The following interesting account was written by Mrs. David McCarley, President of the Okolona Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.
“In 1862 the Okolona College building known as Rose Gates College, was taken by the Confederate government as a hospital.  It was a three-story building with about a dozen rude wards surrounding it. The Presbyterian church was also used for the same purpose, and a number of soldiers were cared for in private homes.

“While the Confederate Army was operating in Tennessee and Northeast Mississippi, the sick of the army was sent to the hospital at this place, as were the wounded from the battles of Shiloh, Corinth and Brice’s Cross Roads.  These soldiers were principally from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia.  These statements are based on information furnished by Mr. R. C. McCoy.

‘Reported by T. C. Kimbrough, attorney-at-law, West Point, Miss.

Confederate Cemeteries in Mississippi.—Jones. 93 Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.  Between 900 and 1,000 deaths occurred in Chickasaw county, and that number of bodies lies in the Confederate Soldiers Cemetery, situated in the southwest portion of Okolona, adjoining the old Citizens’ Cemetery, on the south. The college building was burned by the Federals on one of their raids, after it had been abandoned by the Confederacy. The cemetery is enclosed and the graves have been cared for and yearly decorated with appropriate ceremonies, by the members of the Okolana Chapter, of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, who are striving to raise money to erect a fitting monument to the memory of their sacred dead.”

- The writer is also indebted to Mrs. Oscar Denton for information relative to this county.

The following is a list of the known dead from Mississippi buried in the Okolona Confederate cemetery. 

Mississippi’s Known Dead

MR = Mississippi Reigment

P. Brown Co. G 5th MR
Wm. P. Richardson Co. H 24th MR
R. F. Russell Co. C 29th MR
J. R. McConel Co. K 5th MR
J. Gowen Co. A 33rd MR
J. S. Miller Co. L 24th MR
H. O'leary Co. I 5th MR
E. Slade Co. I 5th MR
W. G. Smith Co. K 38th MR
J. R. Smith Co. K 38th MR
F. C. Clarke Co. K 38th MR
S. Perry Co. D 38th MR
W. H. Carlile Co. D 38th MR
A. Clarence Co. E 38th MR
L. J. Barrott Co. B 5th MR
W. Lyles Co. D 38th MR
P. E. Boyd - 38th MR
R. B. G----- - 29th MR
Lieut. Jas. B. S----- - 38th MR
A. H. Moore Co. I 35th MR
J. Perry Co. B 38th MR
S. McClenden Co. F 38th MR
G. H. Scudder Co. D 38th MR
T. J. S----- Co. D 38th MR
J. N. C. - 37th MR
C. P. Haynes Co. D 38th MR
A. G----- Co. K 38th MR
Louis Boyd Co. K 38th MR
S. Parker Co. B Blythe's MR
B. F. Reed Co. D 45th MR
Wm. Fisher Co. A 30th MR
Newton Boyd Co. I  38th MR
B. F. White Co. D 42nd MR
C. A. Williams Co. K 9th MR
W. H. Houston Co. C 29th MR
Joseph Miller Co. D 43rd MR
H. E. Mifey Co. E 33rd MR
W. B. Fulks Co. C 27th MR
T. B. Boyce Co. B 29th MR
J. H. Hill Co. D  32nd MR
R. A. Randall Co. B 25th MR
J. C. Lapa Co. E 28th MR
G. M. Hedgepeth Co. K 32nd MR
T. D. Mayes Co. D 32nd MR
R. S. Kittril Co. E 27th MR
C. C. Rollins Co. K 38th MR
W. Williams Co. G 7th MR
S. J. Hollis Co. F 37th MR
J. W. Ward Co. F 38th MR
H. H. H----- Co. K 32nd MR
J. E. Alexander Co. H 37th MR
J. Vaughn Co. C 31st MR
E. V. Whitehead - 7th MR
G. W. H----- Co. G 26th MR
J. A. Popham Co. A 43rd MR
B. Bishop Co. E 40th MR
J. H. Gore Co. E 35th MR
W. J. Temples Co. B --MR
F. M. Haynes, Chaplain - 35th MR
J. A. H. Co. D 36th MR
H. G. Sturdivant - Killed Feb. 22, 1864 Co. K 5th MR
J. T. Tindall Co. K 12th MS Calvary
H. M. Lucas - 5th Mississippi
J. T. Vaughn Co. L 10th Mississippi
Samuel Simpson Co. A 10th Mississippi
C. P. Rogers Co. C 11th Mississippi
A. A. Esto Co. H 24th Mississippi
W. W. Egg Co. D 24th Mississippi
R. R----- Co. D 30th Mississippi
James C----- Co. D. 38th Mississippi
E. P. Badges Co. G 7th MR
J. A. Shepard Co. A.  38th MR
G. P. Reynolds - Col. Wirt Adams' Reigment
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