the reception of the Sacrament of Marriage. Marriage is a most serious matter ))))a step on which often depends the eternal as well as the temporal happiness ))))a bond which can be severed but by death; hence it is absolutely necessary to proceed this important work by a serious and earnest preparation. If God blesses not the marriage, how shall husband and wives obtain grace to love one another until death, and to raise their children in the fear of the Lord? May they expect to obtain God's blessing if they enter this holy state for unworthy motives, not as christians, but as pagans, seeking in marriage simply a gratifification! May they expect God's blessing, if, instead of preparing themselves by virtue, by prayer, and by the reception of the Sacraments, they prepare themselves in vanity, in frivolity, nay even in sin? Let them who are about to receive this Sacrament, seriously reflect, and by frequent prayer and holy communions, by carefulness to avoid sin, obtain the blessings of God, of which they stand in so much need.

In Future we forbid marriages to be celebrated in the Church after dark, on account of the great concourse of people which is wont to assemble at such hour and on such occasion, entering the Church and behaving as if it were a public place of amusement, not regarding the respect due to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and the reverence which at all times becomes the House of God. And we heartily desire marriages to be celebrated in the morning, with Nuptial Mass. as the Rubrics of the Church suggest. How beautiful and truly Christian when Catholics, at the foot of the altar, in presence of our Blessed Lord, pledge each other love and fidelity, and then in Holy Communion receive the same Lord, that He, who deigns to descend in the hearts of the husband and wife newly married, may unite their hearts the closer in love, in troth and in holiness.

The Rev. Clergy will please read this pastoral to their congregations.

Given at Natchez, on Ash Wednesday, the 22d day of February, in the year of our Lord, 1882.


Bishop of Natchez.

March 5th, 1882 II Lent

March 12th, 1882 III Sund. in Lent

March 19th, 1882 IV Sund. of Lent, St. Joseph

March 26th, 1882 Passion Sunday

April 2nd, 1882 Palm Sunday

April 9th, 1882 Easter Sunday

A concert to be given on this week or next week for the purpose of securing means to afford a new organ.

April 16th, 1882 Low Sunday

Easter collection for the Semin. $53

The banns of matrimony are hereby published between Edward W. Zurhellen, son of August and Lucia Zurhellen, on the one part, and Mary Owens, daughter of Thomas E. and Beatrice Owens on the other part. 1st publication.

April 23rd, 1882 II Sund. after Easter.

Pray for Thomas Whalately, died in St Louis, April 16. (???)

(note: the above may read "Pray for Thomas, who lately died in St. Louis - April 16, this may refer to the Thomas May that is remembered in the Mass on Thursday)

April 30th, 1882 III Sund. after Easter

May 7th, 1882 IV Sund. after Easter

May 14th, 1882 V Sund. after Easter

May 21st, 1882 Sunday within the octave of the Ascension.

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. McDoogall who are dangerously ill.

Bp. Janssens must have started yester on steamer Spain: we all should pray for him, etc etc.

May 28th, 1882 Pentecost

June 4th, 1882 Trinity Sunday

June 11th, 1882 2 after Pentecost, Sunday within octave of Corpus Christi

June 18th, 1882 III Sund. after Pent.

June 25th, 1882 IV Sund after Pentecost.

Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Thomas Reddy & Mrs. Kline of Fort Adam.

July 2nd, 1882 V Sund. after Pent. Feast of the Visitation of the B. V. M.

Your prayers are requested for the eternal repose of Thomas Reddy who died yesterday. Funeral - after High Mass.

July 9th, 1882 VI Sund. after Pentcost, Feast of the Prodigies of the B. V. M.

The second quarter of pew rent was due on July the 1st.

July 16th, 1882 VII Sunday after Pentecost, Feast of the B. V. of Mount Carmila.

Rev. Theophilus Meerschaert taken very ill, in your prayers remember him.

July 23rd, 1882 VIII Sund. after Pentecost

The prayers of the faithful are requested for the happy death of Mrs. Ellen McDougal.

July 30th, 1882 IX Sunday after Pent.

Prayers for Mrs. Lou Marron.

August 6th, 1882 X Sund. after Pentecost, Feast of the Transfiguration of O. D. Lord.

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Cornillia Marron (Mrs. Lou Marron) and Patrick McQuade - who died Aug. 1st.

Prayers to stop rain.

August 13th, 1882 XI Sund. after Pentecost.

On Wednesday a Mass will be said for favorable weather and God's blessings upon crops and people.

August 20th, 1882 XII Sunday after Pent, Feast of St. Joachim, Father of the B. V. M.

The prayers of the congregation are requested for the departed souls of Matilda Healy of Natchez and Louisa Bader of Vidalia. Prayers are also requested for Adrian Jehlen who is very sick.

Friday for Gods's blessings upon the people - sick - crops -

August 27th, 1882 XIII Sund. after Pent.

September 3rd, 1882 XIV after Pent.


[ed note: on inside back cover, no date, is written - Charles P. Goetz, son of John Peter & Martha Goetz & Mary E. Bruner, d. of Joseph & Gertrude Bruner]

A Transcription from

The "Announcements in Church" books.

January 1st, 1888 - December 30th, 1888

(PAGE 227)

Peter Doherty who died last Monday and also for Ildefonso Ayola who died on Thursday and for George Nichols who died on Saturday.

Jan. 1st, 1888 I Sunday of January

First of the New Year. Feast of the Circumcision of our D. Lord.

The Banns of Marriage are hereby published between Henry C. Hall, and Charity Matthews.

The Collection for Orphans amounted to $83.00

(PAGE 229)

Jan. 8th, 1888 I Sunday after Epiphany

Tomorrow evening at 3 O'cl. the ladies who take an active part in the Fairs for the orphans are requested to meet at the Bishops residence. The closing of collections will take place with entertainments on the 24th, 25th & 26th of this month.

Jan. 15th, 1888 II Sunday after the Epiphany

The prayers of the congregation are requested for James O'Neil who died on last Monday.

The bans of marriage are hereby published between John Will, son of David Jones Kennedy and of Eliza Harris on the one part, and Nellie, daughter of Frank J. Arrighi and of Mathilde Hughes on the other part.

Jan. 22, 1888 III Sunday after the Epiphany.

The Prayers of the congregation are requested for Mathi Hunt Newton who died last Monday.

Closing for Orphans collection 26th.

Banns also between Jessie O. Jefferson, Son of Wm. Jefferson and of Elizabeth Casey on the one part: and Mary Nalty, daughter of Stephen Nalty and of Mary Hughes on the other part. 1st publ. 2nd publ. 3rd publ.

Jan. 29th, 1888 Septuagesmia Sunday

(PAGE 232)

The prayers of the congregation are requested for the repose of the soul of Peter Randazzo who departed this life on last Thursday.

Immediately before the 8 O cl. Mass, Blessing of the candles. - On that day those who can afford it should make an offering of wax candles for the service of the altar during the year.

The Ladies collectois and those who have taken an active part at the sale are requested to meet at the

(PAGE 233)

Bishops residence at 3 O cl. on Monday

Jan. 5th, 1888 Sexagesima Sunday

Prayers for Quitman Stewart & Suzan West who died yesterday.

Also between Anthony Temipleton, son of Richard Temipleton and of Ellen Holleran - and Catherine Mooney daughter of Thomas and of Mary Mooney.

(ed note: The above banns are crossed out as is a note in the margin that states "Broken off for good reasons." The crossed out note is followed by a further note that says "Made up again!")

(PAGE 234)

Feb 12th, 1888 Quinquagesima Sunday

Read Lenten Regulations.

(PAGE 235)

(Notice pasted into book)



































Febr. 19th, 1888 I Sunday of Lent

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Mary Meath who died in Ireland.

Febr. 26th, 1888 II Sunday of Lent

The collection taken up for Colored and Indian Missions amounted to $21.45

As the Catholic library is about to be reorganized, parties who may still have books of the old library are requested to send them to the Catholic Circle. Offerings of other books will be thankfully received.

(ed note: There is a long note giving instructions for a 40 hours devotion that has been crossed out. A note in the margin states "Postponed until 4th Sunday")

(PAGE 238)

March 4th, 1888 III Sunday of Lent

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Annette Cousin who died in New Orleans last week.

(PAGE 239)

The bans of marriage are hereby published between Thomas J. son of George C. Williams and of Eliza Mackin on the one part; and Sallie, daughter of Hugh McGinty and of Bridget O'Ferrall on the other part. Only publication. Dispensation has been granted for good reasons.

March 11th, 1888 IV Sunday of Lent

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Louis Hanna who died yesterday.

Offering's of candles and flowers will be thankfully received.

March 18, 1888 Passion Sunday

(PAGE 241)

March 25th, 1888 Palm Sunday

(PAGE 243)

April 1st, 1888 Easter Sunday

The first quarter of pew rent is now due.

April 8th, 1888 Low Sunday

The amount of the Easter Coll. for Seminary was $83.00

Mrs. Mary Garett - Now Mrs. Ford - retractatum

April 15th, 1888 II Sunday After Easter

(PAGE 245)

After High Mass the gentlemen of the congregation are requested to meet at the Catholic circle to make the proper arrangements for the annual Pic'-nec' of the congregation.

John Gaynor - retractatum of marriage before prot. minister.

April 22nd, 1888 III Sunday after Easter

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Louis Green and Joseph Kirl who died last wednesday.

The committees on pic'-nic' are requested to meet after High Mass.

(PAGE 246)

April 29th, 1888 IV Sunday after Easter

Wednesday the annual Pic'-nic' of the congregation. All the members expected to participate.

(PAGE 247)

The banns of marriage are hereby published between Patrick Burns and Bridget Scanlon, daughter of Thomas and of Honra Scanlon. 1st Publ.

May 6th, 1888 V Sunday after Easter

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Jos. Braden who died last Thursday.

(PAGE 248)

May 13th, 1888 Sunday Within The Octave Of The Ascension

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Sister Alphonsus who died last Sunday.

May 20th, 1888 Pentecost Sunday

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Monroe Wade who died on last Tuesday.

The bans of marriage are hereby published between James Vail, son of James and of Bridget Vail on the one part: and Mary, daughter of Michael Greavey and of Mary Culhane on the other part. 1st publ. 2nd publ.

Also between Frank J. Byrne son of Edward Byrne and of Mary Moan on the one part: and Maggie Tildsley daughter of Thomas Tildsley and of Catherine Crimen on the other part. 1st publ., 2nd publ.

(PAGE 250)

May 27, 1888 Feast of the Most H. Trinity

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Minnie Joyce who died on last Thursday

(PAGE 251)

Sacrament will take place at Deveraux Hall next Sunday.

Bans of Marriage

Also between Thomas M. Lynch, son of Patrick Lynch and of Margaret Culhane and of Augusta Joseph Sims, daughter of John Sims and Mary Ryan. 1st publ. 2nd publ. - 3rd publ.

Also between Samuel W. Hazlip, son of Samuel W. Hazlip and of Marsha Kirkland on the one part and Clara Agnes Thornburg, daughter of Jacob Thornburg and of Sarah Elliott on the other part. 1st publ, 2nd publ., 3rd, publ.

June 3rd, 1888 II Sunday after Pentecost

(PAGE 252)

June 10th, 1888 III Sunday after Pent.

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Cecilia Lewis who died on Monday and for Katie Nicols who died on Thursday.

June 17th, 1888 IV Sunday after Pent.

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Mary Moore who died last Monday.

The members of the congregation are requested to meet at the Cathedral hall after High Mass, to consider some necessary repairs and improvements on the Cathedral.

June 24th, 1888 V Sunday after Pent.

The second quarter of pew rent will be due on the 1st of July.

The commencement and distribution of premiums will take place at our schools this week.

At St. Josephs on Tuesday at 9.A.M.

At the Cathedral School on Wedn. at 8.P.M.

At the Cathedral hall for St. Francis School on Thursday at 4 ½ P.M.

July 1st, 1888 VI Sunday after Pent.

July 8th, 1888 VII Sunday after Pent.

The amount of the collection for the Pope on last Sunday was $41.40

The bans of marriage are hereby published between John L. Wyman, son of John Wyman and Jane Brooks on the one part and Lula Jos. Smith, daughter of John Smith and of Martha Sanford on the other part. 1st publ. 2nd publ.

Tuesday at 8 O'Cl. Solemn High Mass for Francis Meerschaert - Mass every day of the week.

July 15th, 1888 VIII Sunday after Pent.

(PAGE 258)

July 22nd, 1888 IX Sunday after Pent.

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Emma Krogmier who died on Tuesday.

Owing to the work in the Cathedral the masses will be said at 6 O'cl. as before, during the week.

(PAGE 259)

July 29th, 1888 X Sunday after Pent.

Thursday the 2nd of August Indulgence of the Portuincula or pardon of St. Francis. Plenary indulgence for each visit to the Cathedral with the coming of sundown on Thursday. On the usual conditions of confession H. Communion and of praying for the intentions of our Holy Father the Pope.

July 29th, 1888 continued

(PAGE 260)

Aug. 5th, 1888 XI Sunday after Pent.

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Reese Holliday who died last Sunday.

Aug. 12th, 1888 XII Sunday after Pent.

Thursday. Feast of St. Rock, patron against epidemics.

Rev. Father Hickey will preach at High Mass.

Aug. 19th, 1888 XIII Sunday after Pent.

(PAGE 262)

Aug. 26th, 1888 XIV Sunday after Pent.

(PAGE 263)

Sept. 2nd, 1888 XV Sunday after Pent.

Tomorrow, Monday, Opening of all the schools - Mass in honor of the Holy Ghost at 8 O'cl. - On other days there will not be any 8 O'cl. Mass until the work in church is entirely finished.

(PAGE 264)

Sept. 9th, 1888 XVI Sunday after Pent.

At 10 O'cl. Pontifical High Mass and farewell sermon of his Grace the Most Rev. Archbishop - Elect. Procession from the Bishops residence.

(PAGE 265)

The banns of marriage are hereby published between James M. Mayers, son of James W. Mayers and of Anna Briggs of Richmond Ohio on the one part and Mathilde Jones, daughter of Isaac Jones and of Anna Kilgarlin on the other part. 1st & last publ.

Sept. 16th, 1888 XVII Sunday after Pent.

(PAGE 266)

Sept. 23rd, 1888 XVIII Sunday after Pent.

If possible pay subscription for the church.

Invite people to attend at Mass and say the Rosary to avoid Yellow Fever.

(PAGE 267)

The bans of marriage are hereby published between John S. Ruoff, son of Mathias Ruoff and of Mary A. F. Koerber on the one part; and Teresa Anaclita Signaigo daughter Augustin and of Catherine Signaigo on the other part. 1st publ, 2nd, 3rd.

Sept. 30th, 1888 XIX Sunday after Pent

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Willie Wyman who died last Wednesday. - Also for Elizabeth Barland who died on Friday.

(PAGE 268)

The 3rd quarter of pew rent is due on the 1st tomorrow.

$20.00 received for the statue of St. Rock.

Banns also between Daniel Edward Regan son of Edward Regan and of Bridget Cecilia Curron on the one part and Mary Virginia Wilds, daughter of Olliver Norris Wilds and of Barbara Koerber on the other part. 1st publ. - 2nd publ. - 3rd.

Oct. 7th, 1888 XX Sunday after Pent.

(PAGE 269)

Oct. 14th, 1888 XXI Sunday after Pent.

(PAGE 270)

Oct. 21st, 1888 XXII Sunday after Pent.

(PAGE 271)

The offerings of candles and flowers will be cheerfully received.

As the procession at the cemeteries will take place on the 4th of November, all the owners of lots are requested to put them in order before that time.

Oct. 28th, 1888 XXIII Sunday after Pent.

(PAGE 272)

Pullen - Ruoff

The banns of marriage are hereby published between Charles L. Pullen, son of Edward Pullen and of Amanda Causey; on the one part. And Mary L. Ruoff, daughter of Mathias Ruoff and of Mary Koerber on the other part. 1st publ.

All Souls Day List of he dead Nov. 1887 - Nov. 1888.




Bernard McCabe Joseph Brown

Timothy Driscoll Katie Nicols

Rose Spiro Mary Moore

Sarah Keys Emogene Krogmeyer

Peter Doherty Jos. Osborne Bouese

Eugenia Perrault Jos. Robert Chapman

James O'Neil Jos. Rees Holliday

Aggie Brayant George Washington

Peter Randazzo A. P. Wilson

Quitman Stewart Anna Smith

Suzan Weil Thomas Brigon

Louis Hannah Willian H. Wyman

Thompson Harrison Elizabeth Barland

Joseph Kirl

Louis Green 31. - only one without

Sister Alphonsus Sacraments.

Monroe Wade

Cecilia Lewis

(PAGE 273)

Nov. 4th, 1888 XXIV Sunday after Pent.

This evening Procession at the cemeteries. The procession will start at 3 ½ and all the members of the congregation are requested to assist - The Sodalities are requested to have their banners - One of every group requested to say the beads.

As usual a collection will be taken up at the entrance of the cemeteries for the benefit of the orphans.

Nov. 11th, 1888 XV Sunday after Pent.

(ed: a smaller page has been inserted into the announcement book at this location)


* Octavia Dedicatrinis et *

* titilum Ecclesine Cathedralis *

* pro sacerdatrbus extra Natchez *

* )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) *

* Sept. 19. Dicta Frima officium fit *

* de Dedicatrine. In 2 Vesp Comm *

* 7 Dolorum, seq. et Dom. *

* Sept. 20. Comm 7 Dol. in Laudibus et *

* in Missa tantum. *

* 21. In 2 Vesp. Comm. 7 Dol. *

* 22, 23 et 24 Comm. 7 Dol. in *

* Laud. Missa et 2 Vesp. *

* 25 Comm. 7 Dol. in Laud. et Missa *

* In 2 Vesp. 1ae Vesp. Octave *

* 7 Dolorium, Comm praec, Dom et *

* SS. Martyrum. *

* 26 Octava 7 Dol. comm Dom et *

* SS. Martyrum. *

* Festum S. Eusebii transferatur. *

* Traefatio B. M. V. per totam *

* Octavam. *


(PAGE 274)

The amount collected for the orphans at the cemetery last Sunday is $95.00

Nov. 18th, 1888 XXVI Sunday after Pent.

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Hannah Botto who died on past Wednesday.

The Ladies who have consented to collect for the orphans through the state are requested to meet at the Bishop's residence on Tuesday evening at 4 O'Cl.

Nov. 25th, 1888 XXVII Sunday after Pent.

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Edwin Moreland and Albert Gibson who died on last Sunday.

(PAGE 276)

Dec. 2nd, 1888 I Sunday of Advent

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Washington Jos. Ford who died yesterday.

(PAGE 277)

Dec. 9th, 1888 II Sunday of Advent

The prayers of the congregation are requested for Oscar Delany who died on Thursday.

(PAGE 278)

The banns of marriage are hereby published between Emile Clement Angeletti, son of Antoini and Lezida Angeletti on the one part and Minie Lee Callicot daughter of John Callicot and of Tibie Johnson on the other part. 1st publ, 2nd publ.

Dec. 16th, 1888 III Sunday of Advent

(PAGE 279)

Offerings of candles, oil and flowers will be thankfully received for the ornamentation for Xmas. The candles and oil should be sent this week.

Pew holders are requested to pay the last quarter of pew rent before the end of the month to make reports for the end of the year.

The ladies who take an active part in the fair for the orphans are requested to meet at the Bishops residence after Benediction.

Dec. 23rd, 1888 IV Sunday of Advent

The prayers of the congregation are req. for Joseph Arrighi who died on Friday in Kansas City.

(PAGE 280)

On Christmas a collection will be taken up at all Masses for the benefit of the orphans.

If nothing unforseen happens the Most Rev. Archbishop Janssens will pay us a visit on Wednesday and stay until Monday Morning at 6 ½. Benediction Wednesday evening at 6 ½.

Meeting of the ladies for the fair at 3 ½.

Dec. 30th, 1888 Sunday in the Octave of Xmas.

The collection taken up Christmas for the benefit of the orphans ammounted to $83.50.

All the members of the congregation are invited to a reception (and supper) which will be tendered to our beloved Bishop this evening at 7 ½.

The meeting and supper were a grand success and most plesent gathering.

??? ??, 1889

Banns - The banns of marriage are hereby published between James Farrell, son of Patrick Farrell and of Sarah Whalen on the one part and Carrie E. Quarterman daughter of Thomas R. Quarterman and of Catherine Glynn on the other part. 1st publ.


St. Peter's Cathedral

No. 237 West Eighth Street

Cincinnati, O. Dec. 11th, 1894

Right Rev. Thomas Heslin, D.D.: Bishop of Natchez

Right Rev. dear Friend

Before the end of the year, I wish to discharge my conscience finally from responsibility concerning Masses promised to benefactors of the Cathedral of Natchez.

When collecting means, in the year 1858 - & other times - to make most necessary works in the Cathedral, I promised donors that a Mass should be offered for their welfare - every month. As Bishop of the diocese I was competent to make this arrangement. Employing the donations for the benefit of the congregation & the diocese, was in practice an investra of the money: & they can surely pay $12 a year interest.

I offered the Masses voluntarily while I was there: and on account of not attending to it more effectively since I left, I have had the whole number offered, up to this present month included. - The rest I leave to you.

A happy Christmas to you & all

Your Faithful servt. & bro. in Christ

William Henry Elder

Archbsp. Cincinnati

Let a Mass be said monthly

for 3 or 4 years

T. Heslin, Bp. Ntz.

Dec. 21, '94


Monthly Announcements

Ist Sunday - Meeting of St. Jos. Total Abstinance Society. First Friday of the month in honor of the S. H. Confessions Thursday. Meeting of the Rosary & S. H. Soc. after Benediction. During the week Masses for the members. The Young Mens Sodality 3rd after Masses - High 2nd & 4th after H. Mass.

IInd Sunday - The Ladies Benevolent Soc. after High Mass. Next Sunday regular com. Sunday for Sod. of Child. of Mary.

IIIrd Sunday - Meeting of the Children of Mary.

IVth Sunday - Meeting of the 3rd Order of St. Francis after Benediction. During week Mass for the Alt. & Sanct. Soc. The C. K. of A. meet on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays Sundays of the month after High Mass.

Annual Collections

1st. Easter Sunday for the Seminary.

2nd. First Sunday of July, Peter Pence.

3rd. First Sunday of Oct. Propagation of the Faith.

4th. On Christmas for seminary since snyod of 97

for the orphans

for the poor missions of the diocese.

5th. First Sunday of Lent, for the Indian & Colored missions.

6th. Good Friday, for the Holy Land.

7th. Epiphany for the negroes in Africa.

*The hours for Mass on Sundays are changed on Palm Sunday from 6 1/2, 8 1/2 & 10 to 6, 8 & 10. On 1st Sunday of Av. 6 1/2 etc. Ab. Vespers begins at 5 on 1st Sunday May, at 4 1st Sunday of Oct.

*Hours of Mass since Sept '97, at 7 & 10. No more middle Mass. On Holidays of Obligation, on weekdays, advisable to advance hour of 1st Mass about 1/2 hour to accommodate catholics employed in stores. i.e. at 6 1/2 &10.

1893 - Aug. 27th, .... 14th Sunday after Pent Feast of the Most Pure Heart of Mary

The schools will reopen tomorrow week, 4th Sept.

The yearly subscription to pay for the Brothers house will be due the 1st of September. Those in arrears will please pay up.

1893 - Sept. 3rd 15th Sunday after Pent.

The Schools reopen tomorrow. Mass in honor of the Holy Ghost will be said for them at 8 o'clock at which all the children will assist.

Banns: I hereby publish the banns of marriage for the first time between John J. Farrell, son of Patrick Farrell and Sarah Whelan, and Mary J. Stanton, daughter of John Stanton and Julia Daly.

Sept. 10th. .... 16th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary.

Sept. 17. .... 17th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Seven Dolors, B. V. M.

Banns: Louis M. Dalgarn, son of James Dalgarn & Margaret L. Watson and Anna Marcella Ruoff, daughter of Mathias Ruoff and Mary A. F. Koerber. 1st publ.

Sept. 24th .... 18th Sunday after Pent. Octv. of the Seven Dolors of B. V. M.

Oct. 1st....19th Sunday after Pent. Solemnity of the Holy Rosary

The 3rd quarter of pew rent is now due.

Oct. 8th....20th Sunday after Pent. Feast - Maternity of B. V. M.

There will be a Solemn High Mass celebrated here next Thursday at 10 o'clock, it being the anniversary of the discovery of America by Columbus. The "Italian Benevolent Soc." is having this Mass said. All are invited to attend.

Oct. 15th....21st Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Purity of B. V. M.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Clara Boyer who was buried last Thursday.

Collection next Sunday at all masses for the sufferers in the recent storm on the La. & Miss. coast.




Rt. Rev. T. Heslin, Bishop of Natchez.

On Behalf Of The Sufferers By The Late Coast Storm


Rev. Father and Dear Brethren:- A dreadful calamity has befallen a large number of our fellow-beings on the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. On the 1st and 2nd of this October a most distructive hurricane swept those shores, and in a few hours, besides the great loss of property which ensued, hundreds, nay thousands, of human lives were sacrificed to it's fury. The survivors are scarcely more fortunate than their doomed relatives and friends; for, besides their frightful exposure, breaking of limbs, wounds and bruises, they have lost everything - their homes, their property, their stock, their laboring implements - nay many of them have been despoiled of the very clothes they wore, and they have been reduced to a state of absolute want. Several of their churches have been demolished or seriously damaged, and they are unable to repair or rebuild them so as to enjoy the consolation of publicly worshiping God and recurring to His fatherly aid and protection in this their hour of trial. As the public press has lengthily and graphically described their pitiful condition, we need not further dwell on it than to say that mentally, bodily and spiritually they have endured indescribable miseries.

But a duty awaits us, we cannot remain unmoved in presence of such mis-fortune nor turn a deaf ear to their piteous cries for help. They are our brethren, of the same flesh and Blood, children of the same Heavenly Father , members of the great human family and many - most of them, we believe, of the same Holy Religion. The dead are beyond the reach of our temporal assistance; while heartily condoling with their surviving friends, we can tender them but the benefit of our prayers, at least to such of them as our prayers can assist. Our chief concern is with the living; nor will it suffice to offer them kind words and sympathetic expressions. Our charity must be more substantial, being endowed with the qualities required by the Apostle: "Let us not love in word nor in tongue, but in deed and in truth" - 1 John 3-18.

The whole country has been appealed to in behalf of these sufferers, and nobly has the appeal been answered. Much assistance has already been given to them, but much more is needed, both to relive their present wants and to provide shelter for them and to fit them with the necessary means of earning a livelihood.

In order that we may have a share in the good work, and do our part of the task, we confidently appeal to your charity and we ask you to contribute whatever you can, be it ever so little, to assist them. It is true most of us are poor ourselves, calls on our charity are frequent, and times are hard, but with good will there are few of us who cannot to make a slight offering, and the cents accumulating soon become dollars.

Wherefore we request the Rev. Pastors to make known to their flocks the contents of this letter on the Sunday immediately following it's reception, and to appoint the following Sunday for the collection. The amount collected shall be forwarded to us, and we will have it distributed where it is most needed.

We ought to remember that what is given to the necessitous is not thrown away, but is only exchanged for something far more valuable. The Holy Ghost has said: "He that giveth to the poor shall not want; he that despiseth his entreaty shall suffer indigence." - Prov. 28-27. And: "He that hath mercy on the poor lendeth to the Lord; and He will repay him." - Prov. 19-17.

Given at Natchez this 9th of October, A. D. 1893.


Bishop of Natchez.

1893 - Oct. 22nd....22nd Sunday after Pent.

Collection for the coast sufferers today.

Oct. 29th.... 23rd Sunday after Pent.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of James Shea.

The collection taken up last Sunday for the coast sufferers amounted to $100.50.

Nov. 5th....24th Sunday after Pent.

Procession in Graveyard postponed till next Sunday.

Nov. 12th....25th Sunday Af. Pent.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Johanna Tully.

(Note Bene: The procession was held and was a very fine one. The day was all that human nature could ask for. Bp. preached a fine sermon.)

1893 - Nov. 19th....26th Sunday after Pent.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Matthew Targeant.

The collection last Sunday at the cemetery amounted to $83.90

Nov. 26th....27th & Last Sunday after Pentecost

Dec. 3rd....1st Sunday of Advent

Dec. 10th....2nd Sunday of Advent

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Anastassa Powers.

The ladies who are to collect for the orphans in the city will soon call on you. We bespeak for them the usual courtesy and generosity.

A Novena preparatory to the Feast of Christmas will begin next Saturday, 16th.

(Loose paper inserted into book at this location)



Rev. Father and Dear Brethren: We hasten to lay before you the following preamble and decree which we have received through the regular channel:

"Most Illustrious and Rev. Sir:

"Your excellence is, no doubt, aware that the Most Rev. Archbishops placed over the ecclesiastical provinces of that Federal Republic have, in their meetings, treated of three societies that have grown up there, viz: the Odd Fellows, the Sons of Temperance, and the Knights of Pythias, and that their Graces have unanimously deferred the matter to the judgement of the Apostolic See. Now the Most Holy Father has turned over the question to be examined by the Most Eminent Cardinals who, together with me, form the General Inquisition. Their Eminences, in a general congregation, held June 20, 1894, confirming a judgment pronounced elsewhere against these same societies, have decreed:

"That all Bishops of that country must endeavor by all means to compel the faithful to leave all and each of the three afore-mentioned societies; that the faithful themselves are to be admonished of this matter; and if, notwithstanding the admonition, they still wish to adhere to those societies, and will not effectually leave them, they are to be denied the use of the sacraments."

"The Most Holy Father has fully confirmed and ratified this sentence, which by these presents, is made known to Your Excellence, in order that you may impart it to all the Archbishops, Bishops, and other Ordinaries of that country, and that it may be put in effect for the good government of souls.

Meantime I beseech Almighty God to bestow upon you all good gifts." Rome, August 20, 1894 R. Cardinal Monaco To the Most Illustrious and Rev. F. Satolli, Delegate Apostolic" It is needless to say that we rejoice at the above decree. All uncertainty is now set at rest, and pastors and flocks know where to stand with regard to a matter but too long held in suspense. It is therefore a pleasure for us, rather than a duty, to publish the decree which condemns for Catholics, the three societies of Odd Fellows, Sons of Temperance, and Knights of Pythias. No Catholic can any longer remain a member of any of these societies; he must retire from them, under penalty of being cut off from the life-giving sources of the sacraments.

And, in this matter, the true Catholic will not hesitate a moment. he will readily obey the church, which speaks to him in the name of his redeemer. The interests of his soul will predominate over all other interests; and in order not to be debarred of the sacraments, so necessary to make him partake in the graces of his Savior, he will willingly make any sacrifice and remove every obstacle. The salvation of his immortal soul will be for him `the one thing necessary!' For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?' Mark viii-36.

The above shall be read to the faithful on the Sunday following its reception.

Given at Natchez this 12th of December, A. D. 1894. THOMAS HESLIN Bishop of Natchez

1893 - Dec. 17th....3rd Sunday of Advent

Prayers for the repose of the souls of F. H. West, Mrs. Mary Raddigan, and William Nalty. May their souls etc. Ferdinand Claiborne.

You are requested to pray for Rev. Patrick Connolly who is to be ordained a priest today in Erie, Penna. for this diocese.

Dec. 24th....4th Sunday of Advent

Prayers for the repose of the soul of James Grillo.

Banns of Marriage: The Banns of Marriage are hereby published between Mary Agnes Power, daughter of Jno. J. Power and Mary Josephine Ward; and William C. Barrows of Memphis, Tenn.

The last quarter of pew rent for this year will be due the end of this week. Those who pay by the year will please settle up as soon as possible.

Dec. 31st....Sunday within Oct. Christmas.

The collections for orphans on Christmas day amounted to $79.65

The Banns of Marriage are hereby published between Mary Agnes Power, daughter of Jno. J. Power and Mary Josephine Ward; and Wm. C. Barrow, son of David Barrow and Elizabeth F. Curry of Memphis, Tenn.

1894 - Jan 7th....1st Sunday after Epiphany

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Henriette Dumee.

1894 - Jan. 14th....2nd Sunday after Epiphany

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Eliza Holmes, and Mrs. Nidie Black.

There will be no vespers or Benediction this evening on account of the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the colored Catholic Church which takes place this evening at 3:30 o'clock. Benediction will be given after High Mass.

Banns: The Banns of marriage are hereby published between William Junkins, son of David Junkins & Jane McKinestry; and Mary Ratchford, daughter of Richard Ratchford and Mary Grady.

Banns: The Bans of marriage are hereby published between William J. Cameron, son of Rodney Cameron and Elizabeth Donohoe; and Mary Gertrude Gaynor, daughter of James Gaynor and Mary Daly.

Jan. 21st....Septuagesima Sunday Feast of the Holy Family

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Rachael O'Conley.

Banns. The Bans of Marriage are hereby published between William McLean, son of Daniel McLean and Mary Mason; and Adelaide Marie Petagna, daughter of Louis Petagna and Louisa Perisco. 1st publ.

Banns. Also between Jesse Lee Spencer, son of Joseph Spencer and Louisa Jones Hopkins; and Josephine Koerber, daughter of John Koerber and Mary Richardson. 1st publ.

Banns. Also between George A. Quarterman, son of Thomas R.

Quarterman and Caroline Glynn; and Louise A. Roth, daughter of George Roth and Marie Patti. 1st publ. (2 more)

Jan 28th....Sexagesima Sunday

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Lula Hennegan.

The ladies who have been collecting in the city for the orphans will please hand in their receipts as soon as possible.

Feb. 4th....Quinquagesima Sunday

Feb. 11th....Quadragesima Sunday

Febr. 18th....2nd Sunday of Lent

Febr. 25th....3rd Sunday of Lent

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Eliza Huntington.

Mch. 4th....4th Sunday of Lent

Prayers for repose of soul of Timothy Ward.

Mar. 11th....Passion Sunday

Mch. 18th....Palm Sunday

Prayers for the repose of the souls of Mrs. Ellen Juneau and Joseph F. Vandyke.

The usual devotions tonight at 7 1/2 o'clock. After the sermon a collection will be taken up to defray the expenses for gas during Lent.

Mr. James Flood is authorized to collect the subscriptions

towards paying for the Brothers house. Anyone that chooses however may hand it to Fr. Hayden and receive credit therefore. Nearly 6 mos. of the 2nd year are already due.

I hereby publish the banns of marriage between Henry Huntzicher, son of Henry Huntzicher and Louise Krastel; and Willie Edna Chesney, daughter of Joseph Chesney and Frances Poole. 1st publ.

Mch. 25th....Easter Sunday Resurrection of Our Lord from the Dead

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Edward W. Dooley.

April 1st....Low Sunday

The three extraordinary collections recently taken up are as follows:

For gas on Palm Sunday night $20.70

On Good Friday, for holy land 31.85

Easter, for the seminary 50.00

In future business hours every morning up to 10 o'clock & in the afternoon from 2 1/2 to 4. Sick calls anytime.

Those who hold pews will please take them & leave the free pews to those who have none.

1894 - April 15th....3rd Sunday after Easter Feast of the Patronage of St. Joseph

April 22nd....4th Sunday after Easter

April 29th....5th Sunday after Easter

The ladies and gentlemen of the congregation are requested to meet in the rooms of the "Cathedral Circle" after High Mass to make arrangements about holding a pic-nic. Worthy object to be stated at meeting.

Banns of Marriage; I hereby publish the banns of marriage between Robert Geo. Scudamore, son of Robert Scudamore and Isabella Hopkins; and Camilla Philomena French, daughter of Robert F. French and Rose Elizabeth McKinney. 1st & last publ.

1894 - May 6th....Sunday within the Octave of the Ascension of our Lord.

The ladies and gentlemen of the congregation are requested to meet in the rooms of the "Cathedral Circle" after High Mass.

May 13th....Pentecost

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Frances McGraw who died suddenly this morning at 8:20.

1894 - May 20th....Trinity Sunday

1894 - Feast of Corpus Christi

Banns of marriage:

I Hereby publish the banns of marriage between William H. Conti, son of John Conti and Mary Taezarith: and Rose Garrity, daughter of William Garrity and Louisa Riso. 1st publ.

May 27th....Sunday within Octave of Corpus Christi, 2nd after Pent.

The net receipts of pic-nic including some personal donations amount to $280.00. The expenses were $129.55 (Thanks!)

June 3rd....3rd Sunday after Pentecost

1894 - June 10th....4th Sunday after Pentecost

Banns of Marriage: I hereby publish the banns of marriage between Thomas J. Allison, son of Thos. J. Allison & Idalie Broussart: and Addie Irwin, daughter of William Eidt and Catherine Deinger. 1st publ.

Banns of marriage: Also between Henry F. Byrne, son of Edward Byrne and Mary Moan; and Sarah F. Boyle, daughter of Chas. Boyle and Mary McHugh. 1st publ.

1894 - June 17th....5th Sunday after Pentecost

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Jno. Koontz.

Purse with money found in church.

1894 - June 24th....6th Sunday after Pent. Feast of St. Jno. Baptist

The closing exercises of the Bros. school will take place next Wednesday, beginning at 8 p.m.

1894 - July 1st....7th Sunday after Pentecost Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus.

Second quarter of pew rent now due.

Closing exercises of the D'Everaux Hall children will take place on the evening of the 3rd July. all invited. Speeches, fireworks, ice cream.

July 15th....9th Sunday after Pentecost Feast of All Sovereign Pontiffs.

Prayers asked for Father Peters - decd. 11th inst.

High Mass of Req. for Father Peters at 7 o'cl. Wednesday (by col'd people -(Mrs. Brann responsible.)

July 22nd....10th Sunday after Pentecost Feast of St. Mary Magdalen

1894 - July 29th....11th Sunday after Pent.

Banns of Marriage: I hereby publish the banns of marriage between Francesco Fillipo Palmisano, son of Emanuele Palmisano & Mary Carolina Felicicchia; and Annie Woodall, daughter of N. S. Woodall and Malinda Burk. 1st publ.

1894 - Aug. 5th....12th Sunday after Pent. Feast of St. Mary of the Snow

High Mass - months mind for Fr. Peters at Holy Family Church, Saturday at 7 o'cl.

Banns; I also publish the banns of marriage between Charles Walcote, son of Charles Walcote and Elizabeth McKlemurray; and Sarah T. Mason, daughter of Edward Mason and Clemency Sharp. 1st publ.

1894 - Aug. 12th....13th Sunday after Pent. Feast St. Clare.

Prayers for the repose of the souls of Mrs. Mary Ratchford and George Hunter.

1894 - Aug. 15th....Assumption of B. V. M.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Dorhetta Wiesbrodt who died at Roxie, Miss.

Aug. 19th....14th Sunday after Pent. Feast of St. Jochan, Father of the B. V. M.

Prayers for the repose of Mrs. Bridget Hart.

1894 - Aug. 26th....15th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the most Pure Heart of Mary.

Banns of Marriage: I hereby publish the Banns of Marriage between Michael Gleason Ducrow, son of William Gleason and Catherine Harmy; and Carrie M. Gibson, daughter of Joseph Kirk and Penelope Fulton. 1st publ.

1894 - Sept. 2nd....16th Sunday after Pent.

The schools will reopen tomorrow - Mass of the Holy Ghost will be offered for their prosperity at 8 o'clock, at which all the children are expected to be present.

Meeting of the congregation in circle rooms.

1894 - Sept. 9th....17th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary.

Prayers for the repose of the Soul of Fredrick Vandyke.

Banns: also between John DeMarco, son of Frank Anthony DeMarco and Mary Aurelia Gargaro; and Marie Tageant, daughter of Matthew Tageant & Georgina Robire. 1st publ.

1894 - Sept. 16th....18th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Seven Dolars of B. V. M.

Wednesday, Anniv. of dedication of Cathedral.

1894 - Sept. 23rd....19th Sunday after Pent. Octave of the Seven Dolors of B. V. M.

1894 - Sept. 30th....20th Sunday after Pent. St. Jerome, Priest, Doctor of the Church.

The 3rd quarter of pew rent is now due.

1894 - Oct. 7th....21st Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Most Holy Rosary.

The Forty Hours Devotion will be celebrated at St. Mary's Orphan Asylum on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of this week.

The Retreat for the clergy of the diocese will open here on the evening of the 16th. Your prayers are requested for it's success. Rev. John Prendergast will be ordained Deacon & Priest during the Retreat. You will not forget to pray for him.

[Loose paper inserted into book at this location]

Retreat - Oct. 16 - 23, 1894

5 A.M. - Rising

5 1/2 - Prayers & Meditation - Conference

6 1/4 - Mass. (Fr. McKiniry said Mass after the Bp. There was no 8 o'cl. Mass.)

7 - Breakfast

8 - Little Hours

9 - Spiritual Reading & Way of cross

10 1/2 - Conference

11 3/4 - Examen

12 M - Dinner

2 P.M. - Vespers & Rosary

3 - Conference - Rubrics - Statutes etc

4 - Matins & Lauds

5 1/4 - Conference or Instruction

6 1/4 - Benediction of Bl. Sacrament

6 1/2 - Supper

8 - Night prayers & points of meditation

9 - Retiring

--- Silence - except at recreations after dinner & supper ---


1894 - Oct. 14th....22nd Sunday after Pent. Maternity of B. V. M.

The collection last Sunday for the Propagation of the Faith was $26.00

Rev. Mr. Prendergast will be ordained Deacon next Saturday at 8 o'clock Mass.

Oct. 21st....23rd Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Purity of the B.V.M.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Sarah F. Crilley.

Pontifical Mass also on Wednesday at 9 o'clock. During the Mass the Rev. Mr. Prendergast will be raised to the priesthood. The pew holders will please be kind and generous enough to share their pews with outsiders on this occasion. Procession before Mass.

The Rev. Mr. Prendergast will celebrate his First Mass next Sunday - 10 o'clock.

Ladies & gentlemen requested to meet in Cr. Rooms.

1894 - Oct. 28th....24th Sunday after Pent. SS. Simon & Jude, App.

Prayers for repose of soul of Mrs. Rosalie Schleicher.

Solemn H. Mass at 10 o'cl. celebrated by Rev. Fr. Prendergast.

1894 - Nov. 4th....25th sunday after Pent. Feast of St. Charles Borromeo.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Anna Ellis.

Banns of Marriage: I hereby publish the Banns of marriage between Florence Mack, son of Michl. Mack and Mary Phelan; and Annie A. McDonald, daughter of James McDonald and Ellen Meath. 1st publ.

1894 - Nov. 11th....26th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Patronage of B. V. M.

The collection at graveyard last Sunday amounted to $88.22.

1894 - Nov. 18th....27th Sunday after Pent.

1894 - Nov. 25th....28th Sunday after Pent. Feast of St. Catherine V.M.

1894 - Dec. 2nd....1st Sunday of Advent

1894 - Dec. 9th, 2nd Sunday of Advent

Rt. Rev. Bishop Meerschaert will probably visit during the week.

Banns of marriage: Between William H. Murphy, son of John J. Murphy and Mary F. O'Ferrall; and Delia Burns, daughter of Samuel Burns and Louise Popkins. 2nd publ. (1st yesterday)

1894 - Dec. 16th....3rd Sunday of Advent

Prayers for the repose of Daniel Hartnell, who was buried from the hospital last Friday, & for Sr. M. Bernardine O'Neil. Sr. Mercy, Vicksburg.

The ladies will begin to collect in the city for the orphans this week or next. (Recommend the cause.)

1894 - Dec. 23rd....4th Sunday of Advent

Last quarter of pew rent will soon be due. All are requested to settle up by the end of the year.

Contributions of candles, flowers and especially oil for the Christmas crib will be thankfully received.

1894 - Dec. 30th....Sunday Within Octave of Christmas

Next Sunday, Feast of the Epiphany, on that day a collection will be taken up for the negroes in Africa.

The collection for the orphans on Christmas day amounted to $63.00.

The last quarter of pew rent is now due. All will please pay up at once.

(Handwritten sermon note found at this location.)

This is the house of God - The gate of Heaven -

Jacob - - -

1.These two designations apply most admirably to our churches & I make them the text of a few remarks this morning as we are within the octave of the dedication of this ch.

This is the House of God, the Gate of H. What made this the house of God? Religion alone inspired the thought of rearing it - religion gathered the materials, laid the foundations, etc - it was completed - but it was not the house of God -

We were not christians until baptized etc. so it was only when the church, by her solemn prayers & consecrations, separated it from profane edifices, etc, that it became the temple of God. Then was offered the sacrifice of the lamb - then it's tabernacle became his home.

True God is everywhere - but as a monarch though sovereign in all his realms yet has his palaces wherein he receives the homage of his subjects - gives spec. audiences etc. so God pres. everywhere by his power, his essence - his providence, wills to have temples etc.

This is the house of God.

2.This is the gate of heaven - It is by grace that we gain heaven - and it is in our churches - are to be found all sources of grace -

at her baptismal founts -

in her tabernacles of mercy

our sins are forgiven -

In tabernacle - the sanctifier

of our souls (Holy Comm.)

1895 - Jan. 6th....Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord. (Dom. Vacant)

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Caroline Kaiser.

The collection today will be for the negroes in Africa.

Those wishing to rent pews, or part of pews for the present year will please see about it immediately.

1895 - Jan. 13th....1st Sunday after Epiphany

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Thomas Burk.

Jan. 20th....2nd Sunday after Epiphany Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

The Children of Mary will meet at half past 2 o'clock. A large attendance is expected. Officers for the present year will be elected.

Jan. 27th....3rd Sunday after Epiphany Feast of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary & Joseph.

Blessing of the picture of the Holy Family after Vespers this evening.

Febr. 3rd....4th Sunday after Epiphany

Prayers for the repose of soul of Sr. Teresa Newman, Sr. of Mercy, Vicksburg.

Banns of Marriage: I hereby publish the banns of matrimony between John H. Meath, son of Thos. Meath and Sarah Kein; and Eliza Junkin, daughter of David Junkin and Jennie McKinistry. 1st publ.

1895 - Febr. 10th....Septuagesima sunday

1895 - Febr. 17th....Sexagesima Sunday

Feb. 24th....Quinquagesima Sunday

A collection will be taken up next Sunday for the Indian and Colored missions. a Plenary indulgence may be obtained on this occasion by all who go to confession and communion and pray for the intention of the Holy Father.

Banns of Marriage; The banns of marriage are hereby published between William Fowler, son of Volney D. Fowler and Margaret A. Kelly; and Catherine Alexander, daughter of Amos. Alexander and Dina Flemming. 1st & last publ.

1895 - March 3rd....1st Sunday in Lent

1895 - Mch. 10th....2nd Sunday in Lent

The collections last Sunday for the Col. and Indian Missions Amounted to $17.00

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Rev. Pierac M. F. Letilly.

1895 - Mch. 17th....3rd Sunday in Lent Feast of St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland

1895 - Mch. 24th....4th Sunday in Lent

Mch. 31st....Passion Sunday

Examination of the 1st Comm. Children will begin Thursday, 9 o'cl.

The 1st quarter of pew rent is now due.

April 7th....Palm Sunday

There will be the usual devotions tonight at 7 1/2 o'clock. After the sermon a collection will be taken up to defray the expenses of gas and lights during the Lent.

A collection to help defray expenses of ecclesiastical students will be taken up at all the masses.

Offerings of candles, flowers, oil etc for Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday will be

Thankfully received.

Banns of marriage: I hereby publish the banns of marriage between Henry Geo. Hermann, son of Henry Hermann and Johanna Hermann; and Leona M. Groome, daughter of Benjamin Groome and Rebecca McCaa. 1st publ.

April 14th....Easter Sunday

As announced last Sunday the collection today will be for the seminary. To help defray expenses of ecclesiastical students for the diocese.

The collection last Sunday night was $21.85, yesterday for the Holy Land $19.85

April 21st....Low Sunday

Banns; Also between James Tierney, son of John Terney and Elizabeth Jane Hoggett; and Hattie Virginia Poindexter, daughter of Herbert E. Poindexter and Margaret Stratton. 1st publ.

April 28th....2nd Sunday after Easter Feast of St. Paul of the Cross

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Henry McNeil, who will be buried today at 2 1/2.

The ladies and gentlemen are requested to meet in the rooms of the Catholic Circle after High Mass to take steps as to the holding of our annual picnic.

1895 - May 5th....3rd Sunday after Easter Feast of the Patronage of St. Joseph

Father Monte of Canton will be here Tuesday and will hear Confes of Ital. Tues. eve. & Wed. mor.

1895 - May 12th....4th Sunday after Easter

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mollie Fraesle.

May 19th....5th Sunday after Easter

The annual congregational picnic will be held Wednesday Week at Landsdowne Park.

May 26th....Sunday Within Octave of the Ascension of Our Lord

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Matilda Hunter.

June 2nd....Pentecost Sunday

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Charles Richards.

Donations of Flowers, candles etc. will be gratefully recd.

1895 - June 9th....Trinity Sunday

During the octave of Corpus Christi there will be Benediction of the Bl. Sacrament every evening at 6 o'cl.

The annual procession of the Bl. Sacrament will take place at the Bros. D'Evereux Hall next Sunday at 6 o'cl. The bells will be rung at 5. The ladies will please take up the collection as usual.

The net proceeds of picnic amount to $373.70, expenses $147.60, total receipts $521.30. Thanks are hereby extended to all, especially to the committees who had it in charge, for their making it such a grand success socially and financially.

June 13th....Corpus Christi

June 16th....Sunday Within the Octave of Corpus Christi, 2nd after Pent.

June 23rd....3rd Sunday after Pent.

The closing exercises of St. Jos. School will take place Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. Specimens of the young ladies works in painting, drawing and so forth will be on exhibition Tuesday and Wednesday. All are invited to see them.

The Cathedral school has her commencement Wednesday night at 8 o'cl.

1895 - June 30th....4th Sunday after Pentecost Commeration of St. Paul, Ap.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Bro. Alfred who died last Wednesday at Bay St. Louis.

The second quarter of pew rent is now due.

The closing exercises of D'Evereux Hall Asylum will take place Tuesday night at 8 o'cl. In addition to other attractions there will be a gorgeous display of fireworks - Ice cream, lemonade etc will be furnished on the grounds - all are cordially invited.

1895 - July 7th....5th Sunday after Pentecost Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

There will be High Mass of Requiem for Father Peters next Thursday at the Church of the Holy Family.

1895 - July 14th....6th Sunday after Pentecost

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Miss Nanie Wood.

His Grace, Archbishop Janssens is expected here Wednesday evening, and will remain with us over Sunday.

Ros. & Benediction of the Bl. Sacrament will be given next Friday at six o'cl. to honor the title "Venerable" lately given Mlles Sr Gras Mother of Srs Charity

1895 - July 21st....7th Sunday after Pent.

July 28th....8th Sunday after Pent.

Aug. 4th....9th Sunday after Pentecost Feast of St. Dominic

Aug. 11th....10th Sunday after Pentecost

Your prayers are requested for repose of soul of Peter Boyle

Father Abbot Loqaist - Father from New Orleans, preaches at H. Mass.

The Banns of Marriage are hereby published between Amos

Augustine Alexander, son of Amos F. Alexander and Dinah Fleming; and Kate Bradley Fowler, daughter of Volney Fowler and Margaret Kelly. 1st publ. (another on Assumption day.)

1895 - Feast of the Assumption of B.V.M. (Thursday)

Today Rosary and Benediction of Bl. Sacrament after H. Mass. No Vespers. Reason: small attendance. Observe privately.

Promise of marriage - vid. end of preceding page. 2nd & last.

impediments to be made known at once under grave penalty.

The Banns of Marriage are also published between John Lythe Vignes, son of Albert Vignes and Regina Labat; and Mary (Minnie) Turner, daughter of Stephen Turner and Bell Hunter. 1st publ. One party from Louisiana and the other from Miss. (Another publ. next Sunday.)

Aug. 18th....11th Sunday after Pentecost Feast of St. Joachim, father of B.V.M.

1895 - Aug. 25th....12th Sunday after Pentecost Feast of St. Bartholomew, Ap.

Sept. 1st....13th Sunday after Pentecost Feast of all Sovereign Pontiffs.

Prayers asked for repose of soul of Wm. O'Ferrell.

The schools will reopen tomorrow. a large attendance is expected. Mass of the Holy Ghost will be offered for their success at 8 o'cl. at which all children are expected to be present.

Eight o'cl. will be the hour hereafter on weekdays for the 2nd Mass.

Sept. 8th....14th Sunday after Pentecost Feast of the Nativity of the B.M.V.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Oliver, mother of Fr. Oliver, died past week.

Sept. 15th....15th Sunday after Pent. Seven Dolars of B. M. V., Feast of the Cathedral

(Loose paper found at this location in book)

Circular Letter


Rt. Rev. Thomas Heslin, Bishop of Natchez,

On the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Violence t and Unjust Seizure

of Rome and the Papal States by the Piedmontese Government.

To the Clergy and Laity of His Diocese:

Rev. Father and Dear Brethren: - We are about to Witness an event which, though happening abroad, should arouse our indignation, on account of it's base treachery and criminal audacity and fill our hearts with grief and live-liest sympathy for it's distinguished victim. In a few days, on the 20th inst., the flight of time will have brought about the 25th anniversary of the iniquitous seizure of the Patrimony of St. Peter by the King of Sardinia and the Italian government is preparing to celebrate it with great pomp and joy, while it's rightful owner, the Holy Father, the Vicar of Jesus Christ, still lingers a prisoner in his own palace. Such a celebration can but add burning insult to grievous injury, and all true Catholics should raise their voice in honest and manly protest against it. The insult offered to the Father of the faithful should re-echo in the hearts of the children who should hasten to lay at his feet the homage of their sympathy, their tears, and their prayers. While we adore the mysterious decrees of Divine Providence which has permitted such a crime or rather series of crimes, we cannot sanction by our silence the triumph of it's perpetrators. but while they exult we can but weep, and entreat the Almighty Ruler of the Universe to at length put an end to in- justice and let the right prevail.

The Patrimony of St. Peter was not so much the property of the Pope as it was that of the whole Catholic world. Hence it was known as the States of the Church. It was bestowed on the Holy Father from the earliest ages, with the view of rendering him independent of all secular power and thus enabling him to communicate with his flock scattered throughout the nations. The head of the church cannot be the subject of any earthly power; he must be in-dependent - a sovereign. Hence his temporal power, though not directly of divine right, must be regarded as indirectly so, and it was evidently intended by Divine Providence to secure the interests and honor of the church, and enable her to carry out more efficiently her divine mission.

1895 - Sept. 22nd....16th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary

Prayers are requested for the repose of the souls of Nathaniel J. Tirney, and Mrs. Catherine Culhane.

Banns of Marriage. I hereby publish the banns of marriage between Charles McNeil, son of Henry McNeil and A. M. Freedy; and Ida Enlow, daughter of Ellen Enlow. 1st & last publ.

1895 - Sept 29th....17th Sunday after Pent. Feast of St. Michael Archangel, Minor patron of ch.

Prayers for repose of the soul of Maurice Boland.

The 3rd quar. of pew rent is now due.

1895 - Oct. 6th....18th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Most Holy Rosary

1895 - Oct. 13th....19th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Maternity of B.M.V.

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Sallie Beard.

1895 - Oct. 20th....20th Sunday after Pent. Feast of the Purity of the B.M.V. (transferred from ????)

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Nora Welsh.

Oct. 27th....21st Sunday after Pent.

The annual procession to the graveyard will take place next Sunday - beginning at 3 1/2 o'cl.

The Rt. Rev. Bp. having arrived home in time for this Feast we had Pontifical Mass for the dead.

Nov. 3rd....22nd Sunday after Pent.

The procession in the graveyard will take place today at 3 1/2 o'cl. Bp. Meerschaert will preach.

Nov. 10th....23rd Sunday after Pent. Patronage of the B. M. V.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Bro. Ambrosius.

The col. at the cemetery last Sunday was $88.20.

1895 - Nov. 17th....24th Sunday after Pent.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Anton Craguaz.

There will be an extra collection next Sunday to buy the winter coal for the church.

Nov. 24th....25th & Last Sunday after Pent. St. John of the Cross.

Collection today to buy coal for the church.

December 1st....1st Sunday of Advent

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Mary Floyd.

Dec. 8th....2nd Sunday of Advent Feast of the Immaculate Conception of B.M.V.

1895 - Dec. 15th....3rd Sunday of Advent Octave of the Immaculate Conception of B.M.V.

1895 - Dec. 22nd....4th Sunday of Advent

All are requested to settle up their pew rent acct's by the 1st of January. Those not having pews or parts of pews are expected to make arrangements for same the beginning of the year. This is the main source of revenue of the church and we are all bound in conscience to contribute towards it. (There are 12 free pews etc).

The congregation is hereby reminded that the second Mass on Sundays was and is intended for the school children. All others are expected to attend the 1st or 10 o'cl. Masses, with the exception of the old and feeble. Unless these regulations are complied with the children's Mass will be discontinued.

Banns: The banns of marriage are hereby published between John Ratchford, son of Richard Ratchford and Mary Ratchford; and Margaret Poindexter, daughter of Herbert E. Poindexter and Margaret Stratton.

The prayers of the congregation are asked for the grace of a happy death or speedy recovery of Mr. Thomas Owens.

Candles, oil etc thankfully received - for Christmas.

Dec. 25th....Christmas Day

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mr. Thomas Owens.

1895 - Dec. 29th....Sunday within Octav. Christmas. Feast of St. Thomas, M.P.

Collection on Christmas Day for the Orphans was $41.75.

Banns of marriage are hereby published between Gieseppo Guido, son of Domenica Guido and Mary Caraffa; and Minie Miller, daughter of James R. Miller & Mary Hawkins. 1st publ. (two more)

1896 - New Years Day

Banns: The banns of marriage are hereby published between Joseph W. Kaiser, son of Joseph Kaiser and Caroline Demeger; and Ella Teresa Meath, daughter of John & Bridget Meath. 1st Publ.

Jan. 5th....1st Sunday of the New Year.

Prayers for the repose of Mose Garaett.

1896 - Jan. 12th....1st Sunday after Epiphany

Jan. 19th....2nd Sunday after Epiphany. Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Mary Garvey.

Jan. 26....3rd Sunday after Epiphany. Feast of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary & Joseph

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Stella Vandyke.

The banns of marriage are hereby published between Edward L. Hunter, son of Geo. & Matilda Hunter; and Agnes Rutherford, daughter of John and Agnes Rutherford. 1st. publ.

(Loose sheet inserted into book at this location.)





From Pew Rents.............................$1,546 47

" Sunday collections.................... 958 90

" Funerals and Lots in Cemetery......... 223 75

" Envelope Collections, Alt. and Sanc. Soc. 61 45 - $2,790 57


To Salary of the Priests.................$ 500 00

" Organist.............................. 180 00

" General Church Expenses............... 488 20

" Vestments............................. 92 65

" Painting Church Windows, Doors, Etc... 62 50

" Furnace............................... 275 00

" School Furniture...................... 142 30

" Flues in St. Mary's Asylum............ 28 00

" Expenses of House..................... 1,261 85 - $3,073 90

3,030 50


Receipts For Past Year.

Balance on Hand Jan. 1st, 1895..........$ 72 52

Subscriptions from the Congregation..... 331 00

Rents for Lower (store)................. 335 00

Picnic.................................. 345 70 - $1,084 22


To Interest..............................$ 225 00

" Insurance............................ 49 50

" Paid on Principal.................... 500 00

" Repairs, etc......................... 29 50 - $ 804 00

Balance on Hand......................... $ 280 22

Due on House, $4,000 00

P. C. Hayden, Pastor


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