By H. S. Halbert

From Publications The Mississippi Historical Society, Vol. VI, 
Edited by Franklin L. Riley, Secretary
Published Oxford, Mississippi 1902

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ca. 1720-ca. 1784

In 1771, Bernard Romans was engaged to survey the southern portion of what is now the United States, along the Gulf of Mexico, then known as West Florida.  The following article written by H. S. Holbert, published in 1902, deals with a Mississippi map drawn by Roman in 1772.

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The Map


Water Courses & Topography

Romans’ List of Choctaw Territory 
Towns, Settlements, 
Water Courses, and Physical Landmarks
by County

Note:  The spellings of the Choctaw words, in this menu, 
are as Roman represented the words on his map. 
The author makes corrections as possible.

Kemper County

Choctaw Word/Phrase
 English Translation
Sapeesa -
Chon’tontakali Hanging Moss
Qaka Loosa Black Water
Haanka Ullah Wild goose there cries
Last Yaso Skatane Little Yazoo Town
Ebita poocola skatane Fountain head’s Little People
Imonglasha Skatane Little Mokalusha
Oka Altakala Between the waters
Avanabi Ironwood
Escooba Reed, Reed brake
East Coongeeto Big Reed brake
Lukfa Earth, Dirt
Bogue Too cob chitto Two Big Creeks
Yagna Shoogawa Good Country (?)
East Abe’ika Unhealthy Place
Ebita Poocola Chitto Fountain Head Big People
Chooca Hoola Beloved House
Oka Hullo Beloved Water
Olitassa  Fort is there
Cuthi Uckehaca Thorn-bush Standing in Water(?)
(Possibly in Neshoba County)
Hickory Grove

Newton County

Panta/Panthe Coosha Town

Lauderdale County

Panthe -

Neshoba County

(Possibly in Kemper County)
Hickory Grove
Tonicahaw Standing Post
West Yaso -
West Con geto or Cooncheto -
Kaffetalya Sassafras thicket
Schekaha Lying in the Sand/Sand Town
Oka Coo poly Water where the biting is
Alloon Looanshaw Bull Frog Place
Lushapa -
Conchatikpi Reed-brake Knob
Oka Chip po Water run down
Cuctachas Flea Place
Consha Consapa Field Near Reeds
West Imongalasha -

Wayne County

Ewany -

Unknown County

Cutha Aimethaw -
West Abeika -
Cabea Hoola and Okapoolo -
Hyukkeni -
Unnamed Village
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