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Ellen Jane Allen (Mrs. Delmar L. Pack)

Hello, everyone - Welcome to the BHS CLass of '61 "unofficial" Home Page!  Happy to know you found us.  I- hope you are enjoying the pages, and will leave a message.
My hubby is retired military, and we're living in Indianapolis, IN.   We two sons - the elder is a computer tech, married with a baby on the way - our first grandchild.  The younger is a music lover, plays guitar and piano, and is enjoying bachelorhood, for now.
Was last in Galveston in 1994 when, sadly, my mother passed away.  Some of you might remember her - Ruth Allen - she was Attendance Clerk at Austin Jr. High for many years.
Would love to hear from you!

Mary Jane Gernard (Mrs. Mary Jane Gould)

Hi, Thiis is Mary Jane Gould, formally Mary Jane Gernard (class of 1961.)  I now live in Stafford, Texas and work at a middle school.  If any of my classmates out there would like to e-mail me they can do so (MJG4114@JUNO.COM).  I would enjoy hearing from anyone that would want to write.  After so many years, I have lost track of everyone.  I am so glad I found this page.
Sincerely, Mary Jane Gould.
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