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Maiden Name Cross-Reference Chart
Tombstone Transcriptions Natchez City Cemetery

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Gahan see also Blythe, Willie Gahan
    Breithaupt, Estelle Gahan
    Breithaupt, Mollie Gahan
    Gunning, Annie Gahan
    Lanehart, Frances Gahan
    Penn, Lelia M. Gahan
    Ratcliff, Mamie Gahan
    Richardson, Carrie Gahan
Gahn see also Shlenker, Amelia Gahn
Gaines see also Kane, Mary Gaines
Gaither see also Van Count, Charlotte Hunt Gaither
Galbraith see also McCrea, Wilson Galbraith
Galloway see also Green, Walter Galloway
Gantor see also Miller, Mary Gantor
Garner see also Williams, Mary Garner
Garrett see also Van Santen, Mary Garrett
    Wade, Cordelia Garrett
Garrity see also Aubic, Annie Garrity
Gastrell see also Barton, Robert Gastrell
Gathright see also Latham, Mittie Gathright
Gerard see also Brandon, Charles Gerard
    Wade, Cordelia Garrett
Gholson see also Oswald, John Gholson
Gibson see also Clarke, Lizzie R. Gibson
    Hopkins, Lucille Gibson
    Baker, Lou Gibson
    Hopkins, Jack Gibson
Gilbert see also King, Elizabeth Gilbert
    Couillard, James Gilbert
    Head, Edwin Oswald Gilbert
    Munger, Anne Gilbert
    Couillard, Ben Gilbert
Gilda see also Mallery, Mollie Gilda Reiley
Gilleas see also Handy, Stella Gilleas
Gillespie see also Foster, Helen M. Gillespie
    Lawrence, Missouri Gillespie
    Purvis, James Gillespie
Gillis see also Cross, Marsalin Gillis
Gillson see also Klapp, George Gillison
Gilman see also Miller, Charles Gilman
Gipser see also Walker, Willena Gipser
    Walker, Willie Gipser
Gleeson see also Mulvihill, Bridget Gleeson
Glover see also Doniphan, Frank Glover
    Nettles, Iva Nell Glover
    Tarver, J. Glover
Glynn see also Quarterman, Kate Glynn
Godard see also Yarbrough, Pauline Godard
Godbold see also Berdon, Fannie Godbold
    Collins, Bernice Godbold
Goldman see also McCullough, Lizzie Goldman
    Hays, Bessie Goldman
Gordin see also Brown, Augusta Gordin
Gordon see also Walworth, Alice Gordon
    Reddy, Tomas Gordon
    Ditto, Elizabeth Gordon
    Newman, James Gordin
    Stewart, Marion Gordon
Gorman see also White, Nellie Gorman
Grady see also Ratchford, Mary Grady
    Burns, Honora Grady
Grafton see also Raworth, Roberta Grafton
Graham see also Winchester, Margaret Graham
    Blythe, Ann Graham
    Morris, Haygood Graham
Grant see also Davidson, Mary Louise Grant
Gray see also Swan, Selle Gray
Greaves see also Seaman, Evie Hinton Greaves
Green see also Prewitt Arthur Green
    Baker, Everard Green
    Baker, Evard Green
    Barnum, Annie Green Gwin
    Callon, Anna Green Chase
    East, John Green
    Lott, Edna Green
    Morris, Robert Green
    Powers, Stella Green
    Prewitt, Arthur Green
Greene see also Vinson, Albert Greene
Greenlee see also Thomas, Reine Greenlee
Grey see also Griffin, Margaret Grey Curteain
    Todd, Katherine Grey
Griffin see also Gibson, Rosa V. Griffin
    Foster, Mary Louise Griffin
    Aly, Eunice Griffin
    Edwards, Annie Louise Griffin
    Worsham, Charlotte Griffin
Griffith see also Warfield, Harry Griffith
    Wilson, Beulah Griffith
Grisby see also Babbitt, Alinia Grigsby Dorst
Grisham see also Watson, Alma Grisham
Groome see also Hermann, Lenora Groome
Grubbs see also Gordin, Olia Grubbs
Gruppi see also Verucchi, Martha Gruppi
Guerin see also Johnson, Emma Guerin
Guice see also Hunter, Elmer Guice
    Dicks, Lee J. Guice
    Hunter, Gussie Guice
    Head, Margaret Guice
    Skinner, Sara Guice
    Lewis, Hazel Guice
Guido see also Lillicrap, Mary Guice
    Evans, Annie Guido
    Korndoffer, Guido Otto
Gulhane see also Greamy, Mary Gulhane
Gunn see also Lambert, Edward Gunn
Gunning see also Hewitt, Clara Gunning
Gustave see also Bauer, Fredrick Gustave
    Fleming, Gustave C.
    Olsen, Gustave Johand
Gustin see also Bisland, Jane Gustin
    Dunbar, Robert Gustin
    Renner,Daniel Gustin
Gustine see also Dunbar, Robert Gustine
    Witherspoon, Jane Gustine
    Minor, James Gustine
    Limerick, Jane Gustine Conner 
Gutman see also Abrams, Janet Gutman
Guyther see also Ewald, Cecil Guyther
Gwin see also Benbrook, William Gwin
    Course, Wm. Gwin
    Barnum, Annie Green Gwin
Hass see also Beekman, Tillie Hass
Haderman see also Tullis, Caroline Haderman
Hadermann see also Chamberlain, Anna Hadermann
    Chamberlain, Mary Haddermann
Haggerty see also Pendergast, Agnes Haggerty
Haile see also Marron, Ida Haile
Haines see also Coward, William Haines
Haley see also Gill, Murphy Haley
Halford see also Verucchi, Annie Halford
Hall see also Wynne, Lucy Hall
    Miller, Deseret Hall
    Jones, Logan Hall
    Atkins, Cora Hall
Hallihan see also Mulvihill, Margaret Hallihan
Hamilton see also Rowan, James Hamilton
    Smith, Richard Hamilton
    Brandon, Gerard Hamilton
    White, Ceola Hamilton
    Calhoun, Henry Hamilton
    Rowan, Charles Hamilton
    Trepagnier, Virginia Hamilton
Hammack see also Cooke, Hattie Hammack
    Eidt, Ida Hammack
Hampton see also Lewis, Walter Hampton
Handy see also Rowan, Elizabeth Handy
    Smith, Harriet Handy Winder
Hanley see also Elmira E. Hanley
Hansell see also Brown, Coyle Hansell
Hansford see also Netterville, Charles Hansford
Haralson see also Rumble, Mary Lintot Peirce Haralson
Harding see also Curd, John Harding
Hardy see also Linder, Frank Hardy 
Hargraves see also Fore, Thomas Hargraves
    Fore, Horace Hargraves
Harman see also Preston, Martha Harman
Harmon see also Kimbro, Lucius Harmon
Harned see also Benoist, Eugene Harned
Harper see also Brown, William Harper
Harrell see also Hermann, Idella Harrell
Harrigill see also Henry, Lydia Ann Harrigill
Harrington see also Cruise, Eula Harrington
Harris see also Calmes, Susan Harris Sterling
    Edelstein, Harris
    Goss, Donald Harris
    Power, Rosina Harris
    Trepagnier, Dalton Harris, Jr.
Harrison see also Brassfield, Geo. Harrison
    Chamberlain, Mabel Harrison
    Farish, Thomas Harrison
    Harris, Caroline Harrison
    Snyder, Effie Harrison
    Winston, Louis Harrison
Hart see also Eisele, Eliza V. Hart
    Goudchaux, Hyman Hart
    Holmes, Mary Hart family
    Rees, Loes Hart
Hartman see also Lawrence, Louis Hartman
Harwood see also Colhoun, Robert Harwood
Haskell see also Lapthorn, Alice Haskell
Hastings see also Holmes, Carrie Hastings
Hawkes see also Calcote, Bessie Hawkes
Hawkins see also Shipp, Cleon Hawkins
Hawthorne see also Elam, Abbie Caroline Hawthorne
Hayden see also Taylor, Jacob Hayden
    Kaiser, C. Hayden
    Verucchi, Jason Hayden
Haygood see also Mock, Elizabeth Haygood
    Morris, Haygood Graham
Haynes see also McLain, Charles Haynes
    Parham, Alice Haynes
Hays see also Scothorn, Emily Hays
    Dunn, Mary Lorman Hays
    Mullally, Beuna Vista Hays
    Blanchard, Corrine Hays
    Vines, Alice Lena Hays
Hazlip see also Hauer, Henry Hazlip
    Hauer, Mary Hazlip
Healion see also O'Beirne, Marcella Healion
Heath see also Green, Jarrad Heath
Heermans see also Stewart, Caroline Heermans
Heenan see also Wiseman, Margaret Heenan
Heiskell see also Dunbar, Virginia Heiskell
Helm see also Stanton, Hulda Laura Helm
Henderson see also Ayers, Ellen Henderson
    Ayres, Corrinne Henderson
    Bailiss, Martha Henderson
    Burkley, Alice Henderson
    Confer, Lucille Henderson
    Dicks, Lillian Henderson
    Kelly, Florence Henderson
    Lambdin, Mary Clark Henderson
    Polkinghorn, Jane Henderson
    Postlewaite, Susan Henderson
    Young, Anna Henderson
Hendrick see also Baker, Lou Hendrick
Henry see also Blythe, Mary Elizabeth Henry
    Brehm, Nannie T. Henry
    Cooper, Carrie Henry
    Poindexter, Rosa Henry
Hermann see also Burgess, Lenora Hermann
Hess see also St John, Imogene Hess
Hewitt see also Wilson, Annie Eliza Hewitt
Hey see also Gwin, Frances Fredricka Hey
Hicks see also Farrar, Bessie Hicks
Hillen see also McDowell, Ellen Hillen
Hines see also Blinco, Howell Hines
Hinton see also Seaman, Evie Hinton Greaves
Hisherodt see also Brown, Josephine Hisherodt
    Fleming, Emma Renza Hisherodt
    Fort, Margaret Hisherodt Sharpe
Hodge see also Stewart, Virginia Hodge
    Driggers, Betty Dickson Hodge
    Giles, Mary Hodge
Hogue see also Cora May Hogue
Holden see also Reed, Eulalie Holden
    Bahin, Bessie Holden
    James, Annie Holden
Hollman see also Adams, Kate Holstein Hollman
Holloman see also Dale, Ina Holloman
Holloway see also Couillard, Rubye Holloway
Holmes see also Kaiser, Rose Holmes
    Anderson, Mary Holmes
    Perrault, Lena Holmes
    Rand, Georgie Anna Beach Holmes
Holstein see also Adams, Kate Holstein Hollman
    Pritchard, Mary Holstein
    Sergrist, Florence L. Holstein
Holt see also Booker, Mary Holt
Hood see also Allred, Maude Hood
Hooter see also Renner, Minerva Ann Hooter
Hopkins see also O'Brien, Jessie Hopkins
    Scudamore, Isabelle Hopkins
Hornsby see also Skinner, Martha R. Hornsby
    Calvert, Evolyn Hornsby
    Melton, Mary Hornsby
Horton see also Fly, Ida Horton
Hough see also Roberts, Vivian Hough
Howard see also Benoist, Snodie Howard Turner
    Ruffin, Helen Howard Benoist
Howe see also Sawyer, Margaret Howe
Hubbell see also Yourtee, Effie Hubbell
Hudson see also Register, Mary N. Hudson
Huey see also Crutcher, Elizabeth Huey Henry
Huff see also Register, Stella Huff
    Couillard, Ethel Huff
Hughes see also Arrighi, Mathilda Hughes
    Ferguson, Patty Hughes
Hulbert see also Montgomery, Bertie Hulbert
Hullin see also Cottman, Corrinne Hullin
Hummel see also Prince, Theresa Hummel
Humphreys see also Balfour, Mary Humphreys
Hunt see also Wynne, Mary Hunt
    Shields, Anne Hunt Balfour
    Aikman, Charlotte Hunt Balfour
    Clark, Jeannette Hunt
    Van Court, Charlotte Hunt Gaither
    Lanius, Wealthy Hunt
    Newton, Mattie Hunt
    Gaither, Ann Hunt
Hunter see also Lanius, Lila Hunter
    Klapp, Katie Hunter
    Gorman, Drusilla Hunter
    Blewett, Elizabeth Hunter
    Snyder, Elsie Hunter
Huntington see also Mandeville, Julia Huntington
    Hall, Valeria Huntington
    Johnson, Frances Huntington Miller
    McSwain, Frances Huntington Miller Witt
Hyams see also Tillman, Josephine Hyams
Hyde see also Pendleton, Philena Jane Hyde