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World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing
Army and Army Air Forces
Adams County, MS

Submitted by Bob Shumway


Control Number: NWCTM-407-WWIICASARMY-MS, Record group 407 World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces From Mississippi 1946, War Department. Adjutant General's Office. ADAMS COUNTY MISSISSIPPI

About Serial Numbers

Serial numbers: Generally speaking, numbers fall into two broad catagories:
simple seven or eight digit numbers (in a few cases fewer digits) for male
enlisted personnel and prefixed serial numbers for other personnel.

Regular Army enlisted men who entered the service before the onset of Selective Service bear seven-digit or lower serial numbers, usually begining with a "6" or "7".

Men who enlisted in the Army of the United States have eight-digit numbers beginning with "1", the second digit indicating the Service Command of origin. For example the serial number 14058025 would indicate that the man enlisted in the Army of the United States in the Fourth Service Command (Southeastern United States).

Men called into federally recognized National Gard Service received eight-digit numbers beginning with "2", the third digit representing the Service Command
2017656 indicates a National Guardsman from New England (First Service

Men inducted or enlisted through Selective Service were given eight-digit numbers beginning with "3" or "4", the second digit representing the service command.

The prefixed serial numbers for other than male enlisted personelcarray a designated letter:

        0 for male commissioned officers;
        W for male Warrant officers;
        T for flight officers of the Army Air Force;
        L for commissioned officers of the Women's Army Corps.;
        v for WAC Warrant officers;
        A for WAC enlisted women;
        R for hospital dietitans
        M for Physical Therapy Aids.

ANDERS Virgil M. 0-442769 First Lieutenant Finding of death
ASHCRAFT Alvie A. 31122360 Staff Sergeant Finding of death
BAILEY James, Jr. 44064920 Private Died non-battle
BENOIST Louis, Jr. 0-514473 Second Lieutenant Killed in action
BOWDEN Barney B. 34631745 Private Killed in action
BOYLES Charles D. 34637444 Corporal Killed in action
BUCHANAN Cornelius 34047703 Private Died non-battle
CARR Warren F. 14172228 Corporal Died non-battle
FELTON Harrison, Jr. 34873679 Private Died non-battle
GILES James S. Jr. 0-340104 Captain Died non-battle
GORDON Von W.                37051565 Private First Class Died non-battle
GULLICK William A. 01311888 Second Lieutenant Died non-battle
HARDY Oscar L.                 18151900 Sergeant Died non-battle
HARDEY Trashley M., Jr. 0-396455 Captain Died non-battle
HARRIS James M. 7000860 Private Killed in action
HIGHTOWER George E. 20462236 Staff Sergeant Killed in action
JOHNSON Birdes 34484553 Private First Class Died non-battle
LLOYD Sylvester 34620023 Private Died non-battle
MATTHEWS James P. 20462251 Corporal Killed in action
MC MILLAN Eldred E. 34344036 Corporal Died non-battle
MILLER Frazie J., Jr. 34717435 Private First Class Died non-battle
OGDEN Walter P. 34635705 Private First Class Killed in Action
POPE Ripley C. 34138867 Private Died non-battle
PRIESTER Robert J. 0-663311 First Lieutentant Finding of death
RAWES Charles E. 14031193 Technician Fourth Grade Died non-battle
ROTHSCHILD Eugene 34638910 Technician Fifth Grade Died non-battle
SANFORD Robert E. 14023470 Technical Sergeant Died non-battle
SOUDERES George F. 34950424 Private First Class Killed in action
SPENCER John B. 34275566 Corporal Killed in Action
STOKES Ralph E., Jr. 14031695 Private First Class Killed in action
THORNBURG Earnest 34873599 Private Died of wounds
TRINDLE Arthur L., Jr. 34616000 Sergeant Died non-battle
VALENTINE Gary J. 34276200 Private First Class Killed in Action
WATTS James E. 34982232 Private First Class Killed in Action
WHITE George C. 34272678 Technician Fifth Grade Killed in action
WILLIAMS Charlie E. 34989107 Private Killed in action

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