Controversy re the Birth of an Indian Child, to Jenny,
Following Her Escape

by Russell L. Whitlock, Secretary
Exert from the Jenny Wiley Association Newsletter, Winter 1998

     According to the story, the child was a daughter who was fathered by Chief Black Wolf, one of Jennys captors.  Some believe that Jane Wiley Williamson was this daughter.  The birth date which is accepted for Jane Wiley does not seem to bear this theory out, and neither does the fact that the Indian child was allegedly reared in Virginia, and the fact that Jane Wiley was reared in Kentucky.

It is believed by some that Jenny and Thomas Wiley gave up the mythical daughter to another family, when they migrated from Walkers Creek [present-day Bland County] Virginia, to Kentucky.  Taking into consideration the era in which this alleged even occurred, such actions (if they occurred) would be understandable, and does lend some credence to the legend, although it would surely rule out Jane Wiley as being the child.

There is a letter from a lady in Virginia who claims to be a descendant of the daughter in question, and it would be great if we could acquire some concrete evidence one way, or the other, on it.  If you have proof, either way, please let us know!  Or, why not just share your views with us?  Many, many stories have been handed down in different families, and we would like to hear them.  Only when we have all information can we reach intelligent decisions on this question.

If interested, please submit your information/opinion to the Webmaster, so it can be posted on this page.  Please indicate Jenny Wiley Submission in the subject line.  Thanks!

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