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Natchez City Officials & Prominent Businessmen
1887 & 1896
Adams County, Mississippi.

"Hack" rates were 50 cents for the first mile; 75 cents over one mile.  The rate doubled after 10PM.

St. Mary's Cathedral had 360 enrolled communicants.

The Natchez Cotton Mill occupied nearly an entire city block, and employed over 300 persons.

The population of Natchez was over 11,000.

Uninproved farm land sold for $3 to $20 per acre.

Houses with 4-5 rooms rented for about $20 per month.

ALDRICH, L. G. Alderman, 1st Ward
ARRIGHI, F. J.  City Assessor
BOTTO, Louis Pres. Compress Co.
CARPENTER, J. N.  Pres. Natchez Cotton and Merchants Exchange
CHAMBERLAIN, C. T. Grand High Priest, Masonic Lodge
DAVIS, Capt. Brinton B. Adams Light Infantry, Training Instructor
DeLAP, E. G. Grand Master Mason
DIXON, R. S.  Alderman, 4th Ward
FOSTER, Allison H.  Chancery Clerk of County
GRADY, John  Alderman, 1st Ward
GRAFTON, Major Thomas  Editor Natchez Democrat
HARPER, John Deputy Sheriff
HOWE, A. L.  Alderman, 3d Ward
LAMBERT, James W. Sheriff
LEARNED, R. F. Pres. Natchez Cotton Mill 
LeCAND, Capt. F. J. V. Commander Adams Light Infantry
MALLERY, Wm. H. Mayor
MARTIN, W. T. Pres. N. J. & C. Railway
MCCREA, Walter Deputy Clerk
MULVIHILL, P. W.  Alderman, 2d Ward
O'BRIEN, J. B.  Alderman, 3d Ward
PAYNE, Geo. T.  Alderman, 2d Ward
QUARTERMAN, Thos. R. City Clerk
REBER, Thos. Pres. Natchez Street Railway
REHN, Geo. T.  Alderman, 4th Ward
ROWAN, J. H. Member Board of Supervisors
RUMBLE, S. E. Pres. Bluff City Railway
SCHWARTZ, J. C. Pres. Rosalie Cotton Mill
STEELE, H. R. Pres. N., R. R. & T. Railway
STOWERS, J. C. Member Board of Supervisors
TILLMAN, C. L.  Treasurer
VAUGHAN, H. B. Member Board of Supervisors
WILDS, O. N. Pres. Board of Supervisors

Members of the Natchez Cotton and Merchants Exchange, 1887:
A. G. CAMPBELL, Vice-President
Simon MAYER, Secretary
Theo. V. WENSEL, Treasurer
Board of Directors:
Offices were located at the corner of Main and Commerce streets. They received daily on the half hour, market reports of the world which were posted.


Board of Aldermen - 1896

(From Meeting held at City Hall, January 6, 1896)

W. G. Benbrook, Mayor

Wm. A. Diers Clerk of the Council, pro tem
J. Foggo Dixon Alderman
John Grady Alderman
Ben C. Geisenberger Alderman
F. J. V. LeCand Alderman
Sim H. Lowenburg Alderman
P. W. Mulvihill Alderman
Joseph Reale Alderman
A. Eltringham Alderman
Thomas R. Quarterman City Clerk
Frank J. Arrighi Assessor and Tax Collector
Fred J. Maher Treasurer
Walter McCrea Marshal
Charles W. Babbit Surveyor
J. C. French, M.D. Health Officer
T. Otis Baker Solicitor

Board of Supervisors

(From Meeting held at the court house on January 6, 1896)

James S. Fleming First District - President of the Board
Daniel F. Ashford Second District
E. G. Baker Third District
Hugh Junkin Fourth District
James H. Rowan Fifth District
S. Duncan Baker Sheriff
John F. Jenkins Clerk

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