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Birth, Death, Marriage Records

Births Birth Returns 1910/1921 Natchez, Adams County
Deaths 1871 Yellow Fever Epidemic - Link
(Concordia Parish, LA Residents who Died in Natchez)
Death Certificates 1910 - 1921, Adams County, MS
Natchez, Adams County, MS Transcriptions of Original Signed Physicians Certificates and Hospital Record Cards. - Incomplete collection. Years 1903 - 1908.
Sexton Records - African American Unknown Surnames
Sexton Records / October 4, 1825 - September 30, 1908
Over 19,000 names -Feb. 13, 1997
Social Security Records - Search - Rootsweb
Will of Robert Davis
(See Also: Cemetery Index)
Divorce Bradley vs. Bradley - USGenWeb Archives
Marriages Freedmen's Bureau Register of Marriages in Mississippi
Index to Adams County Marriages - Partial - USGenWeb Archives
Obituaries Obituaries - Selected Adams Co, MS Obituaries
Compiled and Annotated by Bob Shumway
Brown, VIola - USGenWeb Archives
Butler, Odie Lee, Sr. - USGenWeb Archives
Calhoun, Annie Mary Smith - USGenWeb Archives
Campbell, Bernice - USGenWeb Archives
Campbell, Patrick H. - USGenWeb Archives
Cowart, Harrison Orae "Ray", Sr. - USGenWeb Archives
Davis, Louis - USGenWeb Archives
Dunmore, Alice Ophelia - USGenWeb Archives
Gamberi, Elizabeth Goetz - USGenWeb Archives
Gooden, Theodore, Jr. - USGenWeb Archives
Jones, Janet Enell - USGenWeb Archives
Kaiser, Mary Bardwell - USGenWeb Archives
Leigh, Alpheus J. Leigh, Jr. - USGenWeb Archives
Merricks, Flora - USGenWeb Archives
Mosby Sr., Philip - USGenWeb Archives
Pettis, William "Bro" - USGenWeb Archives
Powers, James William - USGenWeb Archives
Sumrall, Alyne Rayborn - USGenWeb Archives
Voss, Delphine H. - USGenWeb Archives
Wood, Robert Howell - USGenWeb Archives

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