One of the most careful and creditable responses to the inquiries sent out by the writer was that from Hon. T. R. Maxwell, chancery clerk of De Soto county. The Confederate dead were, for the most part, buried in the Baptist cemetery in Hernando; of these there are about ninety. A few were buried in the Spring Hill cemetery. There were about one hundred in all. These soldiers’ graves are decorated every year by the patriotic people of Hernando and De Soto counties. In reference to this custom, Mr. Maxwell says:
“This practice will be kept up, because our people cherish and honor the memory of the dead Confederate soldier. Our children and our children’s children will do the same.

“There stands near the ninety graves in the Baptist Cemetery, a handsome and costly monument, erected several years ago, which bears this inscription:

“‘To the Confederate Dead of De Soto.
“Illis, victoriam non immortalittaem, fata negaverunt.”’

A list of the soldiers buried in the Baptist cemetery at Hernando, Miss., will be found in Appendix B to this article.
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