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World War I Service Men and Women
from Adams County, Mississippi

Extracted from Names Engraved on Memorial Hall Plaques, Natchez.

Memorial Hall, located on Pearl Street in Natchez, Adams Co., MS,
has also been known as Institute Hall. Today it stands vacant,
awaiting renovation and restoration, soon to serve as the Opera House.
Photograph by Dale Woosley, Natchez, MS - 1997

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More Information about Memorial Hall:  Essays, Classwork and Notes, by Shane Peterson

ABBOTT, William B., Jr. Pvt. DORSEY, Edward Sgt.
ABY, Eugene Sgt. DORSEY, William B., Jr. H.A.2/CL
ABY, Stephen F.  Corp. DOUCHERTY, C. L.  Pvt.
ADAMS, Harry Pvt. DRANE, Hayward B. 2nd Lt.
ADAMS, Luther Pvt. DRUETTA, William J. Corp.
*ADELL, Phillip Pvt. DUNN, Clifton Pvt. 1/CL
ADLER, Edward S.  Pvt. DUNN, Ollie Pvt.
ALEXANDER, James Pvt. EIDT, Duncan J. Pvt.
ALEXANDER, O. L.  Mech. ENDERS, John G. Pvt.
ALEXANDER, Walter B.  Pvt. *ENOCHS, Hugh R. Pvt. 1/CL
ALLEN, Luther E.  Pvt. ENOCHS, Robert Emmet 1st. Lt.
ALLEN, Vernon Davis Sgt. EROMANN, W. F. C.E.M.
ANDERSON, Frederick E.  Enc. 1/CL. EVANS, Charles E. Sgt.
ANDERSON, William A.  Pvt. EVANS, Jared Pvt.
AYRES, John H.  Corp. FAIRCHILDS, W. B.  Pvt.
AYRES, Richardson Maj. FARRELL, Francis Sgt.
AYRES, Robert M.  Corp. FAUNTLEROY, Frank E. Pvt.
BAHIN, Walter C. Pvt. FELTER, Bennie Pvt.
BAKER, Francis Pvt. 1/CL. FELTUS, A. Morrell Pvt.
BAKER, Franklin T., Jr.  Mus. FELTUS, Charles E. 1st Lt.
BAKER, S. Duncan Pvt. FELTUS, Clem Pvt.
BAKER, T. Otis Capt. FERGUSON, Benjamin Pvt.
BAKER, Victor Pvt. FERGUSON, Monroe Sgt.
BAKER, Winthrop Capt. FERGUSON, Thomas Pvt.
BALCHSIRE, William H.  Pvt. FERGUSON, Walter L. Corp.
BALDWIN, William H. Pvt 1/CL. FIELDS, Bertrem L.  2nd. Lt.
BALFOUR, William M.  Capt. FIELDS, Clifton Pvt.
BARKSDALE, Robert E.  Pvt. FIFE, William L. Pvt.
BARTH, Harry K. Mus. 1/CL. FINN, Claude Sgt.
BARTON, David C. Pvt. 1/CL. FISCHEL, Reinette L. A.R.C.
BARTON, J. Burke Sgt. FITZPATRICK, Earl H. Pvt.
BEATTY, Adrian Pvt. FLEMING, Eugene H., Jr. 2nd. Lt.
BEATTY, Harry Corp. FLEMING, James S., Jr. 2nd. Lt.
BEATTY, Xavier Corp. FORD, Carroll C. Pvt. 1/CL
BEATY, Henry Pvt. FORD, Florida Pvt.
BEATY, J. E.  Pvt. FORD, H. Leister Pvt.
BEATY, William H.  Sea. FOWLER, Forrest Capt.
BENNEDICT, Floyd Pvt. FRANKLIN, Frank D. Sgt.
BENNERSCHEIDT, Frederick D.  Pvt 1/CL. FRASER, B. Watkins Pvt.
BENOIST, Edwin E.  Capt. M. C. FRASER, William P. Sea.2/CL
BENOIST, Louis A., Jr.  2nd Lt. FRENCH, Robert L. CK.
BENOIST, Percy A. 2nd Lt. FULSOM, Charles Sgt. Maj.
BERDON, William B. Sgt. FULSOM, Hiram O. 2nd. Lt.
BERNSTEIN, Bennie Mech. GEISENBERGER, B. Clarence 1st. Lt.
BLANKENSTEIN, Clifton Pvt. GEISENBERGER, Maurice 1st. Lt.
BLANKENSTEIN, Edward W., Jr. Pvt 1/CL. GEISENBERGER, Robert E. L. Pvt.
BLEWETT, Charles H.  1st Lt. GEISENBERGER, Samuel, Jr. 1st. Sgt.
BLUM, Maurice J. Sgt. GEISENBERGER, Wilfred A. 1st. Lt.
BLYTHE, J. Clifton Corp. GEORGE, James Sgt.
BLYTHE, R. Learned Pvt. GIGLIE, Salvadore Pvt.
BOLEWARE, Claude E.  Pvt. GILBERT, John Sgt.
BOOTH, Albert Sgt. GOBER, O. L.  Pvt.
BOOTH, Roy Pvt. GODARD, Charles M., Jr. Pvt.
BOOTHE, Ernest E.  Pvt. GODARD, Russell M. Pvt. 1/CL
BOOTH, William L. S.F. 2/CL. GORMAN, John Corp.
BOWMAN, Boatner Pvt. GRADY, Anthony 2nd. Lt.
BRANDON, Gerard H. 2nd Lt. GREEN, Walter 1st. Lt.
BRANDON, Henry W. Pvt. GREEN, William J. Pvt.
BREITHAUPT, Charles W. Pvt. 1/CL. GRIFFIN, William  Pvt.
BREITHAUPT, William R.  Pvt. GROVER, Josiah Pvt.
BREVARD, Jean WAC. GUIDICI, Julius A. Sgt.
BRISEL, Abraham CK. GUTHRIE, David B. Sgt.
BRITTON, Berry Sgt. GUYTON, W. A. Pvt.
BROWN, Bertrand Sgt. HACKLER, Vernon L. Pvt.
BROWN, Charles J. Sgt. HALE, Fred Pvt. 1/CL
BROWN, Francis Pvt. 1/CL. HALE, William H. Maj.
BROWN, Frederick D., Jr. Corp. HAMMETT, H. H. CK.
BROWN, James A. Corp. HAMMOCK, William H., Jr. Sgt. Maj.
BUNCH, John L.  Corp. HARPER, John Pvt. 1/CL
BURKE, Bernard J.  Pvt. HARPER, William W. Capt.
BURKE, James P. H.S. HARRELL, Dee C. Pvt.
BURKE, Martin A Pvt. HARRELL, Luther Pvt.
BURKE, Conner Pvt. HARRIS, Morris P. Sgt. Maj.
BURNS, Joseph S. 1St. Lt. HARRIS, Van Eaton Pvt. 1/CL
BUTCHART, Thomas Pvt. HASLIP, George K. Sgt.
BUTLER, McVey G. PH. M. 1/CL. HATHCOCK, Charles Corp.
BUTLER, Noel H. Pvt. HATHCOCK, Edwin Pvt.
BYRNE, Edward J. 2nd Lt. HATHCOCK, Joseph C. Pvt.
BYRNE, William  Pvt. HAUPT, Ernest M. Pvt.
BYRNES, C. Ferriday Pvt. HAYES, J. Pvt.
BYRNES, Charles R. Pvt. HEATHERTON, Joseph W. Sea. 2/CL
CADIEN, Jesse P. Pvt. HENDERSON, Charles A. Sgt.
CADIEN, William Pvt. HENDERSON, Claude Sgt.
CAGE, Eugene G. Sgt. HENDERSON, John W. R.M. 2/CL
CALCOTE, James Q. Pvt. HENDERSON, Oliver Pvt.
CALLON, Robert H. Capt. HENRY, Samuel Lee Pvt.
CALVERT, Samuel M. Sgt. HEWITT, William J. Pvt.
CAMP, O. or Q. E. Corp. HIGHTOWER, George B. 1st Lt.
CAMPBELL J. C. Sgt. HODGE, John C. PH. M. 2/CL
CAMPBELL, John Neal Lt. S. C. HOLMES, Thomas E. Pvt. 1/CL
CAMPBELL, Robert L. WAC. HOOTSEL, Walton S. Y. 2/CL
CAMPBELL, W. Pvt. 1/CL. HOWARD, Robert Sea. 2/CL
CAMPISI, Guy S. Pvt. HOWARD, Samuel Sea. 2/CL
CARSON, Leighton T. Sgt. HOWE, Marion Pvt.
CARSON, Warfield V. Q. M. HOWELL, Robert G. Pvt.
CARTMELL, Leon C. Sgt. HUDSON, John B. Sgt.
CASE, Louis Pvt. HUFFMAN, Frank L. Pvt.
CASTLEMAN, StanleyO. Sgt. HULBERT, C. E. Pvt.
CATCHINGS, Thomas F. Corp. JAMES, William F. Pvt.
CHAMBERLAIN, Charles T. Maj. M. C. JENKINS, Hyde R. Pvt.
CHANCE, Earl B. Pvt. JOHNSON, W. K. Pvt.
CHANCE, Otho Pvt. JOHNSON, William Pvt.
CLINTON, James A. Corp. JONES, E. R. Pvt.
COBB, Austin Pvt. JONES, John C. Pvt.
COGAN, Stanley Pvt. JONES, William, Jr. Pvt.
COHN, Henry Pvt. JORDON, David L. Sea.
COLLINS, William K. Sgt. JUNGLING, Harold Pvt.
COUILLARD, James G. Pvt. JUNKIN, James O'Neill 1st. Lt.
CROSBY, J. M.  Corp. JUNKIN, John R. Sgt.
CROTHERS, Clyde C. Pvt. JUNKIN, Samuel Sgt. Maj.
CUMBA, David Pvt. KAISER, Albert Pvt.
CURRY, William Pvt. KAISER, Hayden C. Pvt.
DALE, John, Jr. Capt. KAUFFMAN, M. Schatz Pvt.
DALE, Lessley Pvt. KEIM, John Sgt.
D'ANTONI, Samuel J. Pvt. KELLOGG, Joseph B. Pvt.
DARSEY, Joseph Pvt. KEMPE, Thos. O.  Pvt. 1/CL
DAUGHTIE, Marguerite A.R.C. KENDALL, William Joseph Corp.
DAVIDSON, Sam Sea. 2/CL. KENNEDY, James Sea.
DAVIS, Charles T. C. Corp. KENNEDY, John J. Pvt. 1/CL
DAVIS, Henry C. Pvt. KETTERINGH, Charles Pvt. 1/CL
DAVIS John W., Jr. Pvt. KIERNAN, Thomas Pvt. 1/CL
DAWES, Harry C. Corp. KLAPP, Ronald D. Pvt.
DAWSON, Louis W. Pvt. KLEEBER, Ferdinand Pvt.
DEARING, Alfred Pvt. 1/CL. KLEEBER, Henry Pvt.
DEARING, John P. Pvt. KLEEBER, Lawrence Pvt.
DIAMOND, Edward L. Pvt. *KLEEBER, Louis Pvt.
DICKS, John W. D. Lt. Col.M.C. KLEEBER, Leonard L. Corp.
DIXON, Guy P. Pvt. KORNDORFEER, Gugo (?) Pvt.
DIXON, John F. 1st Lt. KORNDORFEER, W. Earl Pvt.
DIXON, Joseph F. 1st. Lt. KREMMER, L.  Pvt.
DIXON, Robert S. Pvt. - -
DOBSON, J. M. Pvt. - -
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