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Natchez City Cemetery
Tombstone Transcriptions
w/Maiden Name Cross-Reference List

Indexed, with corrections, additions, and maiden name reference list,
by Robert Shumway, 1999

Original Source: Monuments in the Natchez City Cemetery
by the Genealogical Committee, Natchez Historical Society

NOTE: This document is copyrighted and appears on Adams County, MS with the permission of the author, Robert "Bob" Shumway. Researchers are invited to read/search the document for specific facts, relative to individual research, but no part of the document may be reproduced in any format, electronically or otherwise.

-Ellen Pack

The entries in this file are copied from the actual headstones.  If there is no headstone for an interment, there is no listing.   Thousands are buried in the Natchez City Cemetery with no headstone.  Also, being listed there does not give any indication about the burial being a local death, or someone brought from another town or state.

The parenthisized number at the end of every entry indicates the name of the section in which the individual was buried.

                         (1) Plot 1 & Old Catholic
                         (2) Plot 2
                         (3) Plot 3
                         (4) Case
                         (5) Fields
                         (6) Catholic Hill
                         (7) Jewish Hill
                         (8) Zurhellen I
                         (9) Zurhellen II
                         (10) Hospital Addition
                         (11) Brown's Final

The Maiden Names Cross Reference list, indexed by maiden name, is helpful in locating a female where the married name is unknown.  It provides a place to look first to avoid having to scan the entire tombstone inscriptons.

Suggested Adams County online files to check for names not found on this list:

  •     Sexton Records
  •     1819 Records of Interments September 2, 1819 to Jan. 20, 1822

  •     (Negores to Jan. 2, 1834)

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