First Mississippi Militia

First Judicial Appointments

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Ellen Pack
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As appointed by Gov. Winthrop Sargent
8 September, 1798
Northern District
  • Cato WEST, Esq - Lieutenant-Colonel
  • Naseworthy HUNTER, Esq. - Major of Horse
  • John GIRAULT, Esq. - Major of Foot
  • Thomas GREEN, Richard HARRISON, Thomas CALVIT - Captains of Horse
  • James TRULY, Jesse HARPER, George W. HUMPHREYS - Lieutenants of Horse
  • George SULZER, Lacey RUMSEY, James SPANN - Cornets
  • Roger DIXON, Tobias BRASHEARS, Arthur CARNEY - Captains of Foot
  • John BROOKS, James McINTYRE, Gibson CLARK - Lieutenants
  • William SMITH, James DAVENPORT, Eden BRASHIERS - Ensigns
  • James McINTYRE - Adjutant
  • Lower District
  • Benaiah OZMAN, Esq. - Major of Horse
  • Sutton BANKS, Esq. - Major of Foot
  • Benjamin FARRAR, William MOORE, David FERGUSON - Captains of Horse
  • William McINTOSH, George COCHRAN, John MINOR - Lieutenants
  • John LINTOT, Hampton WHITE, Charles SURGEE - Cornets
  • John ELLIS, Adam BINGAMAN, Joseph CALVIT - Captains of Foot
  • Abraham ELLIS, Daniel GRAFTON, Philander SMITH - Lieutenants
  • John WALL, Samuel HUTCHINS, William DUNBAR, Jr. - Ensigns
  • John WATTS - Adjutant
  • Source:  Mississippi, by J. M. Chilton, appearing in Debow's Review, Volume II, Issue 3;  Published by J. D. B. DeBow, New Orleans, Sept. 1851

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    Gov. Winthrop Sargent
    9 September, 1798
    Conservators of The Peace