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Index to 
Naturalization & Declaration Records
Adams County, MS

Prepared by
Old Law Naturalization Records Project
Division of Community Service Programs
Work Projects Administration
March 1942

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Naturalizations - Names
ABRAMOVITZ, Isaac - BOTTO, John B. 8
BOTTO, Louis - BYRNE, Edward 9
BYRNE, Owen - COLEMAN, Isidoro 10
COLEMAN, Josoph - DIAMOND, Harry 11
DICKSON, James - EVANS, Robert 12
ESDRA, Adolph - GAUNT, William  13
GAYNOR - James S. - HALL, James 14
HAMAN, Theodore - HUGHES, William 15
HUNTER, John - KELLEY, Daniel 16
KELLY, John - LAMBERT, William 17
LANCASHIRE, William - McCALLUM, John 18
McCALLUM, Malcolm - MORETO, John B. 19
MARKERT, Joseph - NOWMANN, Hermann 20
PFEFFER, Heinrich - RODRIQUEZ, Jose 22
ROGERS, Cornelius - SCHWAB, Justus 23
SCHWARTZ, E. - STANTON, William 24
STRATTMAN, William - TWOMEY, John 25
UNZICKER, John - WHYTLAW, Alexander 26
WIALE, Nicholas - ZURHELLEN, August 27

Declarations - Names
ABRAHAM, Moses - BOCK, David 27
BOLGER, Philip  FLYNN, John 28
FOGGO, John H. - JOSEPH, Edward 29
KAHN, Leopold - MAYER, Samuel 30
MAYS, John - RIDOUT, George 31
RIDOUT, Samuel George - TROGARTHON, Stephen 32
TYROLL, George - ZIEGLER, Georg Adam 33

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