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Cemetery Location Source/Information
Alta Loma  Hitchcock Map
Barbers Chapel Galveston Find A Grave
Beth Jacob  Galveston Map
Find A Grave
BNai Israel  Galveston
61st Street and Avenue T 1/2
Find A Grave
Cahill Galveston Find A Grave
Calvary  Galveston
2506 65th St
Galveston, TX 77551
(409) 744-1661
Caplen Galveston Find A Grave
Crystal Beach Galveston Find A Grave
Episcopal Galveston Find A Grave
Evergreen  Galveston Cemeteries of Texas
Fairview  League City Map
Find A Grave
Friends Friendswood Find A Grave
Friendswood Friendswood Find A Grave
Galveston Memorial Hitchcock Map
Find A Grave
Grace Memorial Park Hitchcock Map
Find A Grave
Greek Hitchcock Map
Find A Grave
Hebrew Benevolent Galveston County Find A Grave
High Island High Island Find A Grave
Hitchcock Hitchcock Map
Holy Trinity Episcopal Dickinson Find A Grave
Hypolite Perthius Hitchcock Photos
Source:  USGenWeb Tombstone Photo Project
Lakeview  Galveston
3015 57th St
Galveston, TX 77551
(409) 744-1724
LaMarque Virginia Point Map
Magnolia Algoa Map
Photos:  USGenWeb Tombstone Photo Project
Magnolia Creek  League City Photos
Source:  USGenWeb Tombstone Photo Project
Mainland Memorial Hitchcock Map
Find A Grave
Mainland Memorial  Virginia Point -
Mount Olivet Dickenson
Phone:      ( 281) 337-1641
                (409) 948-1455
Fax:          (281) 337-4961
Email:       cemeterydiogh@houston.rr.com
P.O. Box 965
(Gulf Frwy. 
at Hughes Rd.)
Dickinson, TX  77539
Find A Grave
Mount Zion Church  Galveston Map
Municiple  Galveston Map
New City Cemetery Galveston Find A Grave
Old Arcadia  Dickenson Map
Old City  Galveston
51st and Broadway
Cemeteries of Texas
Oleander Galveston Find A Grave
Patton Cemetery Bolivar Peninsular Bob's Road, off State Highway 87, about 12 miles north of the Bolivar Ferry landing.
Source:  Galveston, TXGenWeb
Phillips Memorial Texas City Map
Find A Grave
Port Bolivar Community Bolivar Peninsular State Highway 87, about 5 miles northeast of the Bolivar Ferry Landing.
Find A Grave
Rising Star  Texas City -
Rosewood Galveston
63rd Street near Seawall.
Thanks to efforts of motel owner Sam Gandhi of League City, the cemetery is now accessible.  The access road runs from the Seawall past the Golden Corral restaurant, ending at the motel (under construction in January 2006.)
The cemetery is primarily an African-American burial site used mostly in the early 20th century.  It is estimated to contain the graves of 600 individuals interred between 1012-1920.  It was designated a Historic Texas cemetery by the Texas Historical Commission in 2004.
Burial source:  USGenWeb Archives Project
San Leon San Leon Find A Grave
Serbian  Galveston Find A Grave
Simpton Bolivar Peninsular
Highway 87, midway between 
Ann Johnson Road and the 
Port Bolivar Community
Source:  Galveston, TXGenWeb
Texas City Memorial  Texas City -

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