Descendants of Hezikiah SELLARDS 
Jenny (Sellards) WILEY

The Jenny Wiley Association is pleased to make available an online GEDCOM to assist our cousins in their research.

The current online data base is just the beginning.  Our goal is to include as many direct descendants of the Hezikiah Sellards/Jenny (Sellards) Wiley lines as possible.  To that end, we would like to extend an invitation to all our cousins to submit their branches for inclusion.

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  • While the Jenny Wiley Association makes every possible effort to determine that the information contained in the online GEDCOM is correct and accurate, we regret that we cannot make any guarantees.

    The Jenny Wiley Association, in conjunction with Rootsweb, Inc., is pleased to make this material available at no charge!  Submitted material will never be used for profit.

    Special thanks to the

    Rootsweb World Connect Project

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    Submit Your Sellards/Wiley Branch
    1.  Create a GEDCOM of your Sellards/Wiley line. 
         Base individual should be the eldest Sellards or Wiley
         in your dB.  Do NOT send your entire dB.  Consult
         your genealogy program for assistance.

    2.  Include the following information on each
         individual (as available):

         Birth Date
         Death Date
         Marriage Date
         Sources (optional, but recommended)
    3.  Information on Living Individuals will not be placed

         Remove names of living individuals from the


         Remove dates of birth from living individuals


         Replace birth dates of living individuals with the word

    Looking for a GEDCOM "Cleaning" program?  Try one of these:

         GEDClean32 - Shareware, $9.95 Registration

         Res Privata - Shareware, Free for individual
         Non-commercial use

    4.  Send the GEDCOM as a file attachment to Webmaster.

    Need assistance with your GEDCOM? 
    Try this site:

    GenServ - What is a GEDCOM Data file ?

    ...or consult your Genealogy Program Instructions.

    The Jenny Wiley Association reserves the right to refuse to include submitted information/material not deemed accurate or appropriate, and to make corrections when necessary.

    Once merged with the online GEDCOM, it may not be possible to remove your submitted branch(es).

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    Thank You!

    For Contributing to the 
    Hezikiah Sellards/Jenny Wiley online GEDCOM

    Shannon A. Daniels
    Ellen Pack
    Bill Wiley
    Bonnie J. Wiley

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