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Adams County, MS:

Some 1887 & 1896 Schools

Some information has been extracted from:

The Memento, Old and New Natchez 1700-1897 In Two Volumes; Published by Major Steve Power. A Resident of Natchez Fifty-odd Years. A Veteran of the Mexican and Civil Wrs.; F. C. Nunemacher Press, Louisvile, Kentucky, 1897. Original book in the collection of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi. Reprinted Myrtle Bank Publishers, Natchez, Mississippi, 1984.

Natchez, Mississippi On Top, Not "Under The Hill," from the original book in the collection of Thomas H. Gandy;  Myrtle Bank Publishers Natchez, Mississippi, reprinted 1983, Limited Edition.

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1887 School Statistics
Of a total of 1195 enrolled students, there were:
269  white males
286  white females
276 colored males
367 colored females
23 Teachers were employed at salaries ranging from $40 to $100 per month.
School session began October 1, and continued through June, 1888
July August and September were "vacation" months.
The schools were segregated, and were located in different parts of Natchez.
The schools for whites were divided into twelve departments.
The schools for blacks were divided into eleven departments.
Each school had it's own principal.
The entire school system was under the supervision of a general superintendent.
In 1887, the school for whites had been in existence for over forty years.
Cathedral School Brother Celestin, principal. [1897]
Female Charitable Society Instituted on March 12, 1816, by a group of concerned ladies, this charity school was also known as the Natchez Orphan Asylum. Today is is known as the Natchez Children's Home, and is located at 806 North Union Street, Natchez.

Natchez Childrens Home - 1997
Jefferson Military College Washington, MS. For boys and young men. Formed in 1811. Full coures. Laboratory, library, and new gymnasium. Expense: $13.00 per month. Offered catalog. J. S. Raymond, superintendent. [1897]
Natchez Female College Classes held at "Melmont," situated on seven acres. Offered catalog. J. H. Davis, S.M., C.E., principal. [1897]
Natchez College "Colored" - Located in the "suburbs." [1887]
St. Joseph's School Located in Natchez. Conducted by the Sisters of Charity. General studies in addition to music, drawing, painting, and plain and ornamental needlework. [1897]
Miss Alline M. Sniffen's Private School Co-Educational. Formed about 1872. Teachers: Miss A. M. Sniffer, and Mrs. Josie Sniffen. Located at 603 State Street, Natchez. [18797]
Stanton College For young ladies. Miss M. L. Prince, principal for session of 1896-97. S. W. Adams, business manager. [1897]
Union School "Colored" -  [1887]

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