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of the Jenny Wiley Saga
    Many descendants first learned of Jenny Wiley through family stories handed down over the years. Not all stories are alike.  Considering the many years that have passed since Jenny was laid to rest, it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to determine exactly which "facts" are actually correct, and which "facts" have been altered through years and years of story-telling.

The Jenny Wiley Association believes that all stories have tremendous merit, and that the variations serve to enhance the mystique and legend of a very brave pioneer lady, in addition to helping us hone in on actual occurrences.  We would like to hear what your own parents and grandparents told you.

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While combing your memory for those wonderful stories, we hope that you will enjoy and learn from the following renditions and comments, as submitted by your cousins.

  • The Jenny Wiley Story by Harold Sparks - Link

  • Displayed on the Sparks Genealogy Page
  • My grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Wiley, always said that Jenny was part Indian.

  • Bonnie Wiley
  • It may have been the deep Appalachian drawl, that brought about the mispronunciation, but my mother and grandmother always referred to Jenny as "Eugenie" Wiley.

  • Delmar L. Pack, born and raised in Harts, Lincoln Co., WV
    Fourth great grandson of Jenny and Thomas Wiley
  • Zephania Meek Account

  • of the Jenny Wiley Capture
    From the Connelley Reprint
  • The Van Hoose Account

  • From the Connelley Reprint
    by Russell L. Whitlock
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