Information on some Wiley surnames, for research purposes

Submitted by Bonnie Wiley

Land Grant for a Thomas Wiley on the library of VA website.  It may not be "our" Thomas Wiley, but I believe he may have been living in Montgomery Co., VA in the 1780's and 1790's.

The boundaries of the various counties changed so, that it is difficult to determine where exactly they lived.  The URL is:

Click on Land Records
Land Office Patents and Grants
8 hits come up for Wiley, Thomas
Click on 5.  Wiley Thomas 31 Aug 1795

The land and personal property taxes for a Thomas Wylie are posted on
the New River Notes website:
1782 Land Tax List
1782 Personal Property Tax List

Bonnie has placed Descendant Registers for four of the children of Thomas
and Jenny Sellards Wiley on World Connect:

  • blueyes7  Williamson Descendants

  • blueyes8  Hezekiah Wiley Descendants

  • blueyes9  Adam Brevard Wiley Descendants

  • blueyes10  William Wiley Descendants

  • Thanks, Bonnie!
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