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1859 - 60

With A Brief History of The Island
Prior To The Foundation of The City.

The Successive
Mayoralttes and Councils 
of The City 
To The Present Time-Provisions
Of The Present Charters and Ordinances
Now In Force 

Also, Some Account Of The Various
Public Institutions Improvements Commerce, Etc., Of The City

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Note:  Directory Not Precisely Alphabetized!

Adams - Anders, A.
Armstrong, Wm. M. - Barziza, F. L.
Barziza, P. J. - Beyer, Otto
Billet, Antonio - Brume ?, J.
Brown, John - Carroll, E. J. 
Carey, P. - Columbia Hotel
Conlan, Michael - Dean, Randle & Co.
Dean, Alex - Dunn, John J.
Durnett, S. J. - Flake, F. 
Fogarty, E. C. - Gloor, F.
Goddard, W. H. - Hammett, C. G. W.
Harby, Capt. - Hill, Samuel
Hinkelday, R. A. - Jacob, Geo
Jameson, Dr. J. - Kain, W. A.
Karsch, C. - Lambert, P.
Lang, M. - Logre, Ed
Lohaide, G. D. - Marthany, Jas
Maume, Mrs. - McNair, Rev. Danl
Meanch, Ed - Morgan, E. P.
Morris, J. B. - Pascoe, J. M.
Parker, Lewis - Potter, D.
Potter, A. M. - Richter, T.
Richter, Mrs. Susanah - Sauters, J. A.
Sauters, Joseph - Seawell, J. G.
Sears, D. W. - Smith, Mrs. J. A.
Smith, W. A. - Stubbs, T. B. & Co.
Stupplebone, Fred - Trueheart, J. O.
Trueheart, H. M. - Webber, M.
Webber, W. - Wolfer, J.
Wolfgang, Wm. - Zigler, J.


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