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Adams County Sexton Records
African Americans
Surnames Unknown

October 4, 1825 - September 30, 1908

NOTE: This document is copyrighted and appears on Adams County, MS with the permission of the author, Robert "Bob" Shumway. Researchers are invited to read/search the document for specific facts, relative to individual research, but no part of the document may be reproduced in any format, electronically or otherwise.                                                                                           -Ellen Pack

About this file:

There were over 1,850 recorded deaths on the Adams County Sexton Records that did not bear a surname.  In many cases, not even a first name was recorded.   Most were slaves.

Hints for Searching:

Look for the first name or nickname of decedent, if known.  (Try spelling variations.)  Do not rely entirely on the "Find" application of your browser.

Look for the name of "owner" if decedent was a slave.  "Owner" names, when available, are indicated in the far right column.

Look for the date (or approximate date) of death, the cause of death, or the age at time of death.  The report notes whether a decedent was an adult or child, and frequently age is given.

Many notations are included in the file that run off the right side of the screen.  Be sure to use the Left-Right Scroll bar to see the entire entry.

This is a large text file.  Allow time for loading.  Use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page.

A transcription of the complete Adams County, MS Sexton Records, which includes surnames of known deceased African Americans, can be found on this site.  Search by surname.


C.G.  =  Colored Ground.  Indicates area of burial at the Natchez City Cemetery

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