Immigration Record

Extraction of the immigration record of Thomas Wiley [Wylie]
and his family who arrived in Charleston, SC in January 1768 from
Belfast, Ireland, as noted on page 129 in:

Irish Emigrants in North America [1670-1830], Part Six.
  Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2003, by Dobson, David.

Wylie, Thomas, born 1712, Jane born 1720, Elizabeth born
1748, Henry born 1749, Thomas born 1751, Jane born 1751 [poss. twin to Thomas], Ann born 1758, Margaret born 1760, arrived in South Carolina in January 1768 on the brigatine Chichester, master William Reid, from Belfast.  [SCCJ.31.1]

Thanks to Bonnie Wiley for providing this information.

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