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Juggle Letters

Change the order of the letters to find the original word.

  1. TNAHOGSNWI   1.___________________
  Location of first state Capital
  2. ODOGONWL   2.___________________
  Largest octagonal house in America
  3. RDONOCC   3.___________________
  Home of the first Spanish Governor
  4. EXSESSSU   4.___________________
  Bombarded Natchez in July, 1863
  5. ALLTTHNANSO   5.___________________
  Silver pattern by Gorham Silver Co.
  6. ONIGTNSK   6.___________________
  Location of first Protestant church in MS
  7. LEITTL   7.___________________
  First lumber mill in MS was started by _
  8. DMYIEECFZAAELM   8.___________________
  1st school in US authorized to confer degrees on
  9. ECYAOGASEML'AJNDM   9.___________________
  Oldest house in New Orleans, built by victim of 
  Natchez Indian Massacre
 10. ONGUI  10.____________________
  Raised the United States flag over the fort in 1798
 11. ENLEVE  11.____________________
  How many millionaires in Natchez pre civil war
 12. SEELORM  12.____________________
  Silver pattern by Gorham Silver Company
 13. AKASLHRMC  13.____________________
  Published third newspaper in Mississippi
 14. LDMEARE  14.____________________
  Third largest Indian mound in North America
 15. ELOLLC  15.____________________
  Spanish engineer who laid out Natchez
 16. IONNTUSTTCIO  16.____________________
  Written at Jefferson College, Washington, Adams
  County, MS
 17. ERALKW  17.____________________
  President Grover Cleveland's Secretary of the Interior
 18. DMEA  18.____________________
  Miss America, 1960
 19. EYAILB  19.____________________
  Famous for her Hot Pepper Jelly
 20. MSADA  20.____________________
  Mississippi's oldest county, organized 1799
 21. TOESOD  21.____________________
  First white man supposed to have visited Adams
  County - 1543
 22. NYAROMH  22.____________________
  States oldest Masonic Lodge - 1818
 23. EZATHCN  23.____________________
  Oldest city on Mississippi River, founded 1716
 24. TEAATEFLY  24_____________________
  French General who visited only one town in MS, in
 25. HMHYTR   25.____________________
  The club which burned and claimed 198 lives in 1940

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