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Mississippi Under Four Flags

1540 - DeSoto with about 1,000 men entered the eastern boundary of the state. 
1682 - LaSalle descended the Mississippi River, taking possession of the adjacent country in the name of the King of France, and named it Louisiana. 
1700 - Fort Rosalie was builit in 1716.  A massacre by the Natchez Indians occured in 1729. 
1755 - War between France and England resulted in France ceding to England that portion of Louisiana lying east of the Mississippi River, except for New Orleans. 
1763 - France, by a secret treaty, ceded to Spain all that portion of Louisiana west of the Mississippi, and New Orleans and Mobile.  France also ceded to England all of Florida.  The English divided Florida into East and West Florida. 
1765 - Inducements in the form of liberal land grants were provided by the King of England. 
1779 - Spain, as an ally of France, declared war against England.  In the treaty of 1783,  England loses all the Floridas south of the 31st parallel to Spain. 
1785 - The Spanish King ordered liberal grants. 
1795 - Treaty was signed with Spain. 
1797 - Col. Andrew Endicott hoisted an American flag on an eminence hear Fort Panmure, within the present limits of the city of Natchez, and demanded the surrender of Fort Panmure to the Americans. On 9 June the Spanish seized an American Baptist minister.  The people rose in arms, and within a few hours, the Spanish authority in Natchez was virtually over thrown.  During this period, Congress erected the territory previously surrendered by Spain, naming it the Mississippi Territory. 
1798 - Winthrop Sargent was appointed the first governor of the Mississippi Territory. 
1818 - Mississippi Statehood Convention held at Jefferson College, Washington, Adams Co, Mississippi. 
1818 - Mississippi gains statehood. 

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