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Co B - 10th Mississippi Regiment

Mustered into service March 8th, 1862.


Shiloh April 6th & 7th, 1862.

Mumfordsville September 14th, 1862.


Murfreesboro Dec. 30th & 31st, 1862, Jan.

1st & 2nd, 1863.

Chickamauga September 19th & 20th, 1863.

Missionary Ridge November 26th, 1863.

Resacca May 14th & 15th, 1864.

New Hope Church May 25th to 31st, 1864.

Atlanta July 22nd & July 28th, 1864.

Jonesboro August 31st, 1864.

Franklin November 27th, 1864.

Nashville December 15th & 16th, 1864.


Captain R.A. Inge Died of wounds received at Atlanta, July 28th, 1864.

1st Lieutenant David Stanton Discharged Nov. 1862, physical disability.

2nd Lieutenant T. Otis Baker Wounded April 7th,1862, April 24th, 1862, July 28th, 1864, promoted 1st Lieutenant Nov. 1862, Captain April 1865.

2nd Jr Lieutenant S.D. Stockman Transfered to commissary dept.

1st Sergeant J.J. Hart Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, detailed Quartermaster dept.

3rd Sergeant S.P. Parker

4th Sergeant J.F. Skinner Transfered to band and litter corps.

5th Sergeant E. Buckner Killed at Shiloh, April 6th,1862.

1st Corporal J.J. Gobeau Promoted 2nd Jr Lieut. 1862, wounded Atlanta July 28th,1864, Jonesboro Aug. 31st, 1864, taken prisoner and died at Johnson's Island, 1864.

2nd Corporal W.J. Aldrich Promoted Sergeant, killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 20th, 1863.

3rd Corporal J.S. Scott Wounded, Shiloh, April 6th, 1862.

4th Corporal S.K. Montgomery Promoted Sergeant, killed battle of Franklin, Nov. 27th, 1864.


Alexander, C.F. Wounded, discharged.

Baynard, D.F. Mortally wounded and made prisoner at Atlanta, July 28th, 1864.

Baker, T.M. Discharged, disability.

Baradell, J.J. Prisioner at close of war.

Burnett, H.L. Died of disease, 1862.

Bennett, E.R. Died of disease , 1862.

Benbrook, A.D. Discharged, disability.

Benzell, Henry Promoted Sergeant, Atlanta, July 28th, 1864.

Bell, B.C. Killed at Atlanta, July 28th, 1864.

Boger, A.J. Wounded.

Boyd, J.C. Discharged, disability.

Bond, M.F. Transfered.

Blackburn, C.B. Transfered to Medical Dept.

Bradley, R.R. Wounded severly and disabled.

Brady, P.A. Died of disease.

Broeg, Charles Wounded severly.

Broeg, John

Calvit, J.H.

Carradine, A.A. Discharged, disability.

Chase, Simeon Promoted Corporal and Sergeant, wounded Aug. 31st, 1864 and prisioner.

Davis, S.F. Died of disease.

Dorsey, T.S.

Douglas, D. Wounded, promoted Sergeant-Major.

Dunbar, W.G. Died of disease.

Edgar, George

Eisele, Geo. T. Promoted Corporal and Sergeant.

Eisly, O.P. Wounded Shiloh, April 7th, 1862 and died of disease.

Ernest, A. Wounded severly April 1862, transfered to La. Regiment and promote Leiutenant.

Eustis, C.

Ferriday, Robert Transfered to band.

Ford, W.T. Transfered to sharpshooters, 1862.

Foster, J.G. Killed at Jonesboro, August 31st, 1864.

Foules, H.C. Died of Disease.

Galtney, J.L. Wounded severly.

Gibson, Branch Killed Franklin, November 27th, 1864.

Gibson, Joseph Detailed Adjutant Generals office.

Gipser, E.F. Mortally wounded near New Hope Church, May 31st, 1864.

Gardner, L.B. Discharged, disability.

Gillespie, J.A Discharged, disability.

Griffin, S.W. Prisioner, close of war.

Grillo, S.J. Wounded.

Hearne, D.J. Wounded, disabled, Shiloh, April 6th, 1862.

Heidigger, H.

Hewitt, W.T. Transfered to sharp shooters.

Hood, Henry

Hauck, Charles Wounded severly.

Houghton, Joe Transfered to band.

Hughes, M. Detailed commissary dept.

Hobson, D.C. Killed Shiloh, April 7th, 1862.

Humason, G. Killed, Jonesboro, August 31st, 1864.

Hutchins, John

Irvine, Charles Killed, Chickamauga, Sept. 20th, 1863.

Jacquemine, C.

Jones, E.G. Killed Atlanta, July 28th, 1864.

Kibbe, E. Wounded.

Koerber, John

Langford, Thomas Discharged, disability.

Learned, R.F.

Leahy, T.H.

Lehman, S.

Lewis, Gus Discharged, disability.

Levy, O.S. Transfered signal corps.

Linder, R.F.

Marshall, G.M. Discharged, disability.

Mason, S.A.

Mayer, Simon Transfered to staff as A.A. Gen'l with rank of Major.

Metcalfe, G.E.

McGill, Dan Killed, Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 27th, 1864.

Mock, John H. Died of disease.

Monette, A.C. Wounded, Atlanta, July 28th, 1864.

Moore, H.H. Wounded severly, Shiloh, April 6th, 1862, disabled.

Moffatt, T.R. Died of disease.

Nash, A.E. Died of disease

O'Brien, J.B. Transfered to sharp shooters, 1862, wounded, promoted to Leiutenant.

Orr, Samuel Wounded.

Orr, Wm.

Parker, D.G. Wounded, prisoner, close of war.

Parker, W.R.

Parsons, I.

Pasko, E.J. Killed, Mumfordsville, Sept. 14th, 1862.

Patterson, W.L. Killed, New Hope Church, May 29th, 1864.

Plantz, C.

Popkins, E.F.

Prendergast, John Wounded.

Prentiss, D.G. Died of disease.

Rawlings, G.

Reed, Robert

Reede, Maurice

Riggs, J.M. Wounded severly, disabled, transfered to band.

Richardson, C.W. Killed, Shiloh, April 7th, 1862.

Schoeber, Jacob Wounded.

Seatom, Wm. Wounded.

Shaw, W.L.

Smith, W.J. Discharged, disability.

Smith, Samuel Discharged, disability.

Spencer, John L.

Stanton, Wm. Wounded severly, Shiloh, April 6th, 1862, disabled, transfered.

Sterling, Ira Died of disease.

Stietenroth, H. Wounded.

Stockwell, Geo.

Stone, Garnett Discharged, disability.

Sullivan, Dennis Died of disease.

Swayze, H.R. Died of disease.

Walters, H.S.

Warsaw, Jacob Disabled by wounds, lost arm battle Franklin, Nov. 27th, 1864.

Wells, John Wounded and disabled, lost leg battle Franklin, Nov. 27th, 1864.

Wells, T.B. Wounded, disabled, Shiloh, April 6th, 1862, discharged.

Wheelock, W.C.

Wilds, O.N. Wounded, disabled, Shiloh, April 6th, 1862, and discharged.

Wood, R.S. Discharged, disability.

Wood, G.F. Discharged, disability.

Wright, J.H. Transfered Breckenridge Guards.

Wells, William


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