Inhabitants of Mississippi in 1816 Wilkinson County

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Note: Taken from The Official and Statistical Register of the State of Mississippi, Centennial Edition, 1917, by Dunbar Rowland, Director of the Department of Archives and History, printed in Madison, Wisconsin, by the Democrat Printing Company, pages 146 - 152.

Take caution in using a search feature with this material.Census takers/tax assessors often spelled phonetically.  In addition, the transcriber may have made mistakes, too, copying from and trying to interpret the original. Evidently the original enumeration included sex, age, and color, but this was not recorded in this register.

Heads of Families
Heads of Families
John Audabert
Zachariah Brassfield
Henry Andrews
Susannah Belk
David Andrews
William Bryan
William Andrews
Peggy Brassfield
Thomas Atwood
Wm. Boatner
Robert Anderson
Jacob Bifler
William Anderson
David Bailey
Daniel D. Anderson
David Bettison
Jacob Ailesbury
Robert G. Beasley
Asaph Atwater
Ann Bruce 
Elizabeth Armstrong
George Brown
Alford Hutson
Wm. Brooks
William Anderson
Platt Bailes
Joseph Ailesbury
Wilson Burton
Edmund Burton
Isaac Bush
James Buford
James Bailey
Samuel Barron
Samuel Bush
Thomas Barron
Wm. Boyd
Gerard C. Brandon
Anderson Berry
Prestly Berry
Wm. Cain
Thos. Benthal
James Cain
Glass Barckley
David Cheney
John Bird
Richard Coatney
William Bovard
Matthew Cole
Charles Bruce
Joseph Clarkston
Wm. Brice
James Curtis
William Brown
Rebecca Carrol
Branaugh & Patterson
Alex Carrol
Matthew Baker
Thos. Cummins
John Bell
James Carraway
Richard Butler 
Zachariah Cates
Wm. Barrow
Wm. Coleman
Wm. Bell
Levi Crow
Reuben Booth
John Crow
Matthew Bethany
David Cooper
Jacob Bethany
Mary Conner
James Bradley
John Comer
Bird Beauford
Samuel Canada
John Benthal
Jacob Chambers
Wm. Brannon
Isaac Chambers
David Buckner
Barnabus Curry
John G. Brown
Gabriel Castin
John Brown
Reuben Castles
Samuel Brice
Wm. Castles
Nancy Bird
John Cahall
Elias Boatner
Isaac Carter
Jacob Bunch
Peggy Cosby
Hugh Connel
James Collinsworth
Bela Cook
John F. Carmichael
James Crow
Jesse H. Cartwright
Dilliard Collins
Lewis Coons
John Coulter
Benj. Curtis
Jasper Conns
Joseph W. Cass
Dicey Collins
John Campbell
John Calliham
Jonathan Combs
Thomas Cason, Jr.
John Dunckley
William Cole
Jeremiah Downs
Elijah Coats
David Davis
Benj. S. Collier
E. Mary Dubose
Micajah Cooper
James Dixon
Henry Cox
John H. Davis
Thomas Cason, Senr.
Hugh Dixon
Lewis Cason
Samuel Davis
Allen Cain
Ulrick M. Dancer
William Davis
William Fenner
John Devaul
William Fuqua
Thos. Dawson
David Gains
William Dawson
Zachariah Gaulding
Samuel Davis
Thomas Grimball
Richard Davidson
Benjamin Graves
Ruffin Deloach
Matthais Glover
John Dewitt
William Glover
Charles Daniels
Anderson Glover
Theodore Dorset
Richard Groves
John Dixon
Sophia Gildart
Jesse Deloach
Moses Gordon
William Door
John Germany
Rebecca Door
Benjamin Germany
Wm. Donoly
Argles Jeter
George Duffie
Joel Glass
Austin Davis
Robert Grayson
Landon Davis
John Grayham
Hugh Davis
Paul Grimball
George Delahuff
David I. Gray
William Erwin
Slade Godley
Edmund Edwards
Thomas Groves
Randal Eldred
Wm. Hammett
William Ellis
Lewis Holloway
Charles Edwards
Daniel Holloway
Jesse Edwards
Wm. F. Hatfield
Curtis Embray
Wm. Hunter
Thos. Edwards, Senr.
John Hodge
Thomas Edwards, Jr.
Henry Hunter
Estate of John Ellis
Joseph Harson
R. M. D. I. Elliot
Moses Hadley
Joseph Fuqua
Robert B. Hammett
John M. Fenner
Daniel Huffman
John Fenner
Benjamin Hux
James Fenner
Joseph Henderson
Isona Fergurson
John Harrison
John F. Fant
Charles Hester
Joseph Fenner
Daniel Harris
Patrick Foley
John Hennington
John Foster
Jacob Holloman
Peter Fost
George Hart
Benj. Ferguson
James Hayes
Elijah Finley
John Heape
Nancy Flinn
Joseph Hunter
Micajah Frazer
Moses Hook
Henry Hampton
Jacob Keller
Narsworthy Hunter
Thomas Kirkman
Thomas Hunter
Daniel Kelson
Field P. Hunter
John King
William Holloman
David Keen
Hackley & Henderson
William Kaigler
Bythel Haines
George Keller
Samuel Harper
Henry Knight
Milly Hasten
Thomas Kelsy
Benj. Holmes
Daniel Keith
Solloman Hopkins
Leonard Kennebrew
John Howard
Francis Keller
James Hamilton
Josiah Keen
Wade Hampton
Margaret Ketler
William R. Holmes
John R. Lewis
Moses Hanberry
Burton Landrum
Robert L. Harrison
Thos. C. Land
Victor Harris
Adam Lainhart
Thomas Howard
Thomas Lilly
Thos. H. Hutchins
William M. Linsey
D. C. & J. R. Hollidy
James Land
Benjamin Hamilton 
Benjamin Land
Charles Henderson
Mills Lilly
Sarah Jackson
Danl Leatherman
George Jackson
Joseph Leich
Daniel Jaggers
David Leatherman
John Jones
Thomas Lovelace
Alexander Jackson
Wm. C. L. Lovelace
David Irwin
Wm. Lawson
Ebenezer Insco
Moses Liddell
Richard Inman
Robert G. Leckie
Charles Jones
Henry Lasenby
Thomas Johnson
Jeremiah Logan
Ann Jones
John Lang
Abram Iler
Jacob Lusk
Nancy Jones
William Lusk
John J. Jones
Samuel Lusk
Hardin Jones
Eli Lusk
John Joor
Benjamin Langford
James Jones
John Leatherman
Isaac Johnson
George Moss
Joseph Johnson
Moses Miles
Thomas Keller
Darling McGraw
John Kaigler
Paul McGraw
George Keller
Peter McGraw
Uriah McGraw
Martha McCausland
Samuel Mitchell
John Nugent
William Mathers
Wm. Nordon
Robert McComb
James Nicholson
Francis McKee
Henry Nicholson
John Matthews
Jeremiah Netterville
Murdock McCrane
William Netterville
A. & N. McGehee
Samuel Nicholson
James Meeks
Hugh Nelson
John McCarty
Philip Noland
Charles Macky
Ann Netterville
John McIntosh
Jeremiah Noland
Mary Marlow
Wm. F. Noland
Samuel Munson
Thos. Netterville
Rachel McMorris
James Netherland
Isaac Malott
Isom Nettles
Charles Marlow
Noel Norwood
Charles Martin
Samuel Norwood
Benjamin Mitchell
Elizabeth Norman
James McNeeley
William Norman
Zalmon McCastles
Wml. Nicholson
John McCollister
John Neesmith
William Mackey
Charles Netterville
Thos. McCartney, Senr.
Robert Oliver
Thos. McCartney, Junr.
Daniel Ogden
John McCartney
Charles Olds
James McCalop
John Ogden
Mary Measles
Edmund Ogden
James McDowel
Isaac Ogden
Matthew McCullough
George Ogden
Helion McClennon
Chastien Olds
James Milles
Rebecca Ogden
William Miller
Elizabeth Orr
Wm. McCroy
Elizabeth Ogden
Jane McCullough
Richard Ogden
Samuel May
Isaac D. Ogden
Edmund McGehee
William Ogden
Maybury Morris
Thomas Owings
Alexander McPhates
Daniel B. Pinson
Samuel Moor
Elijah Parker
John C. Moor
Thos. A. Plaster
James McMullin
Barnabas Partin
Hollow McClennon
Abram Pool
John Patton
Wm. H. Ruffin
Thorp Panot
Samuel Robertson
Lafard Price
Wm. Roberts
John Pate
David Robertson
Elizabeth Pope
Samuel Reiley
William H. Parker
Francis Richardson
James Phipps
Joseph Robert
Jesse Phipps
Benj. Rawlins
Henry Phipps
Lewis Rogers
George Poindexter
John Stark
Elijah Price
Drury Spurlock
George Perry
Benj. Sikes
William Penton
Immanuel Skinner
Elijah Phipps
Dill Sapp
Peter Prestley
Mary Shannon
James Pate
West Sibley
Joshua Pearce
Asa Sapp
Peterson Parham
Temple Stewart
Martha Price
Robert Spurlock
Easter Quinn
Duncan Shaw
Henry Quinn
Samuel Stocket
Robert Quinn
John Stewart
James Quinn
Joshua Sutton
William Quinn
Mary Simmons
William Reagan
Prestwood Smith
Eliza Richardson
Peter Smith
Daniel Robert
James Stewart
Joseph Rutlege
Elijah Sapp
James Richardson
Thos. Scott
Wm. H. Robertson
Jesse Sibley
Richard Richardson
James Seals
Dudley Rutledge
James Smith
John Reed
John Smith
Hugh Reed
Zachariah Smith
John G. Richardson
John Sapp
Henry Robertson
Walter Stewart
Joseph Right
Isabella Sample
Wm. Roach
John Simpson
Abner Read
Wm. Stephenson
Benajah Randall
John Simmons
Joel Randal
Charles Stewart
Benj. Rogers
R. & H. Singleston
Andrew Ray
Philip Six
Edward Randolph
Joseph Slocum
Evan Shelby
Peter Vell
Duncan Stewart
Uriah Vining
Sarah Swayse
Jeptha Vining
Wm. Saunders
Lovick Ventress
Robert W. Shannon
Wm. Vaughn
Benj. Strother
James Welsh
Francis Smith
William Westberry
William Shuffield
Thomas Westberry
John Stafford
Zachariah Walker
Alex. I. Scott
Wm. Winings
Mary Shaccleford
Daniel Williams
Joseph I. Scott
William Wiggins
Ab. M. Scott
Alexander Walker
Horatio Stark
Joseph Whetstone
John C. Thomas
Robert White
Joseph Thomas
William Welboan
Littleberry Thompson
Mark Woodard
Jesse Tickles
John Wilson
Justice Terrel
Lucy White
William Tigner
Hugh Wilson
Benjamin Therrel
George Wilson
John Turner
Andrew White
David Thomas
Nat. A. Ware
Elijah Therrel
Rachel Williams
James L. Trask
Abm. M. Wade
Antonio Travasos
H. G. White
Koker Therrel
Isaac Williams
Cullin F. Tanner
Sarah Wall
James B. Tanner
Noel Waddill
Joseph Thompson
Mary Watkins
John Tison
William Yerby
I certify that the above list exhibits as accurate enumeration of the number of inhabitants in the County of Wilkinson, with the proper distinctions of sex, age, and colour.
Abm. M. Scott

October, 1816

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