The Vickers Cousins

   by Russell Whitlock

The Vickers Cousins is an organization of the descendants of Naomi Jemima Wiley and Calvery "Cap" Vickers.  [Descendants of Jenny Wiley]

Brief Genealogy:

William Wiley was born ca 1801 in Kentucky, the son of Thomas and Jean Sellards "Jenny" Wiley.  William married a total of five times with his first wife being Nellie Dillon whom he married 29 October 1823 in Floyd County, Kentucky.

Four children were born to this union:
    Andrew Jackson
    Lucinda (Cinda) Wiley.

Andrew Jackson Wiley m Nancy Avalena Tackett 26 October 1849 in Johnson County, Kentucky.  Eleven children were born to Andrew and Nancy:

    Kate Ellen
    William Elsey
    John Merida "Ham"
    Rankin William
    Naomi Jemima
    Bethlehem H. [twin to Betsy Ann]
    Betsy Ann "Nan" [twin to Bethlehem H.]

Naomi Jemima Wiley first married Jefferson D. Long, and second married Calvery "Cap" Vickers, son of Simmie and Fairozina Lawrence Vickers.  The children of Naomi and Cap were:

    Bowdie (Baudie) m Tina Lunsford
    Lura m Andrew J. McComas
    Eliza m Jewell Hager
    Watt m Desta Sergent
    Ollie m Journey Jeffrey
    Minnie Ethel "Peachie" m 1) Everett Blankenship
                                            m  2) Jim Kits
                                             m 3) Kenna Parker
    Ezra m Grace McComas

    [For those interested, the children of Naomi and her first husband Jefferson were: Dena who m Bertha Stratton, Eula, Hasten who m Dosha Nelson, Delphia, and Della who m 1) John Pullen and 2) Delbert Smith]

I mention the following only to insure that readers are aware that there may be a very slight question as to whom the mother of William Wiley's last two children, Rankin and Lucinda, was.  Mr. Clayton Cox in his book Appalachia Crossroads says, "...Rankin and Lucinda are probably children of the first marriage" of William.  I feel this is correct but would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information to the contrary.  One of the major goals of the Jenny Wiley Association is to answer all the questions that are associated with our family, and I believe we can do this by gleaning through the family history handed down through each branch.  If you have information that differs from anything you see on our web site, or in our newsletter, please let us know and also indicate any sources you may have consulted.  We're interested in what you have to say!

As a final note, I want to mention Andrew Jackson's sister Elizabeth, who married Miles Harper Castle 23 November 1845 in Johnson County, Kentucky.  Mr. Cox, in Appalachia Crossroads, ends his coverage of the Castle family with the birth of Sarah in about 1856, but there were at least two additional children born to Miles Harper and Elizabeth.  A daughter, Emaline Frances, was born 9 February 1862 in Lawrence County, Kentucky, and a son, Joseph W. was born ca. 1865.  The Johnson County, Kentucky census of 1870 indicated Lafayette Daniels, age 13, residing in the home of William Wiley and Margaret Murray (William's last wife.)  Some eight years later, on 11 April 1878, Lafayette married William's granddaughter Emaline Frances, at the home of Miles Harper Castle in Johnson County.  Emaline and Lafe were the great grandparents of both Jim Daniels [Jenny Wiley Association president] and Myself, which makes us fairly close "kin" to the Vickers family.

    For information about the Vickers Cousins reunions, please contact Jim Daniels.

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