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The Jenny Wiley Association believes it is important to invite the younger generation into the Association, and to entrust our great family heritage into their capable hands.  We welcome young people to our meetings and homecomings, and invite them to take an active roll in all activities.  Beginning with our grandmother Jenny Wiley, we have much of which to be proud, and it well behooves us to do everything within our ability to preserve our family history for those who follow us.

Cassandra Ann Enyart

6th Great Grandaughter of Jenny and Thomas Wiley.
Cassey Ann shows her smile and the blue ribbon she was 
awarded for her historical presentation on the story 
of her grandmother, Jenny Wiley.
She is the daughter of Billy and Marlene Little Enyart


1. Jenny Sellards and Thomas Wiley
2. William and Nellie (Dillon) Wiley
3. Miles Harper and Elizabeth (Wiley) Castle
4. Lafe and Emilne Frances (Castle) Daniels
5. Charles and Mary Lou (Fitzpatrick) Daniels
6. Chester Alec and Janivea (Daniels) Whitlock
7. Arlene (Whitlock) Little
8. Billy and Marlene (Little) Enyart

                              Frances Lee             Daphne Elizabeth

6th Great Grandaughters of Jenny and Thomas Wiley.
Frannie Lee was born 6 November, 1998.
Daphne Elizabeth was born March 24, 2001. 
They are the daughters of Terry and Jennifer Lee Pack
Photo - May, 2001


1. Jenny Sellards and Thomas Wiley
2. Jane "Jenny" Wiley and Richard Williamson
3. Alden and Clarissa "Clara" (Marcum) Williamson
4. James Harrison "Alvie" Williamson and Evaline Adkins
5. James Albert Williamson and Polly Vance
6. Della Lilly (Williamson) and Keither William Pack
7. Delmar Landon and Ellen Jane (Allen) Pack
8. Terry Dwayne and Jennifer Lee (Jacks) Pack

Jacob Webb

5th Great Grandson of Jenny and Thomas Wiley.
This handsome young man is the youngest Charter, 
Lifetime Member of the Jenny Wiley Association.
Jacob is the son of Ruth Alice Webb and Gary Wolfe


1. Jenny Sellards and Thomas Wiley
2. Jane (Wiley) and Richard Williamson
3. Zachariah Taylor Webb and Charlott/Lottie Temple 
4. Edward Perry Webb and Elizabeth Nelson
5. William Webb and Georgia Elizabeth (Sias)
6. Lonnie Webb m Thelma Webb
7. Ruth Alice Webb and Gary Wolfe

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