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  • Direct Descendants of Hezikiah SELLARDS (1740- ) 

  • to Shannon A. DANIELS
    Submitted by Shannon A. Daniels
  • Hezekiah SELLARDS to Della Lilly WILLIAMSON, Lincoln Co, WV (1912-1987) 

  • Submitted by Delmar L. Pack
  • Naomi Jemima WILEY and James Calvery VICKERS

  • Submitted by Bonnie J. Wiley
  • Thomas and Jane "Jenny" (SELLARDS) WILEY - Children and Grandchildren

  • Thomas and Mary Debord WILEY - Children and Grandchildren

  • Submitted by Bonnie J. Wiley

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  • e.g. Jenny (Sellards) Wiley to John Doe, Johnson Co, KY (1901-1980)
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