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Edgar Young
OBITUARY: Natchez Democrat newspaper, Saturday, April 17, 1937.
Fourteen Year Old Boy Drowns In Creek Pool.  Edgar Young, Who could not swim, Steps into
deep hole while attempting to cross stream.  Edgar, the fourteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Young was drowned yesterday afternoon in St. Catherine Creek near that section of
Liberty Road back of the Old Fair Grounds. His brother, Walter Young, Jr. aged sixteen and
Charles Gilliam also sixteen who were with Edgar at the time of the fatal accident said that
Edgar, who could not swim, attempted to cross the creek and stepped beyond his depth in a place
where the water was eight or ten feet deep.  The older boys said that they frequented the
"swimming hole" last year and that all felt safe because at that time the water was not over their
heads.  The accident occurred about three thirty o'clock in the afternoon and the body was not
recovered until over two hours later.  Aided by M. P. Phelan, Supervisor Hyde R. Jenkins,
Sheriff Audley Conner and Deputies Spencer and Boyington and Road Patrolman Joe Serio, and
others. Mr. Young dragged the pool where his son had drowned. The body was recovered by
Supervisor Jenkins. A heroic effort to revive Edgar by artificial respiration was made by Mr.
Phelan, but all efforts failed to restore him to life were fruitless.  Edgar Young was born in
Natchez, Miss., on Jan. 9, 1925 being the son of Walter Young and Mrs. Laura O'Malley Young.
Surviving him in addition to his mother and father are the following brothers and sisters: Walter
Young Jr., Laura, Elizabeth Young, Otto Young, Miriam Young, Effie Lena Young, Francis
Daryl Young.  Funeral services will be held at four thirty o'clock this afternoon from the
residence on Homochitto Street. Rev. C. A. Schultz, pastor of the Jefferson Street Church will

Fredrick O'Malley Young
OBITUARY: Natchez Democrat newspaper, Tue. Jul. 5, 1932, pg. 4, col. 5.
Fredrick Young.  After a brief illness of one day, Fredrick O'Malley Young, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Young died Monday morning at 10:30 o'clock at the home of his parents, 34 Homochitto
St.  The little boy was born in Natchez on September 21, 1928 and had enjoyed good health until
he was suddenly taken sick Sunday morning.  He is survived by his parents, Walter Young and
Mrs. Laura O'Malley Young and three brothers, Walter Jr., Edgar and Otto and a sister, Laura
Elizabeth Young. Funeral services will be announced later.

(2nd) Fredrick O'Malley Young
OBITUARY: Natchez Democrat newspaper, Tue. Jul. 5, 1932, pg 10, col 3.
Young. At ten a.m. Monday July 4th, 1932, Fredrick O'Malley Young. The funeral services will
be held at the residence on Homochitto street, this (Tuesday) July 5th, at ten a.m. Friends of the
family are invited to attend. Interment in the family plot, city cemetery. Rev. H. A. Gatlin
officiating. ------ Fredrick O'Malley Young. After an illness of only one day, Fredrick O'Mallery
Young died at ten-thirty o'clock Monday. He was born in Natchez Sept. 21st, 1928. The deceased
is survived by his father and mother, Walter Young and Mrs. Laura O'Malley Young; three
brothers, Edgar Young, Otto Young and Walter Young and one sister, Laura Elizabeth Young.
The funeral services will be held at the residence, 34 Homochitto Street at ten o'clock this
morning. Interment in the family plot, city cemetery. Rev. H. A. Gatlin, pastor of the Jefferson
Street Methodist Church, will conduct services.  The following will serve as pallbearers: W. A.
McLean, M. P. Phelan, Geo. Steinspring and John O'Malley.


Mrs. Walter D. Young (nee, Laura Margaret O'Malley)
OBITUARY: Natchez Democrat Newspaper, Tuesday, August 12, 1941, pages 1 & 8.
Mrs. W. D. Young Killed In Auto Wreck On Sunday.  Mary Hammett Critically Injured as Army
Truck Causes Young Truck to Turn Over Several Times. Mrs. Walter D. Young was instantly
killed, one young lady was critically injured and three other occupants of their truck were hurt on
Sunday afternoon when the truck overturned near Prentiss, Miss. The party which was headed by
Mr. W. D. Young, well known plumber of this city, had been to Hatisburg, Miss., and were
returning at the time of the accident. According to advices received here a United States Army
truck had been driving in the back of the Young truck for some distance waving at the three girls
in the rear of the pickup truck. The army truck apparently attempted to pass the pickup truck and
struck it with it's fender causing it to careen over the shoulder and turn over several times. Mrs.
Young was killed instantly. Mary Madeline Hammett, age 21, was critically injured sustaining a
broken leg and broken pelvis. Laura Elizabeth Young, age 17, sustained a painfully cut face and
head.  Olive Rita Hammett, age 19, sustained painful bruises.  Walter D. Young, driver of the
truck, was knocked unconscious and sustained several sprains of the back. Officers rushed to the
scene and conducted a thorough investigation. The soldiers in the truck leaped from the vehicle
and ran to give assistance. Mrs. Laura O'Malley Young who died Sunday was born in Natchez
and was the daughter of Mrs. E. V. Hammett and the late W. P. O'Malley.  Mrs. Young is
survived by her husband, Walter Young, Sr., and her children: Walter Young, Jr., Laura
Elizabeth Young, Otto Young, Miriam Young, Effie Lena Young, Daryl Young, Ronald Young;
her mother Mrs. E. V. Hammett; sisters, Mrs. Arthur McLain, Miss Olive Hammett, Miss Mary
Madeline Hammett; brothers, E. J. Hammett and John T. O'Malley.  The funeral services will be
held from the residence, 43 Homochitto street at 10 a.m., on Tuesday and interment will be made
in the family plot, City Cemetery. Pallbearers: Hyde Jenkins, ??? Gill, John Wright, Clyde
Crothers, H. Fore, Emmet Burns.

(2nd) Mrs. Walter D. Young (nee, Laura Margaret O'Malley)
OBITUARY: Natchez Democrat newspaper, Wednesday, Aug. 13, 1941, page 2.
Funeral Service Held Yesterday  Last Rites for Mrs. Laura O'Malley Young Were Held
Yesterday.   Funeral services for Mrs. Laura O'Malley Young, beloved wife of W. D. Young,
who was killed in an automobile accident on Sunday evening, were held yesterday morning from
the family residence on Homochitto street. The death of Mrs. Young, who was 41 years of age
and the mother of seven children, came as a great shock to her many friends in this community
where she spent her entire life.  Simple and impressive services marked the last earthly rites.
After the services at the house the funeral procession moved slowly to the city cemetery where
interment was made. A profusion of beautiful flowers were remembrances of friends.

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