Situation and Extent

By Elijah Parish D D
Minister of Byfield Massachusetts
Published at Newburyport
By Thomas & Whipple

A Compendious System of Univerfal Geography
Designed for Schools
From the Latest and Most Distinguished
European an American
Travelers, Voyagers and Geographers

Transcribed and submitted by
Jim Egger

Transcription notes:   In many places in the book the letter S is replaced with an F.  This is how the book was written in 1808 and I transcribed it as written to preserve the flavor of the orginal publication.

Length  350 Miles
Breadth 276 Miles

Between 31 [degrees] & 35 [degrees] N. latitude
Between 7 [degrees] 30' & 13 [degrees] 30' W. longitude

Boundaries. - THIS reagion is bounded on the north by Tenneffee, weft by the Miffiffippi, fouth by Weft-Florida and eaft by the Appalachicola river.

Soil. - The lands toward the mouth of the Mobil are low and fuitable for rice. The northerly and wefterly parts of the territory are excellent land.

Rivers. - The Yazoo at the mouth, lat 32? 37', is 100 yards wide. Pearl river rifes in the Chactaw Country, and is navigable for  more than 150 miles.  Pafcagouli has feven mouths. The Mobil is the principle river of this territory; on the bar are 15 or 16 feet of water. The Tanfa and Alibama are branches.  Above the laft the Mobile is called Tombeckbee. The Efcambia falls into the bay of Penfacola, and is navigable fot boats more than 80 miles.

Population.- In 1800 the inhabitants were 8850 ; of whom 3489 were flaves

Indians. - The greater part of this territory  is the property of feveral Indian tribes, and inhabited by them . Thefe tribes are the Creeks, the Chactaws, Chickafaws, and Cherokees.  The Chactaws inhabit a fine country between Alibama and Miffiffippi.  A few years fince they had 43 towns and villages, containing 12,123 fouls. The Chickafaws are fettled on the head waters of the Tombeckbee, Mobile, and Yazoo rivers. They have 7 towns and 1725 fouls. The CENTER town is in Lat. 34? 23', Long. 14? 30' W.  The language of the Creeks is evidently of Afiatic origin , containing many Japanefe and Tartar words; they have alfo many Japanefe customs*




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