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Natchez City Cemetery

Adams County, MS 

The Natchez City Cemetery, established in 1822, is the largest cemetery in Adams County. Located on Cemetery Road, on the north side of the city, the cemetery is situated on a bluff overlooking the MS River. It is approximately 95 acres in size.

At one time, the old Charity Hospital stood just south of the cemetery, but burned on Sunday, August 5, 1984. The cemetery was established in 1821, but it contains graves dating to the 1700's. Over the years, several parcels of land were either purchased or donated, thus increasing the size of the cemetery.

The Cemetery is comprised of fifteen sections:

  • Plot 1 - Old Catholic
  • Plot II
  • Plot III
  • Case Addition
  • Fields Addition
  • Catholic HIll
  • Jewish Hill
  • Zurhellen I
  • Zurhellen II
  • Zurhellen III
  • Hospital Additon
  • Browns Additon
  • Browns Final Addition
  • Public Ground
  • Sullivan's Addition



    Notable Gravesites:

  • ALDRICH, Lyman G. - Wrote the last General Order for the Confederacy, during the Civil War. 1839 - 1901
  • BEEKMAN, Rosalie - The only civilian casualty of the Civil War, in Natchez. Killed during a Union gunboat bombardment from the Mississippi River. 1855 - 1862
  • DAHLGREN, Brigadier General Charles G. - Commander of the 3rd Mississippi Regiment - CSA - 1811 - 1888
  • DOCKERY, Brigadier General Thomas P. - Commander of the 19th Arkansas Infantry, - CSA - 1835 - 1898
  • HUNTER, John - Twice called for the surrender of Natchez during the Civil War. - 1816 - 1863
  • LAMBERT, James W. - Co-founder of the Natchez Democrat, one of the first Natchez newspapers. CSA veteran who served with the 16th Mississippi Regiment. 1839 - 1906
  • LEATHERS, Captain Thomas P. - Captain of the steamboat Natchez that raced against the Robert E. Lee in 1870, on the Mississippi River - 1816 - 1896
  • QUITMAN, General John A. - Mexican War hero, Governor of Mississippi, and Natchez Congressman. Died of food poisoning at inaugural banquet for President James Buchanan. 1799 - 1858
  • VIDAL, Don Jose - Governor of Natchez Spanish Distric in 1798. Also, Commandant of the Vidalia, LA post, and Spanish Consul at Natchez after the Americans gained control of the territory. Vidalia, Concordia Parish, LA is named for him. 1765 - 1828
  • YORK, Brigadier General Zebulon - Commander of Louisiana Troops during the Civil War. 1819 - 1900

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