.L to R:
Edward H. ANDERSON, Jr., MD;  Catherine E. "Kate" (ANDERSON) STINSON;
Edward A. STINSON, Sr.;  Katherine "Kate" (STINSON) OTERO.
[Photo ca 1900]

  • Robert STINSON, Lancaster Co, SC
  • William S. STINSON = Martha Americus GEORGE
  • William B. STINSON = Catherine E. "Kate" ANDERSON
  • Edward Anderson STINSON, Sr. = Emma BEAVER
  • Eddie Anderson STINSON, Jr. = Estelle JUDY
  • Katherine "Kate" STINSON = Miguel Antonio OTERO, Jr.
  • Marjorie "Madge" STINSON
  • Jack Beavers STINSON = Ann Schnitzer SUGAR

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    For Old Times Sake

    William S. STINSON was born 17 Nov 1811, in South Carolina, where he became a successful farmer.  He was the son of Robert STINSON, a prominent planter in Lancaster County, South Carolina.  William S. married Martha Americas GEORGE on 22 Jan 1834 in Liberty Hill, Kershaw Co, SC. The couple had six known children:
  • Sarah Eugenia STINSON born 02 Jan 1835
  • David George STINSON born 21 Oct. 1836 (Twin to Robert)
  • Robert STINSON born 21 Oct. 1836 (Twin to David George)
  • William Baxter STINSON born 18 Sept. 1839
  • Susannah Annette STINSON born 14 Feb. 1842
  • Lewis James Patterson STINSON born 05 Feb. 1845
  • William S. Stinson was a member/Deacon of the Presbyterian Church.  He died of typhoid fever in Kershaw County, South Carolina on 1 Oct. 1840, aged 38 years, 10 months and 13 days.   He is buried in the Patterson Family Cemetery in the Beaver Creek section, located on the old George Patterson place. The graves are enclosed in a dirt embankment, English "haw-haw" style.

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    Martha Americus GEORGE, the wife of William S. STINSON, was born  on 02 Oct. 1816 in Kershaw County, South Carolina.  She was the daughter of David O. GEORGE, Jr., MD and Susanna PATTERSON, the granddaughter of David O. GEORGE, Sr., and Ukn JONES.

    Martha was also a descendant of Captain Jonathan MORRIS of Maryland, a Revolutionary War solider under George WASHINGTON, who had been captured by the British at Camden, South Carolina.

    After her husband's death, Martha continued to live in South Carolina with a son.  She died in 1888 in Kershaw County, South Carolina.

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    William Baxter STINSON

    William Baxter STINSON was the son of William S. STINSON, and Martha Americas GEORGE.  He was born 18 Sept. 1839 in Camden, Kershaw County, South Carolina.

    After attending college in South Carolina, William Baxter migrated with several other families, including the ANDERSON family of Kershaw County, South Carolina, to Canton, Madison County, Mississippi.  On 7 June 1861, William Baxter enlisted as a private in the Army of the Confederacy at Cornith, Mississippi, in the Camden Rifles. He served in Co G, 18th Mississippi Infantry under Col. Burt.

    The following record of service was extracted from records on file in the National Archives:

    July 21, 1861 - First Manassas
    21 October, 1861 - Leesburg

    26 April, 1862 - Promoted to 2nd Lt. by election.  J. M. Holliday, successor
    29 June, 1862 - Savage Station
    1 July, 1862 - Malbery Hill
    5 August, 1862 - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant by election
    13 September, 1862 - Harper's Ferry
    17 September, 1862 - Sharpsburg (united stationed at Fredericksburg, VA- Wounded and    Captured
    29 September  1862 - Sharpsburg - Signed affidavit to not take up arms against the US until released from this obligation by "competent authority."  Signed by 1st Lieutenant W. B. Stinson of the 18th Regiment, MS Volunteers  in presence of John H. Raucb(k) and ukn, USA.
    15 October, 1862 - Admitted at U.S.A. General Hospital No. 2,  Frederick MD.
    16 October, 1862 - Sent to Chimborazo Hospital No 4, Richmond, VA
    17 October, 1862 - POW at Ft McHenry, Md - sent to Ft. Monroe, VA for officer exchange.
    23 October, 1862 - Admitted to Chimborazo Hospital No. 4, Richmond, VA for wound of thigh.
    1 November, 1862 - Furloughed for 30 days.

    3 Apr, 1863 - Special Order Number 81/14 granted Leave Extension
    28 April, 1863 - Special Order Number 103/10 granted Leave Extension.
    29 May, 1863 - On Register of Medical Director's Office, Richmond, VA  under the head of "Assignment for treatment."  Assigned to A.Y.P. Garnett
    30 May, 1863 - Medical Director's Office, Richmond, Va, assigned to O.A. Crinshaw.
    1 June, 1863 -  Received 630.00 from the Paymaster at Richmond, VA  as pay for     service from Nov 2, 1862 to May 31, 1863 (8 months pay) Paid by Maj James Amber.William was at that time a 1st Lt with C G, 18th MS, Volunteers.
    4 June, 1863 - Medical Director's Office, Richmond, VA, assigned to O. A. Crinshaw
    8 June, 1863 - Unfit for duty 60 days - Rank Lt - From Register of  Medical Director's Office, Richmond, VA.
    28 Jul, 1863 - Special Order Number 178/6 granted Leave Extension
    16 November, 1863 - Campbell's Station
    29 November, 1863 - Knoxville
    14 December, 1863 - Bean's Station

    30 April, 1864 - From Register of the Invalid Corps, P.A.C.S:
    Date of Retirement, 30 April, 1864 from Military station Koscisusko,    MS
    Post Office, Liberty Hill, Kershaw Co, SC
    1 May, 1864 Retired
    5 May, 1864 - Admitted to hospital at Richmond, VA
    12 May, 1864 - Admitted 12 May, 1864 to General Hospital, No 4, Richmond, VA
    6 May, 1864 - Special Order Number 106/24 Granted Leave
    November, 1864 - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant

    13 May, 1865 - Signed affidavit that he would never again serve in the Armies of the Confederate States, or in any military capacity against the United States.  Signed at Meridian, MS

    After the war, William Baxter returned to Canton, Madison County, Mississippi where on 13 November, 1867, he married
    Catherine E. "Kate" ANDERSON.

    The couple had 9 children, all born in Canton, Madison County, Mississippi:

  • Edward A. STINSON, Sr. born 12 Aug 1868
  • William Baxter "Will" STINSON born 26 Sept. 1870
  • Catherine "Kate" STINSON born 26 Jan 1873
  • Sarah STINSON born 07 Feb. 1875
  • Martha STINSON born 18 Aug 1877
  • Thomas Sidney STINSON born 18 Sept. 1880
  • Louis STINSON, MD born 19 Jun 1882
  • Annette "Nett" STINSON born 27 Apr 1884
  • Lila STINSON born 07 Sept. 1885
  • For 10 years William Baxter served as Superintendent of Public Instruction in Madison Co.  He was also a farmer and salesman.  He was a member of the Knights of Honor, Knights of Pythias, and the Masonic fraternity.  He was a member and elder in the Canton Presbyterian church, and superintendent of the Sunday school.

    William Baxter STINSON died in Canton on 24 Feb. 1906.  He is burned next to his wife, Catherine, in the Canton Cemetery, Madison County, Mississippi.

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    Catherine E. "Kate" ANDERSON

    Catherine ANDERSON, the wife of William Baxter STINSON, was born 18 Jan 1850 in Kirkwood, Madison Co, Mississippi.  She was the daughter of Edward H. ANDERSON, Jr., MD and Elizabeth E. "Mattie" GREER

    On her father's side she was the granddaughter of Edward H. ANDERSON, M.D. and Catherine Priscilla MORRIS, the great-granddaughter of Lt. Edward ANDERSON, who served in the Revolutionary War, and Lucy Brook ESTEP (both of Maryland,), and the great-great-grandaughter of Richard ANDERSON and Priscilla BRISCOE.

    On her mother's side she was a descendant of Sir William GRIERSON/GREER and Nicola MAXWELL, both of whom were born in about 1520 in Dumfrieshire, Scotland.

    Catherine Anderson died on 5 December, 1923 in Canton, Madison County, Mississippi.  She is burned in the Canton Cemetery next to her husband.

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    Edward Anderson STINSON, Sr.

    Edward A. STINSON, the son of William Baxter STINSON and Catherine E. "Kate" ANDERSON, was born in Canton, Madison County, Mississippi on 12 Aug 1868.  In 1890, Edward, Sr. married Emma BEAVER of Alabama.  The couple first settled in Ft. Payne, Dekalb Co., Alabama where their first three children were born.  The fourth child was born in Canton, Madison County, Mississippi.

    Katherine STINSON born 4 Feb. 1891
    Edward A. (Eddie) STINSON, Jr. born July, 1893
    Marjorie (Madge) STINSON born Jul 1894
    Jack STINSON born 1901

    Eventually, Edward, Sr. settled in Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi.  In 1941, Edward, Sr. drew the following will:

    As my health is not good, I feel I should make some disposition of what property I have. The property I own in Aberdeen I wish to be divided equally among my three children, Katherine, Madge, and Jack. The money that W.D. Lowe has of mine I wish first to be used in paying all bills that my (sic) occur in my last illness, all the burial expenses, and a neat marker should be placed over my body. I wish the money left, to go to my sisters Kate S. Johnson and Martha S. Orrick  1/3 of the amount of my sister Kate, and the 2/3 to my sister Martha.
    Nov. 10, 1941 witnesses J.L. Shell, Ernest

    Edward A. STINSON, Sr. died shortly thereafter in Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi.

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    Katherine "Kate" STINSON

    Katherine "Kate" STINSON, the daughter of Edward A. STINSON, Sr. and Emma BEAVER, was born on 14 Feb. 1891 in Ft. Payne, Dekalb Co., Alabama.  Desiring to study music in Europe, Kate began flying as a means of raising money.  With less than 200 licensed pilots in the world, at that time, Kate convinced famed pilot Max LILLY to become her teacher.  In 1912, Kate became the fourth female licensed pilot.  Katherine went on to set several air records, and became known as "The Flying Schoolgirl."

    Katherine and her mother, Emma, founded the Stinson Aviation Company in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1913, where they build, sold, and rented aircraft.

    After being denied permission by the US Army to serve as a pilot during World War I, Katherine traveled to Europe where she became an ambulance driver in London and France.

    Illness eventually forced Katherine to abandon her flying career.  In 1928 she married ace flyer and attorney, Miguel "Mike" Antonio OTERO, Jr.  The couple settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico where Katherine studied architecture, and became an award winning home designer. They had no children.

    Katherine STINSON died on 08 Jul 1977, three months before her husband's passing.  Both are buried in the New Mexico National Veteran Cemetery at Santa Fe, New Mexico, Section 3, grave number 1862.  The grave is herein described by a visitor to the cemetery:   "Katherine and Mike share a standard white headstone, his vital information on one side, hers on the other. They are buried on a rolling hillside, facing to the west.  Off in the distance one can see the Sandia Mountains outside of Albuquerque (about 70 miles away.)  The cemetery is adjacent to an old Santa Fe Cemetery that is well maintained.  The grave site is in the middle of the 'new' cemetery, located just east of the visitors center.  It is on a quiet lane in the cemetery."

    More about Katherine Stinson - The Flying Schoolgirl

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    Miguel "Mike" Antonio OTERO, Jr., husband of Katherine "Kate" STINSON, was born in New Mexico, on 30 Aug 1892.  He was the son of Miguel Antonio OTERO, Sr., who served as Governor of the Territory of New Mexico for nine years under three appointments:  two from President William McKinley, and one from President Theodore Roosevelt.  Mike was the grandson of Mary Josephine BLACKWOOD and Don Miguel Antonio OTERO, the first territorial governor of New Mexico.

    Don Miguel Antonio OTERO led an illustrious and adventuresome life.  At the time of his birth, the Territory of New Mexico was actually a province of Old Mexico. He was first sent to a private school at Valencia, conducted by a Priest, to the age of 11.  In 1841 Don Miguel went to the St. Louis University at St. Louise and remained there until the Mexican War broke out in 1846, when recalled home by his parents. In 1847 he attended Pingree's College at Fishkill on the Hudson, NY where he eventually became a Professor on the Faculty and was made Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek.  He later became Assistant to the Principal of the college. In 1849  he studied law, and in the winter of 1849-50 he went to NYC and entered the law office of General Sanford.  After one year he returned to St. Louis.  He was admitted to the bar of the State of Missouri early 1852. After returning home to Valentia for a few months, and then onto CA, and back to Albuquerque, he was elected to the House of Representatives from Valentia Co.  He was not 24 years old.
    In 1855, he was elected a delegate to the US Congress after turning down an appointment as US District Attorney by President Franklin Pierce.  He also declined an appointment as Minister to Spain, offered by Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln then appointed him Secretary of the Territory and Acting Governor in 1861.  He only served from April to September.  Don Miguel is burned at Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Colorado.

    Miguel "Mike" Antonio OTERO, Jr. eventually became a judge.  He died on 2 Oct. 1977 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, three months after the death of his wife.

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    Edward Anderson STINSON, Jr.

    Eddie A. STINSON, Jr.,  the son of Edward A. STINSON, Sr. and Emma BEAVER, was born 11 Jul 1893 at Ft. Payne Dekalb Co, AL.  Following in his sister's footsteps, Eddie earned his wings at the Wright School of Flying under the tutelage of Roderick L. Wright (no kin to the famous Wright brothers.) Eddie rejoined his sisters Katherine and Madge in San Antonio in 1915, where the Stinson fliers leased a 750 acre spread which became the Stinson Field.  (Still in use, the airport today is known as Stinson Municipal Airport, and is the second oldest airport in the country.)

    During World War I, Eddie briefly held a commission as a pilot instructor.  Due to an insatiable love for alcohol, he was taken off military status and appointed senior civilian instructor at Kelly Field.  After the war, Eddie became renown as an acrobat and a test pilot, performing many daring stunts across the country, and set several records.  With his younger brother Jack, Eddie formed the Stinson Aeroplane Company in Dayton, OH.  After a series of "close calls," Eddie relocated to Detroit, MI where his first designed aeroplane, the Stinson Detroiter, was built in less than three months.   By 1926, the company had become known as the Stinson Aircraft Corporation.

    Eddie, Jr. married Estelle JUDY on 01 Oct 1919 in Pittsburgh, PA.  The couple had one child, Raymond C. STINSON born 03 Jun 1911, died 26 Apr 1984 in Colorado Springs, CO.

    Eddie Jr. died on 26 Jan 1932 in Chicago from injuries received in a plane crash.

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    Marjorie (Madge) STINSON

    Madge STINSON, the daughter of Edward Anderson STINSON and Emma BEAVERS, was born 05 Jul 1895 in Ft. Payne, Dekalb Co., AL.  She attended Millsap College, Jackson, Hinds Co., MS.

    Madge earned her pilot's license in 1914 at the age of 18.  For a time she engaged in aerial stunts across the country, like her elder sister Katherine.  Eventually, she became a flight instructor at the Stinson School of Flying in San Antonio, TX, where she earned a reputation as one of the best instructors in the nation.  She is credited with training more than 80 American and Canadian pilots for duty in World War I, and was dubbed "The Flying Schoolmarm."

    Like her elder sister, Madge also flew air mail routes, and later became an aeronautical draftswoman for the US War Department.

    Madge was never married.  She died 15 Apr 1975 in Washington, D.C.  Her ashes were  scattered over the Stinson Field in San Antonio, TX on 27 Jul 1976.

    More about Marjorie "Madge" Stinson - The Flying Schoolmarm

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    Jack Beavers STINSON

    Jack Beavers STINSON, the son of Edward A. STINSON, Sr. and Emma BEAVER, was born 25 Dec 1900 in Canton, Madison Co, MS.  With his elder brother Eddie, he formed the Stinson Aeroplane Company in Dayton, OH.  He became an Aero Engineer, and at one time ran an aviation training school in Long Island City.

    Jack married Ann Schnitzer SUGAR, from Tamishvar, Hungary, in 1925 in Chicago, IL.  The couple had five children:  Barbara, Eddie III, Jacqueline, Geraldine, and Sarah.

    Jack died on 15 May 1976 in Athens, McMinn Co., TN.  His ashes were scattered over the Stinson Air Field in San Antonio, TX.  Ann Schnitzer (Sugar) STINSON died in 1987.

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