WHITLOCK, Chester Alec and Janivea Daniels
by Russell L. Whitlock, Secretary
Excerpt from the Jenny Wiley Association Newsletter, Summer 1999

   The above photo is of Chester Alec and Janivea Daniels Whitlock, my parents, and was taken in Cleveland, Ohio about 1942.
Chester Alec was the son of Thomas and Cora Jane Thompson Whitlock of Boyd County, Kentucky.  Janivea is a fourth great-granddaughter of Jenny Wiley, as follows:
She was a daughter of Charles Daniels and Mary Lou Fitzpatrick.  Charles was the son of Lafe Daniels and Emaline Francis Castle.  Emaline was the daughter of Miles Harper Castle and Elizabeth Wiley.  Elizabeth Wiley was the daughter of William Wiley and Nellie Dillon.  William was the son of Thomas Wiley, and Jenny Sellards.
Chester and Janieva were married February 10, 1934 at Auxier, Kentucky, in Floyd County.  They were the parents of four children:  Charles Morris who died shortly after birth, Russell Lee, Arlene, and Mary Jane Whitlock, all of whom were born at Auxier.  They lived for many years at Auxier before relocating to Cleveland at the beginning of World War II, and returned to Auxier in the later part o 1945, and shortly thereafter moved to Ashland, KY.  My father died in 1966, and my mother retired from Standard Overall Company at age 65, and currently makes her home in Ashland, KY.  She is now 86 years of age, has 4 grandchilden, and 7 great-grandchildren.

Up until recently, Mother's health has been such that she was able to attend many of the Jenny Wiley Association meetings, which she greatly enjoys.  Illness has slowed her down somewhat, but she is now much improved, and we are hopefully she will be back with us again soon.

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