Dedication of Thomas Wiley Marker
October 2005

In memory of
Thomas Wiley
1 Virginia State Regt
Dunmore's War 1774
Revolutionary War 1777-1778

Thanks to the tremendous efforts and contributions by several Jenny Wiley descendants, including Janie Harlow, Brenda McKenzie, Roger and Sandy Meacham, and Bonnie Wiley, a new headstone provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs has been placed beside that of Jenny in the Jenny Wiley Cemetery in River, KY. 

The headstone is granite, 42 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 4 inches thick. 

Thomas Wiley, the husband of Jenny Wiley, was a Revolutionary War Patriot.  His service included participation in the Revolutionary War in 1777 and 1778, and prior to that, Dunmore's War in 1774.

Thomas Wiley's grave is actually located in River, KY, located in rough terrain on a brush covered hill, not far from Jenny's grave in the Jenny Wiley Cemetery.   It is hoped that in the future, the exact location of Thomas's grave will be determined, and the area cleared of brush, and a monument placed there.


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