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"Bubbles" - 1921 Natchez High School Yearbook

The Theta Tau Deltas

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See List of names below.

   One dark, cold evening in September, eight students of the Natchez High School met and formed the club destined to be the greatest of the clubs of N. H. S.

    You can tell a pugilist by his jaw, a foot-ball player by his heavy set body and massive shoulders, but just put a tennis racket in the hands of a "Theta Tau Delta," and watch him, he will deliver the required goods.

    The co-brother and sisterhood is an absolute democracy composed of eight members, four girls and four boys, each of whom is president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

    As a poet once said, "I have never yet seen a tennis player that was not an ideal lady or gentleman."  So you see ours is a very exclusive set.  We are not saying or even insinuating that there are no other ladies or gentlemen among the rest of the student body, but we do say that we stand for the same ideals that made Sir. Walter Raleigh place his mantle over the muddy spot so that the queen might pass.


Lucy Brassfield
Ford Taylor
John Darling
Elizabeth Dixon
Marie Whitington
Orrick Metcalfe
Bill Ogden
Joe Hale

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